Unit4 测试卷

Unit 4 Don’t eat in class.


1. _____ look outside, Bruce. Look at the blackboard.

A. Not

B. Don’t

C. Can’t

2. There are ____ rules in our school.

A. too many

B. too much

C. much too

3. We must _____ the rules in the school, I don’t like them.

A. follow

B. get

C. take

4. I can go out _____ school nights, but I have to be back _____ nine o’clock.

A. in; before

B. in; after

C. on; before

5. --Can we talk about the book in the library?

--_______. We have to be quiet.

A. Yes, we can.

B. No, we can’t.

C. Yes, we do.

6. Do you _____ clean your bedroom?

A. must

B. have to

C. has to

7. You must help your mom ____ dinner.

A. making

B. make

C. with make

8. --Do you enjoy ____ soccer?

--Yes, I do.

A. to play

B. play

C. playing

9. My mom is strict _____ me.

A. to

B. for

C. with

10. --Must I go there by bike?

--No, you _____.

A. mustn’t

B. can’t

C. needn’t

11. Remember _____ the TV when you leave.

A. turn off

B. to turn off

C. turning off

12. –Don’t talk in class, John.


A. Good idea

B. Thanks a lot

C. Sorry, Mr.Zhang. I won’t.

13. The room is ______. Let’s clean it now.

A. dirty

B. noisy

C. new

14. You can _____ music at home.

A. hear

B. listen

C. listen to

15. Don’t arrive late _____ class.

A. at

B. for

C. to


Every school has its own rules. How many (16) are there in your school? At some schools, the students (17) to wear uniforms on school days. But many students don’t like to wear uniforms. They think the uniforms are the ugliest (最丑陋的) (18) in the world. But school don’t allow (允许) students to wear (19) own clothes at school. So some students draw cartoons or some famous singers on their (20). They think it’s very (21) that everyone wears the same. It’s very unfair that teachers and students are wearing (22). But most of the students (23) the rules. What do you think (24) it? Do you (25) your school uniforms? Please tell us soon.

16. A. students B. rules C. uniforms

17. A. must B. should C. have

18. A. clothes B. cloth C. shirts

19. A. their B. themselves C. they

20. A. schoolbags B. uniforms C. books

21. A. boring B. interesting C. funny

22. A. same B. different C. the same

23. A. follow B. agree C. listen to

24. A. of B. at C. for

25. A. like B. make C. put on



Hello, boys and girls! Welcome to the school library! But there are some rules here. First, don’t talk. You can’t be noisy in the library. You have to be quiet here. Second, you can’t listen to music here, so you can’t bring your music player to the library. Third, you can’t bring your food to the library or eat it here. Fourth, you can’t take photos in the library.

You can borrow two books at a time and keep them for three weeks. You must give them back on time. If you lose them, you have to pay for them. Have a good time here.


26.You have to be quiet in the library.

27.You can listen to music in the library.

28.You can’t bring your food to the library.

29.You can take photos in the library.

30.You can borrow two books at a time and keep them for three weeks.


Today, Mr. Green lets the boys watch a game. The boys get on a bus and go to the park with Mr. Green.

Mr. Green says, “If you behave(表现) well, you will get a surprise at night.”Before the baseball game, Mr. Green asks the boys to sit on a bench(长凳). But the bench is short. Roslin and Struan can’t sit on it. They want to sit next to(紧挨着) Payton, but Payton pushes(推) them off.

Mr. Green sees it and asks Roslin and Struan to sit with him.

At night eleven boys get a surprise, an ice-cream, but Payton doesn’t.

Mr. Green tells Payton, “No one can push other(其他) boys.”

Payton feels bad. He says sorry to Mr. Green, Roslin and Struan. Mr. Green is happy and gives Payton an ice-cream, too.


31.How do the boys go to the park?

A. By bike.

B. By car.

C. By bus.

32. The underline word “surprise” means “_____” in Chinese.

A. 惊喜

B. 评价

C. 惩罚

33. The students watch a _______ in the park.

A. basketball game

B. baseball game

C. music show

34. How many boys go to the park with Mr. Green?

A. Eleven

B. Twelve

C. Thirteen

35. Which one is right?

A. Mr. Green isn’t happy with Roslin and Struan.

B. Payton lets Roslin and Struan sit next to him.

C. Both Roslin and Struan get an ice-cream.


Many students in the USA always take the school bus to school every day; (1) Parents think taking the school bus is very safe(安全的). But sometimes it is also dangerous. Some students hurt(受伤) because they broke the school bus rules.

What are the bus rules?

(2) –Arrive at the bus station early.

-Wait for the bus at the bus station.

-Don’t play around the bus.

-Don’t run everywhere at the bus station.

-Don’t walk or fight in the bus when it is going.

-Don’t try to leave the bus until it stops.

These rules are good for students. Remember them and don’t break them. So you can keep yourself safe.


36. How do students in the USA go to school?


37. 写出划线(1)处句子的同义句。

Parents think _______ is very safe _______ the school bus.

38. Why is it dangerous sometimes to take the school bus?


39. How many rules are there in the passage?


40. When can you leave the bus?



41. You can’t _______ (fight) with your classmates.

42. There are some ______ (rule) in their school.

43. You can do sports _______ (外面).

44. It’s _______ (吵闹的) in the classroom.

45. Jenny _______ (bring) her CD player to school today.


46. We can’t eat in the classroom. (改为同义句)

_______ _______ in the classroom.

47. My brother has to make bed by himself. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ your brother ________ to make bed by himself?

48. I have to do my homework in the evening. (对划线部分提问)

________ do you _______ to do?

49. Does Jim have to eat lunch at school? (作否定回答)

________, he ________.

50. Mary gets to school early every day. (改为同义句)

Mary ______ ________ school early every day.


A: Hey, Ben! How’s your new school?

B: (51) _____________________. I don’t like the rules.

A: What rules? (52) _________________________________?

B: No, we don’t. But we can’t wear T-shirts.

A: Oh. (53) ________________________________________?

B: No, we can’t eat outside. We have to eat in the dinning hall.

A: (54) ____________________________________________?

B: We have to learn math, P.E., history, geography, science and English. It’s OK. But my favorite subject is Chinese.

A: Can you learn Chinese at school?

B: (55) __________________________. There is no Chinese lesson in our school.











Dear Susan,

We have many rules in our school.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________