1. a bit of有一点儿

A bit形容词,a bit of名词

修饰形容词,副词比较级的常用修饰词有:no, any, a little, a bit, much, even, still, a lot, a great deal, far, by far, rather等

2. a couple of两个;几个

量词的复数a piece of paper/music/news/information(重要考点---张首条块)


A piece of cake小菜一碟

3. a few 一些;几个(初一下册)

A few-few; a little-little(可数,不可数;主谓一致)

4. a group of一群

5. a kind of一种;一类


6. a little

7. a lot of(可数,不可数);lots of

8. a pair of一双,一副

注意复数he prefers the shoes.(prefer中考重点)

Let’s buy ones.(中考重点,常考词,隔年考)

I lose my watch, I will buy____.

9. a piece of

10.according to(to是介词---不规范需要强调)

Please finish it according to what he said.

11.after all毕竟

12.after school放学后

At school, at the school; at table, at the table; at hospital, at the hospital

13.agree with sb.

Agree with sb on sth

Agree to sth

14.all kinds of各种各种的

All types of各种类型的

all over到处=here and there

all right行了,好吧;(病)好了

it is not serous at all. You will be all right/recovery very soon.

That is all right.---thank you.

All the same还是,仍然

All the time一直,始终=always

All the way一路上(不多考)

And so on等等

15.apologize to sb for sth为某事向某人道歉

Talk to sb about sth

16.arrive at/in 到达

17.as well=too用于句尾

易混淆as well as和...一样好

联想:also, so


Ask for请求,寻求

Ask sb to do要求某人做

19.at a time每次,一次;at times偶尔,时不时

20. at breakfast/lunch/supper

At first=in the beginning=first of all/firstly

At home在家

At last最后=finally=in the end

At least至少

At most至多

At once=in a moment立刻

At present现在,目前

The___situation is serious(now/present/then)

Present 呈现;礼物;现在的

At school

At the moment此刻;那时;当时;in a moment;for a moment(理解介词)At the same time同时(副词)

解析:some are playing, at the same time the others are writing.


At work在工作

At/on weekends在周末

21. be able to(很重要)

考点:will be able to(中考1000题)

22.be afraid of害怕=sb be scared

委婉语气i am afraid not

23.be angry with sb生气

Be bad for 有害于=be harmful for

24.be born出生于

25.be busy (with)doing常考题(with可以省略)

26.be carful!=look out=take care!当心

Care for在乎

Look out of向外看(稍微一变就要注意)

Take care of照顾=look after

27.be covered with

28.be different from与。。。不同


29.be familiar to为…所熟悉


30.be famous for


Be well-known for因...著名

Be well-known as作为...而著名

31.be fond of爱好

32.be full of(重点)=be filled with充满

Be filled in填写

33.be good at

34.be interested in

35.be keen on喜欢

Knee down跪下

36.be/come late for迟到(常考题near, nearly;hard, hardly;)

He comes____.late(adj, adv合一)/lately

37.be located(in/ on/ at)坐落于。。。(文化人说的)(不常见)

38.be made of由。。。制成

Be made from看不出原材料

Be made up of由。。。组成

Be made in地点

Be made by 人

39.be on上演,上映

40.be pleased with对。。。满意

41.Be poor at---be good at

42.be proud of(重点)为。。。感到自豪

43.be ready for为。。。作准备(形容词)

Prepar for(动词)mother is preparing for dinner.

44.be surprised at=be amazed at

To one’s surprise

45.be thankful to sb对。。。很感激

46.be used to doing(to介词)习惯于

Used to(情态动词)do过去常常

He used to drive on the left in England, so he isn’t used to driving on the right in Chnia.

47.be worried about为。。。担心=worry about(注意词性)

48.because of由于

解析:___the man who helped him, Tom passed the exam.

49.belong to属于

50.be broken某物坏了=be out of use

51.break into穿入,破门而入

Break out爆发1939二战

Break off打断,突然中止

Break down破坏,打碎

52.bring up抚养大

53.burn up着火,焚烧

54.by air mail寄航空邮件

By bus

By phone打电话

By oneself亲自

55.by the side of在。。。的旁边(by紧贴着)

56.by the way顺便说;顺便问一下


57.call on拜访;call sb at给某人打电话;call for

58.care for/about在意,在乎(一动,二明,三形)

59.carry out执行(初一考borrow,lend;bring, take初二send发射、邮寄、派人去请,carry,短语考查较多fetch)


Catch (a)cold着凉(生病,中考考四个(重点)have/get/catch/have got a +病)

Catch one’s eyes引起某人注意

Catch up with sb赶上,超过某人

61.change one’s mind改变注意

62.check in 办理登机

Check out

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmle across偶尔遇见

Come along一起来(口语用法)

Come back回来

Come from出生于,来自

Come in

Come on (重点)加油;跟我来;来吧

Come out出来,出现;开花;发芽

Come to an end结束(不常见)

Come to one’s life苏醒(重点)---重病之后,恢复知觉;冷血动物,冬眠结束

Come true实现

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmlmunicate with (重点)---communication

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmlpare with

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmlpete...with/against sb

69.cover the area of占地面积

70.cut down砍倒(常考);cut off切断(电源,联系);砍、切、割

71.deal with 处理

Have a great deal好生意(名词,交易)

a number of、a great number of、a great many后面是跟可数名词,

a great deal of后面是跟不可数名词

a plenty of/a lot of可数不可数都可以,表示足够多的

72.decide on sth

Make a decision on/to do

73. depend on



74.die of死于内因

Die from死于外因accident/war/

Die out灭绝(也常考)

More and more animals and plants die out on the earth.

Death, dying垂死的,deadly致命的,dead死的—pass away


75.do one’s best尽最大努力---try one’s best to do

76.do sb a favour=help sb do sth/with=give sb a hand(口语)

Do some shopping

Do with

77.dream of梦见

78.dress up穿着打扮

dress oneself/sb

The baby can dress himself now.

Sb be dressed in=sb be in某人穿着...衣服

The girl wears/is dressed in/is in a colorful shirt.

79. each other互相

80.eat up吃光(重点)

81.end up告终

The end结束;in the end最后;at the end of在...的最后

End up=finish

82.enjoy oneself过的愉快

83.enter for报名参加;enter the room=go into the room(重点)

84.fall –fell-fallen

Fall off跌落(the buiding)

Fall down跌倒,摔倒(重点)

Fall behind落后(重点)

85. Far away from强调距离远

86.fill in(重点)

Please fill in the form/table请填表

87.find out找出;查明

Look for找东西---find找到—find out调查,查找

Please find out John’s phone number.

88.finish off吃完,喝完

89.for ever永远

For example例如=such as

for the first time

from door to door挨家挨户

from now on

from then on从那时开始

from time to time有时

90.get along(项目、工程、某事)进展;相处get along well with sb

91.get/come/go back返回

He came back to his homeland.

92.get in进入;收集

Get in the/one’s way挡道

In this way用这种方法;

Get off下车---get on(上车;项目进展)

How does the project get on?

93. Get/become/turn/grow系动词(feel, be, keep, stay)

get ready for为。。。作准备

Get tired of对。。。感到厌倦

94.get rid of摆脱

95.get to到达

Get up起床

Get to/arrive at/in/ reach

96.get together召集,团聚

97.give back归还;送回

Give out分发(重点)

Give in屈服

Give up放弃to do sth(重点)

98.go ahead先走;向前走;去吧;干吧

Go shopping/bowling/fishing/swimming

Go by走过,路过

Go home回家

Go on继续---doing/to do(=stop to do/doing)

Go on a diet节食

Go on a picnic去野餐

Go out熄灭(重点)

The car/candle/torch(火把) went out suddenly.

---联想run out; come out; carry out;give out; (away, out , through)

Go over复习;仔细再读一遍look over俯瞰

Go sightseeing去观光

Trip—travel—tour游玩—on business因公出差(重点)

A place of interest名胜古迹;good view好风景

Go to (the )hospital去医院;Go to a concert/cinema;Go to bed;Go to college;Go to school;Go to sleep入睡

99.go up上去

Go up stairs; go down stairs

Go wrong

100.Grow up成年;长大

101. (重点)had better情态动词do (do; had better not do sth)

双词的情态动词had better---ought to---used to

102.hand in上交

At hand在手边,即将来临

In hand在控制中

By hand用手

103.happen to

104.have (got)to不得不

have/get/catch/have got a +病

have a class/lesson上课

give sb a lesson给了某人一个教训

105.have a good time=enjoy oneself

106.have breakfast/lunch/supper for吃。。。早餐

107.have no idea

Have a pity on sb怜悯某人(特殊搭配)

So pity真可惜=it’s a pity

Have sports进行体育活动

Have a 动词转化的名词:have a look/walk(考查a)108. hear from sb

Sb heard that听说

109.help sb with sth=do sb a favour

Help sb do sth

Help sb to do sth

110.here and there

111.hold(重点held;held)/have a meeting举行会议Attend a meeting参加会议

Hold on等一等


I want to speak to Mary.

This is Mary, speaking please.

Who is that?

I want to book a table for tour.(中考原句)

I want to book a double/single room

Hold one’s breath.屏住呼吸

Hold up举起(your hand);

112.how about=what about doing sth

Would you like some water?



113.in a hurry




Hurry up!口语用法,快点

114.in a minute很快

Hold on please, he will come back in a minute. 115.in addition另外(副词词组)Add—addtional额外的--addtion

116.in all总共

The total number总数

117.(重点)in charge of主管,负责


Charge the battery常考词


118.in English

In fact

119. (重点)in favor of支持

120.in front of

区别:in front(没有参照物);---in front---in the front of

121.in hospital住院

122.in line成一排;成一直线

(常考)wait in line排队;cut in line插队;line up排起来

123. in no time立刻

Time 词组很多,注意介词

All the time总是;at times时不时,偶尔

(常考词)in time及时;On time按时

124.(初中数后面加s的情况)in one’s fifties在某人五十多岁时

联系:in the 1980s,八十年代

Thousands of成千上万的

准确的岁数:At the age of 50= when he was 50 years old

125.in one’s opinion根据某人的看法

=according to my opinion


126.in order to为了

解析:in order to+动词原形=In order that

For +doing

We study hard for having/in order to have a good future.

初中2上(动词不定式表示目的):we need keep a balance between yin and yang to be healthy. 127.in return作为回报

128.in surprise惊奇地=to one’s surprise让某人惊讶的是(句首,有逗号隔开)


初中学会很多表示心情的词:pleasure, amaze, interesting

129.in the end最后,终于

End名词,加the;动词end up with

In the future在将来

In the middle of在...中间

In the years to come在即将到来的几年里

130.in this way用这种方法

In the/one’s way阻碍;挡道

131. (重点)in trouble处于困境中

132.代替instead of

Instead(句首,句尾---中考副词考位置);instead of介词词组

Take one’s place动词

I am ill. Some teacher will have a class instead.

Some teacher will have a class instead of me.

Some teacher will take my place to have a class.

133.join in参加,加入

134.just a minute等一下

135.just now(重点---过去时)

136.just wait and see等等看看吧

137. (重点)keep doing sth继续做某事(动作)=keep on doing sth...

易错点:keep the door__(close/closed/closing)

Keep +人/物+adj(表示状态)

138.keep fit保持健康

(重点)keep from免除

keep/lose in touch(with)与...保持/失去联系

keep off阻挡;不让...接近

keep sb busy

解析:keep sb+adj让某人保持...的状态

Keep the door open/closed

Keep up-to-date赶时髦

139. knock at敲;


Knock down(考的不多)

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmlter on过来;后来




http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmlugh at嘲笑;laugh大笑

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmly the table(饭前)摆好餐桌---laid; laid

143.learn...from sb.向...学习(重点)



graduate from(重点)

leave a message留个口信

145.leave for动身去;leave for=go to;


146.less than少于;more than多于;less and less越来越少;at least至少

147.let out放出

out: run out耗尽;carry out执行;come out出版;发芽;出现(重点);look out小心,注意;find out调查,查找

148.listen to听...(讲话)

149.live on靠....为主;live in

150.look after=take care of照顾;照料

look at看,观看;look for寻找;find out查找

(重点)look forward to doing 期待着=expect to do sth

Look like看上去象;显得

Look the same as看起来象...

Look out of朝外看

Look out!当心

(重点)Look up查字典;抬头看(in the dictionary)

Look over俯瞰

(重点)Look into 调查

(重点)Look through浏览;审核

Look around四周环顾

Look down upon看不起

151.lose one’s way迷路

lose weight减肥

152.make a film拍电影

make a fire生火


make a living on谋生=live on

make a mistake出差错;犯错误=make mistakes(可数名词---常考考点) make a noise弄出声

make friends with与...交朋友

make fun of拿...开玩笑

make money挣钱;赚钱

make one’s bed整理床铺

make progress(重点)(不可数名词)取得进步

make out辨认出(重点)

make up one’s mind下决心(常考)

meet with the needs of迎合...的需要


Meet with遭遇

153.more and more越来越多

more than多于=over

154.next to紧挨着;紧靠着

155.no longer不再=no more(句中)

=not...any longer=not...any more否定句,句尾

156.Not at all(客套话)别客气;不用谢

not...at all一点也不;根本不

It is not hot at all.

157.now and then(again)时而;偶尔

now that既然,由于

158.of one’s own属于某人自己的

159.on business有事,出差(常考)

travel/ trip(旅行,长、辛苦)/ tour(旅游,观光)/on business

160.on foot不行(注意不是复数)

on holiday在休假=on vacation

on one’s side在某人的一边;支持;at the side of在...边上

(重点)on show在展出---show off炫耀;show sb around带某人参观;

真题:show Tom around NY city which is famous in the world.

On the one hand...; On the other hand另一方面

On the phone在听电话

Talk with sb about sth on the phone

解析:on+电器(radio; TV;);By+方法(this way);with+东西(the pen) On the right在右边

On the/one’s way to

In this way用这种方法

In the way挡道

On time准时

On weekends在工作日

Once a day每天一次

Once every four years每四年一次

Every每隔(重点),every four steps

例子:Olympic games(复数)are held once every four years.

Once more再一次(Yesterday once more昨日重现)

区别:one more=another再一个

Would you like one more cake.

One after another一个接一个的

One antoher互相=each other相互(两者之间,很少考区别)

161.operate on sb(重点)---operation手术;


162.ought to应该,应当

(初二上)He advised that you___have meals on time.


解析:当主句有advice/advise; suggest/suggestion,从句只能用should/不填suggest 后通常不能直接跟指人,要加介词to。

不能说suggest sb sth,而说suggest sth to sb,

一般也不说suggest sb to do sth,除非suggest 表示推荐;

Ought to情态动词(考的很少)---ought not to do

Had better do sth(考的较多)---had better not do sth

163.(重点)out of在...外;缺乏,没有

out of date过时,过期;in date在保质期内

up to date流行

date 约会

164.over and over again再三;一遍又一遍;again and again

165.over there在那边

166.pay for付钱;买---pay for the bill付账

167.pick out挑选出

(重点)pick up拾起(wallet)

太难,不要讲解析:动词介词代词look at it; 动代副pick it up.

Pick sb up把某人接走

168.play a trick on捉弄=make fun of=make a joke on sb

play with玩弄

play baketball with sb

169.plenty of

a number of

a great deal of

170.point to(远)/at(近)指向;指着


point out指出

171.(重点)praise sb for sth为某事表扬某人



Prefer to do...than do...宁愿...而不愿意

Prefer doing sth to doing sth

解析:prefer A to B 此时to是介词

173.prepare for准备=be ready for


175.pull down拖挎

put on穿;戴上;上演==dress up盛装打扮;dress sb; be dressed in衣服put off延期

take off延期;起飞;脱衣服

put out扑灭;伸出(tongue);出版take out拿出

put up vt. 举起;张贴;建造;提高vi. 提供食宿

176.queue up排队

177.rely on依靠

178.right now立刻,马上

179.run after追捕;追踪

180.run away逃跑

181.run out of用完

182.save one’s life挽救某人生命

The doctor operated on the patient and saved his life.

183.sell out售完—be on sale热销;打折

184.set off出发;启程

see sb off给某人送行;

set out出发;着手(to do sth);安排,摆放(out)

set up建立,设立

set a world record创造世界纪录

185.shake(摇晃) hands with=shake a hand with

186.show off炫耀

show sb the way给某人指路

show sb around

例子:Tom is a right man to show the foreigners around the factory. 187.shut up住口

188.sit up做起来,坐直

sit down=take a seat=sb be seated请坐(口语中相同)

sb be seated坐的状态

sit down瞬间

(考试常见的题)You have been seated for 2 hours.

189.so as to为的是;使得

190.some day将来某一天

191.sooner or later迟早

192.speed up加快素的

at the speed of...(考的较多)


194.such as例如

195.take a boat坐船

There is no room(空位,不可数)on the boat.(初二下)

take a message for sb给某人捎个口信---leave a message

take an exam参加考试=attend an exam=take part in

take away拿走

take care of照料

(重点)take charge of负责,管理=in charge of

in the charge of由...负责



Take hold of抓住

Take in吸收,吸入

Take notes记笔记=make notes

Take off脱掉(衣服等);起飞

Take one’s advice

Take out

(重点)Take part in参加(具体的活动);join(大的事情)

Take place发生;举行(不能用被动)=happen

Take the place of 取代

Take up开始从事

Talk about谈到

Talk over探讨;研究

Talk to/with sb about sth

Talk sb into doing sth说服


初一区别:tell; speak; say


解析:不常用意思tell---book预订---goods商品---goodness品德---Tom耶稣197.the same...as与...一样

198.the week after next下下周

199.think about考虑=think of想到;想起

think over仔细考虑

think out想出

200.throw away拿走

201.tie up捆绑(tie名词,领带)

202.to one’s joy使某人高兴的是(surprise)


204.try on试穿

have a try尝试一下

try one’s best to do sth


turn on打开--turn off关闭(电灯,电视,收音机等)

turn up—turn down

turn into变成

(重点)turn out to be结果是,证明是

turn over翻车;翻阅;翻身

turn over a new leaf翻开新的一页

take one’s turn

take turns to do sth

in turn轮流

206.under way在筹建中

207.up and down上上下下

208.up to达到,由...决定

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ce8fcfcd8762caaedd33d456.htmled to; be used to doing; be used to do 210.wait for sb at/in

211.wake up醒来;叫醒

wake不单独使用;wake sb up

212.what about怎么样

213.what’s more此外;而且;更重要的是214.wear out穿破

215.(重点)with great care非常小心with one voice异口同声

with one’s own eyes亲眼(目睹)

with pleasure愉快地

with the help of

216.work out做出,算出;制定出

217.would like to=would love to喜欢would rather do sth宁愿做某事

218.write down写下;记下