The interview is an important event in the job

The interview is an important event in the job-hunting process, because the 20 or 30 minutes you spend with the interviewer may determine whether or not you get the particular job you want. Therefore, it is important to remember that your objective during the interview may differ from the objective of the potential employer. You want to make yourself stand out as a whole person who has personal strengths, is well qualified, and should be considered the right person for the job. It is encouraging to know tha t the interviewer’s task is not to embarrass you or to trip you up, but to hire the right person for the job.

Remember, job hunting is very competitive. Anything you can do to enhance your interview techniques will be to your advantage. The following suggestions may help you land the most important job.

Your goal in this interview is to make sure your good points get across. The interviewer won’t know them unless you point them out, so try to do this in a factual and sincere manner.

Do nor make slighting references to former employers or professors. If you have been fired from a job and the interviewer asks about it, be frank in your answer..

Show the interviewer that you are interested in the company by asking relevant questions. Ask about responsibilities, working conditions, promotion opportunities and fringe benefits (附加福利) of the job you are interviewing for.

If at some point you decide the interview is not going well, do not let your discouragement show. You have nothing to lose by continuing a show of confidence, and you may have much to gain. It may be real, or it may be a test to see how you react to adverse conditions.

Some interviewers may bring up salary early in the interview. At this time, you may indicate that you are more interested in a job where you can prove yourself than a specific salary. This politely passes the question back to the interviewer. If the last interview continues to well, give me an information or suggest the going rate for the particular job. If possible, I should negotiate for salary after I have been offered the job and since when I have completed the paperwork.