【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]





【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]


I still remember the summer when I was with my aunt at the age of seven. One day, she asked me to go to Miss Bee’s store with a1. How could I find anything on the2shelves around me?

I walked up to the counter, 3up the list, and told the lady behind it I needed those. “So? Go to get them. ”She4to a sign on the door. “There’s no one here except you and me and I’m not your servant. 5 yourself a basket and start filling. ”

The store was a6. I searched shelf after shelf and when I finally 7it, I was exhausted and it was already sundown.

I visited Miss Bee’s, 8with my list, twice a week that summer. Sometimes she short-charged me. Other times she overcharged9sold me an old newspaper instead of one that was current. Going to the store was more like going into10. Every time I told her that she had overcharged, she just looked at me11her glasses and fixed the price. The moment I remembered the location of an item, Miss Bee rearranged

the shelves and made me12for it all over again. By summer’s end the shopping trip that had13taken me an hour was done in 15 minutes.

On my last trip to the store, Miss Bee asked: “What did you14this summer? ”I pressed my lips togeth er. To my15, Miss Bee laughed. “I know what you think of me. But I am16to teach every child some life lessons. When you grow up you’ll be glad our paths17!”Glad I met Miss Bee? I thought it a stupid18until one day my daughter came to me with homework troubles. “If I do it for you, how will you ever learn to do it yourself? ”I said. Suddenly, I was back at Miss Bee’s store and realized that she had really taught me19. Now it is my turn to share some20lessons as Miss Bee did years ago.

1. A. basket B. purse

C. paper-bag

D. list

2. A. broken B. fastened

C. packed

D. locked

3. A. holding B. showing

C. throwing

D. bringing

4. A. looked B. led

C. pointed

D. directed

5. A. Get B. Prepare

C. Purchase

D. Enjoy

6. A. circus B. puzzle

7. A. carried B. made

C. collected

D. chose

8. A. supported B. convinced

C. attached

D. armed

9. A. so B. or

C. for

D. but

10. A. battle B. bargain

C. match

D. discussion

11. A. in B. across

C. beyond

D. over

12. A. pay B. hunt

C. head

D. wait

13. A. at one time B. in time

C. in no time

D. on time

14. A. buy B. find

C. lose

D. learn

15. A. amusement B. disappointment

C. amazement

D. excitement

16. A. anxious B. willing

C. serious

D. curious

17. A. separated B. shaped

18. A. feeling B. reply C. mistake D. idea

19. A. something B. nothing

C. anything

D. everything

20. A. service B. family

C. life

D. work



1. 每次我去那儿, 我都给他买些好看的东西。(every time)

2. 他一到这个国家就开始了他的探寻工作。(the moment)

3. 我们年轻的日子一去不复返了。(when)

4. 人们穿着19世纪的服装在街上走来走去。(现在分词短语作方式状语)


【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]

Overweight has been a great concern for many people. In an

【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]

attempt to keep normal weight, people have1tried various

methods. Nevertheless, not all the ways are2when it comes to health. For weight loss, many people3the high-protein, low-carbohydrate(碳水化合物)diets. However, such diets might have4long-term effects on the colon(结肠). The diets can also create certain5in the colon that could lead to colon cancer risk. At least it can raise the6of the risk.

The research has7that the diets can help heavy people lose weight so people would not lose the8of keeping normal weight. 9, any weight-loss plan must include enough amounts of high protein that might have ill effects on the10.

The findings are based on seventeen overweight men who11three short-term different diets. The result of the study proved that they had12 levels of some substances that have been13cancer when the men were 14on the high-protein diet. When they were on the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, they had lowered amounts of fiber-originated15 thought to be protective against16.

Exactly what thos e changes might mean for a person’s health is 17. But the findings suggest that people should be aware of18much protein and some fiber over a long period. 19, experts recommend that adults get about 28 grams of fiber per day—though it’s not known whet her that’s enough for someone on a high-protein weight-loss20.

1. A. successfully B. painfully

C. happily

D. easily

2. A. helpless B. cheap

C. useless

D. beneficial

3. A. make up B. come across

C. turn to

D. get over

4. A. harmful B. good

C. beneficial

D. little

5. A. anxieties B. actions

C. changes

D. feelings

6. A. treatment B. function

C. process

D. possibility

7. A. asked B. shown

C. suggested

D. examined

8. A. courage B. ability

C. support

D. sight

9. A. Moreover B. Therefore

C. Meanwhile

D. However

10. A. brain B. heart

C. colon

D. waist

11. A. recommended B. offered

C. followed

D. discovered

12. A. low B. high

C. general

D. average

13. A. taken from B. linked to

C. held up

D. based on

14. A. never B. seldom

C. only

D. scarcely

15. A. competitions B. conclusions

C. compounds

D. developments

16. A. fever B. pollution C. cancer

D. cold

17. A. critical B. believable

C. sensible

D. unclear

18. A. consuming B. saving

C. liking

D. tasting

19. A. For sure B. In general

C. In all

D. In short

20. A. report B. examination

C. study

D. diet



【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]

1. Can’t you make an to be nice to your sister?

2. She that I try the soup.

3. The destruction of the rainforest is of to us all.

4. Why do you want to problems for everyone?

5. I was surprised at the large of trash in the streets.



【文章大意】作者七岁时的暑假和姑姑在一起。一天姑姑要求作者带着购物单去Miss Bee的商店购物。商店里货架很多, 作者想让Miss Bee拿商品, 但Miss Bee却告诉他自己取个篮子去装。在最后一次购物时, Miss Bee告诉他说她是想教给他一些生活的东西, 直到有一天女儿来问他作业他才意识到Miss Bee的做法是对的。

1.【解析】选D。考查词语复现。根据下文I walked up to the counter, up the list, and told the lady behind it I needed those. 可知。

2.【解析】选C。考查背景常识。既然去商店购物, 所以货架应该很多, 故用packed。packed塞满的; broken破碎的; fastened固定的; locked锁着的。

3. 【解析】选A。考查前后照应。由上文One day, she asked me to go to Miss Bee’s store with a. 可知应该是举起购物单。hold up举起;

show up出现; throw up放弃, 呕吐; bring up抚养。

4.【解析】选C。考查词义辨析。她指了指门上的牌子。point to指向; look to留神; lead to导致; direct to指示去。

5.【解析】选A。考查前后照应。根据后半句and start filling可知那位女士想让作者自己拿篮子。

6. 【解析】选B。考查前后照应。由下文I searched shelf after shelf and when I finally

it, I was exhausted and it was already sundown. 可知作者觉得这个商店是个谜一般的事物。puzzle谜一般的事物; circus马戏团; palace 宫殿; shelter避难所。

7.【解析】选B。考查固定搭配。作者一个架子一个架子地寻找所要购买的东西, 当他最后成功地买齐后, 筋疲力尽, 太阳已经落山了。make it成功, 为固定搭配。

8. 【解析】选D。考查固定搭配。那个夏天作者一周两次带着购物单光顾Miss Bee的商店。armed with带着, 其他动词均不能和with搭配。

9.【解析】选B。考查语法结构。前后两个动词为选择关系, 故用or; so 表示结果; for表示原因; but表示转折。

10. 【解析】选A。考查前后照应。根据上文Sometimes she short-charged me. Other times she overcharged sold me an old newspaper instead of one that was current. 可知作者认为去她那儿购物更像打仗。

11.【解析】选D。考查词义辨析。in在……里; across穿过; beyond超越; over通过。由后面的her glasses可知选D。

12.【解析】选B。考查词语复现。根据上文I searched shelf after shelf and when I finally it, I was exhausted and it was already sundown. 可知。hunt for寻找; pay for为……付款; head for动身前往; wait for等待。

13. 【解析】选A。考查前后照应。由后面的in 15 minutes可知。at one time一度; in time及时; in no time立刻; on time准时。

14.【解析】选D。考查词语复现。由下文I know what you think of me. But

I am

to teach every child some life lessons. 中的teach可知用learn。

15. 【解析】选C。考查前后照应。Miss Bee问作者学到了什么, 而作者双唇紧闭。她却笑了, 这应该令人惊讶。amazement惊讶; amusement 娱乐; disappointment失望; excitement兴奋。

16. 【解析】选B。考查词义辨析。willing乐意的; anxious焦急的; serious 严肃的; curious好奇的。

17. 【解析】选C。考查前后照应。由下文Glad I met Miss Bee? 可知。cross相交; separate分开; shape成形; return回来。

18.【解析】选D。考查词义辨析。作者认为这是愚蠢的想法。idea想法; feeling感情; reply回答; mistake错误。

19. 【解析】选A。考查前后照应。根据上文“If I do it for you, how will you ever learn to do it yourself? ”I said. 可知作者意识到Miss Bee教给他一些重要的事。something重要的事; nothing无关紧要的事; anything 任何东西; everything所有的事情。

20. 【解析】选C。考查词语复现。根据上文But I am to teach

every child some life lessons. 可知。


1. Every time I go there, I will buy him something nice.

2. The moment he reached the country, he began his search.

3. The days when we were young are gone.

4. People walk around wearing nineteenth-century clothes.


【文章大意】许多人为减肥绞尽脑汁, 为了减肥食用高蛋白低碳水化合物的食物, 而研究却发现这些食物可以诱发结肠癌。

1. 【解析】选B。考查背景常识。从overweight到normal weight所用的方法肯定是令人痛苦的, 故用painfully。

2. 【解析】选D。考查对上下文语境的理解。由下文However, such diets might have

long-term effects on the colon. 可知并不是所有的方法都有好处。

3. 【解析】选C。考查短语辨析。为了减肥, 许多人都转向高蛋白低碳水化合物的饮食。turn to转向, 求助于; make up组成, 虚构; come across偶然遇到; get over克服。

4. 【解析】选A。考查对上下文语境的理解。由下句The diets can also create certain

in the colon that could lead to colon cancer risk. 可知这些饮食对结肠从长远来看是有害的。

5. 【解析】选C。考查对上下文语境的理解。由that could lead to colon cancer risk可知这些饮食使结肠发生某些变化。change变化; anxiety忧虑; action行为; feeling情感。

6. 【解析】选D。考查词义辨析。至少它会增加这种风险的可能性。possibility可能性; treatment治疗; function功能; process过程。

7. 【解析】选B。考查词义辨析。句子的主语是research, 只能使用show(表明)。ask问; suggest建议; examine检查。

8.【解析】选A。考查词义辨析。由于这些饮食有助于减肥, 所以人们就不会失去保持正常体重的勇气。courage勇气; ability能力; support支持; sight视力。

9. 【解析】选D。考查对上下文语境的理解。上句讲这些饮食有助于减肥, 下句讲任何减肥的计划必须包括足量的可能对结肠有不好的影响的高蛋白, 前后句为转折关系, 故D项正确。however然而; moreover 而且; therefore因此; meanwhile与此同时。

10. 【解析】选C。考查对上下文语境的理解。根据上文However, such diets might have long-term effects on the colon. 可知。

11. 【解析】选C。考查对上下文语境的理解。根据下文when the men were

on the high-protein diet可知此处指接受这种饮食。follow接受, 遵循; recommend推荐; offer提供; discover发现。

12.【解析】选B。考查对上下文语境的理解。由后半句that have been

cancer when the men were on the high-protein diet可


13. 【解析】选B。考查对上下文语境的理解。由上文The diets can also create certain in the colon that could lead to colon cancer risk. 可知这些物质可以诱发癌症。be linked to与……有联系; be taken from取自; hold up拦截; be based on基于。

14.【解析】选C。考查词义辨析。only仅仅; never从未; seldom很少; scarcely刚, 几乎不, 简直不。

15. 【解析】选C。考查背景常识。根据常识可知这些饮食应属于化合物。compound化合物; competition比赛; conclusion结论; development 发展阶段。

16. 【解析】选C。考查对上下文语境的理解。根据上文The result of the study proved that they had levels of some substances that have been

cancer when the men were on the high-protein diet. 可知。

17. 【解析】选D。考查词义辨析。确实那些变化对人的健康意味着什么还不清楚。unclear不清楚的; critical挑剔的; believable可信的; sensible敏感的。

18. 【解析】选A。考查词义辨析。这些发现建议人们长时间吃许多蛋白质和一些纤维素。consume消费, 耗尽; save节省; like喜欢; taste品尝。

19. 【解析】选B。考查短语辨析。本句讲专家对减肥的人饮食的建议,

因此B项正确。in general通常, 一般来说; for sure无疑; in all总共; in short简言之。

20. 【解析】选D。考查对上下文语境的理解。根据adults get about 28 grams of fiber per day可知。


1. attempt

2. recommended

3. concern

4. create

5. amount





【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]

(2013·张掖模拟) I’m a straight-A student and have been my whole life. When you come from a family of educators, it just seems1.

With high academic standards and a competitive2, I don’t just like losing and I also can’t3it. I need to beat the4students, perfectly in everything. I’ve even gone so far as to define myself by my 5, saying how outstanding I am. If I don’t get the grade I6then I am


Today I was sitting in class trying to7the last minutes studying for a test in which I had to get full marks. 8the girl behind me started talking to me, I tried to listen9while still glancing at my study sheet

10. When I thought the conversation required it, I smiled, nodded and

11. And then I found myself wishing she would be12so I could study. After a while, she said, “You know, you’re a really good13. You’re so easy to talk to. ”I froze.

I replayed the praise in my head before smiling and accepting it

14. But inside, I knew it wasn’t true. She’d made every ef fort to have a conversation and I wasn’t even trying to15.

I passed the test excellently despite my16of lost study time, but the one thing I needed to learn most wasn’t on that test. I had17being the best student so that I had failed at just being normal. So what18to me most? What I have is all about my personal19and about me being too self-centered. There can only be so many scholars, but there is20 enough sympathy. I want that to be what matters to me—sympathy.

1. A. usual B. helpless

C. unfortunate

D. natural

2. A. spirit B. sport

C. school

D. market

3. A. take B. recommend

C. stand

D. help

4. A. ordinary B. top

C. handsome

D. strong

5. A. strength B. appearance

C. grades

D. tricks

6. A. invent B. expect

C. copy

D. hide

7. A. save B. spend

C. collect

D. cost

8. A. When B. After C. Because D. Before

9. A. rudely B. bitterly

C. excitedly

D. politely

10. A. in no time B. on time

C. for a long time

D. now and then

11. A. refused B. worked

C. agreed

D. waited

12. A. quiet B. gentle

C. pretty

D. safe

13. A. talker B. listener

C. lecturer

D. teacher

14. A. angrily B. carelessly

C. disappointedly

D. gladly

15. A. alarm B. gather

C. participate

D. shout

16. A. fear B. joy

C. worry

D. possession

17. A. given up B. focused on

C. complained of

D. dreamed of

18. A. happens B. matters

C. appeals

D. devotes

19. A. success B. failure

C. depression

D. health

20. A. always B. ever C. much D. never 【拓展训练】


1. 我醒来发现自己躺在医院的床上。

I woke up to on a hospital bed.

2. 迄今为止他去过三个欧洲国家了。

he has been to three European countries.

3. 她害羞地从眼角里看了他一眼。

She him out of the corners of her eyes.

4. 我将尽一切努力准时到达。

I will on time.


【安徽】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷--完形填空 (共5讲)]

(2013·北京模拟) Beware of those who use the truth to deceive(欺骗). When someone tells you something that is1, but leaves out important information that should be2, he can create a false impression.

For example, someone might say, “I just3 a hundred dollars on the lottery. It was great. I took that dollar ticket back to the store and4it in for one hundred dollars!”

This guy is a winner, 5? Maybe, maybe not. We then discover that he bought two hundred6, and only one was a winner. He’s really a big7!

He didn’t say anything that was8, but he deliberately left out some important9. That’s called a half-truth. Half-truths are not technically10, but they are just as not11.

Untrustworthy candidates in12campaigns often use this tactic(手段). Let’s say that during Governor Smith’s last term, the state lost one million jobs and13three million jobs. Then she14another term. One of her opponents runs an ad15, “During Governor Smith’s term, the state lost one million jobs!”That’s true. 16, an honest statement would have been, “During Governor Smith’s term, the state had a net gain of17million jobs. ”

Advertisers will sometimes use half-truths. It’s18the law to make false claims so they try to mislead you with the19. An ad might boast, “Nine out of ten doctors recommend Yucky Pills to cure nose pimples. ”It 20to mention that they only asked ten doctors and nine of them work for the Yucky Corporation.

This kind of deception happens too often. It’s a sad fact of life: Lies are lies, and sometimes the truth can lie as well.

1. A. false B. true

C. interesting

D. boring

2. A. included B. contained

C. ignored

D. referred

3. A. lost B. found

C. donated

D. won

4. A. changed B. took

C. turned

D. made

5. A. right B. well C. really D. though

6. A. books B. papers

C. tickets

D. balls

7. A. winner B. loser

C. fighter

D. thinker

8. A. true B. real

C. doubtful

D. false