Aplication letter

Aplication letter

Dear employer,nice to meet you. It's a big honor for me that you can read my application letter.

I read your company's want ad in a newspaper by chance.with regard to salary that you would like to pay,it's a real attraction for me. Besides there are so many opportunities in your company.So I think that I can have a large room to develop.After reading your requirements to the applicants carefully,I am sure that I am one of the best candidates. Then I write and send my application to you without any hesitation. You must be courious about the reason why I am so confident and what advantages I have on the ground.

First of all,I want to introduce myself.I come from the west of our country and I graduated from a regular colloge in Chongqing.Due to the demand to the eduacational background,I meet your requirements.I once worked as a clerk for a accounting firm for two years.During this time, I progressed a lot in practical skills as a accountant and I have the accumulation of the stable customer resources.And also I have the ability to find new customers.I will be a huge asset to your company if you hire me.

In addition , accountant is a job that needs a lot of patience and

team spirt. My former employer very apprecited my this two advantages. In a word ,I can do well in this job related to the skills of accountant.

Last but not least,the sense of worth of mine correspond

to your company's development plan,because I am goal-or iented and your company is also ambitionous. I appreciat ed you for reading my application letter over. I hope I c an have the honor to join in your company. As long as you give me the chance,I certainly live up to your expect ion. My telephone number is 666666. Contact me as so on as possible. Wish your company good business.

Yours faithfu lly