ay inAntarctica and…

2.Today atomic energy

D.has applications in

medicine and industry 3.San Diego A.is the oldest permanent …

4. I Wonder how long ago this school C.began

5. –Bob must be very wealthy.

-Yes,he C.earns more in one day than I do in a week.

6. A.Would you like to have tea with me in the afternoon?

7.As a general rule,snake

B.do not bite unless offended.

8.-Anne works very hard. - In fact,I think she

C.is studying right now.

9.-when will they leave? _ They B.are leaving very soon.

10.-Is he studying for an examination?

-Yes,he's B.to take it next week.

11.By2020,they will have to produce at lease 20 million barrels of oil a day if the West A.is to avoid a crippling energy crisis.

12.-Is this the last exam we have to take?

-Yes,but there B.will be another test three months from now.

13.-Sarah fixed the radio.

-How B.did she do it?

14.-I wish that your

sister would come to

Visit me.

-Well,I’ll tell her

when I A.see her.

15.She is going to buy a

hat after she A.cashes a


16.-Are there going to be

many people at your party


-We hope A.there will be.

17.-Let’s go to the

country tomorrow.

-All right,if it

C.doesn’t rain.

18.-I have to go under any


-If you do follow my

advice,I D.won’t punish

19.He will go to America

next month if he A.is

ready then.

20.-What can you do?

-We can do nothing

unless she B.consents

next week.

21.-It is very difficult.

-If no one C.is able to

do this,then we have to…

22.-Do you plan to go on

a picnic with then next


-I don′t unless they

C.will invite me.

23.I shall go to Las Vegas

before you D.would come

back next week.

24.-What did your son say

in the letter?

-He told me that he D.

would visit the Disney…

25.In1958Marian Anderson

A.served her country as a

United Nations delegate.

26.They got a D.magical

result,and they were wild

with joy.

27.The distance between

the earth and the nearest

star is B.immense.


Natuons was first founded

,there were only51 member


A.membership has grown to


29.The committee

proposed to C.amend the

UN Charter.

30.When the reservoir

starts to store water,

this ancient temple will

be C.submerged.

1-Is there anything wrong

-No,so far I C.have had

no trouble.

2.My wound has been

aching ever since D.it

started to rain.

3.-Who is taken away my


-C.I have.

4.Even though they C.have

been living side by side

for 20 years,the two

neighbors are not very f

5.-My niece has been to

Sumatra and Iran as well

as of Europe.

-By the time she is

twenty,she C.will have

been almost everywhere!

6.-Thereis a police car…

-What do you suppose

B.has happened.

7.-Did you blame him for his mistakes?

-Yes,but D.I’drather not have done it.

8.D.Since she went to New York,her father has not heard from her.

9.It D.has rained every day so far this month.

10.-The possibility of a flood was just reported over the radio.

-I know.I heard about it. The river D.has reached the top of its bank. 11.-Where have you been all this while?

-A.I’ve been to the grocer’s just around the corner.

12.This time tomorrow you

B.will be sitting there doing some more exercises.

13.You can′t miss him.He

D.will be wearing a dark、

14.Some form of physical education A.has been practiced by all people and nations.

15.By the summer, Elizabeth C.will have worked here for ten years 16.-Did you go to the football game yesterday? -Yes,I did.D.It was really exciting The st…

17.Let is hurry.The president is coming.

-Oh,I was afraid that we


18.I had scarcely locked the door when the key C.broke. 19. George was just

finishing his homework

when his father D.came

home from work.

20.I hope you D.will have

gotten the instructions

ready before I come home


21.Henry will not be able

to attend the meeting

tonight because B.he will

be teaching a class.

22.Since he left the

university, he A.has been

working in an accounting


23.It is a nice flat, but

it B.hasn’t got a proper


24.That day he C.had been

washing his clothes

before he came to see me.

25.-Did you find the

missing couple in the

mountain yesterday?

-No, but we B.have been

trying to get in touch…

26.Some people think that

a A. literal translation,

27.some people are more

B.liable to sea-sickness

28.I think she hurt my

feelings B.deliberately

rather than by accident

as she claimed.

29.There is little chance

that mankind would

D.survive a nuclear war.

30.To be an inventor, one

needs profound knowledge

as well as a very A. vivid


1.We cannot use the

bridge now because it

D.is being repaired.

2.Edison’s mother was

seriously ill,so a doctor

had to B.be sent for.

3.-Were all the

passengers on the bus

B.injured in the accident

-No, it was only six

people who B.got hurt.

4.He told us that the most

important points

D.hadn’t been covered


5. It’s reported that a

new school C.will be set

up here next year.

6.The robber broke into

the store, trying to grab

the money just as it C.was

being counted by Mr.


7. Riding my bike to

school one morning, D.I

was struck by a car as I

went across the main


8.I have to go to work by

taxi because my car C.is

being repaired at the


9.He said that the car

C.would have been driven

day after day by him for

10 long years by the end

of next year.

10.All the preparations

for the task D.have been

completed, and we’re

ready to start.

11. Tom C.was believed to

be ill so that he

wouldn’t have to go to


12.We can’t go on with

the experiment because the computer A. hasn’t been repaired.

13.The little match girl

D.was found lying dead in the street.

14.The book is not likely

B.to be published this year.

15. The old gentleman

B.was robbed of all his money.

16.“Do you have any clothes B.to be washed today, Master?”asked the servant politely.

17.You B.aren’t meant to think for yourself. You are to carry out my orders 18.He told his friends that he D.had just been asked what he was reading at the same time the day before.

19.The plan is not B.to be carried out until every- thing is OK.

20.In order to prevent the fire spreading, some of the houses nearby B.had been pulled down before the firemen arrived.

21.-Have you moved into the new house?

-Not yet, the rooms A. are being painted.

22. The police found that the house D.had been broken into and a lot of things stolen.

23.If city noises A. are not kept from inc- reasing,people will have to shout to be heard even

at the dinner table 20

years from now.

24.The vegetables did

not taste very good. They

D.had been cooked for too


25. The woman murdered

her friend and A. was

sentenced to death.

26.The C.initial talks

between China and theUS

27. The B.transition from

childhood to adulthood is

always a critical time

for everybody.

28.This book is about how

these basic and values

affect important A.facets

of American life.

29. A friendship may be


tuational or deep and


30. They took D.effective

measures to prevent

poisonous gases from


1. A.What makes his shop

different is that it

offers more personal


2.-It is thirty years

since we last met.

-But I still remember the

story, believe it or not,

B.that we got lost on a

rainy night.

3.See the flags on top of

the building? That was

D.what we did this


4.-Could you do me a


-It depends on C.what it


5. These shoes look very

good. I wonder C. how much

they cost.

6. Doris’success lies in

the fact B.that she is

co-operative and eager to

learn from others.

7. Mary wrote an article

on A. why the team had

failed to win the game.

8.Do you have any idea

B.what is actually going

on in the classroom?

9.-Why does she always

ask you for help?

-There is no one else B.

she can turn to, is there?

10.Elephants have their

own way to tell the shape

of an object and B.

whether it is rough or


11.Danny left word with

my secretary B.that he

would call again in the


12. Mum is coming. What

present C.do you expect

she has got for your


13. The way he did it was

different C.from what we

were used to.

14. Great changes have

taken place in that

school. It is no longer A.

what it was 20 years ago

when it was so poorly


15. Some researchers be-

lieve that there’s no

doubt B.that a cure for

AIDS will be found.

16. We haven’t settled the question of C.whether it is necessary for him to study abroad.

17. A warm thought sud

-denly came to me C.that I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother’s birthday

18. There is much chance

A. that Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race.

19. Please remind me

B.when he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off.

20.We saw several natives advancing towards our party,…B.to whom we gave some bells and glasses. 21With his work completed the businessman stepped back to his seat, feeling pleased B.that he was a man of action.

22.D.Whichever team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships.

23. I just wonder D.what it is that makes him so excited.

24. D.It is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy.

25. Nobody believed his reason for being absent form the class B.that he~ 26.At there thousand feet, wide plains being to appear,and there is never

a moment~not D.in sight.

27.The first tow stages in the development of civilized man were ~of the A. get over.

28.He will have to

B.answer for his indecent behavior one day.

29. Whenever possible, Ian C.shows off how well he speaks Japanese.

30. The old couple will never A.get over the loss of their son.