Unit 1

Activity 1

Nora Nelson: She lives in 2A

Wes and Lydia: They live in 3B

Two boys: They’re classmates

Mrs. Hanson: She’s related to Nora. She lives in 3C

A nosy person might be too interested in things that do not concern them, especially other people’s affairs Activity 2

2-- passport 1-- diary 3---yearbook

2. boyfriend

3. it’s personal

4. Europe, ship

5. sixties

Activity 3

1. 13

2. To visit his grandparents.

3. Yes. He talked for a long time to a nice woman.

4. He had lots of fun with his grandparents and he saw lots of interesting places. In the end, he didn’t even want to go home.

very nervous a bout traveling so far His grandparents their home two

Activity 4

theme other paper keepsakes your photos and keepsakes

1. Scrapbooking is making beautiful books to hold special memories.

2. Old newspaper clippings, postcards, tickets, report cards, letters.

3. “S chool days”, “Family travel”, “Memories of my grand parent s”, “and “Baby’s first year.”

4. You can use felt pens, paints, and stickers.

5. The “5Ws” of the photos: who, what, where, when, and why.

Activity 5

1. Most high schools in the U.S.

2. Because they are graduating soon.

3. Yes.

4. At the end of the year.

5. It means a student with a good fashion sense.

Once a year spring chess most likely to succeed categories notes I’ll never forget you

record photo seniors sports yearbook titles sign memories

From left to right: 1 3 2

Bored sad happy

Activity 2

1. waving to

2. shaking hands

3. crossing his fingers

4. shrugging


2. nervous

3. studying for a test

4. the theater

Activity 3

They are both doing great.

1. That’s for sure

2. planning a trip to

3. What about your brothers

4. They’re doing great

5. working on

a project 6. planning a campaign against

Activity 4

1. People shake hands.: Bangladesh Indonesia The United Arab Emirates

2. People bow. : Indonesia, Thailand

3. People give business cards. : Indonesia

4. There are rules about touching. : Bangladesh, Thailand

5. Don’t wave at people here. : Bangladesh

6. There aren’t many hand gestures.: Bangladesh Thailand

7. People don’t wink.: Bangladesh,

8. Don’t use your left hand here. : Indonesia The United Arab Emirates

9. Don’t point at people with your finger. : The United Arab Emirates

Activity 5

1. shake hands

2. Japan, bow

3. Maori

4. Brazil, kiss ( each other on the cheek)

5. in the eyes

6. Japan, embarrassed

In Japan, when meeting for the first time in formal situations, people often exchange business cards. The polite way to give or receive a business card is to hold it with two hands.

Mississippi mud pie

1. Delicious, crispy

2. bland

3. oily, good

4. tasty, too sweet

Activity 2

We should support and celebrate local food traditions.


2. life

3. farmers

4. Europe

5. members

Activity 3

Adam: buttery Janet: spicy Abby: sweet Minh: healthy

1.He wanted to lose weight because he was 20 pounds overweight.

2.Because she has spent six months in Thailand and comes to like spicy Thai food.

3.It means that Abby likes to eat sweet foods.

4.Because Minh is training for a swimming competition and he has to eat healthy foods. And now he prefers

healthy foods to sweet or buttery foods.

Activity 4

1. T







8. F

Capsaicin: a chemical in the chile that produces heat and makes your mouth feel hot. It has no flavor or smell. Habanero: the hottest chile pepper in the world. It is bright orange and grows in the Caribbean.

Activity 5

What they eat: fresh fruits, vegetables, fish;

What they drink: water, green tea;

How they exercise: gardening, walking;

How they relax: deep breathing exercises, massage

1. 34 centenarians per 100,000 Okinawans.

2. The Okinawans’secret: first, they eat a healthy diet. Second, they don’t do hard exercise. Third, the older Okinawans have a good attitude about aging.

Dan: takes care of the baby Courtney: goes to work every day

Jamal and Tia: both take care of the girls and work at home

1. True

2. True

3. True

4. False

Activity 2

Hometown: Milan New York Hong Kong

Clothes from: brother a store in the neighborhood mother Personal style: casual retro, old fashioned classic Activity 3

1----f 2----c 3----b

1.You could look for friends on the Internet.

2.You shouldn’t wear pants. You definitely ought to wear a dress.

3.You had better get some help or you will fail the test. You had better not delay taking the test. Activity 4

1. b

2. a

1.Sorry, but I have to side with, want to show off, in your free time

2.have a serious talk, style and taste, too much about appearances.

Activity 5

A trendspotter finds things that are new and popular. Companies might hire trendspotters

to help them make new products.

1.She was nervous and didn’t know what to do.

2.She had to report to a recording studio by 10 a.m.

3.They had to decide which song were “Yes---All the way!”, “It’s Ok”, or “No way!”.

4.They just talked about the covers they liked.

5.They are going to look at some new fashions.

1.doesn’t pay, NOT has a good salary

2.week, NOT month

3.six CD covers, NOT only one CD cover

4. a “No way” card, NOT an “It’s OK” card

The most famous detectives ever known imaginary detective sixty Scottish author money

Doctor 1887 intelligent Dr. Waston England

Activity 2

4 1 3

5 2

Nick Brown,police officer, local people

Mike thinks the lights could be the same as those in a local legend.

Alexa thinks the lights are a hoax.

Activity 3

1. A young girl standing in the middle of the road.

2. Because it was raining heavily.

3. He stopped the car quickly.

4. She said ”I `m fine.” and walked away quietly.

5. He said the girl was Mary Anne and was killed in a car accident five years ago.

1. heavily

2. clearly

3. slowly

4. neatly

5. quickly

6. strangely

7. happily

8. quietly

9. Nervously 10. calmly

Activity 4

1. A terrible explosion

2. In eastern Russia.

3. June 30, 1908.

(first row) 4, 1, 3; (second row) 5, 2

1. lots of damage huge explosion

2. near Earth a part of it broke off

3. crashed into the ground its engine exploded

4. destroy the earth set fire to the forest

5. used electricity a test of his gun

Activity 5

2. a

3. h

4. d

5. g

6. e

7. b

8. c

1.Different people see different lights.

2.Robert Ellison saw the lights in 188


3.The Native Americans thought the lights were stars falling to earth.

4. A team from Japan studied the lights, but couldn’t solve the mystery.

1.Ball lightning is lightning in the shape of a circle. It often appears just after a rainstorm.

2.some people call the lights “ghost lights”.

3.No, they aren’t. actually, they hold a town festival every September to celebrate the mystery lights.


the last picture

1.Two tips. One is to label things in English. The other is to make a note of related words.

2.You can rent a film and see it at home.

Activity 2

(from left to right)2, 3, 1

1.no one

2. couldn’t run

3. can’t swim

Activity 3

1. pink

2. pillars

3. living room, kitchen

4. large

5. stereo system

6. wasn’t

1. True

2. False; didn’t speak or smile

3. False; all

4. False; sitting

5. True

1. The storyteller heard a voice saying, “welcome home.” And he realized the dream house was his.

2. He thought his dream was turning into a nightmare because his friends suddenly disappeared and it was scary.

3. He liked the food processor most because it makes life much easier.

4. He saw the stove was broken and that there was no electricity. He also saw the children were crying because they were hungry. He felt bad and wanted to help prepare a meal but began to despair when he found the refrigerator was empty.

Activity 4

1. Stage 2

2. Stage 5

3. Stage 1

4. Stage 3 and 4

1.Four or five times.

2. In stages 3 and 4.

3. Fifteen to sixteen hours a day.

4. Sleep is very important for learning.

Activity 5

1. many times

2. don’t remember

3. very active

4. gods

5. Greeks and Romans

1. True

2. False

3. False

1. definite answers

2. Why do we dream

3. a person’s mind

4. husband or wife

5. start a business

6. thoughts and feelings

7. strange or confusing

8. think about the events in the dream 9. feel free or want freedom 10. feel afraid

Unit 7

Activity 1


b a c

1. another company

2. a bachelor party and a big family reunion

3. He’s excited about it and he likes the job.

Activity 2

2, 4, 1, 3

It was a lot of fun to rent loud and beautiful The only bad part for him

from too much dancing some beautiful floats go down the river


traveling through India best memories water pistol shot/sprayed everyone

a mess come out of

Activity 3



1. M

2. D

3. M

4. M

5. D

1. gets very crowded

2. after you arrive

3. The most important event

4. be sure to fins a good place to sit

5. just relax and have fun

6. before

7. after the parade finishes

Activity 4

1. F Before Mardi Gras even begins, there are over 70 parades of dazzling floats.

2. F Start making reservations in August. Don’t wait until January.

3. T Many streets are closed to cars, and bus and streetcar schedules often changed.

4. T Get there early, about 4 hours ahead of big parades. For the Sunday night parade, find a space in the morning.

5. F You might need a jacket, sunglasses, an umbrella, or all three.

6. T People ride on floats in the parades and give “throws” to the crowd.

Activity 5

b. People use a groundhog to predict the weather.

1. T

2. F; Not 1995, but 1993

3. T

4. F; Not doesn’t usually see, but usually sees

1. A groundhog is a small animal covered with brown fur. It lives in a hole in the ground and stays underground

during the winter.

2.Every February 2, local people and sightseers in the town of Punxsutawney watch for Pete, a groundhog, to

come out of its hole. If it comes out, Groundhog Day is celebrated with a barbecue, a colorful festival in the park, a souvenir show and sale and even a storytelling festival.

3.People think it means the weather will continue to be cold for at least six weeks.

4.The weather in February in Punxsutawney is generally cold and will continue to be cold for another six to eight


5.People would be disappointed if Pete didn’t appear.


Activity 1


Caller: 1,2,3,5 service: 3,4,5

Activity 2

1, 2, 5, 7, 8

2, 3

She wanted to be sure it is safe for her and her young child to cross the road.

She also wanted to know if there were any parks she could take her son to.

Activity 3

1. Immediate Release

2. picking up dry cleaning

3. taking your children to practice

4. done for you


2.all EXCEPT library books

3.all EXCEPT clean and brush your pet

1.The services are affordable and convenient.

2.They can call (010)55556666.

Activity 4

1. Neither








1.Because Curitiba was one of Brazil’s fastest growing cities and there were serious pollution problems.

2.This plan has been very successful. Curitiba’s population has grown by more than one hundred percent since

1974, but traffic has decreased by thirty percent. Curitiba has reduced air pollution and provided cleaner neighborhood for its citizens.

bicycling and walking only Car Free Day without a car 125 closed to cars

up to two million enjoy the clean air and quiet

Activity 5

Inwood: eagles, an old forest, an old farmhouse

Fes-al-Bali: narrow streets, mosques, donkeys

1. Inwood



4. Fes-al-Bal


1.Inwood is a different in that it has lots of greenery. It has an old-growth forest, a farmhouse and you can go


2.It’s more than 200 years old and it is no longer a farmhouse. It is now a museum.

get lost a wall with gates drive across too narrow for cars walk pedestrians an donkeys

Review: Units 1-4




take care of sick telephone office effort spend someone else

had gone out of town on some sudden unexpected business

I had missed seeing him

Enjoyed my sightseeing

Review: Units 5-8




color fashionable university worn to care for comfortable convenient Although T-shirts are now available in a wide variety

may bear a single word

new designs are coming up all the time