Unit 5 Wild animals单元基础知识水平测试


1.I spend my free time_______(主要地)doing sports.

2.Andy thought for a_______(一会儿)and then had a wonderful idea.

3. The poor animal_______(死亡)yesterday because he ate something dirty from visitors.

4. Animals'_______(厚的)fur can help them keep warm in winter.

5.It is a_______(羞愧)that we lost the game.

6.There are lots of_______(野生的)animals in this forest.

7.Let's start again from the_______(开始).

8.Don't worry. There is nothing_______(严重的).

9.- How many eggs are there in the fridge, Millie?

- There is_______(没有一个),Mum

10. I'm_______(难过的)to hear that his grandpa died yesterday.


1. "I still love and miss my mother, " that girl said _______ (sad).

2. Be careful, or you'll be in_______ (dangerous).

3. This book is much_______ (thick) than that one.

4. Many people went to see him during his _______(ill).

5. Why are you walking so_______ (slow)?


1. What animals don't have enough_______ (live) areas?

2. The farmer kept_______ (work) on the farmland.

3. If he finds the Monkey Hill, he_______ (have) fun there.

4. How much time do baby giant pandas spend_______ (drink) their mothers' milk?

5. The number of South China Tigers living in the wild _______(be) very small.


( )1.A young tiger leaves his parents and lives alone_______ about two years old.

A.in B for C.on D.at

( )2. Like other wild animals, wolves also hunt food. And they hunt_______ a team.

A for; with

B as; for

C for; like D.for; as

( )3. - Which animal lives mainly on plants?

-A_______ does.

A tiger B. bear C wolf D. zebra

( )4. -_______ exciting news report it is! You must read it.

- Oh, yes. It says our school won the football final.

A What an

B What

C.How an D.How

( )5. - Did you take any photos of the baby giant panda?

-I took_______. I only took some pictures of its mother.

A.nothing B no one

C.nobody D.none

( )6. How amazing! When a gecko(壁虎) _______ its tail, a new one will grow soon!

A.catches B.hunts

C.loses D. accepts

( )7.There are fewer small animals in this area. _______ is more difficult for wolves to find food.

A This

B That

C It D.He


I was born and grew up in the small town of Pineville,which I left at the age of sixteen. Twenty years __1__ I came back on a visit. I went to see my old friend Tom Clark, who, active as ever, was head of a Reading Club. He was __2__ getting ready to welcome a famous writer, who had been invited to come to give a talk on novels at the public library that evening. Since I happened to have read a book or two __3__ this famous writer, when Tom asked me to go with him, I gladly __4__.

Tom was going to introduce the writer to the f audience. __5__we went to the library a little earlier to welcome him. As the writer hadn’t arrived yet, I left Tom and went into the reading room. A large number of people had already been there. I was sorry to find that I didn’t know __6__person. So I found a seat in the corner and sat quietly waiting.

When it was just about time for the __7__ to begin, I saw Tom standing at the door making a sign for __8__ to come out. He looked worried about something, so I got up right away and went to him. He said that he had just had a telephone call from the writer. He had __9__ his flight and would not be arriving! While we were considering the problem, Tom suddenly asked me if I would mind giving a talk instead of the writer. I never had time to __10__ it when all at once I found I was being pushed back into the reading room to speak to the waiting audience.

( )1. A. ago B. before C. later D. soon

( )2. A. free B. busy C. happy D. sad

( )3. A. by B. with C. on D. about

( )4. A. answered B. got C. accepted D. understood ( )5. A. Because B. But C. And D. So

( )6. A. some B. any C. one D. other

( )7. A. film B. play C. talk D. show

( )8. A. me B. us C. him D. them

( )9. A. left B. enjoyed C. caught D. missed

( )10. A. learn about B. argue about C. think about D. talk about


Andi Davise, 49, regularly crossed the trail through the Phoenix Mountains Preserve with a few other hikers before sunrise. This morning, however, she met nobody and heard only the sounds of animals.

Sometime later, Andi got to the steep slope(陆坡), she climbed up to the top by using her hands. When she finally reached the top, she noticed a dark shape several inches from her left foot. She was frightened and then looked carefully. "It's a dog and it's dead." she said to herself. It took

her a few seconds to realize that the dog's eyes were open. A thin, dirty bull dog was looking at her.

She greeted in a low and soft voice to show she was friendly. The bull dog shook when he heard her voice.

Andi inched closer and dropped some water into the dog's mouth. He tried to stand up but failed. Something was wrong with his left front leg. Andi pulled out her phone to contact her husband, Jason, but he didn't respond. She knew that if she didn't carry the dog down the mountain, he would die.

She carefully put her arms under the dog's body. He was so weak that he fell into her chest.

Andi had great trouble going down the steep, rocky mountainside with the 50-pound animal in her arms. Even her arms and back started aching, she didn't give up. The trip up had taken 30 minutes while going back down took twice that.

Andi's husband received her messages at last. He and their son, Justin, jumped into the car and drove to pick up Andi.

Later that morning, an X-ray showed that the bull dog was badly hurt, he was likely to lose his left leg.

A few days later, the Davises returned to the animal hospital. "The first thing he did was to give me a kiss, then he went right to my son." Andi said. They named the dog Elijah and brought him home that day.

1. How did Andi get to the top of the mountain?

A. Her husband sent her.

B. Another hiker helped her.

C. She climbed by herself.

D. She reached there by car.

2. What does the underlined word "respond', in Paragraph 4 mean?

A. Pull.

B. Contact.

C. Speak.

D. Answer.

3. Which of the following is the correct order?

a. Audi found a dying dog on the top.

b. Andi climbed up the sleep slope.

c. The Davises brought the dog home.

d. Andi had much trouble carrying the dog down.

e. The Davises drove the bull dog to the hospital.

A. badce

B. badec

C. abdce

D. adbec

4. The best title should be "________".

A. A woman hiker saved the life of a 50-pound bull dog

B. A woman hiker carried a bull dog down the mountain

C. A woman hiker got on well with a 50-pound bull dog

D. A woman hiker found a 50-pound dog on the mountain








一. 1. mainly 2. while 3. died 4. thick 5. shame 6. wild 7. beginning 8. serious

9. none 10. sorry

二.1. sadly 2. danger 3. thicker 4. illness 5. slowly

三.1. living 2. working 3. will have 4. drinking 5. is



1. C句意:20年以后我回到家乡。

2. B句意:他正忙于接待一位著名作家的准备工作。be busy doing sth忙于做某事。

3. D句意:我正巧读过一两本关于这位作家的书。about关于。

4. C句意:当他邀请我一起去的时候,我高兴地接受了。accept 接受,answer 回答,get 获得,understand 理解。

5. D句意:Tom打算把这位作家介绍给观众,所以我们早点到来欢迎他(作家)。

6. B句意:我不认识任何人,所以我坐在一个角落安静地等待。

7. C从上文可知这是一个讲座,所以选talk。

8. A句意:我看到Tom站在门口示意我出来。

9. D这里可以猜测那位作家一定是错过了航班来不了了。miss错过,leave离开,enjoy 喜欢,catch赶上。

10.C句意:当我发现我已经被推进了阅览室给等待的观众做演讲时我已经没有时间去考虑了。think about考虑,learn about 了解,argue about:争论,talk about :谈论。



1. Can you teach me how to write a report on wild animals?

2. Sadly,it's difficult for most wild animals to survive in the wild.

3. We must take action to protect wild animals.

4. They went to Beijing for the first time and got lost.

5. The number of the cars in our city is getting larger and larger.