Unit 2

1. Jack’s shirt was burned by ____ from the fire.

A) spots B) spills C) sparks D) sprays

2. The wood was so rotten that, when we pulled, it ____ into fragments.

A) broke off B) broke away C) broke up D) broke through

3. We shall have to ____ the meeting until next week, I’m afraid.

A) postpone B) conduct C) replace D) last

4. To our ____, Geoffrey’s illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared.

A) entertainment B) judgment C) relief D) relaxation

5. The working of the machine ____ that of the human brain.

A) compromises with B) competes with

C) communicates to D) corresponds to

6. The attack was the latest in a series of border ____ in that area.

A) accidents B) incidents C) events D) occurrences

7. The children will not be allowed to come with us if they don’t ____ themselves better.

A) direct B) accustom C) adjust D) behave

8. The oppressed peasants rose up in armed ____.

A) revolt B) rebel C) chaos D) challenge

9. I had to shake him several times to ____ him from his sleep.

A) rouse B) stimulate C) motivate D) prompt

10. Three days after the trial the prisoner was ____ secretly, and the body was buried under a tree inside the prison.

A) murdered B) convicted C) executed D) punished

11. His skin was ____ from years of working outdoors.

A) elastic B) clumsy C) coarse D) delicious

12. Three people were killed in a head-on ____ between a bus and a car.

A) collapse B) conflict C) collision D) crush

13. Ruth has gone back to California ____. She will not return to the East.

A) for long B) before long C) ever since D) for good


14. When the singer appeared, the audience started to ____ loudly.

A) claim B) crack C) clap D) crash

15. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a ____ going around the office that Mr. Smith is leaving at the end of the month.

A) news B) rumor C) saying D) proverb

16. I guess Jones didn’t have a chance to win the election. Almost all of the people in the city voted for his ____.

A) opponent B) candidate C) colleague D) advocate

17. He was ____ of his friend’s reputation.

A) greedy B) controversial C) competitive D) jealous

18. The newspaper uncovered a sex ____ involving several government officials.

A) shame B) conviction C) rumor D) scandal

19. The dog waiting behind the gate looked so ____ that I did not dare to go in.

A) bold B) fierce C) wild D) harmful

20. The workers there held a(n) ____ to call for better working and living conditions.

A) rally B) conjunction C) episode D) riot

21. The protest march developed into a ____ when the police tried to stop it.

A) rebel B) strike C) violation D) riot

22. He said he had ____ the performance of the new model and was surprised at what he had seen then.

A) endeavored B) demonstrated C) witnessed D) judged

23. It is my ____ wish that you use this money to further your research.

A) intensive B) generous C) earnest D) voluntary

24. He had been completely exhausted but felt considerably ____ after a meal and a rest.

A) renewed B) recreated C) reshaped D) refreshed

25. In Britain today women ____ 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work.

A) make up B) build up C) stand for D) conform to

26. The garden is ____ in a formal pattern.

A) laid up B) laid off C) laid down D) laid out

27. There are several possible explanations for the greater job stability in Japan ____ the great job

3 mobility in the United States.

A) contrary to B) in regard to C) in contrast to D) with respect to

28. Gasoline is processed from ____ oil.

A) raw B) rough C) crude D) tough

29. New Y ork ____ second in the production of apples, producing 850,000,000 pounds this year.

A) ranked B) occupied C) arranged D) classified

30. After reading the ____ of the play, the director made several changes.

A) scrape B) catalog C) category D) script

Unit 3

1. We have had to raise our prices because of the increase in the cost of ____ materials.

A) primitive B) rough C) original D) raw

2. The social security system provides ____ for retired citizens.

A) wages B) pensions C) profits D) rewards

3. It is well-known that the retired workers in our country are ____ free medical care.

A) entitled to B) involved in C) associated with D) assigned to

4. Although she was not very rich, she was quite ____ with her money.

A) noble B) flexible C) liberal D) liable

5. He received a letter of thanks for his ____ of books to the Shakespeare library.

A) publication B) donation C) acquisition D) quotation

6. The bus ran over the cliff because its ____ failed.

A) brakes B) controls C) gears D) signals

7. Not long ago, a government official whom I know very well was ____ a bribery.

A) related to B) involved in C) included in D) subjected to

8. They put in the highest ____ for the house.

A) currency B) proposal C) bid D) purchase

9. A good hunting dog is ____ to every sound and movement in the field.

A) alert B) aware C) cautious D) nervous

10. This diploma ____ that you have completed high school.

A) proves B) certifies C) secures D) approves


11. He was accused of ____ vital secrets to the enemy.

A) leaking B) loosening C) relieving D) issuing

12. Only the most sophisticated theories of modern physics can ____ this phenomenon.

A) account for B) count on C) account of D) count for

13. At the end of his trial, he was ____ of murder.

A) convicted B) convinced C) sentenced D) condemned

14. Most flowers will not ____ without sunshine.

A) cultivate B) boom C) sustain D) thrive

15. The company has an employee ____ of everyone working for them.

A) profile B) acquaintance C) administration D) acknowledgement

16. When Mary paid the bill, she was given a ____ for her money.

A) cheque B) ticket C) receipt D) label

17. There is a whole ____ of bills waiting to be paid.

A) stock B) stack C) number D) sequence

18. The members of the club ____ a plane to take them on holiday to France.

A) assembled B) dominated C) monitored D) chartered

19. Frankfurt, Germany, is in one of the most ____ populated regions of Western Europe.

A) densely B) vastly C) enormously D) largely

20. He’s well known in the ____ of foreign affair s.

A) settlement B) operation C) realm D) scope

21. She ____ the sports page to find out who had won the game.

A) plunged B) perceived C) sketched D) skimmed

22. The lighting of the Christmas tree was the ____ of the evening.

A) peak B) boom C) summit D) highlight

23. We didn’t like the color of the curtains, and so we ____ them a beautiful dark green.

A) soaked B) sketched C) dyed D) dipped

24. Bruce Stephen gripped the ____ wheel hard as the car bounced up and down.

A) stirring B) driving C) steering D) rotating

25. Y ears of heavy burden and hard work made him ____ at his early forties.

A) lower B) lean C) stoop D) bow

26. Niagara Falls is a great tourist ____, drawing millions of visitors every year.

A) attention B) attraction C) appointment D) arrangement


27. He ____ for the day when he would see his hometown again.

A) desired B) counted C) longed D) urged

28. The insurance company paid him $ 10,000 in ____ after his accident.

A) installment B) compensation C) substitution D) commitment

29. The noise ____ until she couldn’t stand it any longer.

A) set up B) rang up C) built up D) called up

30. They ____ for a progressive cause and died willingly.

A) bled B) wounded C) devoted D) departed

Unit 5

T est yourself—multiple choice

1. It took him several months to ____ the wild horse.


A) tend B) cultivate C) breed

2. I don’t think it was an accident. He did it on ____.

A) choice B) purpose C) intention D) design

3. The manager ____ the letter to his secretary, who wrote it down in short hand.


A) passed B) copied D) declared

4. He was of ____ birth; his parents had no money and lived poorly.


B) harsh C) wicked D) wrecked

5. On the way to school, there was no shelter from the rain, so the students were soaked ____.


A) wet C) on the skin D) over

6. The smoke from the burning building almost ____ the firemen and forced them to wear masks.


A) blocked B) provoked D) stroked

7. He smiled again with an air of ____ contentment and said, “It’s the first time I’ve ever done what I wanted to do.”

A) supreme B) superficial C) supplementary D) superior

8. We might say that ____ has been done when a man’s innocence and guilt has been proved beyond doubt.


A) judgment B) jury D) wrong

9. He has given all the facts at great ____ so that you may judge for yourself.


A) detail B) extent C) degree

10. She hasn’t found an apartment yet; she’s staying with her aunt ____.


A) for a long time B) for the first time


D) from time to time

11. On receiving sound waves, our eardrums ____ and cause minute electrical signals to be sent to the brain.


A) shiver B) shake D) tremble

12. Coal and petroleum are called ____ substances, because they are the remains of living things.


A) superb C) vigorous D) rotten

13. Preservatives (防腐剂) are added to bread to keep it from getting ____.


A) static B) stained C) stable

14. Here were cycles of industrial prosperity which always collapsed into industrial ____.


A) booms B) nightmares D) disadvantages

15. All men or women, young or old, short or tall, should not ____ any form of discrimination, because sooner or later we are all likely to fall victim to this dangerous practice.


A) resist B) sustain C) undergo

16. Generally, it is only when animals are trapped that they ____ to violence to escape.


B) appeal C) proceed D) incline

17. In the end, a ____ of six men and six women deliberated four days and found him guilty of murder.


A) panel C) court D) legislation

18. Although his ____ ideas were difficult to understand, I managed to go through the whole book.


B) practical C) concrete D) superficial

19. During a visit to the Forbidden City, she was heard to ____ “it’s so beautiful” three times.

A) have grasped B) have gripped


C) have claimed

20. This meat is rather tough; you have to ____ it for a long time.


B) bite C) eat D) swallow

21. We cannot judge a person simply on the ____ of his education.


A) condition C) principle D) base

22. Don’t let the child play with scissor s ______ he cuts himself.


A) only if C) now that D) so that

23. I’d grown ____ of the place and it was difficult to leave.


A) considerate B) accustomed C) attached

24. He had no qualifications; ____, he got the job.


A) but C) despite D) instead

7 25. Don’t forget to ____ the letter before you post it.


A) stick B) fasten D) enclose

26. The child got a ____ from his mother for being rude.


A) slip B) strap C) snap

27. The bond of true affection had pulled us—six very different men from six very different countries—across


B) as usual

C) in particular D) for all

28. The couple separated because they were not ____.


B) equivalent C) consistent D) uniform

29. He made several interesting discoveries when he ____ a monkey recently.


B) tried on C) experimented with D) tried with

30. Their specialities ____ from Chinese literature, history and philosophy to law, sciences, and traditional

Chinese medicine.


A) alter B) separate D) differ

Unit 6

1. I said I would do it and I ____ my promise.


A) stand up to B) stand for D) stand up for

2. Mr. Morgan can be very sad ____, though in public he is extremely cheerful.


A) by oneself B) in person D) as individual

3. Color-blind people often find it difficult to ____ between blue and green.


A) separate C) compare D) contrast

4. Keeping what belongs to another ____ to stealing.


A) applies B) accounts C) attaches

5. The time taken on your journey, together with your ____, will enable you to calculate how far you have travelled.


A) distance B) rate D) motion

6. The newly-built Science Building seems ____ enough to last a hundred years.


A) static B) sophisticated C) steady

7. Helen groups all people into two ____: those she likes and those she dislikes.


A) specimens C) catalogs D) sectors

8 8. Fry rejected the accepted ____ of behavior and married one of his servants.


A) hint C) signal D) advice

9. We couldn’t see much because there was only a ____ light in the room.


A) delicate B) disguised C) depressed

10. The truck driver was proved ____ of the crime.


A) indifferent B) independent D) inevitable

11. His argument does not suggest that mankind can ____ to be wasteful in the utilization of these resources.


A) resort B) grant D) entitle

12. He takes a 10% ____ on all the sales he makes: if he sells goods worth $100 he gets $10.


A) portion B) proportion C) concession

13. Putting in a new window will ____ cutting away part of the roof.


A) include C) contain D) comprise

14. The authorities ____ tourists from visiting the secret factory.


A) banged B) bound C) bonded

15. There are certain ____ on which you must interrupt people who are in the middle of doing something.


A) conditions C) situations D) environments

16. We had to ____ a lot of noise when the children were at home.


A) go in for B) hold on to D) keep pace with

17. The new regulation does not ____ until the first of March.


C) put into effect D) go into effect

18. After dinner, the two men ____ into the study where they could talk freely.


B) restored C) restrained D) resigned

19. Tom could not ____ the last problem on the arithmetic test.


A) fill out C) find out D) filter out

20. Adam has a good position and will pay you back ____.


A) lastly B) inevitably D) equally

21. The careless man received a ticket for speeding. He ____ have driven so fast.


A) can’t shouldn’t C) wouldn’t D) mustn’t

22. While crossing the mountain area, all the men carried guns lest they ____ by wild animals.


B) must be attacked C) had been attacked D) would be attacked

23. Anna was reading a piece of science fiction, completely ____ to the outside world.


A) having been lost B) losing C) to be lost

9 24. They always give the vacant seats to ____ comes first.


B) who? C) whomever D) whom

25. He said that the driver must have had an accident; otherwise he ____ by then.?


B) should arrive C) must have arrived D) would arrive

26. Such crimes may be so complex that months or years go by before anyone ____ them.


A) would have discovered B) discovered C) will discover

27. If I ____ harder at school, I would be sitting in a comfortable office now.


A) worked C) were to work D) were working

28. ____ much is known about what occurs during sleep, the precise function of sleep and its different stages remains largely in the realm of assumption.?


A) Because B) SinceC) For

29. Professor Wang, ____ for his informative lectures, was warmly received by his students.?


A) knowing B) to be known D) having known

30. It is high time that such practices ____.


A) are ended D) must be ended

1. In developing countries people are ____ into overcrowded cities in great numbers.

A) breaking B) filling C) hurrying D) pouring

2. The girl wanted a job and asked if there were any ____ positions in the company.

A) blank B) vacant C) bare D) hollow

3. He is having heat ____ for his sore shoulder.

A) remedy B) heal C) therapy D) clinic

4. W e couldn’t make the cake because we didn’t have some of the main ____.

A) ingredients B) factors C) components D) compounds

5. John Dewey believed that education should be a preparation for life, that a person learns by doing, and that teaching must ____ the curiosity and creativity of children.

A) seek B) stimulate C) shape D) secure

6. Fuel shortage and price increases ____ automobile designers to develop completely new lines of small cars and trucks.

A) prompted B) persuaded C) promoted D) imposed

7. Without the friction between their feet and the ground, people would ____ be able to walk.

A) in no time B) by all means C) in no way D) on any account


8. She had a ____ in which God appeared before her.

A) sight B) view C) vision D) glimpse

9. The two areas are similar ____ they both have a high rainfall during the season.

A) except that B) in that C) in which D) besides that

10. What you should say in your speech is entirely ____ you.

A) up to B) due to C) owing to D) according to

11. John made some mistakes in the test, but his answers were ____ right.

A) no less than B) more than C) more or less D) less than

12. His body temperature has been ____ for three days, the highest point reaching 40oC.

A) uncommon B) extraordinary C) disordered D) abnormal

13. The proposals to reduce the strength of the army have been the subject of much ____.

A) chaos B) clash C) controversy D) confusion

14. That photo always ____ me of a holiday I spent in Switzerland.

A) remembers B) recalls

C) recovers D) reminds

15. Among all the changes resulting from the ____ entry of women into the work force, the transformation that has occurred in the women themselves is not the least important.

A) massive B) proportional C) surplus D) statistic

16. This terrorist attack has been ____ by the entire international community.

A) condemned B) scolded C) criticized D) blamed

17. A lot of people make the ____ that poverty only exists in the past.

A) perception B) fantasy C) assumption D) suggestion

18. ____ the danger from enemy action, people had to cope with a severe shortage of food, clothing, fuel, and almost everything.

A) As long as B) As far as C) As soon as D) As well as

19. Areas where students have particular difficulty have been treated ____ particular care.

A) in B) by C) with D) under

20. This is the nurse who ____ to me when I was ill in hospital.

A. attended

B. accompanied

C. entertained

D. shielded

21. The ____ of airplane engines announced a coming air raid.

A) siren B) roar C) whistle D) exclamation

22. The advertisement says this material doesn’t ____ in the wash, but it has.


A) dissolve B) contract C) slim D) shrink

23. A culture in which the citizens share similar religious beliefs and values is more likely to have laws that represent the wishes of its people than is a culture where citizens come from ____ backgrounds.

A) identical B) influential C) extensive D) diverse

24. She ____ her trip to New Y ork because she was ill.

A) went off B) called off C) put up D) closed down

25. The work was almost complete when we receive orders to ____ no further with it.

A) progress B) march C) proceed D) promote

26. Y ou will not be ____ about your food in time of great hunger.

A) particular B) peculiar C) special D) specific

27. He gave a ____ to handle the affair in a friendly manner.

A) motion B) mission C) pledge D) plunge

28. I was about to ____ a match when I remembered T om’s warning.

A) scrape B) rub C) strike D) hit

29. All the tasks ____ ahead of time, they decided

to go on holiday for a week.

A) had been fulfilled B) were fulfilled

C) been fulfilled D) having been fulfilled

30. The president promised to keep all the board members ____ of how the negotiations were going on.

A) informed B) inform

C) be informed D) informing

Unit 9

B. Multiple Choice

1. My cases were too heavy, and the airline charged me $40 for ____ baggage.

A) extensive B) exclusive C) extreme D) excess

2. T o write it as I wanted, however, would ____ all the rules of formal composition I’d learned in school, and Mr. Fleagle would surely give it a failing grade.

A) obey B) regulate C) violate D) make

3. ____ plants need to be protected from cold wind and frost.


A) Refined B) Moderate C) Mild D) Delicate

4. When the bell rang, people walked out of their homes and ____ on the village square.

A) assembled B) dismissed C) dissolved D) disappeared

5. The rain came almost on ____ because the crops were in bad need of it.

A) plan B) arrangement C) schedule D) purpose

6. Last year the company’s ____ profits amounted to six and a half million dollars.

A) excessive B) comprehensive C) utter D) overall

7. This album (签名薄) is ____ as it was the only one signed by President.

A) unusual B) unique C) rare D) singular

8. Mr. Smith bought the curtain with a(n) ____ pattern of flowers on it.

A) detailed B) developed C) elaborate D) careful

9. They lack sufficient resources to ____ their campaign for long.

A) sustain B) contain C) retain D) attain

10. Many university courses are not really ____ to the needs of students or their future employers.

A) associated B) related C) geared D) qualified

11. For all babies, breastfeeding is far ____ to bottle-feeding.

A) substantial B) superior C) superb D) significant

12. ____ normal weather, they will raise the output by another 10 percent.

A) Given B) If C) Even if D) On condition that

13. The football player reacted ____ the judge’s decision by withdrawing from the match.

A) on B) to C) against D) by

14. The returns in the short ____ may be small, but over a number of years the investment will be well


A) interval B) range C) span D) term

15. His statement is ____ his previous attitude to the subject.

A) in the light of B) in the course of C) in place D) in line with

16. Y oung people are not ____ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in.

A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous

17. The early pioneers had to ____ many hardships to settle on the new land.

A) go along with B) go back on C) go through D) go into

18. Peter, who had been driving all day, suggested ____ at the next town.

A) to stop B) stopping C) stop D) having stopped


19. This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen ____ comfortably.

A) is worn B) wears C) wearing D) are worn

20. The director was critical ____ the way we were doing the work.

A) at B) in C) of D) with

21. In a sudden ____ of anger, the man tore up everything within reach.

A) attack B) burst C) split D) blast

22. W e take our skin for granted until it is burned ____ repair.

A) beyond B) for C) without D) under

23. Being a pop star can be quite a hard life, with a lot of traveling ____ heavy schedules.

A) with regard to B) as to C) in relation to D) owing to

24. William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, ____ defended the right of every citizen to freedom of

choice in religion.

A) peculiarly B) indifferently C) vigorously D) inevitably

25. I hope all the precautions against air pollution, ____ suggested by the local government, will be seriously considered here.

A) while B) since C) after D) as

26. Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful ____ in the market.

A) batteries B) bargains C) baskets D) barrels

27. In previous times, when fresh meat was in short ____, pigeons were kept by many households as a source of food.

A) store B) provision C) reserve D) supply

28. As Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, I have directed that all measures ____ for our defense.

A) had been taken B) would be taken C) be taken D) to be taken

29. After the guests left, she spent half an hour ____ the sitting-room.

A) ordering B) arranging C) tidying up D) clearing away

30. I was ____ the point of telephoning him when his letter arrived.

A) to B) on C) at D) in

Unit 10


T e s t Y o u r s e l f-----M u l t i p l e C h o i c e

1.T h e r i s i n g o f p r i c e s w i l l____o f f d e m a n d s f o r p a y i n c r e a s e s.

A)t r a i l B)s w i t c h C)t r i g g e r D)n u d g e

2.O n e o f t h e a t t r a c t i v e f e a t u r e s o f t h e c o u r s e w a s t h e w a y t h e p r a c t i c a l w o r k h a d b e e n____w i t h t h e t h e o r e t i c a l

a s p e c t s o f t h e s u

b j e

c t.

A)i n v o l v e d B)i n t e g r a t e d C)i n v e s t e d D)i n s t r u c t e d

3.P a r e n t s’v i e w s i n f l u e n c e t h e i r c h i l d r e n’s____o f t h e w o r l d.

A)i n s i g h t s B)p e r c e p t i o n s C)b a n n e r s D)p o r t r a i t s

4.W h e n c o n s t r u c t i o n c a n b e g i n d e p e n d s o n h o w s o o n t h e____o f t h e r o u t e i s c o m p l e t e d.

A)c o n v i c t i o n B)o r i e n t a t i o n C)c o n v e y D)i d e n t i t y

5.T h e g o v e r n m e n t____a h e a v y t a x o n t o b a c c o,w h i c h a r o u s e d o p p o s i t i o n f r o m t h e t o b a c c o i n d u s t r y.

A)p r o n o u n c e d B)c o m p l i e d C)i m p o s e d D)p r e s c r i b e d

6.T h e p o s t-W o r l d W a r I I b a b y____r e s u l t e d i n a43%i n c r e a s e i n t h e n u m b e r o f t e e n a g e r s i n t h e1960s a n d1970s.

A)b o o s t B)p r o d u c t i o n C)b o o m D)p r o s p e r i t y

7.H e n r y w e n t t h r o u g h t h e d o c u m e n t s a g a i n c a r e f u l l y f o r f e a r o f____a n y i m p o r t a n t d a t a.

A)r e l a y i n g C)d e l e t i n g B)o v e r l o o k i n g D)r e v e a l i n g

8.H e c o m p l e t e l y____h i s f a m i l y a n d m a k e s a l l t h e d e c i s i o n s.

A)p r e s i d e s C)o p e r a t e s B)o c c u p i e s D)d o m i n a t e s

9.A d a r k s u i t i s____t o a l i g h t o n e f o r e v e n i n g w e a r.

A)p r o p e r B)s u i t a b l e C)f a v o r a b l e D)p r e f e r a b l e

10.L i g h t n i n g i s a____o f e l e c t r i c a l c u r r e n t f r o m a c l o u d t o t h e g r o u n d o r f r o m o n e c l o u d t o a n o t h e r.

A)r u s h B)r a i n b o w C)r a c k D)r i b b o n

11.I c a u g h t a____o f t h e t a x i b e f o r e i t d i s a p p e a r e d a r o u n d t h e c o r n e r o f t h e s t r e e t.

A)v i s i o n B)g l i m p s e C)l o o k D)s c e n e

12.M a n y h o u s e s c o u l d b e w a r m e r i f t h e y w e r e____s o t h a t t h e h e a t i s n o t l o s t.

A)i n s u l a t e d B)s i m u l a t e d C)s t i m u l a t e d D)r a d i a t e d

13.A l t h o u g h h e h a s h a d n o f o r m a l e d u c a t i o n h e i s o n e o f t h e____b u s i n e s s m e n i n t h e c o m p a n y.

A)n a s t i e s t B)s h r e w d e s t C)a l e r t e s t D)s t e r n e s t

14.T h e l a w y e r a d v i s e d h i m t o d r o p t h e____,s i n c e h e s t a n d s l i t t l e c h a n c e t o w i n.

A)e v e n t B)i n c i d e n t C)c a s e D)a f f a i r

15.S o m e t i m e s c h i l d r e n h a v e t r o u b l e____f a c t f r o m f i c t i o n a n d m a y b e l i e v e t h a t s u c h t h i n g s a c t u a l l y e x i s t.

A)t o s e p a r a t e B)s e p a r a t i n g C)f o r s e p a r a t i n g D)o f s e p a r a t i n g


16.T h e r e w a s a b i g h o l e i n t h e r o a d w h i c h____t h e t r a f f i c.

A)h e l d u p B)s t o o d b a c k C)s e t b a c k D)k e p t d o w n

17.I t i s w e l l k n o w n t h a t k n o w l e d g e i s t h e_____c o n d i t i o n f o r e x p a n s i o n o f m i n d.

A)i n c o m p a t i b l e B)i n c r e d i b l e C)i n d e f i n i t e D)i n d i s p e n s a b l e

18.T h e s t a t i s t i c a l f i g u r e s i n t h a t r e p o r t a r e n o t_____.Y o u s h o u l d n o t r e f e r t o t h e m.

A)a c c u r a t e B)f i x e d C)d e l i c a t e D)r i g i d

19.T h e f o o t b a l l g a m e c o m e s t o y o u____f r o m N e w Y o r k.

A)l i v e l y B)a l i v e C)l i v e D)l i v i n g

20.T h e m o t h e r d i d n’t k n o w w h o____f o r t h e b r o k e n g l a s s.

A)b l a m e d B)t o b l a m e C)b e b l a m e d D)w o u l d b l a m e

21.T h e s h i p s’g e n e r a t o r b r o k e d o w n,a n d t h e p u m p s h a d t o b e o p e r a t e d____i n s t e a d o f m e c h a n i c a l l y.

A)m a n u a l l y B)a r t i f i c i a l l y C)a u t o m a t i c a l l y D)s y n t h e t i c a l l y

22.Y o u w o u l d b e____a r i s k t o l e t y o u r c h i l d g o t o s c h o o l b y h i m s e l f.

A)o m i t t i n g B)a t t a c h i n g C)a f f o r d i n g D)r u n n i n g

23.B r i t a i n h a s t h e h i g h e s t_____o f r o a d t r a f f i c i n t h e w o r l d—o v e r60c a r s f o r e v e r y m i l e o f r o a d.

A)p o p u l a r i t y B)d e n s i t y C)i n t e n s i t y D)p r o s p e r i t y

24.T h e p o l i c e a r e s u s p i c i o u s____h i s w o r d s b e c a u s e h e a l r e a d y h a s a r e c o r d.

A)t o B)a t C)o n D)o f

25.Y o u s h o u l d____t o o n e o r m o r e w e e k l y m a g a z i n e s s u c h a s T i m e,o r N e w s w e e k.

A)a s c r i b e B)o r d e r C)r e c l a i m D)s u b s c r i b e

26.T h i s m o v i e i s n o t____f o r c h i l d r e n t o s e e;i t c o n t a i n s t o o m u c h v i o l e n c e a n d t o o m a n y l o v e s c e n e s.

A)p r o f o u n d B)v a l i d C)u p r i g h t D)d e c e n t

27.T h e____l a w y e r m a d e a g r e a t i m p r e s s i o n o n t h e j u r y.

A)d e f e n d i n g B)g u a r d i n g C)s h i e l d i n g D)p r o t e c t i n g

28.T h e d a m a g e t o h i s c a r w a s____;t h e r e f o r e,h e c o u l d r e p a i r i t h i m s e l f.

A)a p p r e c i a b l e B)n e g l i g i b l e C)c o n s i d e r a b l e D)i n v i s i b l e

29.T h e l i t t l e g i r l w a s____b y t h e d e a t h o f h e r d o g s i n c e h e r a f f e c t i o n f o r t h e p e t h a d b e e n r e a l a n d d e e p.

A)g r i e v e d B)s u p p r e s s e d C)o p p r e s s e d D)s u s t a i n e d

30.S o m e c h i l d r e n d i s p l a y a n____c u r i o s i t y a b o u t e v e r y n e w t h i n g t h e y e n c o u n t e r.

A)i n c r e d i b l e B)i n f e c t i o u s C)i n c o m p a t i b l e D)i n a c c e s s i b l e