a perfect day 完整版

Hello, everyone. Today I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to voice my teaching plan of the text “A Perfect Day?”The content is taken from Senior High English Module 1 Unit1 lifestyles. I have been ready to begin this representation with six parts: teaching material, teaching methods, learning methods, teaching procedures, blackboard design and teaching reflection.

Part 1 The analysis of the teaching material:

This is the first lesson in the first unit of Module one. This theme of this unit is lifestyles, and the main task of this lesson is to read a passage titled A Perfect Day. This passage introduces two entirely different lifestyles-----a coach potato and a workaholic. I hope that through learning this lesson, the students can be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and know how to. This article occupies an important position

in this unit. Through the study of this article, students can improve their reading ability and master how to use English to express life habits. It is also essential for students to practice their abilities in speaking, reading, listening and writing about the theme of this unit.

Something about the students

They have just attend high school, but after three years of junior high school study, they already have a certain English language foundation and thinking, the vast majority of students are interested in learning English, their curiosity and learning motivation is relatively strong. As for English communication ability, however, due to the weak oral English foundation, and a lack of self-confidence, their oral communication abilities are relatively weak. So the teacher should encourage students to seize every chance to speak English, in order to achieve the purpose of practicing spoken language. In addition, high school students basically need some reading strategies such as skimming and scanning to finish required tasks, so teachers need to make full use of every opportunity to give them guidance and training.