Unit 1 Cultural relics


1.It is reported that this is the first time the painting ________ (display) to the public.

2.The books are ________ (value) for students, for they are even harmful to the students.

①This project ________ (design) to help landless people just didn't work out as planned.

①Jack is no longer the person ________ I met five years ago.

③There is still some doubt ________ he is suitable for the job.

答案:1.has been displayed 2.valueless ①designed ①whom/that/who ③whether


1.The old woman died last week and survived her husband for forty years.


2.As far as I'm concerned, his suggestion is very worth considering.


3.The book is worthy reading a second time.


4.He only cares about whether the eyewitness has given true information, which must be facts more than opinions.


5.Nor I think they should give it to any government.

________________________________________________________________________ 答案:for→by very→well 4.worthy→worth 6.more→rather 8.Nor后加do


As everyone grows, they realize there will always be someone who is better.I learned this __1__ in the second year in high school.The shock this experience brought was so great that I felt my __2__ was left on the side of the road for dead.That was all it took; one year and one person __3__ everything.

Her name is Jenny.She was the girl who __4__ raised her hand and had useful comments about everything.When teachers needed challenging problems answered, they __5__ her.And if students needed __6__,they went looking for her.I didn't __7__ her, but I admit her presence annoyed me.In the first year, as a model student, I was the person everyone __8__ and all the teachers trusted.Then she came out of __9__!We also had two classes __10__.There I got to see what everybody thought of her.When an exam finished, it became a __11__ that she got the top grade and it didn't __12__ to my classmates whether I was right there, __13__ I also got excellent grades.They would cross a desert and __14__ her! I was left being denied my presence.__15__,I felt like not trying anymore.

I stopped trying to put on a show because no one was __16__ http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ee92ba51dc36a32d7375a417866fb84ae45cc3cc.htmlter, I volunteered at the graduation ceremony.She was called to make a(n) __17__ and discussed her difficulties.I realized all her hard work got her there, not her desire to __18__.It finally hit me that Jenny __19__ the attention she got.She showed me how big the world is and how __20__ a world I used to live in.I'll do my best because I know it will pay off.


1.A.lesson B.course

C.plan D.excuse

解析:选A此处指的是文章首句提到的“they realize there will always be someone who is better”这个教训。

2.A.sympathy B.trust

C.respect D.pride

解析:选D由第8空前的“a model student”和下文同学们对“我”的态度可知,自从班上有了这个优秀的珍妮,“我”就尊严扫地了。

3.A.proved B.remembered

C.changed D.checked


4.A.only B.still

C.never D.always

解析:选D由本空后的“had useful comments about everything”可知,她在课堂上总是踊跃举手。

5.A.called on B.interrupted

C.supported D.cared about

解析:选A由上句的“had useful comments about everything”和本空前的“needed”可知,当老师需要人来回答难题时,他们就会叫她。

6.A.friends B.answers

C.news D.money


7.A.hate B.hurt

C.stop D.follow

解析:选A由本空后“but I admit ...annoyed”可知,她抢了“我”的风头,“我”虽不恨她,但“我”承认她的存在惹恼了“我”。

8.A.protected B.noticed

C.missed D.served

解析:选B由本空前的“a model student”和本空后的“trusted”可知,“我”原来是学生们的楷模,大家的聚焦点在“我”这儿。

9.A.somewhere B.everywhere

C.nowhere D.anywhere


10.A.first B.again

C.alone D.together

解析:选D由下句的“got to see”可知,我们在一起上课。

11.A.standard B.challenge

C.fact D.chance


12.A.return B.matter

C.happen D.occur


13.A.even if B.as if

C.once D.since

解析:选A由本空后的“also got excellent grades”可知,即使“我”也考了高分,同学们也无视“我”的存在。

14.A.ask B.help

C.remind D.control

解析:选A由本空前的“cross”和第6空后的“looking for”可知,他们舍近求远地去问她问题。

15.A.Frightened B.Confused

C.Bored D.Heartbroken

解析:选D由上几句“我”遭遇的变化和本空后的“not trying anymore”可知,“我”很伤心。

16.http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ee92ba51dc36a32d7375a417866fb84ae45cc3cc.htmlughing B.chatting

C.watching D.hosting

解析:选C由第15空前的“I was left being denied my presence”可知,没有人再关注“我”了。

17.A.decision B.attempt

C.speech D.appointment


18.A.break up B.give up

C.take off D.show off

解析:选D由第16空前的“put on a show”和本空前的“hard work”可知,是努力学习才让她成为了大伙儿的楷模,她并不是为了炫耀。

19.A.loved B.deserved

C.needed D.escaped

解析:选B由上句的“hard work”可知,珍妮值得赢得大家的注意。

20.A.lonely B.small

C.peaceful D.dark




In 1863 the first underground passenger railway in the world opened in London.It ran for just under seven kilometers and allowed people to avoid terrible 1.________(crowd) on the roads above as they traveled to and 2.________ work.It took three years to complete and was built using an interesting method.This included digging up the road, 3.________ (lay) the track and then building a strong roof over 4.________ top.When all those had been done, the road surface was replaced.

Steam engines 5.________ (use) to pull the carriages and it must have been 6.________ (fair) unpleasant for the passengers, with all the smoke and noise.However, the railway quickly proved to be a great success and within six months, more than 25,000 people were using 7.________ every day.

Later, engineers 8.________ (manage) to construct railways in a system of deep tunnels (隧道), which became known to the tube.This development was only possible with the 9.________ (introduce) of electric-powered engines and lifts.The central London Railway was one of the most 10.________(success) of these new lines, and was opened in 1900.It had white-painted tunnels and bright red carriages, and proved extremely popular with the public.





4.the top是名词,前应加the。

5.were used此处表示过去的被动。


7.it代词it指代上面提到的“the railway”。





Dear Miss Li,

I'm one of your student in Class Six, Senior Three. Nowadays I meet a great many difficulties when studied English. To begin with, it is very difficult of me to memorize a large number of new

words. In addition, grammar is too complex to understand, that has influenced my English writing seriously. And my performance in reading and correcting are not satisfying.

Faced with such a dilemma, you hope that you can give me a hand. Would you provide me with some effectively approaches? Secondly, I believe that I will have good command of what you teach, if you will slow down your speed in class. There is no doubt whether I will achieve great progress in English learning with your assistance.

Thank you.


Wang Min 答案:

Dear Miss Li,

I'm one of your student


in Class Six, Senior Three. Nowadays I meet a great many

difficulties when studied

②studying English. To begin with, it is very difficult of


me to memorize a large

number of new words. In addition, grammar is too complex to understand, that


has influenced my English writing seriously. And my performance in reading and correcting are


not satisfying.

Faced with such a dilemma, you


hope that you can give me a hand. Would you provide me

with some effectively

⑦effective approaches? Secondly, I believe that I will have ∧


good command of

what you teach, if you will

⑨slow down your speed in class. There is no doubt whether


I will

achieve great progress in English learning with your assistance.

Thank you.


Wang Min 难项分析:

第二处:studied→studying考查非谓语动词。此处是时间状语从句的省略。由于从句主语与主句主语一致,且从句谓语动词含有be的某种形式,故省略了从句中的主语和be动词。when studying相当于when I am studying。

第四处:that→which考查定语从句的引导词。逗号后的句子为which引导的非限制性定语从句。先行词为grammar, which在从句中作主语。that不能引导非限制性定语从句。

第十处:whether→that考查固定句式。There is no doubt that ... “毫无疑问,……”。


The history of civil engineering (土木工程) is a very important story in the development of civilization (文明). Civil engineers began practising their profession four thousand years ago.

What is left of their work is the proof that they were wise. These engineers of the ancient

world built entire cities. They designed systems of pipes which supplied fresh water. They built water pipelines for farmlands as well as bridges of great length. The relics of their buildings tell us much about the work of early engineers.

Consider the pyramids of Egypt. They are evidence that some of the earliest engineers had great scientific ability. There is also evidence that those engineers could make lasting work of art and design. Although they lived thousands of years ago,the Egyptian engineers used very exact measurements. The base of the largest pyramid—the Great Pyramid near Giza—comes to within inches of being a perfect square. The pyramid is perfectly placed. Each corner points toward the exact directions of north, south, east and west. The inside of the pyramid is filled with complicated (复杂的) passages and tunnels. These lead to different rooms inside the pyramid. Many of these passages are of great length and height.

The engineers of Egypt did more than design the pyramids. They also set up methods of moving and shaping the building materials. These materials were very heavy. They had to be brought from miles away and sometimes lifted several hundred feet. During the work the engineers commanded thousands of workers. The pyramids remain as evidence of the abilities of the ancient Egyptian engineers.


4.Forty centuries ago ________ .

A.there appeared civil engineers by profession

B.people began practising engineering in order to become professional engineers

C.civil engineers began putting their knowledge into practice

D.civil engineers got more involved in their profession


5.The civil engineers of ancient times were wise enough to build entire cities, including ________ .

A.systems of pipes, bridges and machinery

B.pipeline systems, bridges and farmlands

C.water supply systems, bridges and pipelines

D.water supply systems, bridges and stadiums


6.From the passage we know that ________ .

A.building materials were broken into small pieces

B.there were no requirements for the size and shape of building materials

C.Egyptian engineers were not concerned with the size and shape of building materials

D.building materials were processed (加工) to meet certain requirements

答案:D推理判断题。由第三段第六句“The pyramid is perfectly placed.”和第四段第二

句“They also set up methods of moving and shaping the building materials.”可推知,人们对建筑材料进行加工以满足某种需要。

7.The passage can be best titled “________ ”.

A.Evidence of Human Civilization

B.Early Civil Engineers

C.Ancient Architecture (建筑)

D.Development of Civil Engineering



Unit 2 The Olympic Games


1.Alice put it in the newspaper, ________ (admit) that though she liked it, she didn't know where it came from or what it really meant.

2.She had blind trust in ________ she learnt at college.

3.Nobody can entirely keep away from this ________ (compete) world.

4.When the police questioned him, George admitted ________ (steal) the car.

5.The 2022 Winter Olympic Games ________ (hold) in Beijing.

答案:1.admitting 2.what http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ee92ba51dc36a32d7375a417866fb84ae45cc3cc.htmlpetitive 4.stealing/having stolen 5.will be held


1. Tom, as well as his friends, are going to visit the exhibition.


2.One after other, tropical storms battered Pacific coastline.


3.Taking part in eco-travel and you will find it will help you understand the importance of nature. ________________________________________________________________________

4.If you go to school early tomorrow, so do I.

________________________________________________________________________ 5.(2017年天津卷·单项填空)Nowadays, cycling, along with jogging and swimming, are regarded as one of the best all-round forms of exercise.


答案:1.are→is 2.other→another one after another “一个接一个地”。 3.Taking→Take




I remember the first day when I saw Sally playing basketball. I watched in wonder as she struggled her way through the crowd of boys on the playground. She seemed so __1__ , but she managed to shoot jump shots just over their heads and into the net. The boys always tried to stop

her __2__nobody could.

I began to notice Sally at other times, basketball in hand, playing __3__ . She practiced dribbling (运球) and __4__over and over.

One day I asked Sally why she __5__so much. Without a moment of hesitation she said, “I want to go to college. The only way I can go is to get a __6__ . I'm going to play college basketball and I want to be the best one. I believe that if I am __7__ enough, I will get one. My father has told me that if the dream is big enough, the facts don't __8__ .”

I __9__her through those junior high years and into high school. Every week, she led her team to __10__ . One day in her senior year, I saw her sitting on the grass, her head __11__ in her arms. Slowly and quietly, I __12__and sat down beside her. “What's wrong?” I asked. “Oh, nothing,”came a soft reply. “I am just too short.” The__13__told her that at 165 cm she would probably never play for a top team—still less she would be__14__a scholarship—so she should stop dreaming about college.

I felt she was extremely __15__ . I asked her if she had talked to her dad about it yet. She told me that her father said those coaches were __16__ . They didn't understand the__17__of a dream.

The next year, Sally was seen by a college basketball coach after a big game. She was __18__offered a scholarship and __19__to the college team. She was going to get the college education that she had __20__ and worked toward for all those years.

It's true: if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.


1.A.silent B.small

C.strong D.huge


2.A.but B.and

C.so D.for

答案:A根据“nobody could”可知,“没人能阻止她”与“男生们总是试图阻止她”之间是转折关系。故选A项。

3.A.still B.again

C.well D.alone

答案:D根据下文的“She practiced dribbling (运球) and __4__ over and over.”可知,萨莉一遍又一遍练习运球和投篮,并没有比赛。因此,此处指她总是独自(alone)打球。故选D项。

4.A.passing B.running

C.shooting D.struggling



5.A.studied B.practiced

C.expected D.improved

答案:B根据上文中的“She practiced ... over and over.”可知,此处指作者询问萨莉为什么要如此努力地练习(practiced)。故选B项。

6.A.title B.prize

C.scholarship D.reward


7.A.good B.brave

C.careful D.active

答案:A根据空前的“I want to be the best one”及空后的get one(指前文的scholarship)可知,此处指她相信如果她足够优秀(good),就能得到奖学金。故选A项。

8.http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ee92ba51dc36a32d7375a417866fb84ae45cc3cc.htmlck B.talk

C.appear D.count

答案:D根据文章最后一段中的“if the dream is big enough, the facts don't count”可知,父亲告诉萨莉,如果梦想足够大,事实就不算什么(count)。故选D项。

9.A.encouraged B.respected

C.watched D.helped


10.A.victory B.confidence

C.responsibility D.profession


11.A.dropped B.buried

C.covered D.sunk

答案:B根据下文及本段最后一句中的“so she should stop dreaming about college”可知,教练告诉萨莉她太矮了,无法进入顶尖球队,此时萨莉非常失落,因此应是将头埋在(buried)臂弯里。故选B项。

12.A.walked off B.walked out

C.walked around D.walked up

答案:D根据空后的“sat down beside her”可知,此处指作者看到萨莉后,向她走去

(walked up),轻轻地坐到她旁边。故选D项。

13.A.coach B.teacher

C.captain D.leader

答案:A根据第16空前的“those coaches”可知,此处指篮球教练(coach)告诉她,以她的身高,几乎是没有机会到一流的球队去打球的,更不用说获得奖学金了。故选A项。

14.A.suggested B.sent

C.promised D.offered

答案:D根据第18空后的“offered a scholarship”可知答案为offered。offer本意为“(主动)提供”,此处用be offered表达获得学校提供的奖学金,故选D项。

15.A.worried B.excited

C.disappointed D.surprised


16.A.great B.wrong

C.strict D.cruel

答案:B根据下文“They didn't understand the __17__ of a dream.”可知,萨莉的父亲认为教练不懂梦想的力量,因此在否认教练说的话,认为那些教练是错误的(wrong)。故选B 项。

17.A.pressure B.value

C.cause D.power


18.A.exactly B.naturally

C.really D.normally

答案:C根据下文的“She was going to get the college education”可知,萨莉真的(really)获得了一份奖学金。故选C项。

19.A.taken B.admitted

C.introduced D.appointed

答案:B根据上文中的“Sally was seen by a college basketball coach”及“offered a scholarship”可知,此处指她进入了大学球队。故选B项。

20.A.dreamed of B.picked up

C.benefited from D.carried out

答案:A根据设空后的“worked toward for all those years”可知,为之努力多年的应是自



Do you make friends __1__(easy)? Do a wall-sit test and you'll find out.

Researchers at the University of Oxford did __2__study with 101 participants aged between 18 and 34. Participants first __3__(fill) out questionnaires about their social lives, and they were then asked __4__ (press) against a wall with their __5__(knee) at right angles (直角) for as long as they could, __6__can be really painful.

The results showed that the longer the participants held the position, the bigger __7__(they) outer network—or distant friends they contacted once or twice a month—was. That was__8__the brain's painkilling system is associated__9__both pain tolerance and social bonding, which means that the more active this system is, the __10__(good) you are at both.


1.easily考查词性转换。此处修饰动词短语make friends,所以要用副词,故填easily。

2.a考查冠词。句意:牛津大学的研究者们做了一项调查,该调查由18岁到34岁之间的101个人参加。study “调查”,是可数名词,此处泛指“一项调查”,所以用不定冠词a。


4.to press考查非谓语动词。ask sb. to do sth.为固定搭配,意为“要求某人做某事”,此处是其被动结构形式be asked to do sth.。故填to press。

5.knees考查名词的复数。knee “膝盖”,是可数名词,其前有their修饰,所以要用复数形式,故填knees。




9.with考查介词。be associated with为固定搭配,意为“与……有联系”,故填with。










It was on Sunday so I didn't have to go to school as usually.My parents went to the countryside to see my grandparents, left me alone.After finishing my homework, I began to play football at home.All of a sudden, I kicked the ball so hardly that it flew right onto a vase and broke it.It was great favourite of my mother's.I decided to tell my parents it was the fault of the cat for fear that she should punish me.Therefore, when they got home, I hesitated for a moment and told them that had truly happened.Instead of punishing me, they just hoped that I will never make so a foolish mistake again.

答案:第一处:去掉on。It was Sunday意为“这是星期天”。

第二处:usually→usual。as usual意为“像往常一样”。故usually改为usual。










Closed circuit television (闭路电视监控系统), called CCTV for short, is everywhere in today's society.__1__ If you take a bus to school, there will be a camera on it.When you go to the supermarket to buy some bread, a camera will be watching you walk around the shop.If you look up, you'll see cameras on many street corners, at bus stops and even in some public toilets.In 2016, an article published in The Guardian stated that there was one camera for every 11 people in Britain.__2__ CCTV is a vital tool for the police and can help the police catch people who committed crime.__3__ Sometimes the pictures aren't clear enough to identify people.Often, criminals cover their faces to avoid being caught.Recently, some talking CCTV cameras have been used in the UK, which warn criminals that their photos have been taken.

__4__ As a nation, we rely on it far too much.At what point did we decide to replace police officers with technology? __5__ If more police were around, I'm sure they'd feel just as safe! Many schools across Britain have used CCTV in classrooms, toilets and changing rooms.They say it helps prevent bullying (欺凌).Does it mean nothing else could be done instead?

A.Do we really have so much CCTV around?

B.Many people claim to feel safer as a result of CCTV.

C.However, CCTV does not always have all the answers.

D.In my opinion, CCTV has been beyond reasonable limits.

E.There are around 6 million CCTV cameras across Britain.

F.CCTV has the potential to be a weapon in the fight against crime.

G.In fact, when we go about our everyday lives, it is impossible to avoid it.






Unit 3 Computers


1.It ________ (simple) the most complex idea I have.

2.Anyhow, my goal is ________ (provide) humans with life of high quality.

3.________ (person), I think the best present is not necessarily the most expensive one. 4.With many problems ________(arise), he didn't know what to do next.

5.Christopher Columbus was seen as one of the greatest ________ (explore).答案:1.simplifies 2.to provide 3.Personally 4.arising 5.explorers


1. A good solution of the problem is to talk with the victims as soon as possible.


2.There is very much homework that I can't have much time to experience nature.


3.I am always dreaming of visiting China, and now my dream has been come true.


4.Don't blame him for breaking that vase; at all he is still a child.

________________________________________________________________________ 5.With the wealth of the country increases, more waste will be produced.

________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.of→to 2.very→so so ... that ... “如此……以至于……”。 3.去掉been

come true是不及物动词短语,不能用于被动语态。4.at→after 5.With→As或increases→increasing


I have always believed that reading books can broaden the mind, touch the heart, and enrich the soul. It can also cause your imagination to do some __1__ things at times.

I can __2__ several years ago reading a book where the hero went through several __3__ and at one point in the midst of his pain he cried out: “Where is love?” At that moment in my __4__ I leaped into the story, __5__ him by the arm and told him: “It's everywhere! It's everywhere !”__6__ is everywhere. You just have to open your heart to __7__ it.

For me it is there every time I __8__ the dawn break upon a new day. It is there every time a(n) __9__ cool breeze blows across my face. It is in the first __10__ flower of Spring. It is in the green grass of Summer. It is in the last __11__ of Fall. It is there every time my daughter __12__ at one of my foolish jokes. It is there every time my handicapped son gives me a hug. It is in the __13__ eyes of my new young dog. It is in the smile of the clerk behind the counter. It is there when I __14__ a letter from a friend. It is in everything I write and every act of __15__ I do.

The Bible tells us that “God is Love.”It __16__ us as well every time we open our hearts and souls to it. Don't shut out love then. Don't live your life in pain. Open your heart boldly. Share your love __17__. You will find that the more love you __18__,the more love you will have. You will find that the more love you __19__,the more God's love will __20__ you. You will find that when you live your life in love, you will find love everywhere.


1.A.foolish B.funny

C.ridiculous D.terrible

解析:选B根据下文中的“At that moment in my __4__ I leaped into the story, __5__ him by the arm and told him”的描述可知,阅读有时候也会让人做一些有趣的事情。foolish“愚蠢的”;funny“有趣的”;ridiculous “荒谬的”;terrible“可怕的”。

2.A.explain B.notice

C.remember D.search


3.http://m.wendangku.net/doc/ee92ba51dc36a32d7375a417866fb84ae45cc3cc.htmledies B.adjustments

C.experiences D.tragedies

解析:选D根据下文中的“and at one point in the midst of his pain cried out:‘Where is


4.A.imagination B.opinion

C.consideration D.soul

解析:选A根据上文中的“It can also cause your imagination to do some __1__ things at times.”可知,此处为原词复现,即在那一刻在作者的想象中作者走进了这个故事。imagination“想象”;opinion“观点”;consideration“考虑”;soul“灵魂”。

5.A.dragged B.pushed

C.grabbed D.hit

解析:选C根据上文中的“At that moment in my __4__ I leaped into the story”的描述可知,此处作者抓住他的胳膊告诉他。drag“拖拽”;push“推”;grab“抓住”;hit“打”。

6.A.Sympathy B.Love

C.Pity D.Complaint

解析:选B根据上文中的“Where is love”可知,此处表示作者在回应爱无处不在。sympathy“同情”;love“爱”;pity“怜悯”;complaint“抱怨”。

7.A.embrace B.see

C.believe D.observe


8.A.feel B.hear

C.smell D.watch


9.A.alive B.lively

C.live D.living


10.A.warm-hearted B.bright-colored

C.thick D.clean

解析:选B根据下文中的“It is in the green grass of Summer”的提示可知,前后形成并列,所以此处应为春天鲜艳的花朵,故选B。warm-hearted“热心的”;bright-colored“鲜艳的”;