1、The church bells keep me from _____________.

A.sleep B.slept C.sleeping D.to sleep

2、He spent some time trying to _____ out what Kurt would be doing.

A.figure B.consider C.turn D.watch

3、______________ go to a doctor unless you really suffer.

A.No B.Never C.Do not D.Only

4、The computer has changed so many _____________ of life.

A.areas B.sections C.aspects D.sides

5、She has ___________ in her daughter's good judgment.

A.believe B.belief C.believable D.believed

6、Nearly half the population _____ by the sudden spread of the previous disease.

A.will be wiped out B.was wiped out

C.have been wiped out D.are wiped out

7、They will not go swimming if it __________ tomorrow.

A.rain B.will rain C.rained D.rains

8、He is _____ of everyone who disagrees with him.

A.doubt B.distrust C.suspicious D.uncertain

9、__________ the most enjoyment from your valuable antiques, read as much as you can on the subject. A.Getting B.Got C.To get D.Get

10、What ____________ have you planned for this evening?

A.entertain B.entertaining

C.entertainment D.entertainingly

11、She ______________ her duty next week.

A.is taking off B.is taking up

C.takes in D.takes away

12、He made some _______________ remarks on his ______________ poem.

A.favorite,favorite B.favorite,favorable

C.favorable,favorable D.favorable,favorite

13、The house ______________ at the corner of the street was built in 1949.

A.standing B.stand C.stood D.to stand

14、The weather is not very pleasant, but ____________ the fog has gone.

A.at most B.at best C.at last D.at least

15、Do it now. ______________ it will be too late.

A.Since B.And C.But D.Otherwise

16、It gave them ___________ from their labors.

A.relax B.relaxing C.relaxation D.being relaxed

17、Did the medicine have a good _____________?

A.influence B.affect C.effect D.result 18、You will not pass the examination, ____________ you work harder.

A.if B.because C.unless D.in case

19、Circumstances can develop and strengthen and deepen one's ______________.

A.body B.brain C.character D.spirit

20、The old Muslim temple ______________ a lot of stories about the war.

A.speaks B.tells C.says D.announces

21、In some big cities, ancient houses exist side ___________ side with modern buildings.

A.into B.to C.of D.by

22、I don't like to read such books; besides, I _____________ the time.

A.have B.don't have C.have no D.am not having

23、In ancient times people used to _____________ that the earth was flat.

A.think B.thinking C.thought D.thinks

24、This product is excellent: it is of the highest ______________.

A.qualify B.quality C.quantity D.quantify

25、He would rather __________ his opportunity to study abroad than leave the research unfinished. A.make up B.take up C.give up D.put out

26、Richard went to the shop because he ___________a suit for his job interview.

A.need to buy B.needed to buy

C.needed buy D.did need buy

27、Wet weather may __________ for a few more days.

A.continued B.continual C.continue D.continuous

28、This song reminds me __________ France during the Revolution.

A.to B.of C.in D.on

29、She was about to leave ___________ the telephone rang.

A.when B.at the same time

C.while D.since

30、Sandy could do nothing but ____________ to his teacher that he was wrong.

A.admit B.admitted C.admitting D.to admit

31、The floor __________ washing every Monday.

A.demands B.requires C.asks D.requests

32、I'll talk to you about it ___________ when you are free.

A.some time B.sometimes C.sometime D.other time

33、The girl often spends a lot of time ___________ herself.

A.to dress B.dressing C.dress D.dresses

34、I'm afraid your bike is ___________ the way. Would you mind taking it away?

A.by B.in C.on D.at

35、A computer can only do ___________ you instruct it to do.

A.how B.after C.what D.when

36、The rich man _____ a hospital and a school in the town where he was born.

A.find B.founded C.had found D.fund

37、It's not right ___________ children to stay up late.

A.for B.as C.of D.with

38、Land animals are believed _____ from sea animals.

A.to have developed B.to be developing

C.developing D.developed

39、Visitors _________ not to touch the exhibits.

A.will request B.request

C.are requesting D.are requested

40、_____ , people are returning to the nature.

A.Greatly B.Quickly C.Increasingly D.Basically

41、You had better take an umbrella _____ it rains.

A.in case of B.in no case C.in case D.in any case

42、The old people can join in various organized _____, such as sight-seeing tours and theatre visits. A.acts B.active C.actions D.activities

43、The little girl turned _____ her mother for comfort.

A.for B.on C.down D.to

44、The workers were not ___________ for the accident.

A.to blame B.being blamed C.blaming D.to be blamed

45、It will be three years _____ we meet again.

A.since B.for C.after D.before

46、Chinese people love the cheerful _____ of the Spring Festival.

A.breath B.atmosphere C.climate D.weather

47、The government has promised to take ___________ to help the unemployed.

A.measure B.measures C.method D.way

48、To answer correctly is more important than __________.

A.finishing quickly B.you finish quickly

C.to finish quickly D.a quick finish

49、Their boss required that they _____ all night.

A.would work B.should work C.must work D.worked

50、There is a bell _____ the patient's reach.

A.with B.in C.within D.of

二、判断题(T or F。每题2分,共20分)

1、Based on Unit 2 Text A: the phrase “hold great value” (para. 5) means "be worth much money".

2、Based on Unit 2 Text A: The phrase “to learn which items will increase in value or are liked by collectors” (para. 6) means to know which i tems will become more valuable and be wanted by collectors.

3、Based on Unit 1 Text B: The author thinks that learning English is like taking Chinese medicine because learning is a very hard job.

4、Based on Unit 5 Text A: According to the passage mountain climbing is popular where mountains are high.

5、Based on Unit 1 Text B: By “real Chinese”, the author means those Chinese who are not tourist guides.

6、Based on Unit 7 Text A, the main reason for students to bring a PC to college is they need it for study and daily life.

7、Based on Unit 10 Text A, when people open a checking account, they can borrow money without paying interest.

8、Based on Unit 10 Text A, the fees for renting safe deposit boxes from the bank are usually paid once a year.

9、Based on Unit 9 Text B, happiness is a stimulus that will cause a response.

10、Based on Unit 10 Text A, people can withdraw cash from the ATM any time if they have money in their accounts.


Text 1

The best way to improve your reading ability is, of course, to read. As a student, you must make a real effort to improve your reading speed as well as your comprehension with each exercise. Too many students read passively and without judgment; they simply start at the first word and read through to the end. You should read a passage actively, selectively and purposely. You must believe that you indeed have the ability to read faster and understand more, and that you will.

Reading, like everything else in life, is best done when you are relaxed (不紧张的). The key to improve it is concentration. You must be willing to break some old habits and form new ones. Extra body movement, such as turning the head from side to side, pointing at the line with a finger or a pencil, or moving the lips, should be stopped immediately. Reading is mostly a mental process and body movement helps neither speed nor comprehension. Then you should see words as part of a whole sentence or paragraph, not just in isolation. This is why a slow, word-by-word student often understands far less, missing much of the joy and excitement of reading.

The student must learn to improve reading skills on their own, and not just when a teacher is looking over his shoulder. Reading improvement takes discipline (训练) and effort. Don't give up.

1. It is necessary for you to ________ if you want to improve your reading ability.

A. read a passage actively, selectively and purposely

B. read a passage carefully word by word

C. start at the first word

D. read a passage from the beginning to the end

2. The title of the passage might be "________".

A. Trying Different Reading Methods

B. How to Develop Good Habits in Reading

C. How to Improve Your Reading Ability

D. Getting Rid of Your Bad Habits While Reading

3. Those who fail to read effectively usually read a passage ________.

A. paragraph by paragraph

B. without thinking

C. faster than others

D. in great details

4. According to the author, all the following are the bad habits in reading EXCEPT ________.

A. moving the lips

B. pointing at words with something

C. turning the head from side to side

D. holding a book in hands

5. The phrase "looking over his shoulder" in Paragraph 3 may best be replaced by "________".

A. watching him

B. examining his shoulder

C. encouraging him

D. talking to him

Text 2

The market is a concept. If you are growing tomatoes in your backyard for sale you are producing for the market. You might sell some to your neighbor and some to the manager of the local supermarket. In either case, you are producing for the market. Your efforts are being directed by the market. If people stop buying tomatoes, you will stop producing them.

If you take care of a sick person to earn money, you are producing for the market. If your father is a steelworker or a truck driver or a doctor or a grocer, he is producing goods or service for the market.

When you spend your income, you are buying things from the market. You may spend money in stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and restaurants. Still you are buying things from the market. When the local grocer hires you to drive the delivering truck, he is buying your labor in the labor market.

The market may seem to be something abstract (抽象的). But for each person or business who is making and selling something, it's concrete (具体的). If nobody buys your tomatoes, it won't be long before you get the message. The market is telling you something. It's telling you that you are using energies and resources in doing something the market doesn't want you to do. 6. Which of the following would be the best title for the passage?

A. A Concept of the Market.

B. What Is the Market?

C. What to Produce for the Market?

D. Market Tells You What to Produce.

7. All of the following acts are producing for the market EXCEPT _________.

A. teaching in a school

B. driving a taxi

C. taking care of your children

D. growing vegetables for sale

8. You are buying things from the market when you ________.

A. borrow a bike from your friend

B. have a meal prepared by your mother

C. are driven to school by your father

D. take a bus to the seaside for a holiday

9. According to the last paragraph, growing tomatoes for sale is something _____ for a peasant.

A. necessary

B. concrete

C. important

D. real

10. From the passage we know that the market can ________.

A. provide you with the information about your products

B. help you raise output

C. provide you with everything

D. help you save money

Text 3

Part-time jobs are nothing new to us college students. It is common for students to practice their salesmanship when they have free time. However, I was extremely shocked when I learned one of our teachers had also joined in the profit-making business.

She is our physical education teacher. The other day she publicly commented (评论) on the pimples (丘疹) on a student's face and then presented the girl with a sample bottle of nameless face cream (霜).

According to the teacher, the face cream was produced in France. Each small bottle costs more than 40 yuan.

D. the teacher has given her students proper education and training From my viewpoint, it is a complete waste of money to buy such thing. "Why don't you refuse to buy it?" I

suggested to the girl. She signed, "If I do that, I am afraid that my teacher may give me a lower mark in PE." In

other words, as long as she made a good deal (交易) with the teacher, an "excellent" on her PE course would follow.

I was depressed. The teacher abused (滥用) her social role. Her priority should be to give us proper education

and training. Instead, she is trying to make a profit from us. She is unfit to be a good "engineer in cultivating (培养)

the spirit of mankind".

11. The idea for students to do part-time jobs is _______.

A. unheard

B. uncommon

C. surprising

D. not fresh

12. The teacher made a comment on the pimples on a student's face in order to ________.

A. sell something

B. show concern for the students

C. make her lessons more interesting

D. help her students learn something

13. The writer believes that the cream ______.

A. is worthy buying

B. is of high quality

C. is useless

D. can cure the pimples on the student's face

14. We may infer that _______.

A. many students bought the cream

B. no students bought the cream

C. the writer got some free cream

D. the cream was made by the teacher herself

15. From the passage we can infer that ________.

A. some students have failed their PE exams

B. the students don't like the teacher

C. the teacher is welcome by her students