STR邀请函格式letter of invitation 2015

STR邀请函格式letter of invitation 2015

Our ref: Your ref: Date: 9 November 2015

Federal Republic of Nigerian - China

2号 Sanlitun East 5th St Chaoyang,

Beijing, China

Dear Sir,

Ref:name of person - Passport No.

Please accept herewith an application for an STR Visa for Mr - who has been offered the position of Electrical Technician under the expatriate quota reference ……dated 9th October 2014 with employ company name and has been asked to join the company three months from the date of this letter.

We accept full immigration responsibilities on their behalf and the Company will also be responsible for their feeding and accommodation.

Yours faithfully,

for the employ company name

Assistant Director - Head, Human Resources