Unit 5 Rhythm 课时练(一~三)

Unit 5 Rhythm




1.His book reached an even wider audience (观众) when it was made into a movie.

2.She is innocent; it was a case of mistaken identity (身份).

3.It is the first car of its type (类型) to have this design feature.

4.Bill quitted (辞职) his job because he thought he couldn't get along well with the boss.

5.He has a unique (独特的) talent. Other people cannot compare with him in this field.

6.I'm looking for something a little more out of the ordinary (普通的).

7.The police are reported to have found the treasure (财宝) in an abandoned well.

8.He represented (宣称) himself as a philosopher, who studied abroad many years ago.

9.It's extraordinary (意想不到的) that he managed to sleep through the party.

10.I suppose that it will take a little while to develop new talent (人才).


1.He was awarded a prize for his contribution to world peace.

2.Sickness, combined (combine) with terrible weather, ruined the trip.

3.Much to his mother's disappointment, her son didn't pass the entrance examination.

4.So clever was he that he was able to work out all the difficult problems.

5.He left the classroom without permission (permit).

6.The competition attracted over 500 competitors representing (represent) 18 different countries.

7.It is their responsibility (responsible) to ensure that the rules are enforced.

8.Don't stand in the/my way; I'm busy packing up my baggage.

9.We used to_see (see) each other regularly, but I haven't heard from him since last year.

10.Since taking a bus has more advantages, why don't you quit using (use) your private car and have a try?

11.Mary's pet dog died. That's why she cried in her bedroom.

12.In a word, the Program aims to encourage students to be active citizens and engage themselves in making a difference in society.

13.I am deeply impressed by the great changes that have taken place in the school over the past three years.