Model T est

Part Ⅰ Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Decrease of Public Transportation Ticket Fare. Y ou should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 近来一些城市政府实施多项举措降低公共交通票价,大力发展公共交通;

2. 此措施带来的好处;

3. 作为市民应如何响应政府的号召。

The Decrease of Public Transportation Ticket Fare

The Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods

For thousands of years farmers have used a process of selection and cross breeding to continually improve the quality of crops. Traditional breeding methods are slow, requiring intensive labor: while trying to get a desirable trait in a bred species, undesirable traits will appear and farmers must continue the process over and over again until all the undesirables are bred out. In contrast, organisms acquire one specific gene or a few genes together through genetic modification, without other traits included and within a single generation. However, this technology too is inherently unpredictable and some scientists believe it can produce potentially dangerous results unless better testing methods are developed. Traditional breeding is based on sexual reproduction between like organisms. The transferred genes are similar to genes in the cell they join. They are conveyed in complete groups and in a fixed sequence that harmonizes with the sequence of genes in the partner cell. In contrast, bioengineers isolate a gene from one type of organism and collect it randomly into the DNA of a dissimilar species, disrupting its natural sequence. One of the main differences between conventional and genetically modified crops is that the former involves crosses either within species or between very closely related species. However, GM crops can have genes from closely related species or even from bacteria and viruses. Benefits: one side of the debate Economical? GM supporters tell farmers that they stand to reap enormous profits from growing GM crops. It takes a shorter time to produce the desired product. It is precise and there are no unwanted genes. To produce the GM crops, modern biotechnology is used which requires highly skilled people and sophisticated and expensive equipment. Large companies need considerable investments in laboratories, equipment and human resources, hence the reason why GM crops are more expensive for farmers than traditional crops. Herbicide-resistant crops So what other advantages do GM crops hold for farmers? GM crops can be produced to be herbicide (除草剂) resistant. This means that farmers could spray these crops with herbicide and kill the weeds, without affecting the crop. In effect, the amount of herbicide used in one season would be reduced, with a subsequent reduction in costs for farmers and consumers. Biotechnology companies are even experimenting with crops that can be genetically modified to be drought and salt-tolerant, or less reliant on fertilizer, opening up new areas to be farmed and leading to increased productivity.


However, the claims of less herbicide usage with GM crops have till now not been independently supported by facts. Better quality foods Even animals can be genetically modified to be leaner, grow faster, and need less food. They could be modified to have special characteristics, such as greater milk production in cows. These modifications again lead to improved productivity for farmers and finally lower costs for the consumers. Modified crops could perhaps prevent outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease, which has badly influenced many farmers and local economies. No such products have been released to date; however, some are under consideration for release. For example, GM salmon, capable of growing almost 30 times faster than natural salmon, may soon be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S. for release into open waters without a single study on the impact on human health or the environment. Risks: the other side of the debate Environmental damage The problem with GM crops is that there is little known about what effect they will have in, say, 20 years time. The genetic structure of any living organism is complex and GM crop tests focus on short-term effects. Not all the effects of introducing a foreign gene into the complex genetic structure of an organism are tested. Will the pests that a crop was created to resist eventually become resistant to this crop? Then there is always the possibility that we may not be able to destroy GM crops once they spread into the environment. Risk to food web. A further complication is that the pesticide produced in the crop may unintentionally harm creatures. GM crops may also pose a health risk to native animals that eat them. The animals may be poisoned by the built-in pesticides. Tests in the U.S. showed that 44% of caterpillars (毛虫) of the monarch butterfly died when fed large amounts of pollen(花粉)from GM corn. Disease. Another concern is disease. Since some crops are modified using the DNA from viruses and bacteria, will we see new diseases emerge? What about the GM crops that have antibiotic-resistant marker genes? Marker genes are used by scientists to determine whether their genetic modification of a plant was successful. Will these antibiotic-resistant genes be transferred to microorganisms that cause disease? We already have a problem with ineffective antibiotics. How can we develop new drugs to fight these new bugs? Until further studies can show that GM foods and crops do not pose serious threats to human health or the world's ecosystems, the debate over their release will continue. Living organisms are complex and tampering with their genes may have unintended effects. It is in our common interest to support concerned scientists and organizations, suc h as Friends of the Earth who demand required labeling of these food products and independent testing for safety and environmental impacts.

1. What is the main difference between conventional breeding and genetic breeding?

A) The former is based on sexual reproduction between like organisms while the latter can have genes even from

bacteria and viruses.

B) The former is unpredictable while the latter is predictable.

C) The former is applied by farmers while the latter by scientists.

D) The former has a long history while the latter a short one.

2. Which of the following is the possible benefit of GM crops?


A) They can be herbicide-resistant. B) They can fertilize the field.

C) They can produce salt. D) They can be more delicious.

3. What will probably happen to the genetically modified animals?

A) They may grow slower. B) They may improve the production.

C) They may digest more food. D) They may spread disease quickly.

4. What can we learn from GM salmon according to the passage?

A) It can grow very slowly. B) It will eat less.

C) It won't do harm to environment. D) It may cause some disease.

5. The reason why GM crops will probably lead to environmental damage is that .

A) GM crop tests do not focus on far-reaching effects

B) there are no GM crop tests before they are being approved of

C) there is no single study on the impact of GM crops on the environment

D) GM crops may bring out foot or mouth disease

6. This article has mentioned risks about GM crops.

A) six B) five C) four D) three

7. The author's attitude towards GM crops is .

A) objective B) biased C) affirmative D) negative

8. The native animals that eat GM crops might be poisoned by__________.

9. Scientists relied on Marker genes to test the results of __________.

10. Friends of the Earth claim that all GM food should be tested fo r__________.

Questions 47 to 56 are based on the following passage.

More than forty women have been killed in the war in Iraq. Hundreds of others have been ___ 47___.The war began in March of 2003.Two___ 48___published books tell two different stories of women who served in Iraq. One is by Janis Karpinski. She was the Army general who ___ 49___military police at prisons in Iraq. These included the Army Reserve soldiers who ___ 50___ the Abu Ghraib Prison near Baghdad. Some have received prison ___51_for mistreating prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Miz Karpinski became the highest-level officer to be punished in connection with the ___ 52___.She left the service in July after being reduced from a brigadier general(准将) to a colonel(上校).Her book is called “One Woman's Army: The Commanding General of Abu Ghraib Tells Her Story.” Miz Karpinski says she was unfairly blamed for conditions beyond her control. She also tells of her difficulties as a rising woman ___ 53___in the Army. Another former member of the Army, Kayla Williams, wrote a book called “Love My Rifle More Than Y ou.” The name is taken from a ___ 54___ song. Miz Williams was an Arabic translator in Iraq. She says her book describes what it is like to be young and ___ 55__ in the Army. One famous 56 called it “a frank,


hocking and honest look at life in the military.”

A) abused F) case K) marching

B) female G) commanded L) simply

C) wounded H) soldier M) guarded

D) officer I) reviewer N) beautiful

E) treatments J) recently O) sentences


Directions: There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on

the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the


Passage One

Questions 52 to 56 are based on the following passage.

Iron production was revolutionized in the early eighteenth century when coke was first used instead of charcoal (木炭) for refining iron ore. Previously the poor quality of the iron had restricted its use in architecture to items such as chains and tie bars for supporting arches, vaults (拱顶),and walls. With the improvement in refining ore, it was now possible to make cast-iron beams and columns. During the nineteenth century further advances were made, notably Bessemer's process for converting iron into steel, which made the material more commercially feasible.

Iron was rapidly adopted for the construction of bridges, because its strength was far greater than that of stone or timber, but its use in the architecture of buildings developed more slowly. By 1800 a complete internal iron skeleton for buildings had been developed in industrial architecture replacing traditional timber beams,but it generally remained concealed. Apart from its low cost, the appeal of iron as a building material lay in its strength, its resistance to fire, and its potential to span vast areas. As a result, iron became increasingly popular as a structural material for more traditional styles of architecture during the nineteenth century, but it was invariably concealed.

Significantly, the use of exposed iron occurred mainly in the new building types produced by the Industrial Revolution: in factories, warehouses, commercial offices, exhibition halls, and railroad stations, where its practical advantages far outweighed its lack of status. Designers of the railroad stations of the new age explored the potential of iron, covering huge areas with spans that surpassed the great vaults of medieval churches and cathedrals. Paxton's Crystal Palace, designed to house the Great Exhibition of 1851,covered an area of 1848 feet by 408 feet in assembled units of glass set in iron frames. The Paris Exhibition of 1889 included both the widest span and the greatest height achieved so far with the Halle des Machines, spanning 362 feet, and the Eiffel Tower 1,000 feet high. However, these achievements were mocked by the artists of Paris as expensive and ugly foolishness. Iron, despite its


structural advantages, had little aesthetic (审美的) status. The use of an exposed iron structure in the more traditional styles of architecture was slower to develop.

52. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A) Advances in iron processing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

B) The effects of the Industrial Revolution on traditional architectural styles.

C) Advantages of stone and timber over steel as building materials.

D) The evolution of the use of iron in architecture.

53. Iron replaced stone and timber in the building of bridges because iron was considered_________.

A) more beautiful

B) new and modern

C) much stronger

D) easier to transport

54. According to Paragraph 3,the architectural significance of the Halle des Machines was its ________.

A) wide span

B) great height

C) unequaled beauty

D) assembled units of glass

55. How did the artists react to the buildings at the Paris Exhibition?

A) They tried to copy them.

B) They laughed at them.

C) They praised them.

D) They refused to pay to see them.

56. It can be inferred that the delayed use of exposed iron structures in traditional styles of architecture is best

explained by________.

A) the impracticality of using iron for small, noncommercial buildings

B) the association of iron architecture with the problems of the Industrial Revolution

C) the general belief that iron offered less resistance to fire and harsh weather than traditional materials

D) the general perception that iron structures were not beautiful in appearance

Passage T wo

Questions 57 to 61 are based on the following passage.

Four months before Crown Prince Felipe says “si” ( “yes” in Spanish) to television journalist Letizia Ortiz,royal wedding fever is gripping Spain.

Shops are offering the biggest variety of wedding souvenirs (纪念品),from plates and bottle-openers to copies


of the couple's engagement ring.

The couple have made only a few carefully staged public appearances to reduce the scrutiny (仔细检查).

Spanish people waited for more than a decade for the 36-year-old son of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia to find a suitable bride. And more important, the May 22 wedding will be a landmark event in other ways.

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano,31,is the daughter of a nurse and a journalist. So, she will be the first commoner on a throne once occupied by Queen Isabella, who sent Christopher Columbus to the Americas.

The pretty, elegant former news anchor (主持人)will also become Spain's first home-grown queen in more than a century. The lively and professionally accomplished Letizia has been welcomed by Spanish people as a new type of queen for a modern monarchy.

Spanish people were accustomed to seeing her in television news broadcasts and she arouses tremendous curiosity. Journalists are investigating even the most ordinary aspects of her past which resembles that of so many other young Spanish professional women.

Spanish people have also taken note that she tried to interrupt the prince when they talked to the press after getting engaged in November. “Let me talk,” she told the heir to the Bourbon throne.

Such behavior is regarded as understandable in a woman who went to Mexico by herself at age 23 and later reported on the September 11 terrorist attacks and the Iraq war for state television TVE.

Her strong character, frankness and critical mind could also be disadvantages for a royal who is rarely expected to speak her mind, reporters have said.

The palace has struggled to protect her from scrutiny and to give her time to adapt to her new role.

57. By saying “royal wedding fever” (Line 2,Para.1),the author means “_________”.

A) a lot of royal weddings follow

B) the Spanish people are surprised at the royal wedding

C) the royal wedding makes a stir in the whole country

D) the royal wedding becomes a fashion

58. The most important reason why royal wedding causes such a great interest is that_________ .

A) a commoner is married into a royal family

B) the prince finally finds his bride

C) a famous TV journalist gets married

D) the wedding is expensive

59. Letizia used to be a news anchor who was _________.

A) world-famous

B) frank

C) serious


D) capable

60. Letizia's interruption of the prince when they talked to the press was most probably prompted by her_________ .

A) curiosity

B) innocence

C) outspokenness

D) rudeness

61. The difficulty for Letizia to fit in the royal life may lie in _________.

A) how to meet the requirements of the Queen

B) how to change her character to fit in the royal family

C) how to continue her career after marriage

D) how to face her former audience as a princess

Part Ⅴ Cloze (15 minutes) Acupuncture (针灸) is quite mysterious. People see the most is a person with needles sticking out of the flesh. Understandably being wary ___62___ sharp pointed objects, patients often needs to__63___this obstacle. The best way to do this is becoming educated about how acupuncture is __64___, and where it came from. The earliest __65___ of the use of acupuncture go back to 2,000 years ago. The __66___dates back to as early as the Stone Age. When you experience pain it is an instinctive __67___ to apply pressure to that location. Also the body may experience pain __68___ the infection is not localized. Y our body __69___ sends you warning signals. The Ancient Chinese utilized these warnings, and developed an intricate system of these points__70___ observation. It is easy to infer that applying pressure to __71___ pain with your hands evolved __72___ the use of needles instead. Tortoise _73___ have been found recording the use of acupuncture. The first actual written text__74___ the use of acupuncture is called Nei Ching Su Wen. This book basically __75___ all the different points, but it is mostly a book on theory and concept. The Nei Ching Su Wen __76__the basic rules of philosophy on health. These philosophies branched from two mainstream_77__ during the Warring States period. The first is Confucianism. The teachings of this stress that human body is sacred and is __78___ dissection or surgery. This makes acupuncture a perfect means of __79___ illness because applying pressure to the __80__ body, you can relieve internal disease. The other major __81__of thought is called Taoism. Maintaining harmony is the stressed idea; you must have a balance between Yin and Y ang.

62. A) with B) for

C) of D) about

63. A) overcome B) succeed

C) defeat D) fail

64. A) practiced B) executed


C) accomplished D) performed

65. A) recordings B) scripts

C) handwritings D) copies

66. A) reason B) origin

C) source D) root

67. A) incentive B) reaction

C) stimulus D) reflection

68. A) which B) what

C) when D) where

69. A) incidentally B) especially

C) naturally D) definitely

70. A) through B) with

C) by D) in

71. A) control B) suffer

C) relive D) inflict

72. A) from B) into

C) out D) as

73. A) claws B) bones

C) shells D) feet

74. A) exclaimed B) acclaimed

C) reclaimed D) claimed

75. A) lays out B) lays about

C) lays aside D) lays down

76. A) observes B) proves

C) sets D) violates

77. A) structures B) religions

C) schools D) conceptions

78. A) from B) for

C) against D) versus

79. A) preserving B) curing

C) recovering D) restoring

80. A) terminal B) personal

C) marginal D) external


81. A) series B) train

C) chain D) succession

Part Ⅵ T ranslation (5 minutes) Directions: Complete the sentences by translating into English the Chinese given in brackets. Please write your translation on Answer Sheet 2.

82. If you take this kind of medicine three times a day, it________________________ (可以治愈你的胃病).

83. Instead of waiting to be asked, you should ________________________ (主动开始谈话).

84. The police ________________________ (正在搜寻一个蓄着胡子的年轻人),but they haven't found him till now.

85. These courses ________________________ (使我具备了必要的知识)for more advanced studies in Chemistry.

86. My brother is seriously ill, so I beg to________________________ (请一周的假).





The Decrease of Public Transportation Ticket Fare

Recently, ① some municipal governments have taken a series of measures to develop public transportation including decreasing public transportation ticket fare. ②On the one hand, they strengthen financial support to public transportation companies. On the other hand, IC cards are issued to offer discount of subway and bus ticket fare.

The benefits can be seen obviously. ③ One advantage is that the daily transportation expense is reduced. Due to the low prices, more and more people are willing to go out by public vehicles with less cars streaming in the street, ④ the street is clearer and the air is cleaner.


⑤ To my mind, traveling via public vehicles is the best way to respond to governments' appeal. Besides, trying to make every trip efficient and reducing the frequency of vehicles is also a good answer.


②用On the one hand 和On the other hand,清晰地表明一些城市政府采取的具体措施。


④分别用了clear “无堵塞的”和clean“清洁的”,用词简单而生动,说明政府的举措有利于解决交通问题和污染问题。


Part ⅡReading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)


1. A)。[定位]由题干中的conventional breeding和main difference定位到本文第四段。

[精析]段首设题。这段明确指出,传统种植过程是在物种之间或者非常相近的物种间进行杂交;GM crops的基因可以取自非常相近的物种,甚至是细菌和病毒。A)项为正确答案。B)项认为传统种植不可预测,而基因培植可以预测,由原文第二段…organisms…through genetic modification…. However, this technology too is inherently unpredictable知该项陈述错误;C)项认为农民用传统种植法,科学家用基因培植法,这与科学家致力于推广该技术的表述不符;D)项认为传统种植法时间长,但基因法短暂,这不是主要的区别。

2. A)。[定位]由选项的herbicide-resistant,drought-tolerant和salt-tolerant定位到Herbicide-resistant crops这一部分。

[精析]段落中设题。由该部分下前两句“So what other advantages do GM crops hold for farmers? GM crops can be produced to be herbicide-resistant.”知A)选项正确;第二段首句“Biotechnology companies are even experimenting with crops that can be genetically modified to be drought and salt-tolerant.”知C)项陈述错误。B)、D)两项文中没有提及。

3. B)。[定位]由题干中的genetically modified animals定位到Better Quality Foods这一部分的第一段。

[精析]段首设题。由首句“Even animals can be genetically modified to be leaner, grow faster, and need less food.”知A)、C)两项的陈述与原文陈述相悖,由本段最后一句“Modified crops could perhaps prevent outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease…”知D)项陈述专指转基因食物可以防止口蹄疫,D)项陈述也不符合原文;B)项认为这类动物可以提高产量,即本段第三句“These modifications


again lead to improved productivity for farmers”,故B)项为正确答案。

4. D)。[定位]由题干中的GM salmon定位到Better Quality Foods小标题下的第二段第二句。

[精析]举例处设题。由“GM salmon, capable of growing almost 30 times faster than natural salmon”知A)项陈述不正确;由…without a single study on the impact on human health or the environment”知转基因鲑鱼有可能会对环境和健康造成威胁,C)项陈述不正确、D)项陈述正确。B)项在本段没有提及。

5. A)。[定位]由题干中的environmental damage定位到Environmental damage这一部分。

[精析]段首设题。由该部分下第一段的前两句“The problem with GM crops is that there is little known about what effect they will have in, say, 20 years time….GM crop tests focus on short-term effects.”可知主要原因是目前的转基因作物的试验着眼于短期影响,无法预知长远的影响。B)、C)项的表述与原文不符;D)项陈述的是可能的结果不是原因,而且与环境没有直接的关系。故A)为正确答案。

6. D)。[定位]由题干中risks和GM crops定位到Risks: the other side of the debate这一部分。

[精析]标题处设题。该部分下设三个小标题,分别为:Environmental damage,Risk to food web 和Disease。故文章共提到3个潜在危险。D)项为正确答案。

7. A)。[定位]需要迅速浏览全文,注意标题和小标题。

[精析]作者态度题。该文的标题为The Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods,同时陈述时有两方对立的观点,即Benefits: one side of the debate和Risks: the other side of the debate。由此可知作者在转基因食品的问题上是比较客观的,A)项为正确答案。

8. built-in pesticides

[定位]由题干中的eat GM crops和poisoned定位到Risk to food web小标题下的第二句GM crops may also pose a health risk to native animals that eat them. 和第三句The animals may be poisoned by the built-in pesticides.

[精析]此处需填名词性成分或者动名词。题干将第二和第三个句子重新改写,第二句话中的主语GM crops 放到第三句话中充当the animals 的定语,所以此处应该填写名词性成分built-in pesticides。

9. their genetic modification of a plant

[定位]由题干中的Marker genes定位到Disease小标题下的第四句Marker genes are used by scientists to determine whether their genetic modification of a plant was successful.

[精析]此处需填名词性成分。题干将原文的被动句Marker genes are used by scientist改写成主动句Scientists relied on…,并且把原文中的use, determine分别用同义词rely on,test代替;空前给出一个介词of,故可推断空格处应填名词形式,结合原文可知应填写their genetic modification of

a plant。

10.safety and environmental impacts


[定位]由题干中的Friends of the Earth定位到文章末段末句…Friends of the Earth who demand required labeling of these food products and independent testing for safety and environmental impacts.

[精析]此处需填名词。题干将原文中定语从句改写成一个that引导的宾语从句;题干中的claim和原文的demand对应;空格前给出一个介词for,故可推断后面是名词形式,结合原文可知应填写safety and environmental impacts。

Part ⅢListening Comprehension

Section A

11. W: I think I'll have lunch in the cafeteria. I like their mushroom and cheese.

M: The chicken salad is good but there's nothing like home cooking.

Q: What do we know about the man?

B)。根据选项可知问题是关于“He”对饮食的选择。“there's nothing like home cooking”意为这里没有什么比得上家里做的。女士说要在食堂吃午饭,她喜欢那里的蘑菇和奶酪。男士说鸡肉沙拉不错,但那儿没有什么能比得上家里做的。因此男士喜欢吃自己做的食物。故正确答案为B)。

12. M: Can I borrow this magazine, please?

W: Sorry, the newest issue is only allowed to read in the reading room. Y ou can borrow the older ones.

Q: Where did this conversation most probably take place?

C)。根据选项可知本题询问地点。本题关键词为reading room“阅览室”。男士问能否借阅这本杂志。女士说最新的只能在阅览室阅读,可以借阅旧的。因此对话发生在图书馆。故正确答案为C)。

13. M: Y ou were absent from class yesterday, Sandy. Where were you?

W: I couldn't come, Mr. Hart. I hurt my foot, and my mother took me to the doctor.

Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?


14. M: Y ou've been hoping to get that job, haven't you? Why do you think they gave it to Thomas but not to you? W: I think I'm the wrong sex, that's all.

Q: Why did Thomas get the job according to the woman?

A)。根据选项可知问题询问原因。男士对女士说:“你一直期待那份工作,为什么他们把工作给了Thomas 而不是你?”女士说:“我是女性的缘故吧(I'm the wrong sex)”,可知Thomas得到这份工作是因为他是位男士。故正确答案为A)。

15. M: It's mostly blue and green with a pattern of flowers in the middle. There's a dark green border.

W: Yes, it matches the curtains well. We are going to put it down in the sitting room.


Q: What are they talking about?

B)。根据选项可知本题询问谈论对象。本题关键句为put it down in…“把它铺在…”。男士说它几乎是蓝绿相间的,中间有花卉图案,边是墨绿色的。女士说它和窗帘刚好相配,我们把它铺在起居室吧。可知他们在讨论地毯。故正确答案为B)。

16. M: Have you decided where you are going to live when you get married?

W: I would like to live in the city, but my boyfriend wants a house in the suburbs, which means a long way from my office.

Q: Why does the woman want to live in the city?

C)。根据选项可知对话可能关于工作和居住地。 suburbs 意为“郊外”。男士问女士有没有决定结婚后住哪里。女士说想住城里,但她男友想在郊外买房,那就离她公司很远了。因此女士想住城里因为工作在那儿。故正确答案为C)。

17. M: I really can't understand it. I kept a very careful record of my checks and the total was much less than we


W: But perhaps your wife also wrote some checks, Charlie.

Q: What does the woman imply?

C)。根据选项可知对话可能关于储蓄和花钱。 wrote some checks意为“开了一些支票(花了一些钱)”。男士说真不明白,我的支票记录得很仔细,可总额比我存入的少很多。女士说可能你妻子也开了一些支票,也花了一些钱。故正确答案为C)。

18. M: Did you get what you wanted? I remember you said you wanted to get a sweater.

W: No, a blouse. But by that time, the ones on sale were all gone, so I settled for skirt.

Q: What did the woman finally buy?


Conversation One

W: Hello. 85469959.

M: Hello. I'm calling about the advertisement in the newspaper.(19)Are the rooms still available now?

W: Yes, they are. Would you like to make an appointment to come and see them? It's very convenient to get here by bus or subway.

M: Well, I'm very interested in the room. But could I ask you a few questions first?

W: Yes, of course. Go ahead.

M: What sort of house is it?

W: Well,(20)it's a semi-detached house with three floors. And eight rooms all together. I usually have seven people


living here, sharing the kitchen and bathroom.

M: (19)Are the rooms fully furnished? Y ou see, I'll only be here for three months.

W: Yes, there's a single bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a chair and a book case.

M: And what about the kitchen? Y ou see, I'm Chinese, so I'd like to cook for myself because I'm not used to Western food.

W: Ah, you're from China, are you? I've heard Chinese food is delicious. The kitchen has most things but it doesn't have one of those special Chinese pans.

M: Ok. What about the surroundings in the community?

W: (21)It's not far from the bus station and the subway, and there's a Chinese Supermarket near here.

M: Ok, thank you very much. I will think it over and phone you this afternoon to make an appointment.

19. Why does the man make the phone call?

C)。根据选项可知本题关于“He”想要租/买房子。本题关键句为“Are the rooms still available now?”男士询问房间是否还有。此外他还询问房间有无家具,他要在此地住三个月“Are the rooms fully furnished? You see, I'll only be here for three months.”因此可知他想为自己租一间有家具的房间。故正确答案为C)。

20. What sort of house is it?

D)。根据选项可知问题询问房屋类型。本题关键句为“it's a semi-detached house with three floors.”这是三层的半独立式房子。storey意为“层”。故正确答案为D)。

21. How does the lady describe the area?

D)。根据选项可知问题询问地区情况如何。本题关键句为“It's not far from the bus station and the subway, and there's a Chinese Supermarket near here.”女士说附近有公交站、地铁站和超市。因此可知,女士的意思是该地区非常方便。故正确答案为D)。

Conversation Two

M: I recently started painting model airplanes.When I was young I would buy models and then paint them. It was a painstaking effort, but I was young.

W: Is it expensive?

M: I try not to think about the cost. It's my hobby. It's the time for me. How can I put a price on that? I waste money.

I don't care. I enjoy it.

W: (22)I used to watch birds when I was a youngster. I could identify every species and gender of bird.

M: What happened?

W: I stopped doing it and started working for a living.

M: We can get caught up in living an ordinary life.(23)I, at least, want to have some pleasure while I am still young. Old age comes very fast.


W: Life is like a movie sometimes. Y ou think that only a month has passed but really it has been a year. One year turns to ten years.

M: Ten years turns to a lifetime. What's wrong with a little enjoyment?

W: Nothing. (24)Kids know how to take full advantage of life.

M: When I am getting old, I have to remind myself of stopping to smell the roses. I just can't work 15 hours a day and be happy about it. Money is only money. When I die, I can't take it with me.

W: Y ou can give it to your kids.

M:(25)They won't appreciate money unless they earn it like I earned it.

W: I guess I can understand.

M:(24)The real joy in life is in the doing. Seize the moment.

W: Let's seize the day.

22. What did the woman enjoy doing when she was young?

B)。根据选项可知四选项均为休闲活动,问题询问“某人做某事”。本题关键句为“I used to watch birds when I was a youngster.”我小时候常常观察鸟类。故正确答案为B)。

23. What does the man want to do?

B)。根据选项可知问题询问“某人做某事”。本题关键句为“I, at least, want to have some pleasure while I am still young.”男士想在年轻时至少能愉快地生活。故正确答案为B)。

24. What's the real joy in life according to the two speakers?

C)。根据选项可知本题可能关于工作或休闲。本题关键句为“Kids know how to take full advantage of life.”女士说孩子们知道如何充分享受生活。“…The real joy in life is in the doing.”男士认为钱乃身外之物,生活真正的乐趣就是享受现在。故正确答案为C)。

25. What's the man's attitude towards money?

D)。根据选项可知本题关于“赚钱”。本题关键句为“They won't appreciate money unless they earn it like I earned it.”男士认为他的孩子如果不是像他一样自己赚钱,是不会珍惜钱的。因此如果钱是他自己赚的,就会珍惜。故正确答案为D)。

Section B

Passage One

Y our assignments this term will be writing two major research papers. One of the most important things about writing a research paper is giving proper credit for your sources of information. Failure to do this is called plagiarism.

(26) Plagiarism is a kind of stealing or at least an unauthorized borrowing of someone else's ideas. Sometimes inexperienced students will plagiarize unintentionally, and then be surprised when the teacher won't accept their papers, or gives them a failing grade.


The best way to avoid unintentional plagiarizing is to be very careful in gathering your information. As you take notes on books and magazine articles about the topic you've selected, first try to assimilate the information thoroughly. Second,(27) write it down in your own words. This is called paraphrasing. If you do a good job of paraphrasing, you'll capture the main idea from your source without actually plagiarizing any phrases from it. Most of your notes should probably be paraphrased. However, occasionally you may find something you wish to quote directly in your research paper. In this case, be sure that you copy the quotation precisely in your notes and (28) enclose it in quotation marks. That way when you're finalizing your research paper, you will be able to remember which of your notes are directly quoted. Y ou can incorporate them appropriately and give the original author proper credit.

26. What does the speaker warn the students against doing?

B)。通过预读选项可推断出问题是关于一种不规范的学术行为。短文中提到plagiarism(剽窃),文章第二段开头部分就明确对此进行了解释Plagiarism is a kind of stealing or at least an unauthorized borrowing of someone else's ideas,与B)基本一致。

27. According to the speaker,how should most of the notes be taken?

A)。短文最后一段开头部分对如何避免无意的剽窃提出了几点建议。第一条就是:As you take notes on books and magazine articles about the topic you've selected,first try to assimilate the information thoroughly(彻底理解吸收所选择的信息),随后又指出,用paraphrasing的方法,即write it down in your own words,与A)相同。

28. What does the speaker say a direct quotation should be used?

B)。题干中的关键词direct quotation,短文最后的部分提出,在直接引用的情况下be sure that you copy the quotation precisely in your notes and enclose it in quotation marks,随后又对这种方法的优点进行了具体的解释,A)和C)是避免无意剽窃的总方法,D)没有提到。

Passage Two

In ancient times the most important examinations were spoken, not written. In the schools of ancient Greece and Rome, testing usually consisted of saying poetry aloud or giving speeches. In the European universities of the Middle Ages, students who were working for advanced degrees (29) had to discuss questions in their field of study with people who had made a special study of the subject. This custom exists today as part of the process of testing candidates for the doctor's degree.

Generally, however, modern examinations are written. The written examination, where all students are tested on the same questions, was probably not known until the nineteenth century. Perhaps it came into existence (30) with the great increase in population and the development of modern industry. A room full of candidates for a state examination, timed exactly by electric clocks and carefully watched over by managers, resembles a group of workers at an automobile factory. Certainly, during examinations teachers and students are expected to act as



One type of test is sometimes called an objective test. It is intended to deal with facts, not personal opinions. To make up an objective test the teacher writes a series of questions,(31) each of which has only one correct answer.

29. How did students in Middle Ages take a test?

D)。根据选项可知文章与学习、考试有关。古希腊、罗马学校的学生考试包括saying poetry aloud or giving speeches;而中世纪的欧洲大学生要discuss questions in their field of study with people who had made a special study of the subject,这种考试属于subjective test(主观考试)。objective test 意思为“客观考试”。

30. What might be the reason for the application of written examination?

A)。文中提到it came into existence with the great increase in population and the development of modern industry,随着人口增长和现代工业的发展,笔试产生了。学生越来越多,A room full of candidates,笔试也就进而得到发展和更广泛的应用。所以答案为A)。

31. What can we learn from the passage?

C)。四个选项中都提到了objective test,可推断这是听音的重点。短文最后一段提到(objective test) is intended to deal with facts,not personal opinions,排除A),随后指出客观考试中the teacher writes a series of questions,each of which has only one correct answer,可知C)正确。B)和D)是关于written state examination的内容。

Passage Three

The first postal service in North America began in New England in the 17th century. All mail arriving in Massachusetts colony was sent to the home of appointed official in Boston. In turn, the mail would be delivered from Boston on horseback to its destination, receiving one penny for each good article of mail. Later in the century postal services were established between Philadelphia and Delaware. In 1691,(33) (34) the British crown appointed the first postmaster general to have charge of the mail for all the colonies in North America. Later, Benjamin Franklin served as the postmaster general for the British government and then (35) was made postmaster by the newly formed United States' postal systems on a permanent basis. He increased the number of post office, introduced the use of stagecoaches to carry mail, and started a package service system. They were used to carry mail into the towns. Some communities, especially those out west, were far from the services of transportation. To serve them, the post office developed a system called“star routes”.Private contractors paid to deliver mail to the communities from railways by horse and wagon.(32) The postal service, which was started 3 centuries ago, has developed into an extensive government service with post offices in every city, town, and village in the United States.

32. What is the main topic of this passage?

B)。这是一道主旨题。文章通篇出现了postal service,mail等词汇,全文最后一句话是总结。从关键词


started…developed into都可以看出,本文讲述了美国邮政业的发展史。

33. What is the task of the first North America postal general?

B)。根据选项可推断这是一道表示任务或目的的题目。关于the first North American postal general,短文只提到了一句:the British crown appointed the first postmaster general to have charge of the mail for all the colonies in North America,答案为B)。A)是first postal service的内容;

C)是Benjamin Franklin采取的措施;而D)则是star routes的内容。

34. Who appointed the first postmaster general?

A)。四个选项均为名词短语,可推断这是一道细节题,答案在文章中间的部分In 1691,the British crown appointed...。其中British crown指“英国政府”,crown本是指“皇冠”,这里代表government,后面的 postmaster general表示“邮政部长”。

35. Why did Benjamin Franklin deserve credit?


Section C

36. values


37. opportunities

[听前猜测]根据下文“for education, employment, and entertainment”,可知此处为“机会”。

38. poverty

[听前猜测]根据上文“violent crime, racial conflict”可知此处为同一性质的“贫穷”。

39. space

[听前猜测]根据下文“They moved out of their apartments…buy their own homes”可知此处为“空间”。

40. suburbs

[听前猜测]根据下文“near a city”可知此处为“郊区”。

41. areas

[听前猜测]根据上文“where people live”可知该处为“地区”。

42. adults

[听前猜测]根据上文“children… are now…”可知该处为“成年人”。

43. executives

[听前猜测]根据上文“professionals, doctors, lawyers”可知此处也为某种职业。

44. Many are single; others are married, but often without children


[听写关键词]single, married, children

45. or they just enjoy the excitement and opportunities which the city offers

[听写关键词]enjoy, excitement, opportunities, city

46. Only a few years ago people thought that the older American cities were dying

[听写关键词]years, older, cities, dying

Part Ⅳ Reading Comprehension (Reading in Depth)

Section A


19世纪,英国人Charles Frederic Worth首次把设计的概念运用在传统的女性时装裁剪行业。1858年他【选项归类】

名词:officer (军官) treatments (对待,待遇)case (案例)

soldier (士兵,军人) reviewer (评论家,批评家) sentences (审判)

动词:abused (虐待,滥用) wounded (受伤) commanded (指挥,命令)

marching (行军) guarded (保卫,看守)

形容词:female (女性的) beautiful (美丽的)

副词:recently (最近) simply (简单地)


47. C)。根据句子结构,此处为形容词或过去分词。符合的有C)、A)等,根据上文“More than forty women

have been killed in the war in Iraq(40多位女性在伊拉克战争中丧生)”可知后面应谈论受伤的情况,而A)是“受虐待”,下文没有提到这一信息,所以C)更符合。

48. J)。根据句子结构,此处缺作状语的副词。符合的有J)、L),根据文意,J)最符合,意为“最近出版


49. G)。根据句子结构,此处应为动词的过去式。符合的有G)、M)、A),根据上文“One is by Janis

Karpinski.She was the Army general”可知,她是一位上将,所以用G)“指挥,统率,命令”更为合适。

50. M)。根据句子结构,此处应为动词的过去式。符合的有M)和A),根据上文“These included the Army

Reserve soldiers”,可知主语是soldiers,所以用M)“保卫,看守”更符合。

51. O)。根据句子结构,此处应为名词。符合的有E)、F)、O)等,根据文意可知此处谈的是“由于虐待战


52. F)。根据句子结构,此处应为名词。符合的有E、H)、F)等,根据文意,此处说的是“她是涉案受惩