公共英语(共4大题, 80小题,150分)

Part ⅠVocabulary and Structure (单选题,共30小题,每题1分,共30分)There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1. The next morning she found the man _____ in bed, dead.

A. lying


C. lay

D. laying

2. Bill has a _____ against pop music so he only listens to classical music.

A. prejudice

B. preference

C. preservation

D. presentation

3. Some students _____ cheating to pass the exam.

A. sought out

B. applied for

C. turned up

D. resorted to

4. It is not_____ to discuss the question again and again.

A. worth

B. worthy

C. worthwhile

D. worthing

5. With all his work on hand, he _____ to the cinema last night.

A. mustn’t have gone

B. wouldn’t have gone

C. couldn’t have gone

D. shouldn’t have gone

6. _____ she said, _____ she got.

A. The more …the more excited

B. More…excited

C. Much...the more excited

D. The much...excited

7.A teacher should not show _____ for any one of his students.


B. reference

C. conference

D. preference

8. He wrote an article criticizing the Greek poet and won _____ and a scholarship.

A. faith

B. status

C. fame

D. courage

9. Eating too much fat can _____ heart disease and cause high blood pressure.

A. attribute to

B. attend to

C. contribute to

D. devote to

10. This player was lucky actually because that was the third time he _____ the championship.

A. won

B. win

C. would win

D. had won

11. I have no objection _____your story again.

A. to hear

B. to hearing

C. to having heard

D. to have heard

12. The clothes a person wears may express his_____ or social position.

A. curiosity

B. status

C. determination

D. significance

13. Long _____ to harmful pollution is most likely to lead to a decline in health.

A. contact

B. touch

C. exposure

D. reveal

14. I don’t mind _____ the decision as long as it is not too late.

A. you to delay making

B. your delaying making

C. your delaying to make

D. you delay to make

15._____ we have all the materials ready, we should begin the new task at once.

A. Now that

B. Since now

C. By now

D. Since that


16. The whole village _____ to welcome the hero.

A. turn against

B. turn back

C. turn out

D. turn over

17. We consider _____ the instruments be adjusted each time it is used.

A. that it necessary

B. it necessary that

C. necessary that

D. necessary of it that

18.Which do you think is _____ important, wealth or health?

A. most

B. more

C. the most

D. the more

19. I was _____ to find his article on such an _____topic so_____.

A. surprised; excited; bored

B. surprising; exciting; boring

C. surprised; exciting; boring

D. surprising; excited; bored

20.The engine _____ smoke and steam.

A. gives away

B. gives in

C. gives off

D. gives up

21. He had a pain _____his back.

A. on

B. with

C. in

D. onto

22._____ the storm, the ship would have reached its destination on time.

A. But for

B. In case of

C. In spite of

D. Because of

23. What a lovely party! It’s worth _____ all my life.

A. remembering

B. to remember

C. to remembered

D. being remembered

24. I suffered from mental_____ because of stress from by job.

A. damage

B. release

C. relief

D. fatigue

25. Crime is increasing worldwide, and there is every reason to believe the_____will continue into the next decade.

A. emergency

B. trend

C. pace

D. schedule

26. Not until yesterday _____ his mind.

A. did he change

B. he changed

C. had he changed

D. he had changed

27. Jenny didn’t have time to go to concert last night because she was busy _____ for her examination.

A. preparing

B. to be prepared

C. to prepare

D. being prepared

28. Either the workers or the manager _____ responsible for the accident.

A. is

B. are

C. were

D. had been

29. _____ is known to all, losing weight is a bit hard.

A. So

B. Which

C. For

D. As

30. These farmers got a good harvest last year, so they _____ a big sum of money for new farm machines.

A. set aside

B. set about

C. set up

D. set back

Part ⅡCloze (单选题,共10小题,每题1分,共10分)

There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank, there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

I take the firm position that parents do not owe their children a college education. If they can __31__ it, they will certainly send them to the best universities. But they need not feel guilty if


they can’t. If the children really want to go, they’ll find a __32__. There are plenty of loans and scholarships for the bright and __33__ ones who can’t afford to pay.

When children grow up and want to get married, their parents do not owe them a down payment on a house. They do not have the duty to baby-sit their grandchildren. If they want to do it, it must be considered a __34__ not an obligation (责任,义务).

Do parents owe their children anything? Yes, they owe them a great deal.

One of their obligations is to give their children a personal respect. A child who is constantly made to feel stupid and unworthy, constantly __35__ to brighter brothers, sisters, or cousins will become so unsure, so afraid of failing that he (or she) won’t try at all. Of course they should be properly corrected when they do wrong, but it’s often better to let children learn their mistakes by themselves __36__ . All our parents should do is to trust them, respect them, tolerate (宽容) them and give them chances to try and fail. They must learn to stand failure. When criticisms (批评) are really needed, they should be __37__ with praises, with a smile and a kiss. That is the way children learn.

Parents owe their children a set of solid values around __38__ to build their lives. This means teaching them to respect the rights and opinions of others; it means being respectful to elders, to teachers, and to the law. The best way to teach such values is by __39__. A child who is lied to will lie. A child who sees no laughter and no love in the home will have difficulty laughing and loving.

No child asks to be __30__. If you bring a life into the world, you owe the child something.

31. A. find B. get C. afford D. receive

32. A. supply B. help C. hand D. way

33. A. handsome B. honest C. eager D. wealthy

34. A. favor B. pleasure C. habit D. service

35. A. brought B. compared C. forced D. taken

36. A. now and then B. in time C. at once D. right now

37. A. mixed B. satisfied C. shared D. balanced

38. A. it B. which C. whom D. what

39. A. example B. time C. word D. lesson

40. A. praised B. alone C. born D. poor

Part ⅢReading Comprehension (单选题,共10小题,每题3分,共90分)There are 6 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage 1

Five years ago, David Smith wore an expensive suit to work every day. “I was a clothes addict(迷),” he jokes. “I used to carry a fresh suit to work with me so I could change if my clothes got wrinkled(皱的).” Today David wears casual clothes — khaki pants and a sports shirt — to the office. He hardly ever wears a necktie. “I’m working harder than ever,” David says, “and I need to feel comfortable.”

More and more companies are allowing their office workers to wear casual clothes to work.


In the United States, the changes from formal to casual office wear have been slow. In the early 1990s,many companies allowed their workers to wear casual clothes on Friday(but only on Friday).This became known as “dress-down Friday” or “casual Friday”. “What started out as an extra one-day-a-week benefit for workers has really become an everyday thing,” said business adviser Measly Jones.

Why have so many companies started allowing their workers to wear casual clothes? One reason is that it’s easier for a company to attract new workers if it has a casual dress code. “A lot of young people don’t want to dress up for work,” says the owner of a software company, “so it’s hard to hir e people if you have a conservative dress code.” Another reason is that people seem happier and more productive when they are wearing comfortable clothes. In a study made by Levi Strauss and Company, 85 percent of employers said that casual dress has a side effect on work. Supporters of casual office wear also say that a casual dress code helps them save money. “Suits are expensive, if you have to wear one every day,” one person said. “For the same amount of money, you can buy a lot more casual clothes.”

41. David Smith refers to himself as having been “a clothes addict” because ____________.

A. he often wore khaki pants and a sports shirt

B. he couldn’t stand a clean appearanc e

C. he wanted his clothes to look tidy and clean all the time

D. he didn’t want to spend much money on clothes

42. David Smith wears casual clothes now, because ____________.

A. they make him feel at ease when working

B. he cannot afford to buy expensive clothes

C. he looks handsome in casual clothes

D. he no longer works for any company

43. According to this passage, which of the following is FALSE?

A. Many workers don’t like a conservative dress code.

B. Comfortable clothes make workers more productive.

C. A casual clothes code is welcomed by young workers.

D. All the employers in the U.S. are for casual office wear.

44. According to this passage, which of the following is TRUE?

A. Company workers started to dress down about twenty years ago.

B. Dress-down has become an everyday phenomenon since the early 1990s.

C. “Dress-down Friday” was first given as a favor from employers.

D. Many workers want to wear casual clothes to impress people.

45. In this passage, the following advantages of casual office wear are mentioned EXCEPT ____________.

A. saving worker’s money

B. making workers more attractive

C. improving worker’s feeling

D. making workers happier

Passage 2


People in the United States honor their parents with two special days: Mother’s Day, on the second Sunday in May, and Father’s Day, on the third Sunday in June.

Mot her’s Day was proclaimed a day for national observance by President Woodrow Wilson in 1915. Ann Jarvis from Grafton, West Virginia, had started the idea to have a day to honor mothers. She was the one who chose the second Sunday in May and also began the custom of wearing a carnation.

In 1909, Mrs. Dodd from Spokane, Washington, thought of the idea of a day to honor fathers. Shewanted to honor her own father, William Smart. After her mother died, he had the responsibility of raising a family of five sons an d a daughter. In 1910, the first Father’s Day was observed in Spokane. Senator Margaret Chase Smith helped to established Father’s Day as a national commemorative day, in 1972.

These days are set aside to show love and respect for parents. They raise their children and educate them to be responsible citizens. They give love and care.

These two special days are celebrated in many different ways. On Mother’s Day people wear carnations. A red one symbolizes a living mother. A white one shows that the mother is dead. Many people attend religious services to honor parents. It is also a day when people whose parents are dead visit the cemetery. On these days families get together at home, as well as in restaurants. They often have outdoor barbecues for Father’s Da y. These are days of fun and good feelings and memories.

46. According to the passage, which of the following about the second Sunday in May is NOT true?

A. It is a day to show love to mothers.

B. It is a day to wear carnations.

C. It is a day for people to visit the cemetery.

D. It is a day for many people to attend religious services.

47. Choose the right time order of the following events.

a. The first Father’s Day was observed.

b. Mother’s Day was proclaimed a day for national observance.

c. Fa ther’s Day became a day for national observance.

d. The idea of honoring fathers was brought up.

A. a b c d

B. d a b c

C. b a c d

D. d a c b

48. Who plays the most important role in Father’s Day becoming a national commemorative day?

A. Mrs. Do.

B. Margaret Chase Smith.

C. Ann Jarvis.

D. Woodrow Wilson.

49. From the passage, we know in the U.S ____________.

A. one should wear a red carnation if one’s mother pass es away

B. on Mother’s Day, families often go out to have barbecues

C. on Father’s Day, people often stay at home to celebrate the special day

D. the purpose to have these two special days is to show love to parents

50. The author’s purpose of writing this passage is to ____________.

A. call on people to love and respect their parents

B. introduce Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

C. tell the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day


D. show how important fathers and mothers are

Passage 3

The Boulder Library sponsored Boulder's 42nd Art Fair this weekend. The two-day event was held, as usual, at Memorial Park. Almost 100 artists showed up each day. More than 1000 locals and visitors strolled through the shady park each day, as temperatures remained in the comfortable 21°C all weekend.

All kinds of arts were on display and for sale. Prices ranged from a couple of dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. Oscar, a native of Peru,was selling his beautiful paintings of the mountain village of Ayacucho, where he lives most of the year. “Every year I come to the United States to sell my paintings at about five different art shows. Then I return to my country. That is where I do all my paintings, in our beautiful mountains.” Peter is a photographer. He travels throughout the southwest US. One of his favorite areas is northeast Arizona. A Navajo woman was selling her own rug weavings at the fair. She was busy creating a rug while visitors watched. When asked how long it took , she replied that her creations usually took months.

The exhibit areas were located throughout the park. Artists’ creations included jewelry, bird houses, gourd (葫芦) art, furniture, pottery, handmade musical instruments, music CDs and sculpture. “This was another successful year for our art fair,” said the head librarian . “The artists sold enough of their works to encourage them to return next year, and the library raised almost $700 from sales of various items. We 'll use this money to purchase a few more tables and chairs.”

51. The Boulder's 42nd Art Fair lasted for_________ .

A. half a day

B. one day

C. three days

D.two days

52. Who was selling paintings of the mountain village of Ayacucho?

A. Peter.

B. Susan.

C. Oscar.

D. A Navajo woman.

53. Which area is one of Peter's favorite areas? .

A. Southwest US.

B. Northeast Arizona.

C. Mountain village.

D. Boulder's area.

54. The creations the artists exhibited included .

A. books

B. flowers

C. pottery


55. What will the library do with the money that is raised?

A. Build more reading rooms.

B. Buy more tables and chairs.

C. Purchase more books.

D. Help more poor people.

Passage 4

Nobody expected the film to be such a success. The actors and crew of British movies will no longer be discouraged as the losers at Oscar’s awards ceremonies. At the recent 81st Oscar’s ceremony, British actors and movies won no less than 11 awards. The list of Oscar winners is usually dominated(主宰)by American films and actors, but 2009 has seen a more international favor to the ceremony.

British actors and actresses have long awaited such global recognition. Kate Winslet was nominated(提名) six times for her brilliant performance in The Reader for an Oscar before she eventually won the Best Actress award at this year’s ceremony. Slumdog Millionaire lived up to its


status as a global success and movie phenomenon. The low-budget movie won eight Oscars, including Best Director and Best Picture. The movie, which documents the life of a young Indian boy after he wins a TV game show, has definitely helped to raise the reputation of the British film industry.

Summarizing the national feeling, British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, issued a statement saying “Britain is showing it has the talent to lead the world.” A spokesman for the UK Film Council a greed with Mr. Brown’s comments but added “many of this year’s movie winners have benefited from national funding and that last night proved that government support for film can deliver success on a global range”.

Addressing the growing passion for British film, Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle has urged people to remain calm and to be realistic after his remarkable Oscar success. “You’ve got to be careful of claiming that this marks the renaissance of the British film industry. It is one film,” he said.

56. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. Slumdog Millionaire won all the Oscars this year.

B. British film made a hit at the 81st Oscar.

C. Films in Britain get more national funding.

D. American films will no longer dominate Oscar.

57. According to the passage we can conclude that ____________.

A. The British are proud of the success of the UK film at the 81st Oscar

B. The British actors and actresses have never expected to win Oscars

C. British films have never won any Oscars before

D. British films become better than American films

58. Which may be a main reason for the success of British films?

A. They are produced at lower budget.

B. Many international film stars participate in the British films.

C. The directors made great efforts to modify the films.

D. British government is in favor of the film industry.

59. In which column can you most possibly read the passage in a newspaper?

A. Entertainment.

B. Economy.

C. Health.

D. Politics.

60. We can learn from what Danny Boyle said that ____________.

A. he will never win such a success in the future

B. he remain quite calm after such a great success

C. his film can represent the British film industry

D. Slumdog Millionaire is only one of his remarkable films

Passage 5

The Web Way to Learn a Language

The young woman seated next to us at the restaurant had an exotic (异国的) air, her looks and style, we thought, made it likely that she was not American born. But then she spoke in perfect American English, even ending her sentences in a way many young Californians do. As it turns out, however, she wasn't from these parts after all; she was born in Iran and spoke only Persian until her arrival here two years ago. How, we wondered, had she learned English so


well?”I used Rosettastone, “she said. The yellow box sold at shops is an example of PC-based language learning, but it certainly isn't the only one.

With the growth of broadband networks, companies have introduced a wide range of Internet-based language learning product, both free and fee-based, that allow students to interact in real time with teachers in other countries, gain access to their lesson plans wherever they are in the world, and communicate with virtual pen pals. Learning a language sometimes seems as difficult as dieting. The solution is to figure out how to stay interested after the novelty wears off. Online language programs have introduced crossword puzzles, interactive videos and other games to reward users for making progress.

How do you choose which prog ram to use? “Sites with human contact work best,” a language professor in Australia said, “The shows the advantage of humans compared to computers.”

One of Rosettastone’s main competitors, Tell Me More (http://m.wendangku.net/doc/d5d06c840b1c59eef9c7b4e0.html) believes it has an advantage because its software not only teaches words and phrases, but includes videos showing students how to shape their mouths to create different sounds. The British Broadcasting Corporation (http://m.wendangku.net/doc/d5d06c840b1c59eef9c7b4e0.html) offers varying levels of instruction for 36 languages, with features including audio and video playback and translation. Besides, simpler versions of these programs may be used on smart phones and other digital devices. All these represent a new trends in the web way of learning languages.Make use of one or more of these new programs and you will learn languages more effectively.

61.Which of the following statements is true about the young woman seated next to us at the restaurant?

A. She could speak American English as well as a young Californians.

B. Her looks and style showed that she was a native American.

C. She was actually from California.

D. she could not speak Persian.

62. What are Rosettastone and Tell Me More?

A. They are training courses on smart phones.

B. They are network companies.

C. They are branches of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

D. They are internet-based language learning products.

63. Which of the following is NOT true about internet-based language learningproducts?

A. They allow students to interact in real time with teachers all over the world.

B. They are all free.

C. Some of them are fee-based.

D. They allow students and to communicate with a virtual pen pals.

64. What online language programs have been introduced to attract the internet users and help users make progress?

A. Crossword puzzles.

B. Interactive videos.

C. Other games.

D. All of above.

65. According to the language professor in Australia, which program do you choose to use for online learning?


A. Sites that one can interact with each other.

B. Sites with human contact work least.

C. Sites with games and crossword puzzles.

D. Sites with many ads.

Passage 6

College Students Are Seeking Out Plastic Surgery

Surveys show alarming trends among the youth of today, who appear to be extremely eager to(渴望做某事)get under the knife to change their looks. For many young men and women, barely out of their teens, it would appear that plastic surgery has become the panacea (万能药)for their dissatisfaction with their looks.

Also, opposite to (与……不同)popular belief, it is not only the use in American who are lining up at clinics of plastic surgeons to improve their image of themselves. This change has now spread to Korea with students in their 20’s choosing cosmetic and plastic surgery to beautify their looks.

In the United Kingdom, this great lead for cosmetic and plastic surgery is also on the rise among the youth. A British association of plastic surgeons reported that the number of surgical operations has greatly increased. Furthermore, medical tourism in regards to cosmetic surgery is on the rise today in the UK with cosmetic surgery centers and plastic surgery clinics offering discounts and attractive packages.

Glamour and beauty had become the order of the day and today’s use regard pop stars, actors and celebrities(名人)as their role models. It has become a priority for people to have a beautiful face and a beautiful body, in order for them to fit in with social groups, and as a result, students and young people are under a lot of pressure to look good.

Ordinary faces have disappeared from magazines, television and even newspapers and it is only the beautiful pictures of rail thin models,with pouting(撅嘴的)lips and sculpted bodies that appear on billboards, images of these carefully selected beautiful people and the attention being given to looks today have caused many young people to grow up with a sense of inferiority.

It is said(据说)to see the 20-year-olds so eager to carry out dangerous surgeries when they will allow their faces to be cut in an attempt to(试图,尝试)become what they feel is “beautiful”. As kids they are not happy with themselves and when they grow up and go to college and are of age--- they choose plastic surgery a solution to their low self-esteem.

66.According to the passage, the need for cosmetic surgery among the youth is on the rise in these countries EXCEPT____________.

A. The United Kingdom

B. The United States

C. China

D. Korea

67.Who are NOT the role models of today’s youth when they seek glamour and beauty?

A. Pop stars.

B. Actors.

C. Celebrities.

D. Their mothers.

68. The models who appear on billboards usually have the following characteristics EXCEPT____________.

A. rail thin bodies

B. round faces

C. pouting lips

D. sculpted bodies


69. More and more young people choose plastic surgery to ____________.

A. improve their self-esteem

B. change their identities

C. get promotion

D. find an ideal lover

70. To have a beautiful face and a beautiful body has become ____________ for today’s youth.

A. a life goal

B. quite easy

C. important

D. less popular

Part ⅣWord Replacement (单选题,共10小题,每题2分,共20分)

1. Choose the choice that is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following sentences.

(1) The idea occurred to me that we have an evening party on Saturday.

A. happened to

B. took place

C. took the place of

D. came to

(2) We can’t tell what home of the future will be like because new material and inventions are constantly being developed.

A. commonly

B. perpetually

C. normally

D. regularly

(3) I took the children to the zoo today to make up for the party they missed yesterday.

A. adjust for

B. stand up for

C. compensate for

D. send up for

(4) Inspired by her teacher’s words, she studied harder.

A. Invited

B. Inquired

C. Imagined

D. Motivated

(5) To our surprise, the boy lived through the famine caused by drought.

A. surpassed

B. survived

C. surveyed

D. Suggested

(6) We are looking for an intelligent, lively person to join us.

A. lovely

B. active

C. effective

D. alive

(7) Some diseases are contagious by certain water animals.

A. transplanted

B. transmitted

C. transformed

D. transported

(8) Niagara Fall is a great tourist attraction drawing millions of visitors every year.

A. attention

B. resort

C. appointment

D. result

(9) As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to cancel it.

A. pay off

B. call off

C. put off

D. take off

(10) He is positive about his chances of winning a golden medal in the Olympics next year.

A. optimistic

B. optional

C. outstanding

D. obvious