Parents all struggle to get children to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, wanting them to be responsible, work hard and learn to save a few bucks. But these lessons are among the most difficult to teach.

Enter KidZania, an internationally praised and truly unique children’s theme park, that makes life a little easier for parents.

KidZania is not a traditional theme park in almost any sense of the word — there are no roller coasters or merry-go-rounds in sight. There are, however, plenty of attractions and activities that will keep children busy, active, engaged and excited all day.

What makes it so much fun is that it’s a kid-sized city —complete with restaurants, banks, grocery stores and hospitals — where the kids get to be adults, doing the things most of us do on any normal day.

They start by picking one of nearly 100 “careers” and learning about it. Then, they put on their uniform and are ready to work an d earn KidZania dollars (“Kidzos”).

Most activities are universal but some are localized to reflect the distinct flavors and personality of the country and region where the park is located and to keep it real for the kids.

Kids get paid for every job they do, which helps them explore the mysteries of managing money. Kidzos in hand, they can spend it or save it. If they run short of money, they’ll have to find a way to earn some.

Each KidZania city is planned in amazing detail, even including real world brands that help sponsor the city and keep it running. I was a little wary of all the popular corporate logos, but the brands weren’t pushed at all. They are there to reinforce the “real city” feeling by mixing it with things kids recognize.

KidZania employs senior citizens who give the park a homey feel and help put children at ease. Management also employs the disabled, whether blind, deaf or wheelchair-bound. Besides making for a more realistic city, this teaches children about those with different abilities and gives them an opportunity to spend time with people they might otherwise have stared at or treated less than kindly.

Socialization is an important part of KidZania, just as it is throughout childhood. The KidZania experience empowers kids, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and the inspiration to be great global citizens. And it’s part of what makes KidZania such an amazing place for families and children.

59. KidZania is unique in that ________.

A. it has no entertainment facilities

B. it includes lots of localized activities

C. it offers kids chances to learn through working

D. it employs many seniors and disabled people

60. The underlined word “wary” in Paragraph 8 is similar in meaning to ________.

A. astonished

B. cautious

C. delighted

D. conscious

61. Children’s theme park KidZania is set up to ________.

A. prepare them to be good citizens in the future

B. provide them with a place to have a good time

C. make them aware o f their parents’ hardship

D. assist them in building a good relationship with parents

62. Which of the following might be the best title of the passage?

A. Children do part-time jobs at a theme park

B. A theme park pushes kids to be grown-ups

C. KidZania t heme park makes adults’ life easier

D. Kids get to ‘be’ adults at KidZania theme park

【参考答案】59. C 60. B 61. A 62. D





56. If someone has appreciation for caving adventures, he or she should go to ________.

A. North Beach

B. Xpu Ha Beach

C. Wet n’ Wild Paterpark

D. Playa Brujas

57. The similarity that the four beaches share is that ________.

A. tourists can have some sports

B. they have clubs

C. the waters are shallow

D. they have satisfactory wave

58. Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. Playa Brujas is close to Mazatlan and lies along the east coast of Mexico.

B. North Beach is the finest beach in the Yucatan Peninsula for its private location.

C. Tourists can rent some equipment at Xpu Ha Beach, which is as busy as others.

D. When a couple choose a beach with children, Playa la Audiencia is their best choice.

【参考答案】56. C 57. A 58. D


WASHINGTON — It is announced Friday that White House visitor records will be opened up on a regular basis for the first time in modern history, providing the public an unusually detailed look at who gets the opportunity to help shape American policy at the highest levels.

“Americans have a right to know whose voices are being heard in the policymaking process,” the president said in a written statement issued by the White House while he vacationed with his family at Camp David.

By the end of the year, the White House will begin posting online every month the names of the people who visited in the last 90 to 120 days. Each person’s full name will be listed, along with the

date and time they entered and left and the name of the person they visited. About 70,000 to 100,000 people visit the White House each month, and the records will include tourists as well as people conducting business.

The White House pointed out several exceptions to the policy: “purely personal guests” of the Obama family; those cases in which the disclosure(透露) of visitors’ names “would threaten national safety interests”; and those who come for “particularly sensitive meetings,” like candidates for a Supreme Court nomination(提名). Officials said only a “small number” will fit in the latter category, and their names would eventually be disclosed after they are no longer secret, like after a nomination is publicly announced. Moreover, they said, the number of undisclosed visitors will be disclosed, to make clear how few they are.

56. Why will the White House visitor records be open to the public?

A. To attract more visitors to the White House.

B. To allow people to know more about the life of the Obama family.

C. To let the public know who are influencing the policies.

D. To ask the public help correct the policies made by the government.

57. From the passage we can learn that ________.

A. All the visitors’ names will be posted online soon after their visits

B. Not all visitors are allowed to visit the White House

C. Some visitor s’ names can be found online until they’re not secret

D. The records of the visitors will be kept for at least 4 months

58. According to the passage, whose name might be kept secret for some time?

A. A tourist.

B. A businessman.

C. A foreign student.

D. A foreign minister.

59. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. The White House will open the records of the visitors to the public.

B. In America more and more people are becoming policy makers.

C. The Americans have a right to know who are making policies.

D. President Obama has announced a new policy while on holiday.

【参考答案】56—59 CCDA


Mr. Peter Johnson, aged twenty-three, battled for half an hour to escape from his trapped car yesterday when it landed upside down in three feet of water. Mr. Johnson took the only escape route—through the boot(行李箱).

Mr. Joh nson’s car had finished up in a ditch(沟渠) at Romney Marsin, Kent after skidding on ice and hitting a bank. “Fortunately, the water began to come in only slowly,” Mr. Johnson said. “I couldn’t force the doors because they were jammed against the walls of the ditch and dared not open the windows because I knew water would come flooding in.”

Mr. Johnson, a sweet salesman of Sitting Home, Kent, first tried to attract the attention of other motorists by sounding the horn and hammering on the roof and boot. Then he began his struggle to escape.

Later he said, “It was really a half penny that saved my life. It was the only coin I had in my pocket and I used it to unscrew the back seat to get into the boot. I hammered desperately with a hammer trying to make someo ne hear, but no help came.”

It took ten minutes to unscrew the seat, and a further five minutes to clear the sweet samples from the boot. Then Mr. Johnson found a wrench(扳子) and began to work on the boot lock. Fifteen minutes passed by. “It was the only c hance I had. Finally it gave, but as soon as I moved the boot lid, the water and mud poured in. I forced the lid down into the mud and scrambled clear as the car filled up.”

His hands and arms cut and bruised(擦伤), Mr. Johnson got to Beckett Farm nearby, where he was looked after by the farmer’s wife, Mrs. Lucy Bates. Huddled in a blanket, he said, “That thirty minutes seemed like hours.” Only the tips of the car wheels were visible, police said last night. The vehicle had sunk into two feet of mud at the bottom of the ditch.

60. What is the best title for this newspaper article?

A. The Story of Mr. Johnson, A Sweet Salesman

B. Car Boot Can Serve As The Best Escape Route

C. Driver Escapes Through Car Boot

D. The Driver Survived A Terrible Car Accident

61. Which of the following objects is the most important to Mr. Johnson?

A. The hammer.

B. The coin.

C. The screw.

D. The horn.

62. “Finally it gave” (Paragraph 5) means that ________.

A. Luckily the door was torn away in the end

B. At last the wrench went broken

C. The lock came open after all his efforts

D. The chance was lost at the last minute

63. It may be inferred from the passage that ________.

A. the ditch was along a quiet country road

B. the accident happened on a clear warm day

C. the police helped Mr. Johnson get out of the ditch

D. Mr. Johnson had a tender wife and was well attended

【参考答案】60—63 CBCA


Interest in pursuing international careers has risen in recent years, as a result of chronic (长久的) personnel shortages that are causing companies to search beyond their home borders for talent.

Professionals seek career experience outside of their home countries for a variety of reasons. They may feel the need to recharge their batteries with a new challenge. They may want a position with more responsibility that encourages creativity and initiative. Or they may wish to expose their children to another culture, and the opportunity to learn a second language.

When applying for a job, one usually has to submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV). The two terms generally mean the same thing: a one- or two-page document describing one’s educational qualifications and professional experience. However, guidelines for preparing a resume are constantly changing. The best advice is to find out what is appropriate regarding the corporate (公司) culture, the country culture, and the culture of the person making the hiring decision. The challenge will be to embrace two or more cultures in one document. The following list is a good place to start.

●Educational requirements differ from country to country. In almost every case of “cross-border” job hunting, just stating the title of your degree will not be an adequate description.

Provide the reader with details about your studies and any related experience.

●Pay attention to the resume format you use chronological or reverse-chronological order. Chronological order means listing your “oldest” work experience first. Reverse-chronological order means listing your current or most recent experience first. Most countries have preferences about which format is most acceptable. If you find no specific guidelines, the general preference is for the reverse-chronological format.

●If you are submitting your resume in English, find out if the recipient (收件人) uses British English or American English because there are variations between the two versions. For example, university education is often referred to as “tertiary education” in the United Kingdom, but this term is almost never used in the United States. A reader who is unfamiliar with these variations may assume that your resume contains errors.

64. Companies are hiring more foreign employees because _______ .

A. they find foreign employees are usually more talented

B. they need original ideas from employees hired overseas

C. they want to expand their business beyond home borders

D. they have difficulty finding qualified personnel at home

65. The author believes that an individual who applies to work overseas _______ .

A. is usually creative and full of initiative

B. aims to improve his foreign language skills

C. is dissatisfied with his own life at home

D. seeks either his own or his children’s development

66. When it comes to resume writing, it is best to _______ .

A. take cultural factors into consideration

B. learn about the company’s hiring process

C. follow appropriate guidelines for job hunting

D. know the employer’s personal likes and dislikes

67. According to the author’s last piece of advice, the applicants should be aware of _______ .

A. the different educational systems in the US and the UK

B. the differences between the varieties of English

C. the recipient’s preference with regard to the format

D. the distinctive characteristics of American and British cultures 【参考答案】64—67 DDAB