Be 动词用法口诀:

I (我)用am ,You(你)用are ,is 连着他, 她, 它( he is, she is, it

is),单数一律用is《my father(he)、your sister(she)Lucy》,复数一律都用are 《You and I (we) ,Lucy and liangliang(they)1.选择正确的be动词填空。

1)I ______a doctor. 2) My father _____a policeman.

3 )We______ having breakfast. 4) Mike ______ from Canada.

5) Her sister ______a nurse. 6)They ______ my classmates.

7) He ______ my brother. 8) She ______ a dancer.

9) I ______a student. 10) His mother ______a housewife.


1. this _____ Jim, my teacher.

2.How _____ you? I ____ fine.

3.Where ____ they from? They ____ from England.

4. Where ____ your mom from? She____from Shishi.

5.Where ____ his teacher from? He ____ from Japan.

6.Kangkang and I ________ (be) good friends.

7.7. _______ (be) they from Japan?

8. I _______ not from Beijing. But my mom ___from Beijing.

9. ---What _____ your phone number.(电话号码) ---It_____ 284-2942.


1、定义:以疑问词开头,对句中某一成分提问的句子叫特殊疑问句。常用的疑问词有:what ,who, whose, which, when, where, how, why等。

注:回答特殊疑问句时,不能用yes /no,即问什么答什么。

1、如疑问词作其他成分,即对其他成分提问,其语序是:疑问词+一般疑问句?如:1)what class are you in﹖2)What does she look like﹖


如:1)Who is singing in the room﹖2) Where is he?



(who, where, when,what)

1._____ is that pretty girl? She is my sister.

2._____ are Jack and Tom? They are behind you.

3._____ do you go to school? I go to school from Monday to Friday.

4._____ has a beautiful flower? John has a beautiful flower.

5._____ are they doing? They are cleaning their rooms.


1. He is my father.

2. They are under the tree.