新世纪大学英语综合教程1Unit2Learning a Language习题答案

(P54)2.In the box below are some of the words you have learned in this unit. Complete the following sentences with them. Change the form where necessary.

1)I like that singer a lot, but I haven’t been able to obtain his latest CD anywhere.

2)Jim said he was very confident that the project would be successful.

3)Nowadays people prefer to communicate with one another by e mail.

4)Being tall gave him a(n) advantage over the other players.

5)He based his article on the relevant information he had gathered.

6)Role play is helpful in developing communication skills.

7)Sometimes she eats a lot and sometimes nothing at all;she just goes from one extreme to the other.

8)My trip to Australia proved to be a most enjoyable experience.

9)It is assumed that the Internet is an efficient means of communication.

10)I’m afraid that getting things changed is a slow process.

11)Traffic is terribly bad nowadays, particularly in the city center.

12)There are too many character in this novel; could you spare

a few minutes and help me clear up my confusion?

13)Her behavior of smoking in public really astonish us.

14)All the students are interested in his lectures; apparently he is a qualified teacher.

3 In the boxes below are some of the expressions you have learned in this unit. Do you understand their meanings? Do you know how to use them in the proper context? Now check for yourself by doing the blank filing exercise. Change the from where necessary.

1)It is not that I don’t li ke this singer. The fact is that I’m not very fond of country music.

2)The cost relate directly to the amount of time spent on the project.

3) The story is so interesting that I cannot help reading the next chapter to find out what’s going to happen.

4)To a certain extent, it was my fault that we lost the match.

5)Girls may bring their boy friends to the party and vice versa.

6)He is always ready to help others;no doubt he’ll be willing to help you, too.

7)The new vaccine may rid the world of one of its most terrifying diseases.

8)I assume that the misunderstanding between the two sides will

be clear up soon.

9)You must pay $2000; or else, you will have to go to prison.

10)We must fight pollution and protect our environment at all costs.

11)I said he would forget, and sure enough he said.

12)He cannot ride a bicycle, let alone a motorbike.

13)In his hurry to leave the room he left his gold watch on the desk.

14)It’s no use worrying about Jim; he is now with his aunt who loves him and will no doubt take good care of him.

15)He wants to improve his English by reading dictionaries, but in my opinion, it is not an effective method of learning. 16)I called Linda last night and asked her if the exhibition of Chinese paintings in her university worth seeing. Increasing Your Word Power

1 1) C 2) d 3) b 4) b 5) b 6) d

2 1)You need a(n) highly/very efficient production manager if you want to increase your production.

2)As he is becoming older and weaker, his hands are not quite/very steady now.

3)It was becoming quite/very/increasingly apparent to me that he dislikes me.

4)It would be quite/simply/very ridiculous to spend all your money overnight.

3 1) logician 2) magician 3) mathematician

4) journalist 5) industrialist 6) environmentalist

7) laborer 8) murderer 9) conqueror

10) survivor

Grammar in Context


1)I would/should love to travel round the world if I had the chance.

2)I should/would have gone to Beijing if I had known Maggie was going to be there, too.

3)I am not quite clear about her travel plans, but her next destination might be Paris.

4)If she had worked harder, she would have passed the examination.

5)You must be 18 years old to apply for a driver license.

6)He can’t be in the dormitory now. I met him in the library just a moment ago.

7)We should try to speak English whenever and wherever we can; otherwise, we would have little chance to practice our English.

8)Henry must have arrived in Shanghai by now, for the plane took

off three hours ago.



The expedition might have reached the top of the mountain by now.


If there should be any change in the schedule, please let me know in time.

3)乘客必须在航班出发前45分钟办理登机手续。(must)Passengers must check in 45 minutes prior to flight departure.


Hurry up! It would be a pity to miss the concert.

5)站在远处的那个人不可能是李先生,他昨天下午去纽约了。(can)The man standing in the distance can’t be Mr. Li, for he left for New York yesterday afternoon.


1) doubt 2) efficient 3) where 4) advantage

5) afford 6) claim 7) fluently 8) qualified

9) extent 10) ridiculous 11) perfect 12) as

13) because 14) individual


1)这个婴儿还不会爬(crawl),更不要说走了。(let alone)

T he baby can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk.

2)威尔声称谋杀案发生时他正和一群朋友吃饭,但是我认为他在说谎。(c laim, in one’s opinion)

Will claimed he was dining hall with a group of friends at the time of the murder, but in my opinion he told a lie.


To a certain extent the speed of reading is closely related to reading skill; and with reading skills you can cope with outside class reading better.


Can you tak e a look at the engine to see what’s wrong?

5)有些人想当然地认为日语中的每一个词在汉语中都有对应的词语。Some people assume that there is a Chinese equivalent for every Japanese word.


We have passed all relevant information on the police.

7)关于那件事你问我再多的问题也没用,因为我是不会回答你的。There is no use asking me any more questions about that matter because I won’t answer.


It was a mistake on Jim’s part to sign the contract without

reading it carefully.


They refused to provide us with all the information we need.


This accident is very similar to the one that happened three years ago.


The film is based on a play by Shakespeare adapt.


If you have a good command of English and computer skills, you will surely have an advantage over others in finding a job.