1.Don’t worry, dear. I’ll soon have the car ______ again.

A. going

B. to go

C. gone

D. goes

2. ----Hello, is Jane at home?

----No, she is out. May I take a message?

----Yes. _______.

A. Thank you

B. Tell her Jack called

C. Tell her Jack is calling

D. It’s Jack calling

3. What shall we do when we _______ our experiment?

A. finished

B. have finished

C. finishing

D. had finished

4. Answer the question _________ so that all the class may hear you.

A. in an enough loud voice

B. in a loud enough voice

C. in a voice enough loud

D. in a voice loud enough

5. ________ the fish ______ good enough?

A. Is; tasting

B. Is; tasted

C. Does; tasted

D. Does; taste

6. _______ this word, can you tell me?

A. How to pronounce

B. How pronouncing

C. How you pronounce

D. How do you pronounce

7. My friend’s birthday is ________. I will go and buy something for him.

A. in two week’s time

B. two week’s away

C. two week’s t ime

D. two weeks away

8. I usually go to school on my bike ________.

A. except to rain

B. besides it rains

C. but it rains

D. except on rainy days

9. For some reason, it ______ all day over the two weeks.

A. rained

B. rains

C. was raining

D. has been raining

10. My deskmate has some trouble ________ spelling some of the words in American English while I have some difficulty ________ pronunciation.

A. with; with

B. in; with

C. in; in

D. with; in

11. ________ the houses were knocked down in the earthquake.

A. A great many

B. The number of

C. A great many of

D. A great deal of

12. I ______ Mr. White but I don’t ________ him.

A. have heard; hear

B. have known; hear

C. have known about; know

D. have heard; know

13. Don’t get off the bus until it ___________.

A. has stopped

B. will stop

C. stopped

D. stopping

14. He will be back _______ two o’clock. A. in B. after C. on D. for

15. She could do nothing but ______ at the gate of the factory.

A. waiting

B. to wait

C. wait

D. waited

16. Smith said he would pay_______ second visit to China ______ next month.

A. the; 不填

B. the; the

C. a; the

D. a; 不填

17. ________ as he is, he knows a lot about ______ space.

A. A child; a

B. The child; 不填

C. Child; 不填

D. A child; 不填

18. The speaker came from ________ university of _______ European country.

A. a; a

B. an; an

C. 不填; the

D. a; an

19. We heard the news over _______ not on _______.

A. radio; TV

B. the radio: TV

C. the radio; the TV

D. a radio; a TV

20. He told us everything was all right; he was wrong, ________.

A. yet

B. however

C. either

D. too

21. Walking ________ the woods one day, we found all the plants taken good care of in it.

A. across

B. through

C. over

D. past

22. We do not allow _______ in the lecture hall, so you are not allowed _____ here.

A. smoking; to smoke

B. to smoke; smoking

C. smoking; smoking

D. to smoke; to smoke

23. Can such a thing _______ from happening again?

A. stopped

B. stop

C. be stopped

D. is stopped

24. He parents used _____ they had to buy him a computer.

A. What

B. all what

C. that

D. what all

25. The Training Center ________ children of around 12 ______ in 1985.

A. is opened to; set up

B. is opened to; was set up

C. open to; set up

D. open to; was set up

26. Did the boy break the cup _____purpose?

A. on

B. in

C. with

D. for

27. The train leaves at 6:00p.m. So I have to be at the station ____ 5:40p.m. at the latest.

A. until

B. after

C. by

D. around

28. Not all of them can speak good English. It means “ _______ speak good English.”

A. All of them cannot

B. None of them an

C. Neither of them can

D. Each of them can

29. ----- Does anyone know where Peter lives?

----- _______.

A. I

B. Me

C. Mine

D. Myself

30. The speaker announced that there was a small fire and directed ____ nearest the door to leave first. A. them B. this C. those D. these

31. ---- May I help you with some shoes, sir?

---- Yes, I’d like to try on these brown _____.

A. one

B. ones

C. pair

D. pieces

32. ---- Did you get a ticket?

---- Yes, I managed to get ______.

A. it

B. one

C. that

D. the one

33. ---- Shall I take this road or that one?

---- You can take _______ unless you’re in a hurry.

A. both

B. either

C. neither

D. any

34. ----- How much does the firewood cost?

----- Well, it is _____.

A. expensive

B. cheap

C. at a high price

D. free

35. Cost will be reduced by ______30% if computers are used.

A. as many as

B. so many as

C. as much as

D. so much

36. If you are frightened, you will feel your heart _____ much faster.

A. beat

B. to beat

C. hitting

D. share

37. We talked about the school and teachers ______ were remembered by every one of us.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. him

38. We don’t know ______ it will rain the day after tomorrow.

A. what

B. if

C. which

D. how

39. To drive after drinking a lot of beer ______ death.

A. causes

B. brings

C. sounds

D. means

40. This book is too difficult for me. Please find me an easy _______.

A. book

B. way

C. one

D. it

41. Is this the place _________ she was born?

A. that

B. which

C. where

D. when

42. Is this the school ____ we are going to visit next week?

A. the one

B. the one that

C. there

D. that

43. Is this problem _______ the teacher explained last week?

A. which

B. that

C. the one that

D. one

44. _______ I entered his room, he was writing a letter.

A. When

B. Since

C. While

D. As

45. ______ is a useful animal.

A. The horse

B. The horses

C. Horse

D. Dog

46. ______ the end of last year we had already learned English for 4 years.

A. At

B. In

C. By

D. With

47. _______ delicious supper! Let’s come enjoy it again next time.

A. What a

B. What

C. How a

D. How

48. _______ all heard the sound of a gun.

A. Those awake

B. The awake

C. The awake people

D. Who was awake

49. The water in the pool is ______ to swim in.

A. fairly warm

B. rather warm

C. warm enough

D. so warm

50. -----The flower is so beautiful. Where did you pick it?

----- There are ______ ones in the garden.

A. such many beautiful

B. beautiful many such

C. many beautiful such

D. many such beautiful

51. Mr. Brown is an expert, so he knows that ______.

A. perfect good

B. perfectly good

C. perfect well

D. perfectly well

52. I was absent ______ because I had a slight headache.

A. almost

B. mostly

C. simply

D. nearly

53. _______ is she a little girl as she used to be.

A. No more

B. No longer

C. Not yet

D. No still

54. On his way back home he found his wallet ______.

A. missed

B. missing

C. losing

D. going

55. Is a dress made of silk cheaper than ______ made of cotton?

A. the one

B. one

C. ones

D. a one

56. The potato grows well ________ it is neither too cold nor too warm.

A. in places

B. in which

C. where

D. in where

57. We had to make our way through the streets ______ with cars and bicycles.

A. were crowded

B. crowd

C. crowded

D. crowding

58. We’re trying our best to get our English ________.

A. improved

B. to improve

C. improves

D. improving

59. ----- We want to sit at the table near the window.

----- Sorry, but it’s ______.

A. taking

B. taken

C. being taken

D. been taken

60. This computer is the same _____ we saw in the other shop.

A. like

B. as

C. that

D. as that

Key: 错题(一)

1-5 ABBBD 6-10 DDDDB 11-15 CCABC 16-20 CCABB

21-25 BABAD 26-30 ACABC 31-35 BBBDC 36-40 AABDC

41-45 CDCAA 46-50 CAACD 51-55 DCBBB 56-60 CCADD


1. I’ll never forget the day ______ a big earthquake destroyed our city.

A. which

B. that

C. on which

D. in which

2. “Is ______ you want to say?” asked the teacher.

A. this

B. that

C. all that

D. that all

3. I would have paid _____ for the car if the salesman had insisted, because I really wanted it. A. twice as much B. as much twice C. twice more that D. more than twice

4. The pianos in the other shop will be _______, but _______.

A. cheaper; not as better

B. more cheap; not as better

C. cheaper; not as good

D. more cheap; not as good

5. ----- What do you think of the two dictionaries?

----- Both are good, but I think the one with a red cover is ______ of the two.

A. the better

B. a better

C. the best

D. better

6. There will be a report in the hall tomorrow. Everybody _____ to be present.

A. is welcomed

B. is welcome

C. welcomes

D. welcomed

7. The girl would, _____, go to visit the great scientist on his way back home after school.

A. at a time

B. at the time

C. at the same tine

D. at one time

8. Try to get_______ as you can before you make your plan.

A. as much information

B. as many information

C. information as much

D. information as many

9. ________ the 16 gold medals the Chinese team got,12 were won by women athletes.

A. From

B. In

C. Of

D. Among

10. He took a lot of photos _______.

A. in his travels

B. no his way travel

C. when travels

D. on his travels

11. How many English words ______ in the last two years?

A. did you learn

B. have you learned

C. had you learned

D. do you learn

12. What he said ______ u s much to think about.

A. left

B. kept

C. made

D. let

13. This appears ______ the only way out.

A. to me as

B. me as

C. me

D. to me

14. ---- I’m feeling cold.

---- To have some hot soup will ______.

A. become warm

B. help

C. change

D. follow

15. She said she was starting for Beijing _____ instead of today.

A. the other day

B. one day

C. some day

D. another day

16. The question is ______ my power. It is Mr. Brown who is in charge.

A. off

B. beyond

C. out of

D. along

17. They live _____ the road from us.

A. just among

B. opposite to

C. just across

D. just along

18. The apples were ________ the reach of the child.

A. from

B. without

C. within

D. under

19. Jane was quite alone in the world _______ an aunt in Brazil.

A. except

B. except for

C. besides

D. instead of

20. BBC English broadcasts programmes for China ______ explanations in Chinese.

A. to

B. by

C. through

D. with21. The film-maker is pleased that the new movie is well ______.

A. considered

B. wished

C. received

D. remained

22. I still remember the day_____ I joined the Party.

A. which

B. when

C. in which

D. on that

23. As your friend, I’ll do ________ help you.

A. that I can do

B. what I can to

C. all that I can

D. what I can do

24. In Amy’s reply ______ the 1st letter, she advised the writer not to worry about _____.

A. to; short

B. for; being short

C. to; being short

D. for; shortness

25. There used to be a temple at the foot of the hill,______?

A. didn’t there

B. used there

C. usedn’t it

D. didn’t it

26. The doctor suggested ____ any more.

A. him not to smoke

B. hi m not smoke

C. Tom not smoke

D. Tom not to smoke

27. Can you tell me what you are ______ at present?

A. considering doing

B. considering to do

C. considered doing

D. considered to do

28. The two pen-friends _______ to know each other by writing letters regularly.

A. came

B. went

C. turned

D. learned

29. We made her ______ of our class.

A. the monitor

B. a monitor

C. monitor

D. one monitor

30. We always _______ Jack an honest man and we ______ him as good friend of ours.

A. look upon; consider

B. regard; consider

C. consider; regard

D. look on; regard

31.Who do you think ____ the first to step into the field?

A. was

B. to be

C. of being

D. being

32. The roof fell ______ he had time to rush out.

A. until

B. before

C. while

D. when

33. It won’t be long _______ you fell sorry for what you have done.

A. when

B. that

C. since

D. before

34. I know a little Japanese, _____ I don’t understand the sign.

A. and yet

B. yet but

C. therefore

D. and

35. Just ______ I was about to leave, I saw the postman coming towards my home.

A. when

B. as

C. while

D. since

36. The dress looks good but it won’t ______ long.

A. keep

B. hold

C. sound

D. last

37. ______ you composition carefully, some spelling mistakes can be avoided.

A. Having checked

B. Check

C. If you check

D. To check

38. Soon after the accident, _______ police were sent to the place to keep order.

A. score of

B. scores

C. 2 scores of

D. scores of

39. Our school is considering buying ______ computers in ______ time.

A. 2 another; 3 weeks’

B. 2 more; 3 week’s

C. 2 other; 3-week

D. 2 more; 3 weeks’

40. It is said that carelessness ______ the great forest fire.

A. brought in

B. broke out

C. made into

D. caused

41. The fire ______ for half an hour before the firefighters arrived.

A. had put out

B. was put out

C. had been out

D. had broken out

42. China is a developing country ______ the third world.

A. belonged to

B. belonging to

C. which is belonged to

D. belongs to

43. The car _____ I had been driving to work was destroyed in the fire.

A. by which

B. by that

C. with which

D. in which

44. Eating less fat and sugar and taking ______ can _____ us healthy.

A. exercise; keep

B. exercises; make

C. exercise; make

D. exercises; keeping

45. John may drop in tonight. I don’t want to go out _____ he comes.

A. as long as

B. in order that

C. in case

D. so that

46. I paid 10 dollars for the dictionary, only a half _____ yours.

A. fewer than

B. better than

C. as much as

D. as many as

47. Plants grow well ______ there is enough water and sunlight.

A. at the place

B. where

C. that

D. which

48. It’s dangerous to cross the street. You should look _____ the traffic.

A. out

B. at

C. out for

D. after

49. The students talked and talked ______ the teacher came into the classroom.

A. Since

B. before

C. until

D. when

50. Their teacher gave the students too much work to do, but Mike _______ finish it just in time. A. was able to B. could C. must D. should

51. When he came back, the boy ______ his father what he ______ in the street.

A. told; saw

B. has told; had seen C has told; saw D. told; had seen

52. You ______ the exam since you are already expert at this point.

A. ne edn’t have taken

B. don’t have to

C. needn’t to take

D. needn’t have to take

53. You say you _________ do it, but I say you _______ do it.

A. will not; shall

B. will not; will

C. shall not; shall

D. shall not; will

54. ________ to have tea every afternoon?

A. Do you like

B. Would you like

C. Can you like

D. Will you like

55. We didn’t see him at the lecture yesterday. He _______ it.

A. needn’t have attended

B. couldn’t have attended

C. mustn’t have attended

D. shouldn’t have attended

56. I _____ more for them, but I was having a hard time then myself.

A. could do

B. could have done

C. should do

D. would be able to do

57. He was working hard at English so that he ______ make progress in his English and use it in the future. A. was able to B. could C. had to D. could be able to

58. ----- How do you find pictures he brought us?

-----_________. A. Very much B. Great C. Very quickly D. Behind the door

59. I came from the city of Yantai, ______ has long been considered as “the home of apples”.

A. it

B. where

C. there

D. which

60. Did anybody _____ me when I was away?

A. look after

B. ask for

C. see off

D. hope for



1-5 CDACA 6-10 BDACD 11-15 BADBD 16-20 BCCBD

21-25 CBBCA 26-30 CAACC 31-35 ABDAB 36-40 DCDD

41-45 CBDAC 46-50 CBCCA 51-55 DBAAB 56-60 BBBDB