1. 单项选择(共20小题:每小题2分,满分40分)。

1. In those days,everybody in the Village___to church every Sunday.

A. went

B.has gone


D.will go

2.Don’t forget to lock the door___.

A.No,I’m not

B.Yes,I have

C.No,I won’t

D.Yes,I’m sure

3.The next meeting will take place___Tuesday morming.





4.I ran into Ted yesterday .I___him since graduation.

A.hadn’t seen

B.don’t see

C.won’t see

D.didn’t see

5.Jane went away ___I could say goodbye to her.





6.You should have your car ___as soon as possible.

A.to fix




7.You will be shown around the city, musenms,sports centres and some other places,___other visitors seldom go.





8.Is she going to send the book back?

___not.I think she will keep it.





9.The news spread quickly ___soon everybody knew what had happppend.





10. ___the truth,we are not willing to cut down on workers in order to out costs.



C.To tell

D.To have told

11.I kept telling you about it ,but you ___listen.





12.I was at the office all weekend ___care of importhant business.


B.to take



13.I thought the film was pretty good,but my brother didn’t think___.





14.The police questioned all the students,but___of them had seen the thief.





15. ______everybody know,the farming industry is in serious difficulties.





16.I tried phoning her office ,but Icouldn’t___.

A.get up

B.get through

C.get off

D.get along

17.Could I___your name .Please? Yes,It’s Jenkins. Sandra Jenkins.





18.I think we’ve discussed everything we need to ___,what time is it?

A.Through the way

B.In the way

C.on the way

D.By the way

19.By the time the guests come ,I expect to ___all the food.

A.have prepared




20.I can’t find my glasses, I must have___them on the bus.






In ancient Egypt(古埃及),people believed that the cat was a god .When a___21___died its owners showed their sadness by the strange habit of shaving their eyebrows off In the 19th century ,the famous English writer Charles Dickens had a cat who was very __22__of him .The cat didn’t like to _23__Dickens working too hard .At night ,when the cat wanted to say __24__writing to his master ,he often__25__Dickens’s candle with his paw(脚爪).

When animals become pets, the result,after a number of generations,is a smaller animal with a smaller brain. Rabbits (兔子),__26__,which live as pets in a garden,are less intelligent than their __27__Cousins ,Of course ,man doesn’t always keep __28__for pleasure.Many animals have to work for their masters.

There was __29__a farm in Namibia, Africa, which had 80 goats .A mother monkey took the goats to the hills every day and brought them back at night .She __30__knew exactly which goats were hers which is more than many humans could do.

21. A.cat B.monkey C.rabbit D.goat

22. A.sure B.fond C.afraid D.proud

23. A.make B.help C.see D.force

24. A.Stop B.Start C.Enjoy D.Keep

25. A.held on B.looked for C.put out D.picked up

26. A.finally B.of course C.however D.for example

27. A.happy B.would C.famous D.small

28. A.animals B.gardens C.cousins D.candles

29.A.again B.soon C.often D.once

30. A.never B.sometimes C.seldom D always


I want to tell you the story of one of my old friends called Bob,His teachers called him A Troublemaker ,They also said that he had no future and no hope . But now he owns a small second Chand bookstore store which makes him enough money to live on and also to support his mother .

He told me that after he finished grade nine ,he went to study at a technical college ,He was a pretty bad student so he became ode of the gang (一帮)Ieaders there ,Many of them got caught many times for fighting.

It looked like nothing could change his life , that was until one sad day when his father died ,That changed everything .

After his father died, his mother had to work very hard to make enough money to support the family ,He told me that he really pitied his mum after his dad died , He felt that he needed to earn some money rather than let his mum work alone ,He loved reading cartoon(卡通)books and had been collecting them for years ,As his family was short of money he decided that he should sell them, He did this by the side of the road where his mother was selling food.

Soon he realised that his books were very popular. So he decided to set up his own business, He started his business by going around buying cartoon books from other people.He bought them for 25% and then sold them for half price. He could make enough money to help support the family.

He was at A troublemaker to his teachers but he is a hero to me ,If you are judged as Abad student or as someone being Astupid, I suggest you pay no attention to what they say, Just do your best in everything ,Don’t give up so easily ,Believe in yourself ,If you think that you can do it ,then you can, Believe me, one day you could be mors successful than those persons who looked down upon you

31. What does the author want to tell the readers?

A.How a young man helpen his mother.

B.How a young man graduated from college.

C.People can change when they are determined to.

D.People can be successful after they lose a family member.

32. Bob felt that he should change his way of life mainly because he .

A.pitied his mother

B.got caught for fighting

C.wanted to work with his mother

D.had to sell food by the roadside

33. Bob decided to start his own business when he .

A. sold all his cartoon books

B. found others liked cartoon books

C.could write his own cartoon books

D.could buy cartoon books from others


Caffeine (咖啡因) is in many foods and drinks. More than 60 plants ,incuding coffee beans(豆) .Tea leaves ,and cocoa beans (the source of chocolate). Have caffeine .In addition companies add it to some drinks and now putting caffeing in more products . For example new kinds of mineral .Water and juice have caffeine.

As a result ,the use of caffeine is very popular . People in the U.S,are spending more time in café and coffee shops ,And around the world ,80% of grown-ups eat or drink products with caffeine everyday .In one recent year, the use of coffee in the US. Went up 37%。

When we eat or drink caffeine, it wakes us up and makes our hearts work a little faster. Caffeine also helps some medicine work faster, and helps stop some headaches. Homever, caffeine has some bad effects. If we have it at night we may not be able to sleep. Too much caffeine can make us feel angry or unconfortabel.Many doctors say that caffeine is not good for children or women who are pregnant(怀孕的)。If people eat or drink a lot of caffeine, their hearts will start working too fast.

In addition to all these effects,caffeine is habit forming, just like cigarettes ,after people start drinking caffeine stopping can be very difficult. A lso,after people start drinking caffeine they want more and more ,A little caffeine is not bad for most grown-ups ,But people should cut down on caffeine if they are getting too much.

34. According to the text, companies add caffeine to .

A. tea leaves

B.mineral water

C.coffee beans

D.cocoa beans

35. We know from the text that .

A.caffeine has changed our eating habits

B.young people love to go to coffee shops

C.Americans are now taking more caffeine

D.products with caffeine are always attractive

36. According to the text caffeine is bad for .

A. school children

B. doctors and nurses

C. women working at home

D. people staying up late at night

37. The best title for the text would be .

A. Caffeine and Your Health

B. Caffeine and its Bad Effects

C. High production of Ceffee Beans

D.Effects of Caffeine on Children and Women


Fun games and activities play all important role in making picnics enjoyable, Here are some examples.

Picnic Games for all Age Groups: Running and jumping races .playing balloons are some of the Very popular picnic games for children. GrownCups in the picnic mood often enjoy taking part in children’s games too. While organizing picnic games that suit all age groups. Think of all those going to the picnic and think of their preferences. Picnic games for grown cups can include playing frisbee(飞盘),ball games and other sports activities. Prepare playing cards and board games for those who may not be able to take part in active games.

Family picnic games:family picnics are for all the family members to get together and share some priceless moments with each other. When on a family picnics, spend quality time with your family members ,chat with them and take about what you have not spoken about, due to your busy lives. Playing together helps you refresh yourself and your relatonship with your near ones.

Company Picnic Games: Company picnics are team-building events, organized with the purpose of nurturing(培养)team spirit in the company employees and developing in them a sense of belongnss towards the organization. You can organize outdoor sports, team games and enjoyable activities for the team members. Make sure that the company picnic turns out to be a refreshing break from work for the team.

38. Teh main purpose of the text is to introduce games for .

A. teams

B. races

C. picnics


39. What kind of games do children probably like best?

A. playing cards

B. throwing frisbee

C.team sports

D.running races

40. The under lined words near ones in paragraph 3 most probably refer to .

A. school mates

B.family members

C.people working for you

D.people sitting next to you

41.why do companies organize games?

A. To select the strongest teams.

B.To make the organizers more famous.

C.To build a link between work and play.

D.To help their employees build team spirits.


The California llighway patrol had a special program early one morning ,in a car park they showed parents how to keep children safe while riding in a car.

The officers and medical experts(专家)showed the parents how to pronerly place a child safety seat in the car , The seat must be tightly fastened so that it will not move.They told the parents how to place a child in a safety seat and how to use a car’s belt to lock down a safety seat.

People brought their children with them along with their safety seats,The experts showed them how to position their seats properly. The experts also looked at the seats that the parents were using to make sure they were not damaged or broken.

Most of the prohlems that the experts found were resolved ,The biggest problem was that the safety sents were too loose(松)or the straps(安全带)were too low for the children.The patents were given new seats if their children’s seats were damaged or unsafe.

It is a law in Califoraia that all children must be in a safety seat when they are in a car , A child must be in a safaty seat until they are six vears old or weigh at least 60 pounds.

Anybody driving with a child in the car without a safety seat will be fined. He will have to pay a ticket, and he will get a mark on his driving record called a point. If a person receivers too many points on his driving record, He will perhaps lose his right to drive.

42.In the special program parents were taught how___.

A. to place a bell on the cat seat

B. to use the child safety seat correctly

C.to hide their children in a safe place

D.to fasten the child on the car properly

43. The underlined word resolved in Paragraph 4 most probably means___.





44.According to a Californian law a child must be in a safety seat if he is___.

A.sitting in the front seat

B.on the way to school

C.under the way of six

D.travelling in a car

45.From the text we learn that a person who does not obey the traffic law will have to___.

A.stay in the police station

B.take a driving lesson

C.buy some tickets

D.pay a nine