Topic 1 The Necessity of Examination

Topic 2 Integrate Chinese Culture into College Education

Topic 3 University Club

Topic 4 Relationship Between Major and Future Job

Topic 5 Social Practice for College Students

Topic 6 Online Course

Topic 7 M y view on college students’ quitting school

Topic 8 On a second suburban campus of a university

Topic 9 On the reform of college entrance exam

Topic 10 Should Peking opera be set as part of the compulsory courses? 6 Topic 11 My view on the student loan system

Topic 12 Widespred extravagant spending on campus

Topic 13 Should College Marriage Be Permitted?

Topic 14 On Students’ Evaluation of Teachers

Topic 15 Cherish Every Minute on Campus

Topic 16 Certificate

Topic 17 Daydreaming

Topic 18 The Negative Effective of Plagiarism

Topic 19 My View on Fate

Topic 20 My View on keeping pets

Topic 21 Credit

Topic 22 Secondhand goods transactions

Topic 23 Internet and privacy

Topic 24 My View on “Moonlite”

Topic 25 Stock hot

Topic 26 My view on changes of national public holidays

Topic 27 Eyesight deteriorating

Topic 28 On aging population

Topic 29 Space exploration

Topic 30 On Fast Food

Topic 31 An Application Letter to Serve a Teaching V olunteer 16 Topic 32 A Letter to A Friend Asking for Some Suggestions

Topic 33 A Letter to HR Manager

Topic 34 A Letter to the Manager

Topic 35 A Recruiting Poster

Topic 36 A Letter of Invitation

Topic 37 A Letter of Complaint about the Noise Pollution

Topic 38 A Letter to a Schoolmate

Topic 39 A Letter of Aplication for the Post of Secretary

Topic 40 A Poster Calling on Donation

Topic 41 A Letter to the Manager of a Supermarket

Topic 42Apartment Wanted

Topic 43 A Letter to the University President

Topic 44 A Letter to of Enquiry

Topic 45 A Letter of Application to Be the V olunteer

Topic 46 Credit Cards on College Campus

Topic 47 People’s Use of the Internet

Topic 48 Floating population of Eleven Provincial Regions

Topic 49 Software Use in a Certain Region

Topic 50 Marriage and Divorce in Our Country






Topic 1 The Necessity of Examination

As regards examination, there has been a heated discussion among the general public in our society. People who believe in its necessity may have some arguments as follows. To begain with, examination helps to tell the better-behaved from the worse-behaved students. What’s more, examination may stimulate the students to work harder. Take Xiao Wang as an example, a student from Hebei Normal University, he used to have poor command of English. However, under the pressure of College English Test Band 4, he made great progress and can now speak fluent English.

By contrast, some people think that examination may give rise to a series of negative effects. They maintain that examination can not always faithfully reflect one’s study performance. It is believed that too many students may be misled and neglect the improvement of practical ability. Examples of “High marks but poor competence” are often cited on different media.

Just as any coin has two sides, it’s no exception with the issue of examination. Students should develop a right attitude towards it an strike a balance between examination and practical ability achievement.


①As regards…, there has been a heated discussion among the general public in our


②have poor command of对…掌握不好

③may give rise to a series of negative effects可能会导致一系列的负面影响

④Just as any coin has two sides, it’s no exception with the issue of…正如一枚硬币有两


⑤strike a balance between…and…在…和…之间取得平衡

Topic 2 Integrate Chinese Culture into College Education

As a result of globalization and convenient interaction among different nations, a variety of native cultures are being or have been lost. It’s true of Chinese culture as well. We may easily recognize all sorts of English courses in college education curriculum but few of Chinese culture. And these indicate that Chinese traditional culture has been ignored in college education.

As we all know, traditional culture represents the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors down through the ages and is a rich heritage to every Chinese. For college students, successors of modernization construction, mastering of Chinese culture is particularly of significance. Besides, traditional culture education can promote the cultural awareness and patriotism among college students. Therefore, it’s necessary and beneficial to integrate Chinese culture into college education.

To achieve this, colleges and universities should take effective measures to preserve the native culture. Culture awareness should be promoted both through the courses and extracurricular activities. As for college students, we should actively be involved in the culture education.


①accumulated wisdom智慧结晶

②cultural awareness 文化意识,对文化的认知

③beneficial 有益处的,有好处的


⑤be involved in被卷入,使参与

Topic 3 University Club

College life is a brand-new period for the freshmen who have just gone through the “torturing”high school and a fate-changing college entrance examination. Among all the new things, one is the clubs and societies on campus, such as football club, speech club, debate society, astronomy club, movie association, etc. These associations take the chance of every September to recruit new blood.

However, students hold different opinions about on-campus clubs and societies. Some students think that to join in some club is a good opportunity to develop their comprehensive ability, especially when they can be leaders. Some students disagree and believe there exist more disadvantages, since it will take students a lot of time that they should spend on study, and especially when they immerse themselves in more than one club. Still some other students are indifferent to on-campus clubs, or even completely ignore them.

For me, I think it’s foolish to be totally involved into some clubs or to be an outsider completely, and the best way is to make sure about your own interest, make the correct choice, and fight for a balance between club activities and study.


①brand-new,new blood 全新的;新鲜血液,新人

②take the chance of 利用这个机会

③immerse themselves in/be involved into 沉浸于/投身于

④totally/completely 完全地

Topic 4 Relationship Between Major and Future Job

It’s a striking fact that there isn’t necessary relationship between one’s major and specific job duties for majority of people. Many people condemn this on outdated education system and some even complain that textbooks are useless.

This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a common sense that there always exists a gap between theory and practice. This gap needs to be bridged by continuous exploration of similarities and differences between these two factors and accordingly corresponding modification. Secondly, due to the rapid development of technology, the knowledge from textbooks becomes behind the times soon. And it will lead to the disassociation between what one has acquired in college education and what he does at work.

From my point of view, when faced with the disassociation, one should adapt himself to working environment as soon as possible by adjusting his own information system. What’s more important,life-long learning is essential to one’s career success. Even after one reached the required levels from college education curriculum, pursuit of knowledge should never be ceased. Last but not the least, we should bear this firmly in mind that one’s ability is valued much more than one’s academic degree.


①condemn on把…归咎于…

②behind the times过时的,落伍的


④bear this firmly in mind牢牢记住

Topic 5 Social Practice for College Students

Nowadays, college students are required to take part in some social practice as being assistant in companies, or doing surveys, especially during the holidays. Social practice is gradually becoming more essential for China’s higher education.

However, social practice has both advantages and disadvantages for college students. On the one hand,it provides students more opportunities to contact with the real world off-campus; besides, it helps students to grasp some pratical skills, especially communication skills, which is an essential supplement to on-campus study; moreover, social practice can widen students’ vision. On the other hand, the negative effects can not be neglected: students’major task is learning knowledge, while curiosity about off-campus world may distract them; sometimes social practice is even treated unseriously and becomes a waste of time; furthermore, the students may be faced with dangers unexpectedly.

Despite the potential negative effects of social practice, I strongly support social practice for college students, since as a whole, the benefits overwhelm the likely harm. Two heads are better than one, if students, schools, and the society join hands together, social practice can be carried out more effectively and better armed students for the society can be expected.



②Despite…, I strongly support尽管……,我强烈支持……

③Two heads are better than one三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮

④join hands; better armed联合;更好地武装……

Topic 6 Online Course

Online course, as a new teaching method based on computer and Internet, allows teachers to give classes from a distance away.

However, opinions on it differ from teachers to students. Generally, teachers support it for two reason. Firstly, online course can be conducted at home or office and this offers great convenience to teachers. Secondly, online course releases teachers from repeating the same contents since the video and audio can be played time and again.

However, many students have opposite standpoints, in the first place, with online course, they lack face to face communications with teachers and their confusion can not be solved instantly. In addition, the computer system can not be guaranteed to work stably all the time. What is more, they do not have 100 percent confidence in their self-displine without teachers being around to supervise.

Personally, with college students growing up, if the traditional teaching method and the modern ones like on line course can be combined together, more fruitful education is sure to be realized.


①be based on基于

②act as a complement to作为……的补充


Topic 7 My view on college students’ quitting school

In recent years, more and more college students quit school ahead of schedule. Except the minority quitting for objective reasons like health problem, most students leave with the pursuit of an ideal career, as well as more fortune and experience.

Several factors may contribute it emergence. In the first place, some students often think that the cost of spending four years on college campus is too high, and the job market is getting fiercer. Therefore, when there is a satisfying job available, it’s worth quitting. In the second place, some hold that the real world is a better school for them to get practical knowledge than traditional school. Last but not least, the publicizing and popularity of some successful businessman like bill gates and steve jobs, who didn’t finish school but ended up with a great fortune and achievement, set examples for the young generation emphasizing individuaility and personality.

However, I don’t think it rational for college students to quit school. Armed with high education and more mature personality, better prepared graduates can fight for their future more easily. In a word, college education pays off.


①ahead of schedule提前

②with the prusuit of追求

③opportunity cost机会成本

④ended up with a great fortune and achievement最终财运亨通,成就非凡

Topic 8 On a second suburban campus of a university

The second campus of university springs up like mushroom in suburban areas in recent years. It is really hard to say when the first second campus came out, or which university was the origin, but this pattern is quickly replicated, and now it’s challenging to find out a university with one campus only.

The causes for this fashion may be obvious. Firstly, the new enrollment policy encourages universities to admit freshmen on a much larger scale than the past. Therefore, the orginal facilities, incluing apartments, classroom, dining hall, all become insufficient. Secondly, the land in urban areas is costly, and universities can hardly afford it.

As a student of a university with a second campus, though enjoying much more space, I have also experienced inconvenience between the two campuses, because of the divided education resources, the less direct communication with other teachers and students, and the time-and money-consuming come-and-go. Therefore, we should think twice before another second campus is set up.


①spring up like mushroom如春笋般涌现

②on a much larger scale 以更大的规模

③not only can accommodate the swelling student body, but…不但可以满足日益膨胀的


④think twice before…三思而后行

Topic 9 On the reform of college entrance exam

“College entrance exam”has been carried out for over 30 years. It has once undoubtedly played a very positive role. But with the society developing, its disadvantages gradually manifest

and the reform has been on the agenda.

Why the reform becomes so urgent? Firstly, the single and unified exam, with the exam-oriented education deriving from it, has detrimental effects on training innovative talents with comprehensive qualities. Secondly, the current examination has aggravated tough competition among students, resulting in heavy study load and even psychological stress.

Then where is the way out? I think the solution lies in a “diversification scheme”. More diversified examination contents testing not only knowledge, but also abilities and practical skills, more diversified examination modes including written test, interview, experiment, etc, and more diversified admission criteria. In this way, we will bid fare well to the past rule that “a single exam determines all”. However, the reform on college entrance exam is definitely no easy task. It is rather a social problem than an educational one. The sucessful solution depends on the efforts from all walks of life.


①on the agenda提上日程

②exam-oriented education应试教育

③have detrimental effects不利于(比do harm to更出彩)


⑤we will bid fare well to the past rule…我们将告别过去的……规则

Topic 10Should Peking opera be set as part of the compulsory courses?

Recently, the ministry of education launched a new reform, specifying that the Peking Opera be set as part of the compulsory courses at primary and middle school.

The reform has caused an enormous amout of controversy in society. Many people in favor of it agree that it may contribute a lot to the traditional culture. But even more people are against it for they think that it is not quit feasible in teaching practice.

As to this issue, my view is that Peking Opera should step into classroom, not as a compulsory course, but as a optional one. On the one hand, teaching Peking Opera at school could popularize traditional art so that more people will know and love it. On the other hand, however, to some extent, setting a new compulsory course will add to students’ academic burden which has been already heavy enough. Therefore, be setting Peking Opera as a optional course, students may have more freedom to decide whether to take it or not. In a word, promoting and developing traditional culture can not merely depend on “revitalizing Peking Opera”. The key lies in improving the culture awareness of the whole nation substantially.


①launch a new reform推行一项新的改革

②an enormous amount of controversy很大的争议




Topic 11My view on the student loan system

China’s ministry of education has carried out an education loan system for years. Government grants interest-free loan to millions of college students from poor families every year.

However, some student debtors fail to repay their loan, even after graduation.

It is the national priority to push the whole education, in which students from poverty-striken families have the right to offered the money and the fair opportunities. Our government has a duty to provide and protect a comprehensive and high-quality education for its entire citizen. Accordingly, the students have to pay back the money during and after graduation. Credit is supposed to be presented as well as moeny. Otherwise, they, the loan defaulters, lose their credits, which is not the result of our education.

To be honest is the best policy. Students learn technical and survival skills, and they, first of all, have to learn to be a human.


①interest-free loan免息贷款


③poverty-stricken families贫困家庭

④the loan defaulters贷款拖欠者

Topic 12Widespred extravagant spending on campus

Recently, the monthly expenditures of college students tend to be on the rise. Some people see widespread extravagant spending on campus as a common practice. However, others argue that students should keep frugality in mind.

Many factors may contribute to this issue. First, with the general living standard keeping rising, students get more pocket money from their parents to buy whatever they like. Besides, with the one child policy, most students are the only child of their families, so parents and grandparents are willing to provide money for their children. Moreover, young students are sensitive to fashions and new trends, and they would like to get whatever they want regardless of the financial conditions.

In my opinions, a student’s spending beyond the boudaries of daily necessities is a kind of waste, and widespread extravagant spending on campus could have a bad influence on people’s values. We students should remember that the campus is a place for study, so such kind of phenomenon should be prohibited.


①keep frugality in mind牢记节俭

②regardless of the financial conditions不顾经济状况

③beyond the boundaries of超出……的范围

Topic 13Should College Marriage Be Permitted?

A national debate has sprung up on whether college marriage should be permitted.

Some people strongly oppose the permission of college marriage. They hold that the chief task for college students is to study, and marriage will distract their attention and copy a lot of time. Moreover, students are not economically independent, so marriage will cause a lot of problems such as future job hunting and housing. Finally, many college students are still not mature enough to establish a familly. In a word, they believe marriage will largely hinder both present study and future work.

From my perspective, I think college marriage should be permitted but be practiced with

extreme care. For one thing, the right of college students should be respected, as they are adults. For another, the restriction on the age of students was done away with in 2001, and many elder students attend universities. Last, the time in college is so precious that every student will think twice before they get married. Undoubtedly, few students will ever get married after college marriage is permitted, but the authority should grant them the right.


①spring up产生,发生(比用happen出彩)

②distract their attention分散他们的注意力

③put into practice实施,实行

④with extreme care非常小心地(介词短语作方式状语)

Topic 14On Students’ Evaluation of Teachers

Rencently, there have been many reports of a brand-new system among universities, in which students take part in evaluating their teachers. It turns a new page of advanced education in China, and will have farreaching effects in the forth- coming years.

The biggest benefit, in my eyes, is that teachers should do their best to improve not only their specialized knowledge and skills but also their teaching methods in order to meet the meed of their students. In addition, teachers will pay more attention to self-image so as to win respect from students. Finally, the teacher-student relation- ship will be closer and more harmonious.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, we also face several unavoidable challenges. In the first place, the students’ evaluation of teachers cannot always be objective—it should be combined with evaluation from authority and colleagues. In the second place, the most popular teacher may neither be the most knowledgeable nor the one with the most advanced teaching method. What’s the most important, some teacher may become indulgent with their students because of this new system. Only when we deal with these problems successfully can we benefit the most from such a new system.


①have far-reaching effects对……产生深远的影响

②meet the needs of满足某人的需要

③become indulgent with纵容某人

Topic 15Cherish Every Minute on Campus

In rencent years, the problem of college students wasting time has become increasingly serious on university campuses and more and more people voice growing concern over it.

Such a phenomenon has brought many unfavorable consequences. To begin with, parents are the direct victims, because children’s wasting time on campus means that parents’wishes may never be fulfilled in the future. What’s more, it is extremely harmful to students themselves in that they may lose the best opportunity to lay a solid foundation for tomorrow’s career. Last but not least, an unhealthy atmosphere will come into being in universities as wasting time becomes more and more common, which, obviously, goes against the aim of university education directly.

It is mor than necessary that all of us joined in the efforts to fight against this notorious phenomenon. As to me, I am determined to make an all-around plan and strictly carry it out in order to live a happy and fruitful life on campus. Moreover, I will try to consult teachers and peers

so as to be more reasonable and enterprising. Only when every one of us realizes the importance of time can we put an end to the adverse trend.


①lay a solid foundation for为……打下坚实的基础

②come into being开始存在

③go against the aim of违背……的目的

④Only when…can we…只有当……,我们才能……(常用于结尾的倒装句式)

Topic 16Certificate

In current society, we come across too many people who put too much emphasis on certificate. In many cases, the certificate has become the sole criterion for judging a person, deciding whether he can get an opportunity or even get a job.

I argue that we should not put too much emphasis on certificate. To begin with, we should not take it for granted that those who hold one or two important certificates will naturally do a good job. Moreover, on and off campus, people are busy taking part in all kinds of training classes, when they are laught specific skills for passing examinations and obtaining certificates. What worries me most is that fake certificates are on the rise: The buyers want to get the certificate without working hard while the sellers want to make easy money.

All that has been discussed above points to the fact that if we want to evaluate and judge a person objectively, we should find out his practical ability while taking the certificates into consideration.


①the sole criterion for………的唯一标准

②take it for granted认为……理所当然

③on the rise增长

Topic 17Daydreaming

Until quite recently most people hold a hostile attitude towards daydreaming. Some people view it as an escape from duties and responsibilities, while others consider it a sheer waste of time.

Many others, however, insist that daydreaming is of great benefit in many respects. To begin with, daydreaming, as scientists tell us, is a good means of active relaxation, which is extremely beneficial when we are experiencing great difficulties. What’s more, surprisingly enough, it also improves our ability of getting along with others. Last but not least, daydreaming is useful in shaping our future life as we dream to be. If we always hold an ideal self-image in our mind, we will most probably see it come true step by step.

Now that we can draw the conclusion that daydreaming is most beneficial, why not make good use of it to make life rich and rewarding?


①hold a hostile attitude towards对……怀有敌意


③be of great benefit非常有益的(be of +名词结构,相当于be+该名词的形容词形式)

Topic 18The Negative Effective of Plagiarism

Nowadays every one of us may come across people who copy others’ books, articles or other works for their own benefits now and then. This phenomenon is most harmful to the academic circle and even the whole society.

In my opinion, their harmfulness can be summarized in the following three respects. In the first place, the rights of the originla copyright holders are cruelly violated. In the second place, people will lose the impulse to create if there is plagiarism here and there. Last but not least, plagiarism will lead to the drgradation of the whole academic circle, which includes not only the publications, but also people’s minds.

In my opinion, the government and the citizens should join hands to put an end to plagiarism. On the one hand, the government should punish the plagiarizers severely lest they harm the authors again. On the other hand, common citizens should report such harmful phenomena as soon as possible. Only by the joint efforts of the government and the common people can we do away with plagiarism.


①the academic circle学术界

②lose the impulse to失去做……的动力

③do away with消灭,去掉

Topic 19My View on Fate

Diffirent people have diffirent views on fate. Some people think that fate is predestined and nobody can change it, while others argue that everybody is the master of his fate and can change it with his own hands.

As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion. For one thing, I firmly believe all men are born equal and nobody is destined to always succeed on fail in his life. For another, if a person is diligent and determined, he will realize his dream no matter how poor, humble or unlucky he may be. Just think of Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite after countless experiments during which he lost his brother and got seriously injured himself.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we may safely come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as destined fate in our life. Only if we hold on to our dream can we turn it into reality, just as the saying goes, “Everybody is the architect of his own fortune”.



②be destined to命中注定

③Just think of…只要想想


Topic 20My View on keeping pets

Recently, more and more people begin to keep pets. They argue that keeping pets brings several advantages. Firstly, a pet is a good companion, especially to old and lonely people. Secondly, a pet in the family can always bring amusement and entertainment. What is more, getting on well with pets could make a person more careful, considerate and responsible.

Keeping pets also brings many problems. To begin with, we have heard too many instances of pets, such as dogs and cats, injuring people. Once bitten, the victim should receive treatment as soon as possible. Moreover, pets may also spread dieases because they can not be always clean. Finally, many pets are too expensive to keep, we must be surprised to know how much it costs to buy and keep a rare dog.

From what has been discussed above, we can see clearly that the disadvantages are more obvious. The government should control the total number of pets and the owner should take care of his pets lest it pollut environment or spread dieases or even attack people.


①get on well with与……和睦相处

②careful, considerate and responsible细心,体贴,负责

③lest it pollut environment or spread dieases以免它污染空气或者传染疾病(lest引导的


Topic 21Credit

Credit is of great importance to one’s development. Without credit, people wouldn’t get the trust from others, let alone get help from others or coorperate with others.

However, nowadays the whole society is faced with credit crisis. To begin with, business is threatened by the lack of credit and trust between the banks and enterprises. According to the recent survey conducted by the people’s bank of China, a total amout of 3240 billion yuan were not paid to the banks by the enterprises in the year of 2006. In addition, lies often exist between friends. For example, xiao wang, my neighbor, was persuaded to buy certain insurance product and turned out to find that he was cheated. What’s more, we often heard lots of news report that family members cheated each others for their respective benefits.

We should take measures to improve people’s sense of credit and established stricter laws of punish the behaivior of those who do not have the credit. Only in this way can we hope to enhance the credit of the whole society.


①be faced with面临着(“面临”一词也可以用face来表达,但不能用face with,还要注

意与be faced up with的区别)

②according to the recent survey conducted by根据最近的……调查(引用数据或实例的


③insurance product保险产品

Topic 22Secondhand goods transactions

With the advent of Internet, we have stepped into an era of information and technology. As a result, there are more channels for secondhand goods transaction. For instance, various kinds of websites can provide information platform for the transactions.

In fact, attitudes towards secondhand transactions vary from person to person. Some believe that these transaction obviously have many advantages. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers. For buyers, they can purchase commodities at much lower price than brand new ones. For sellers, they can dispose things of no use and get money in returen. Others hold this strong arguement that the secondhand goods transactions have been downgraded to the transaction

of counterfeits and substandard goods. Most of the complain are based on the unreliable qualities. Some complain it’s troublesome to bargain with the sellers and they will never know whether they have paid the money for the value or not.

Despite of many problems in secondhand goods transactions, I am standing on the side of supporting it. After all, thanks to these transactions, commodities worth can be maxmised and even exhausted in that goods can be put into use instead of being lefe unused. There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problems of conterfeiting in secondhand goods transaction. And I sincerely believe that so long as the dishonest business activities are effectively solved, the secondhand goods transaction will bring us benefits.


①with the advent of…随着……(尤指不寻常的人或事)的出现,到来(固定搭配巧妙地表


②attitudes towards sth. vary from person to person人们对……的观点因人而异

③pay money for value物有所值

④be put into use; left unused投入使用;闲置不用

Topic 23Internet and privacy

Internet is playing a more important role in our life. We work with it, giving and receiving orders. We communicate with it, through e-mail, on-line phone, or MSN. We entertain with it, playing games, watching movies, or enjoying music. We study with it, looking for and exchanging information. We live with it, doing shopping and banking. Besides, we log on to the Internet on campus, in a bar, at home, in a hotel, almost anywhere anytime.

However, if we want to enjoy the service, we have to register with may websites, typing in our name, age, gender, adress, telephone number. And these become part of the contents stored on-line. With the professional hackers, despiteful and harmless, as well as irresponsible website administrators, the information might be stolen and made open and even sold. An case in point is the junk mails. A better example is the privacy of pop stars.

As a result, while enjoying the great convenience and the speed of Internet, we are called sometimes by strangers, visited by promotions and junk ads, and cheated by someone unexpectedly. Therefore, think twice befor deciding to register on-line.


①We work with it,…;…;we live with it,…我们……;……;我们……(排比结构的使用,


②log on开始工作

③A case in point is…A better example is…举一个恰当的例子,……另外一个更恰当的例


④junk mails垃圾邮件(地道而准确的表达)

Topic 24My View on “Moonlite”

Moonlite is a term referring to those people who exhaust their earnings every month without any savings. With the acceleration of globalization, it seems that the availability of various commodities has put more and more people into the category of moonlite. And these people are even proud of this unique lite style.

The moonlite brag their behaviors as a fashionable way to live a life. But we have to admit that problems exits in both their beliefs and behaviors. Firstly, industrious and economical concept has been Chinese traditonal moral excellence. And moonlite has violated the belief seriously. Secondly, no savings will place themselves in a difficult position in case of possibly unexpected expenses. Thirdly, this immoderate consumption habit may subconsciously infect their self-control abilities, which can result in serious consequences.

In my view, though the moonlite may acquire temporary satisfaction from immoderate consumption, in the long term, it will deteriorate their personal financial levels. For majority of people, their income is limited and unnecessary expenses should be avoided. We should always bear this sentence in mind:“Live within your means and save for a rainy day”.


①with the acceleration of随着……的加速,促进(比用with the rapid development of出彩)

②put…into the category of…把……归入……类


④industrious and economical勤俭节约

⑤in the long term从长远来看

Topic 25Stock hot

From 2006, the index of shanghai stock market rocketed from 2600 to 6000, and the stock price of many companies increased several-fold, and even dozen-fold. This has attracted thousands of people to rush into the stock market one after another. Some relatives and friends of my family have followed the suit as well.

Why so many people swarmed into the stock market? The reasons are various. Firstly, the benefit has huge power. If you buy at the price of 5 a share, and sell at 8 two months later. What a big money! Secondly, people are extraordinarily confident and optimistic about Chinese economy, so are they about the stock market, an important showcase of economic development. Thirdly, people know more about investment and they want to put their knowledge into practice and try their fortune.

With the stock market hot, more people withdraw money from their bank accounts and invest in the stock market, neglecting their study, jobs and even family life. However, bubbles appear in some industries, which make quite a lot people go bankrupt. Therefore, it’s really urgent to cultivate a rational view about investment in the stock market.



②rush/swarm into冲入/涌入

③follow the suit跟着做,效仿

④so are they about the stock market同样,他们对中国股市也充满信心

⑤try their fortune碰运气

Topic 26My view on changes of national public holidays

From 2008, the past national holiday pattern has changed, the previous seven-day labor’s day has been shortened into a three-day holiday, with some new one-day holidays set up, such as Qingming festival, Duanwu festival, and mid-Autumu day. And this change has become a hot

topic around the country.

People hold different opinions about this change. Some argue that it is of great benefit.Firstly, it can restore and consolidate Chinese traditions, for Qingming festival can remind people of their ancestors and those who sacrifice themselves for the libration of the country, Duanwu festival can make people better understand the nationalism, and Mid-autumu day can make people share the happiness of family-gathering. Secondly, it’s helpful to release the pressure on transportation with the short holidays adopted. Since in the past, many people would go traveling during the seven-day labor’s day, it will unquestionably put much pressure on the traffic. However, others people insist that it is not good news for Chinese economy, especially tourism, with more people spending less on shopping and traveling in shorter holidays.

Personally, I think its benefits overweight the demerits, since currently, with China developing at a surprising speed, it’s more important to remind people of the virtues, traditions, and customs of the Chinese civilization.


①hole, argue, insist认为,主张,坚持认为(同义词的使用,避免重复,同时增加多样性)

②restore and consolidate重建与巩固

③its benefits overweigh the demerits优点大于缺点

④virtues, traditions,and customs…美德,传统,风俗

Topic 27Eyesight deteriorating

It is generally accepted that nothing is more valuable than eyesight. Just as the saying goes, no one knows the value of eyesight until he loses it. However, more and more people are becoming near-sighted nowadays.

There are many reasons for the near-sighted problems. For one thing, the high demands from society lay great presure on people, thus people are encouraged to read more and more to keep up with the world, and paying less attention to the protection of eyesight. For another, an increasing number of people turn to televisions and computers, and the harmful rays from the screens are inclined to nearsightedness on people. Most important of all, many people are not fully aware of the importance of nearsightedness.

Therefore, we should take effective measures to minimize and avoid the side effects of nearsightedness, and try our best to educate our children to form an appropriate view that we should protect our eyes whenever and wherever we are using our eyes.


①lay great pressure on对……造成巨大压力

②pay attention to注意

③be fully aware of对……完全了解


Topic 28On aging population

Entering the 21st century, people now enjoy more prosperity and social progress. However, at the same, it is undeniable that a very serious problem is drawing more and more attention, that is, the aging population.

Many factors contribute to this phenomenon. Firstly, modern medicine has made it possible

for people to kill many deadly diseases and thus live longer. Secondly, with the improved living conditions, people lead a stable and trouble-free life. As a result, the aging population is growing in China. Therefore, many unexpected impacts have been laid on the society, for instance, the consuming structure is badly influenced, the welfare pension and healthcare of the aging population become a heavy burden for governments at different levels.

Therefore, we should try our best to guarantee the stable life of people, and governments should lauch proper projects to protect the rights of senior citizens. Only by carrying out effective measures can the senior citizens peacefully enjoy their aging life.


①enjoy more prosperity and social progress享受更多的繁荣和社会进步

②lead a stable and trouble-free life过着安定、无忧无虑的生活

③many unexpected impacts have been laid on the society对生活产生了许多不可预料


Topic 29Space exploration

In recent years, scientists in many parts of the world have pooled their money, time, and efforts to research the space. They lauch the satellites, establish the space station, and even walk on the moon. Space may hold wonders and mysteries of how the universe comes into being, or whether there is life on the other planets besides earth.

Space exploration is of great significance. First of all, through space exploration, we human being may uncover the unknown resources of the universe, it endows us with knowledge about the origin of the life, with which we learn the dangers and make adventures in science and technology. Secondly, space exploration also provides a platform for nations to cooperate through participation in joint breakthrough. Thirdly, the space technology plays an indispensable role in our daily life, such as communication and transportation technology.

In the near future, more nations will get involved in the cause of space exploration. Some questions having intrigued human throughout centuries are in the list of solution.


①pool their money, time and efforts to共有金钱、时间和努力去做……

②endow with赋予……

③provide a platform for与……提供平台

④get involved in the cause of space exploration参与到太空探索的事业中

Topic 30On Fast Food

Rencently, the issue of fast food has aroused public concern. Some people hold that fast food is good because it is time-saving and convenient, while others think in a different way. As far as I am concerned, I am on the second side of the argument. The reasons are as follows.

On the one hand, in terms of nutrion, fast food is far from satisfactory. It doesn’t compose a balance diet and it is low in nutrion with more meat and butter, but much less vegetables. Therefore, eating fast food will result in some diseases in the long term. On the other hand, although cooking at home is time-cinsuming and tiresome, it provides us more opportunities of cooperation and communication with family members and friends, and many kinds of traditional foods are made as art including a more balance diet.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we may reasonably draw a conclusion that people should eat fast food as little as possible.


①time-saving and convenient省时又便捷

②in terms of就……而言

③time-consuming and tiresome耗时且令人讨厌的

Topic 31An Application Letter to Serve a Teaching Volunteer

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to apply for participating in “volunteer teaching in the rural area” program. I have been hoping for becoming a volunteer teacher for a long time, so please consider me for the post.

I made the decision based on the following reasons. Firstly, this program is of far-reaching social significance in that it helps rural students to broaden their knowledge and widen their horizon. I feel greatly honored if I can invest my energy and love into the undertaking. Secondly, this program will offer a unique opportunity for my personal growth. Working alone in a strange environment, I may encounter various problems, but I determine to handle them well on my own. In addition, I believe my strengths will play a positive role in my future job. I’m highly responsible, have good English proficiency, and like singing. As to the working plan, I will not only expose new knowledge and ideas to rural students, but organize colorful extracurricular activities to enrich the students’ life.

I think my strengths, responsibility and enthusiasm will arm me as a qualified candidate. Your favorable consideration will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Li Jing 注释:

①far-reaching social significance深远的社会意义

②broaden one’s knowledge and widen one’s horizon增长见识,开阔视野


④expose new knowledge and new ideas to…向……传授新知识,新理念

⑤strengths, responsibility and enthusiasm体力、责任感及热情

Topic 32 A Letter to A Friend Asking for Some Suggestions

Dear Johnson,

I’m writing to tell you the good news that I have received a postgraduate recommendation. However, recently I have been struggling for making the desicion, whether to accept the recommendation or to choose job-hunting. As you know, graduation from a university is deemed as a turning point in one’s life. Therefore, I need your suggestion to help me make this critical decision. My hesitation lies in the following aspects.

On the one hand, the postgraduate recommendation is an opportunity for me pursue further studies, and I can equip myself with sounder theoretic knowledge. Nevertheless, I am afraid that continuous pursuit of theoretic knowledge will deprive me of the chances to gain pratical experience. On the other hand, to find a full-time job may enable to accumulate more life and work experience, which is exactly what I lack. But by doing so, the stop of futher study may pose

a threat to my futher career development.

I am really in a dilemma now. Please take my consideration into account and analyze the merits and defects of these two choices. I believe your analysis will be more obejective and I look forward to your valuable suggestions.


①be deemed as a turning point被认为是转折点(用此短语表明这个选择的重要性)

②critical decision关键性的决定

③hesitation lies in犹豫在于……

④deprive sb. of sth.剥夺某人的……;使某人丧失……

⑤be in a dilemma左右为难(比don’t know how to make the choice更加言简意赅,一语中


Topic 33 A Letter to HR Manager

Dear Manager,

I am one of the candidates who have who have apply for the internship in your company. I’m glad to have received your offer. Here I’d like to express my gratitude to you and your company sincerely.

As far as I amd concerned, the offer is far more than a simple internship opportunity. It’s particular meaningful to me in the following aspects. First of all, after years of study, I can finally put my theoretic knowledge into practice. By doing so, I feel my individual values will be fully embodied. Secondly, during my internship period, I will meet many well-experienced colleges. And they can teach me valuable experience which can not be acquired from textbooks. Thirdly, it goes without saying that this internship experience will benefit my future job-hunting, as many recruiters are seeking for experienced employees.

All in all, I will cherish this precious internship opportunity and spare no efforts to contribute my humble strength to the company. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your offer and best wishes for your company. I will prove my worth through hard work.


①express one’s gratitude to sb.对某人表示感谢(与thank you for…比较,更正式且有礼


②it goes without saying that毫无疑问(这个表达强调了其引导的主语从句中的事实是不


③spare no effort to do sth.不遗余力做某事(形象生动地表达了作者会努力的决心)

④contribute one’s humble strength to为……贡献自己的微薄之力(在感谢信中常用到的

自谦的说法,一方面抬高了对方的地位,另一方面也表达自己会对对方有所贡献) Topic 34 A Letter to the Manager

Dear Manager,

I’m a senior in Skating Club of Tsinghua University. I write you this letter to invite your sponsorship to finance our club. I assure you sponsoring our club will benefit your company to a great extent.

Our club was founded by skating fans jointly and voluntarily in 2000. Regularly we’ll hold activities such as tour in different university. Undoubtedly, by sponsoring our club, you can build

up your brand image and awareness among large numbers of college studets. Besides, skating itself is a sport full of passion and enthusiasm. This spirit matches perfectly with your brand image. That is specifically why we expect you to be our sponsor. In addition, you can know more about college student’s tastes and fashion trends by joining in our club’s activities. It can inspire your brainwave of launching new products.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe that our cooperation will achieve a win-win outcome. Please take my words into consideration and any of your reply will be greatly appreciated.


①to a great extent在很大程度上(与greatly相比较,更正式)

②brand image and awareness品牌形象和品牌意识

③match perfectly with与……完全吻合

④I firmly believe that…我坚信……

⑤achieve a win-win outcome达到双赢

Topic 35 A Recruiting Poster

Ladies and gentlemen,

Our English Study Club is calling for foreign students’ due attention for join us. And we are looking forward to your keen concern and active participation.

The English Study Club was founded by students of our university voluntarily in 2005. It aims to promote the cultural exchange among students from different countries by means of language study.

Being a member of our club, you can reap the benefit of several aspects. For one thing, you can communicate with Chinese students in person and this will allow you to know more about Chinese culture, customs, habits, etc. For another, vice versa you can introduce the culture of your country to other club members. Last but not the least, through activities held by the club, you may make more friends and this will enrich your oversea study to a great extent. As the old saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. Let’s join hand in and to contribute ourselves to cultural exchange among different countries. We sincerely hope foreign students, if interested and willing to participate in our club, contact us at aaa@http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ed5318155f0e7cd184253641.html or by 12345678.


①call for sb’s due attention for…希望引起某人对某事的注意

②reap the benefit of sth.因某事得到好处

③vice versa反之亦然

④time and tide wait for no man时不我待

⑤join hand in hand联手,同心协力

Topic 36 A Letter of Invitation

Dear Zhang Feng,

It’s been a long time since I lost saw you. I am writing to invite you to my hometown in this summer vacation with my heartfelt sincerity.

We haven’t enjoyed being together since we graduated from the high school, for everyone is too busy to have a reunion. And I’d like to give you a pleasant surprise that you will enjoy

yourself in an extremely beautiful landscape. I will accompany you to the sea, where waves rise and fall with much grandeur. And you can walk along the seashore and enjoy the most interesting sight of the sea or go swimming in the sea to escape the heat and to soak in cold clean water. Moreover, the sea breezes are highly beneficial which would make you feel fully relaxed. Meanwhile, you can taste the specialtied of my hometown. I am sure that you will enjoy youself here.

I am looking forward to your reply. And I sincerely hope you can accept my invitation.

Friendly yours,

Li Ming 注释:

①with my heartfelt sincerity非常诚挚地

②with much grandeur非常壮观

③soak in浸泡在……

Topic 37 A Letter of Complaint about the Noise Pollution

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Li Ming, a student of this campus, and I venture to write a letter to you to complain about the noise pollution around our university which has disturbed us a lot.

Recently, we students are greatly disturbed by the noise from the factory near our campus that has given rise to much complaint among students. And the noise is so loud that we cannot stand it any more. As a consequence, we cannot have our attention concentrated on our lessons during daytime, and our study is badly influenced. At the same time, we are not able to sleep well at night, no wonder this will do harm to our health. Thus, I am so anxious about the bad effects brought to us students.

I hope you will look into this unsatisfactory state of affairs and take steps to prevent such kind of thing from happening again. We will appreciate a quiet environment around campus.

Yours truly,

Li Ming 注释:

①give rise to引起,导致

②as a consequence因此

③be anxious about担忧

④look into this unsatisfactory state of affairs and take steps to prevent such kind of thing

from happening again深入调查这一令人不满的情况,并采取行动防止类似问题的再次发生

Topic 38 A Letter to a Schoolmate

Dear Xiao Zhang,

I am most happy to receive your June 3 letter and hear that the final examination are drawing near, and I am sure that if you strike a successful balance between study and rest, you will get good grades.

This term will draw to a close around June 27, and I hope I can have the chance to visit your university and the beautiful city Shanghai. How I wish to walk with you around your campus and