1. Look ! The boy is _________ (read) books.

2. The girls are (have) breakfast now.

3. Bobby is________(sleep) at 9:00 pm.

4. Tom is _________(play) football on the playground at the moment .

5. Listen! They are (sing) in the music room.


1.我们正在看电视。We TV.

2.Tom 在图书馆看书。Tom books in the library.

3.他在操场上打篮球。He is playing basketball .

4.玛利亚在做什么?What Maria now?


( ) 1.What are you doing? I’m_____ a book.

A. looking

B. seeing

C. reading ( ) 2. What ___ your sister doing? She _____ cleaning the floor.

A. are, is B does, is C. is, is

( ) 3. Don’t talk here. My father and mother _____.

A. is sleeping

B. are sleeping

C. sleeping

D. sleep

( ) 4. Listen! The birds ___ in the tree .

A sing

B singing

C is singing

D are singing ( ) 5. Who _____ over there now?

A. drawing

B. is draw

C. is drawing

D. draw

( ) 6. The students _____ an English class.

A. have

B. having

C. is having

D. are having

( ) 7..I am____ to the radio.

A. am listening

B. listening

C. am listen

( ) 8...We ____ on the chair.

A. is sitting

B. are siting

C. are sitting

( )9. They ____ in the pool.

A. are swimming

B. are swiming

C. swimming

( )10. She is_______.

A. dancing

B. dancing