Unit 3 Is this your pencilA-B教案


Unit3Is this your pencil?Period 2Content Section A 2d, G 教学目标要求

1.能够使用表达物品的归属关系的目标语如:Are these your pencils? Is this his pen? The blue pen is his. They are Bo 2.能认读并能工整书写所学单词:teacher, for ,help, about, welcome, yours 等。

3.能够理解和使用一些常用表达,如:W hat about…? Thank you for your help. You are welcome等。

4.能模仿录音正确朗读和表演教材上的对话并能模仿目标语的结构和语调进行会话练习。如:Are these your penc 5.能够通过练习,总结掌握单元重点语法知识,即用一般疑问句询问物品所属关系的问句和答语,如:Is this / that isn’t. It’s hers / his. Are these / those your …? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. They’re hers / mine. 等,并能使用目标6.能够理解英语致谢及回答小常识。如:Thank you for your help. You are welcome. 等。