Directions:Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (Key: D)

1. Do you notice that a retarded child often shows a/an ______ look?

A. hollow

B. empty

C. bare

D. vacant

(Key: C)

2. In many major cities there are more ______ apartments than there are homeless people.

A. blank

B. empty

C. vacant

D. bare

(Key: C)

3. It is interesting that many animals can ______ their ears and noses. But it’s not easy for human beings to do so.

A. tremble

B. shiver

C. quiver

D. quicken

(Key: B)

4. A ______ computer of Apple brand costs far more in China than abroad.

A. comparative

B. comparable

C. comparing

D. compared

(Key: D)

5. We should be ______ of the comfort of old people.

A. concerned

B. careful

C. considerable

D. considerate

(Key: D)

6. The leader of the expedition ______ everyone to follow his example.

A. promoted

B. aspired

C. sparked

D. inspired

(Key: C)

7. After the English evening, the students said ―Good night‖ to one another and went home ______.

A. respectably

B. respectfully

C. respectively

D. respectedly

(Key: D)

8. All products for sale or on sale should be ______ as far as quality is concerned.

A. protected

B. pledged

C. guarded

D. guaranteed

(Key: D)

9. The president called ______ the people of his country to work hard for national unity.

A. up

B. for

C. out

D. on

(Key: C)

10. It is not easy for chain smokers to ______ from smoking.

A. restrain

B. check

C. refrain

D. retain

(Key: C)

11. You should try to ______ your ambition and be more realistic.

A. reserve

B. refrain

C. restrain

D. retain

(Key: A)

12. To make good friends, one has to be a(n) ______ person.

A. upright

B. erect

C. upward

D. straight

(Key: B)

13. She cut her hair short and tried to ______ herself as a man.

A. decorate

B. disguise

C. pretend

D. fake

(Key: A)

14. Our guide ______ all of us and we could not find our way back to the hotel.

A. misled

B. forgave

C. forbade

D. approached

(Key: B)

15. Having finished their morning work, the clerks stood up behind their desks,

______ themselves.

A. expanding

B. stretching

C. enlarging

D. extending

(Key: D)

16. After four years in the same job, his enthusiasms finally ______.

A. worsened

B. boomed

C. decayed

D. drained

(Key: C)

17. Although the two players are ______ in the tennis court, they are really good friends.

A. partners

B. enemies

C. rivals

D. companions

(Key: A)

18. The prospect of increased prices has already ______ worries.

A. provoked

B. prohibited

C. inspired

D. encouraged


Directions:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word forms of the words given in the brackets. (Key: delivery)

1. The next postal ______ is at 2 o’clock. (deliver)

(Key: vacant)

2. There is a place ______ over there where we can park our car. (vacancy)

(Key: faithful)

3. The dog remained ______ to his master. (faith)

(Key: simplicity)

4. She believes everything with childlike ______. (simple)

(Key: declaration)

5. Please make a written ______ of all the goods you bought abroad. (declare)

(Key: costly)

6. Selling your house can be a ______ and time-consuming business. (cost)

(Key: comparable)

7. A ______ car would cost far more abroad. (comparision)

(Key: acknowledged)

8. Professor Hawking is ______ as one of the world's greatest living physicians. (acknowledgement)

(Key: considerate)

9. Your children are always very ______ towards old people. (consideration)

(Key: restrain)

10. I had to ______ myself from telling him what I thought of him. (restraint)


Directions: Translate the English sentences into Chinese.

1.答案:每当有人帮助你,不论事情大小,无论他地位高低,你都应对他说声―谢谢‖。1.When someone does something for you, no matter how small and no matter whether he is superior or inferior, it is proper to say ―Thank you‖ to him.


2.The boy, whose life revolved around his brother, had no difficulty working out what he should do to please him.


Directions: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (Key: C)

1. Ten years of working in the company enabled him to afford a house of _____ size.

A) model B) modest C) moderate D) mild

(Key: D)

2. Some of the most efficient refrigerators _____ 70 percent less electricity than

traditional models.

A) exhaust B) absorb C) resume D) consume

(Key: B)

3.The bottom chart shows the _____ of personal debt to personal income.

A) rate B) ratio C) ration D) percentage

(Key: C)

4. Johnson has made up his mind to _____ himself to five cigarettes a day.

A) confine B) restrain C) restrict D) constrain

(Key: C)

5. They say they expect the meeting to have a marked _____ on the future of the


A) affect B) impression C) impact D) weight

(Key: B)

6. In order to maintain physical well being, a person should eat wholesome food and

get _____ exercise.

A) abundant B) sufficient C) efficient D) excessive

(Key: C)

7. The policy was agreed by the committee, but only in a _____ form.

A) converted B) transformed C) modified D) transferred

(Key: A)

8. These articles have been carefully ____ according to the style.

A) selected B) chosen C) picked D) elected

(Key: D)

9. It’s good to know that quite a few popular English expressions actually _____ from

the Bible.

A) acquire B) deprive C) result D) derive

(Key: C)

10. It’s unwise to ____ between husband and wife.

A) interrupt B) disturb C) interfere D) upset

(Key: B)

11. The workers were very _____ in their demands, and asked only a 10-percent raise

of wages.

A) mild B) modest C) moderate D) middle

(Key: A)

12.Night telepnone _____ are usually cheaper than those during day time.

A) rates B) ratios C) rations D) percentage

(Key: D)

13. It is foolish _____ to believe anything she says, for she is never honest.

A) abundant B) sufficient C) efficient D) enough


Directions:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word forms of the words given in the brackets.

1. Key: endurance

1. Running is a test of human ______ and the power of mind over body.(endure)

2. Key: storage

2. We had to build more rooms to give us more ______ space. (store)

3. Key: typical

3. The establishment of large towns and cities is a ______ feature of civilization. (type)

4. Key: modified

4. The suggestions were only accepted in a ______ form. (modify)

5. Key: incurable

5. I regret to say that her disease is ______. (cure)

6. Key: height

6. Do you know the ______ of Eiffel Tower or St. Paul’s Cathedral? (high)

7. Key: interference

7. The government’s ______in the strike has been widely criticized. (interfere)

8. Key: rewrite

8. He has to ______ the entire second act before the whole play is suitable to be staged on Broadway. (write)

9. Key: restrictive

9. He is self-employed because he finds working for other people too ______. (restrict)

10. Key: moderately

10. Th ere’s very little ______ priced housing in this area. (moderate)


Directions: Translate the English sentences into Chinese.

1.答案:缺铁在女性中是很常见的,每四个十几岁的少女中有一人缺铁,每五个18至45 岁的女性中有一人缺铁。

1.Iron deficiency is very common among women in general, affecting one in four female teenagers and one in five women aged 18 to 45, respectively.



2.For a woman who already has a poor iron status, any additional iron loss from exercise may be enough to tip her over the edge into a more serious deficiency. UNITE3

Directions: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (Key: A)

1. She ______ her mind by reading many books.

A) cultivated B) educated C) civilized D) tamed

(Key: B)

2. You must take the ______ steps by yourself; after you have begun, I will help you.

A) primitive B) preliminary C) primary D) prime

(Key: C)

3. After three hours of heated debate, the ______ bill was passed by a narrow majority.

A) virtual B) universal C) controversial D) substantial

(Key: A)

4. They must know how to make use of, and, when necessary, to discard the old

______ rules.

A) conventional B) conservative C) constant D) convenient

(Key: C)

5. I have tried to make the questions simple but ______ so that it won’t take many minutes to fill in; but your answers will give me a good idea of what is wanted and what is not.

A) integrated B) comparative C) comprehensive D) comprehensible (Key: D)

6. Two independent daily newspapers had been ordered to ______ publication on June.

A) concentrate B) comprehend C) suspect D) suspend

(Key: A)

7. It is made quite clear in the document that China will stick to its ______ and opening up policy.

A) reform B) transformation C) refrain D) formation

(Key: C)

8. He is a person of average ______ .

A) talent B) prominence C) intelligence D) celebrity

(Key: B)

9. When the news media and the public show a lot of interest in something, you can

say that it is receiving ______ .

A) popularity B) publicity C) publication D) priority

(Key: D)

10. I felt most ______ when the shop assistant refused to show me the skirt and said that I didn’t seem to be able to afford it.

A) scolded B) blamed C) cursed D) insulted

(Key: A)

11. Disappointment ______ on his face when he heard that he didn’t passed the entrance examination.

A) registered B) enrolled C) recorded D) entered

III. Word Building

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word forms of the words given in the brackets.

1. Key: acceptance

1. These scientists developed some new ideas and concepts, which gained ______

rapidly. (accept)

2. Key: energetic

2. Iron deficiency may derive from frequent ______ exercises. (energy)

3. Key: publicity

3. Some people, especially stars, try to seek ______ while some others try to avoid it.


4. Key: Enrollments

4. ______ in linguistics and history have fallen off. (enroll)

5. Key: controversy

5. The new plan led to a heated ______ . (controversial)

6. Key: comprehension

6. We are going to do a reading ______. (comprehensive)

7. Key: Curiosity

7. ______ caused the girl to open the door. (curious)

8. Key: suspended

8. Some rail services were ______ during the strike. (suspend)

9. Key: preparation

9. He didn’t do enough ______ for his exam, and failed. (prepare)

10. Key: economy

10. The new oil that we have found will improve our ______ . (economic)


Directions: Translate the English sentences into Chinese.

1. 答案:海德中学的办学宗旨是:如果你向学生传授诸如求真、勇敢、正直、


1. The Hyde School operates on the principle that if you teach students the merit of such values as truth, courage, integrity, leadership, curiosity and concern, then academic achievement naturally follows.

2. 答案:为了避免美国中学使用的其他品格培养方案引发的争议,高尔德解释说,“全力以赴”这一概念并不是要强迫学生接受某一套道德原则或宗教观念。

2. To avoid the controversy of other character programs used in US schools, Gauld says the concept of doing your best has nothing to with forcing the students to accept a particular set of morals or religious values.


Directions:Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (Key: A)

1. If my plan isn’t ______ of by the committee, all my work will have been wasted.

A) approved B) consented C) agreed D) admitted

(Key: A)

2. All the representatives ______ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.

A) assembled B) accumulated C) piled D) joined

(Key: C)

3. Each of them had a different ______ of what actually happened, but hers was by far more believable.

A) message B) theory C) version D) comment

(Key: C)

4. As we know, blood types A and B cannot receive AB, but AB may receive A or B. Type O can be given to any other group; hence it is often called the _____ donor.

A) general B) popular C) universal D) common

(Key: C)

5. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is _____.

A) granted B) implied C) exaggerated D) remedied

(Key: D)

6. Of all the soldiers they had the _____ of being the fiercest, the most patriotic, the toughest.

A) recognition B) reservation C) recreation D) reputation

(Key: C)

7. The company has _____ over the years into a multi-million dollar organization.

A) involved B) resolved C) evolved D) revolved

(Key: D)

8. During the war, the government _____ many soldiers from the workers and farmers.

A) adopted B) collected C) integrated D) recruited

(Key: C)

9. All the streets were ______ with flags to welcome the Chinese delegation.

A) supplied B) mended C) decorated D) pasted

(Key: A)

10. The wanted to erect a _____ of the king on a horse in the park.

A) statue B) status C) stature D) statute


Directions:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word forms of the words given in the brackets.

Key: intelligence

1. When the water pipe burst, she had the _____ to turn off the water at the main. (intelligent)

Key: consequence

2. She was found guilty, and lost her job in _____. (consequent)

Key: significance

3. Few people realized the ______ of the discovery. (significant)

Key: indifference

4. It’s a matter of complete _____ to me. (indifferent)

Key: ignorance

5. If he did wrong it was only through _____. (ignorant)

Key: coexists

6. In some cases, love _____ with hatred. (exist)

Key: co-operating

7. The two schools are _____ on the project. (operate)

Key: co-director

8. The director and _____ of the movie were both criticized by the media for too much violence in the movie. (director)

Key: co-author

9. She is the _____, with Professor Liu, of Principles of Language Learning. (author) Key: copilot

10. When the pilot is endangered, the _____ should take over immediately. (pilot) 4.ECT

Directions: Translate the English sentences into Chinese.



1. Now more than sixty years old, Barbara --- who declines interviews but is said to have loved the doll --- may be the most famous unknown figure on the planet.


2.He was strongly influenced by medieval artists and inspired by the Gothic window of an old farm house, but the faces in his composition were what captured the worl d’s attention.


Directions: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. (Key: B)

1. Because of his ______ manners, most of the girls in this party like him.

A) gracious B) graceful C) grateful D) greedy

(Key: D)

2.The smell of death and ______ hung over the town.

A) rot B) decomposition C) worse D) decay

(Key: A)

3. She was depressed and let things ______.

A) slide B) slip C) glide D) slipped

(Key: A)

4. This is the brief ______ of the events.

A) outline B) skeleton C) abstract D) summary

(Key: C)

5. The blue sky gave no ______ of storm to come.

A) clue B) suggestion C) hint D) inference

(Key: C)

6. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you. Your decision is based on ______ rather than

rational thoughts.

A) passion B) feeling C) emotion D) mood

(Key: D)

7.This painting is ______ because it is only a copy, a fake one.

A) priceless B) worthy C) invaluable D) worthless

(Key: B)

8.This medicine can help you _______ the symptom of your cold.

A) release B) relieve C) reset C) recover

(Key: B)

9. D on’t eat sweet food; it will spoil your ______ for dinner.

A) taste B) appetite C) appeal D) altitude

(Key: C)

10. The lawyer is at the very top of his ______.

A) career B) job C) profession D) work

(Key: D)

11. The little boy poured a glass of sugar into the pot, spoiling the ______ of the


A) appeal B) appetite C) altitude D) taste


Directions:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word forms of the words given in the brackets.

1. Key: mountaineers

1. Sometimes ______ have to take the risk of losing their lives when climbing mountains.(mountain)

2. Key: pressure

2. Perfectionists have to stand too much ______ every day so that they tend to become angry easily. (press)

3. Key: death

3. The murderer was sentenced to ______ yesterday. (die)

4. Key: exposure

4. Prolonged ______ to harmful radiation may lead to cancer. (expose)

5. Key: closure

5. The ______ of the factory resulted in the unemployment of many workers. (close)

6. Key: decaying

6. Dentists often suggest that their patients brush regularly to prevent their teeth from ______. (decay)

7. Key: emotional

7. Little kids have ______ need, for which their parents should take responsibility. (emotions)

8. Key: hints

8. The young man has dropped some ______ to his boss that he will quit the job.


9. Key: hinting

9. The young man dropped a word to his boss ______ that he would quit the job. (hint)

10. Key: graceless, ungraceful

10. She is always wearing such cheap, ______ clothes on formal occasions. (graceful)

11. Key: unaided

11. The middle-aged man was severely crippled so he couldn’t stand ______ on the soft sand. (aid)


Directions: Translate the English sentences into Chinese.


1.As I stand there, the smell hits my nose, and I close my eyes as I remember the smell of decay from past experience. (L4-6)

2. 答案:为了不弄伤她,我小心翼翼地把护肤霜揉在她发黄的皮肤上。她的皮


2. Carefully, to avoid injuring her, I rub cream into the yellow skin, which rolls

freely over the bones, feeling the outline of each bone in the back. (L28-30) UNITE6

Directions:Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. In theory every citizen in a democratic country may _____ to the protection of the law.

A) claim B) appeal C) pronounce D) pray

2. Ideas _____ from one's own experience are sometimes more valuable than those from books.

A) derived B) deposited C) retreated D) restored

3. By _____ computation, he estimated that the repairs on the house would cost him a thousand dollars.

A) rail B) rude C) rack D) rough

4. I could see that my wife was _____ having that fashionable coat, whether I approved of it or not.

A) determined to B) intent on C) short of D) focused in

5. They have ______ for the car to pick them up at the station.

A) arranged B) managed C) appointed D) borrowed

6. If you want to ______ a pleasant visit, find out as much as possible about the manners and customs of your host country.

A) secure B) serve C) sure D) ensure

7. Mike had dropped in to ______ how things were going on.

A) inquire B) require C) assign D) acquire

8. She ______ the respect of everybody present.

A) achieved B) secured C) earned D) collected

9. Both sides exchanged their views on a wide ______ of topics they were interested in at the meeting.

A) extent B) expand C) number D) range

10. He could feel the ______ of living in a warm, affectionate family setting.

A) pleasure B) delight C) joy D) enjoyment

11. He was a man of noble ______. He came from an old and prominent family in Virginia.

A) origin B) source C) root D) resource

12. This type of plant can ________ the extreme low temperature of the North Pole.

A) adapt B) withdraw C) withstand D) shade

13. It is ________ of you to take his advice. If you don’t, you’ll surely fail.

A) sensitive B) sentimental C) sensible D) sensational

14. Since many mosquitoes(蚊子) have already become ________ to this kind of mosquitocide(灭蚊剂), scientists have to look for some new mosquitocides.

A) active B) resistant C) tough D) gradual

15. Years of _____ labor on the farm had made him much stronger than before.

A) survival B) mental C) restless D) manual

16. The old man did not seem to ________ any importance to the question.

A) attach B)attack C) link D) belong

17. The whole report has to be rewritten; only the first few lines may be ________.

A) sustained B) contained C) maintained D) retained

18. When she wrote to her sister, she________ a check with the letter.

A) enclosed B) contained C) reserved D) invested

19. Fertilizers will ________ the growth of these plants but improper use of fertilizers may also cause harm to soil.

A) accomplish B) accelerate C) accumulate D) account

20. According to the weather ________, it’s going to be fine today.

A) prediction B) indication C) provision D) forecast

Key: 1-5 BADBA 6-10 DACDC 11-15 ACCBD 16-20 ADABD

21. It needs years to build a home, but only a ________ of a second to destroy it.

A) fiction B) function C) fraction D) fragment

22. The speed limit is 40 miles an hour. Don’t ________ this maximum.

A) break B) reject C) suspend D) exceed

23. Few new businesses can ________ in the present economic climate.

A) flourish B) fade C) stem D) cultivate

24. We should save your work often as a ________ against computer failure.

A) sanction B) precaution C) shield D) shelter

25. Though he was very angry, he showed considerable ________ in not resorting to violence.

A) limitation B) interest C) restriction D) restraint

26. In ________ times human beings started to travel. But they traveled to find a more favorable climate, not for pleasure like what we do now.

A) prime B) primitive C) primary D) preliminary

27. It took millions of years after the big explosion for order to grow out of the ________ of the universe.

A) adjustment B) change C) chaos D) profile

28. Interests of the ________ should be placed above our personal interests.

A) joint B) common C) mutual D) collective

29. Accidents are of frequent ________ on this motorway because the traffic is extremely heavy


A) arrival B) proportion C) scale D) occurrence

30. Mary took ________ of the fine weather to do a day’s work in her garden.

A) chance B) effect C) occasion D) advantage

31. Some people think that machinery is a ________ to their jobs.

A) threat B) loss C) stake D) shortage

32. Her pulse was so weak that the doctor had difficulty ________ it.

A) inspecting B) detecting C) touching D) contacting

33. Your wife seems very much ________ to your going abroad. So, you’ll stay.

A) rejected B) opposed C) denied D) declined

34. There is need to check the ________ of the report. Many experts have doubts about it.

A) frequency B) accuracy C) emergency D) efficiency

35. Computer power now allows automatic searches of fingerprint files to match a print at a crime ________.

A) stage B) scene C) location D) occasion

36. The manager just returned from his visit to Hawaii, and he is still ________ of what happened in his company last week.

A) unconscious B) negative C) robbed D) ignorant

37. In the course of ________, some birds have lost the power of flight.

A) transfer B) transformation C) evolution D) transition

38. No matter who you are, you must play the game in ________ with the rule.

A) combination B) connection C) accordance D) agreement

39. All passengers are required to ________ their seat belts as the plane was getting ready to take off.

A) tied B) locked C) fastened D) closed

40. Officers should never be allowed to ________ their authority and position.

A) employ B) take C) abuse D) overlook

Key: 21-25 CDABD 26-30 BCDDD 31-35ABBBB 36-40 DDCCC

3-WB (文本题)

1. Key: resistant

The majority of the students at the meeting were ______ to the proposal. (resist)

2. Key: handy

We should always keep the flashlight ______ in case the fuse (保险丝) blows again. (hand)

3. Key: precaution

The doctor advised us to take every ______ so as not to catch cold. (caution)

4. Key: occurrence

It was the strangest ______ I can remember in my university days. (occur)

5. Key: principal

The ____ concern is to get the job done as soon as possible. (principle)

6. Key: continual

His health is her sole and ____ concern. (continue)

7. Key: encourage

Don’t ______ her laziness by doing things for her. (courage)

8. Key: enlarge

The meeting ended in a plan to _______ the central park into a stadium (运动场) that is able to seat 50,000 people. (large)

9. Key: encircles

A sixty-foot-high concrete wall ________ the jail. (circle)

10. Key: enable

The new test should ______ doctors to detect the disease early. (able)

11. Key: endanger

You will ______ your health if you work so hard. (danger)

12. Key: enlightened

Tom thought the world was flat until I ___________ him. (light)

13. Key: ensure

Please ______ that it is written into your contract. (sure)

14. Key: enforce

Governments make laws and the police ______ them. (force)

15. Key: enacted

The boy often _______ the stories told to him by her mother. (act)

16. Key: endear

She managed to ______ herself to everybody by her kindness. (dear)


1. The mountain area where the rare giant pandas live is declared a national ______.

A) observation B) reservation C) preservation D) conservation

(Key: B)

2. Teachers and students should be ______ for class.

A) punctuate B) punctual C) punching D) progressive

(Key: D)

3. For people with a tight-schedule, outdoor ______ like camping, climbing and fishing can be an effective way to ease working pressure.

A) pleasure B) entertainment C) enjoyment D) recreation

(Key: C)

4. The Jones brothers were attacked by a grizzly bear when having a weekend ______ to the

camping ground.

A) journey B) travel C) excursion D) tour

(Key: B)

5. A thick fog caused a ______ crash on the motorway this morning when a truck hit the bottom of

a minivan.

A) multiplied B) multiple C) various D) diverse

Key: D

6. Imaginative ideas passed in quick ______ through the inventor’s mind.

A) process B) procedure C) march D) procession

(Key: A)

7. The food company spokesman made ______ remarks on public doubt about the safety of its infant formula powder.

A) vague B) faint C) weak D) feeble (Key: C)

8. For cowboys, many things could go wrong during the ______ of transportation of cattle to train stations.

A) progress B) profession C) process D) promise

(Key: A)

9. The good model role set by his parents and family education is what ______ him from average ten-year-olds in the school.

A) distinguishes B) recognizes C) realizes D) disorganizes

(Key: D)

10. In the United States, the power bestowed by the Constitution is evenly ______ among the executive, the judiciary and the legislative branch.

A) discovered B) attribute C) contributed D) distributed

III.WB (Word Building: 构词法应用10题)(文本题)

Directions:Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word forms of the words given in the brackets.

1. Key: modernize

1. The local government will provide money to ______ the networks of local hospitals. (modern)

2. Key: backward

2. Upon hearing the sad news of his only child, the old man suddenly fell ______ to the couch, crying despairingly. (back)

3. Key: interdependent

3. In nature world, all species are ______ ; no one can live without others. (dependent)

4. Key: reference

4. Many students choose to sell their text books, ______ books and other study materials before graduation. (refer)

5. Key: commercial

5. For some small independent TV stations, funds are mainly from private donors and groups, not from ______ advertisements. (commerce )

6. Key: interpreter

6. Having lived overseas for ten years and with a good command of four languages, Mr. Lightfoot is fully qualified to be our chief ______. (interpret)

7. Key: exporting

7. He brought great wealth to this poor village by ______ high quality organic fruits to the neighboring countries. (export)

8. Key: deadly

8. Intense exercises can be ______ to people with heart diseases, high blood pressure and strokes. (dead)

9. Key: conservation

9. The ______ of missing national treasures suddenly received considerable public attention due to the auction of a piece of rare china vase. (conserve)

10. Key: distribution

10. More and more people are criticizing the tax system for the uneven ______ of income among different classes. (distribute)


Directions: Translate the English sentences into Chinese.


1.There is no use doing something and then saying you did not mean to do it. Had you not meant to do it, you would not have done it.


2.Unlike fathers, mothers are judged by their parenting successes or failures; for mothers, everything depends on how their kids turn out.


1 A

He couldn’t ______ the thought of leaving his hometown forever.

A) bear B) carry C) offer D) support

2 C

No one was ______ in the car accident.

A) damaged B) wounded C) injured D) suffered

3 A

Last year, the crime rate in Chicago has sharply ______.

A) declined B) reduced C) descended D) slipped

4 D

The republication of the poet’s most recent works will certainly ______ his national reputation.

A) rise B) strengthen C) enlarge D) enhance

5 A

Reading detective stories is one of his favorite _______.

A) hobbies B) occupations C) habits D) engagements

6 B

It’s quite strange that he should be utterly ______ to public criticism.

A) inactive B) indifferent C) uninterested D) unconsidered

7 A

Housewives who do not go out to work often feel they are not working to their full ______.

A) capacity B) strength C) length D) possibility

8 B

The two governments are trying to do something to ______ better understanding between the two countries.

A) raise B) promote C) raise D) increase

9 D

As we were to keep the fire going throughout the games, we had to add firewood ______.

A) specially B) permanently C) previously D) constantly

10 D

I don’t like the noise of this air conditioner, but I’ve learn ed to ______ it.

A) stay with B) stand with C) go with D) live with

11 D

The old couple decided to ______ the two homeless children though they had three children of their own.

A) adapt B) bring C) receive D) adopt

12 B

The soldier was ______ with running away when the enemy attacked.

A) scolded B) charged C) accused D) punished

13 A

New difficulties kept ______ as they built the railway tunnel.

A) arising B) arousing C) raising D) rising

14 B

He began to take politics ______ only when he left school.

A) carefully B) seriously C) gravely D) solemnly

15 D

Reading only ______ the mind with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.

A) inserts B) decorates C) deserves D) furnishes

16 C

The joys of travel, having long ______ the disabled, are opening up to virtually anyone who has the means.

A) omitted B) missed C) neglected D) discarded

17 A

She is the most ______ secretary I’ve ever had.

A) efficient B) effective C) industrial D) practiced

18 C

He was dismissed, because he had been warned to be ______ but was late again.

A) rapid B) timely C) punctual D) intellectual

19 C

The union ______ the management of closing the door on further negotiation.

A) scolded B) charged C) accused D) punished

20 A

The Government acted quickly to ______ the widespread distress caused by the earthquake.

A) relieve B) release C) relate D) retain


1. implication

The _____ in his article is that being a housewife is greatly inferior to every other occupation. (imply)

2. resembles

Most animals, including fish, look for a mate which ______ their parents. (resemblance)

3. prohibits

The high cost of equipment ______ many people from taking up this sport. (prohibitition)

4. confusion

There is some ______ about what the correct procedure should be. (confuse)

5. deliberate

The speech was a _____ attempt to embarrass the government. (deliberation)

6. wonderful

I admire her because she is an actress who can also sing and I think she has a

_____ personality. (wonder)

7. peaceful

There is a gentleness about Henry, which shows a ____ personality. (peace)

8. attractive

Her striking good looks and ______ personality did not go unnoticed. (attract)

9. pleasant

He combines a _____ personality with news-seeking initiative, and he is always delighted in special interviews. (please)

10. creative

One of the most important aspects of a writer’s ____ personality is the degree to which he or she is sensitive and responsive to changes in public tastes. (create)

11. transposition

His pen name represented ______ of his initials and his middle name. (transpose)

12. transatlantic

Though the first ______ flight was a failure, the second one was successful. (Atlantic)

13. transmigrants

There are many Chinese ______ in Canada, whose final destination is the United States. (migrant) 14. transformed

Success and wealth ______ his character. (form)

15. transnational

They offered a ______ program for improving the economy of Europe. (nation)

16. transoceanic

The ______ nations of the Americas are also seeking an economic reform. (ocean)

17. transshipped

The goods will be ______ at Tokyo. (ship)

18. transported

Wheat is ______ from the farms to the mills by truck. (port)

19. non-existent

In some areas public transport is completely______ . (exist)

20. nonstop

The 8:30 train goes ______ to Nanjing. (stop)

21. non-art

He regarded abstract (抽象的) expressionism as ________ . (art)

22. non-college

The college men normally outdo (超过) ______ men in every worldly success. (college)

23. nonproductive

Clerks, salesmen, etc. are ____________ personnel. (product)

24. nonprofit

Schools are _____ organizations, which are usually supported by the government. (profit)

25. nonfictions

The novelist also published ______. (fiction)

26. nonviolent

The authorities allowed ______ actions in the form of a march through the streets of the city. (violent)


1. Memory Lane Isn't What It Used to Be

About this time every year, I get very nostalgic. Walking through my neighborhood on a fall afternoon reminds me of a time not too long ago when sounds of children filled the air, children playing games on a hill, and throwing leaves around in the street below, I was one of those children, carefree and happy. I live on a street that is only one block long. I have lived on the same street for sixteen years. I love my street. One side has six houses on it, and the other has only two houses, with a small hill in the middle and a huge cottonwood tree on one end. When I think of home, I think of my street, only I see it as it was before. Unfortunately, things change. One day, not long ago, I looked around and saw how different everything has become. Life on my street will never be the same because neighbors are quickly growing old, friends are growing up and leaving, and the city is planning to destroy my precious hill and sell the property to contractors.

It is hard for me to accept that many of my wonderful neighbors arc growing old and won't be around much longer. I have fond memories of the couple across the street, who sat together on their porch swing almost every evening, the widow next door who yelled at my brother and me for being too loud, and the crazy old man in a black suit who drove an old car. In contrast to those people, the people I see today are very old neighbors who have seen better days. The man in the black suit says he wants to die, and another neighbor just sold his house and moved into a nursing home. The lady who used to yell at us is too tired to bother anymore, and the couple across the street rarely go out to their front porch these days. It is difficult to watch these precious people as they near the end of their lives because at one time I thought they would live forever.

The ―comings and goings‖ of the younger generation of my street are now mostly ―going‖ as friends and peers move on. Once upon a time, my life and the lives of my peers revolve around home. The boundary of our world was the gutter at the end of the street. We got pleasure from playing night games, or from a breathtaking ride on a bicycle. Things are different now, as my friends become adults and move on. Children

who rode tricycles now drive cars. The kids who once played with me now have new interests and values as they go their separate ways. Some have gone away to college, a few got married, two went into the army, and one went to prison. Watching all these people grow up and go away only makes me long for the good old days.

Perhaps the biggest change on my street is the fact that the city is going to turn my precious hill into several lots for new homes. For sixteen years, the view out of my kitchen window has been a view of that hill. The hill was a fundamental part of my childhood life; it was the hub of social activity for the children of my street. We spent hours there building forts, sledding, and playing tag. The view out of my kitchen window now is very different; it is one of tractors and dump trucks tearing up the hill. When the hill goes, the neighborhood will not be the same. It is a piece of my childhood. It is a visual reminder of being a kid. Without the hill, my street will be just another pea in the pod.

There was a time when my street was my world, and I thought my world would never change. But something happened. People grow up, and people grow old. Places change, and with the change comes the heartache of knowing I can never go back to the times I loved. In a year or so, I will be gone just like many of my neighbors. I will always look back to my years as a child, but the place I remember will not be the silent street whose peace is interrupted by the sounds of construction. It will be the happy, noisy, somewhat strange, but wonderful street I knew as a child. Statements

1. By saying “nostalgic”, the writer means that he misses his parents very much.

2. The writer feels sentimental every time he walks along his street every year when autumn comes.

3. The writer has been living on the same street for sixteen years since he was born.

4. The writer finds it hard to accept the fact that many of his good neighbors are moving out.

5. The lady who used to yell at the writer and his brother for being too loud has ceased to live.

6. The writer thinks of the past all the more when he sees those who had grown up