5B 牛津英语 填空练习 姓名


1. It has two hands. It can’t write. It can’t draw. But it can tell you the time. It’s a _____________.

2. Don’t make a noise. The baby is ___________.

3. I used the ___________ to draw when I was four years old. But now I draw with ___________ and ___________.

4. I was so little when I was born in the world. My parents watch me ___________. Now I’m a big child. I’m going to middle school soon.

1. Mary wants to read books alone. Going to the l_________ is a good choice.

2. The little boy has a good i___________ to celebrate the king’s birthday.

3. The worker doesn’t work in the factory. He has his own w_______.

4. Ben was inside the classroom at five o’clock. Now he is o_________.

5. Ben has a new bicycle. Look, he is r_________ his bicycle.

6. Do you want both c________? Yes, I do. I’ll give one to Alice to drink coffee.

1. I had some cola and pizzas for breakfast. That sounds ____________.

2. An ___________ is the way in and an ___________ is the way out.

3. We can draw in this class. It is great fun. This subject is ______________.

4. Look at my __________ for today. I have an English class in the morning.

5. I put the fruit and ___________ in the fridge to keep them fresh(新鲜)1. --- Where _________ (be) you just now(刚才)?

--- I ___________ (be) in the teacher’s office.

2. Alice _________ (like) ________ (skip). She’s good at ________ (skip). Do you want ________ (skip) with ________ (she)?

3. The wind blows _________ (g entle). Let’s _________ (have) a picnic. This bag is __________ (my). We can _________ (put) all the food and drinks in it.

4. Yesterday Steven _________ (hear) his teacher and ran away.

Ⅳ. Choose the best answer(用for, on, into, with, at填空,每词限用一次):5%

1. Look at the red light. Please wait _______on the pavement.

2. What a mess! Please put these toys ________ the basket.

3. My sister is making a cake _______ a lot of fruit.

4. Look! This is my birthday present. My mother buys it ________ me.

5. I am not good _________writing stories.

1. --- __________ (who) seats are these? --- Mine.

2. My birthday is on the __________ (five) of December.

3. Those _________ (woman) handbags are very beautiful.

4. Look! The monkeys in the tree ____________ (jump).

5. Mum, I can’t _________ (see) my books. Where _________ (be) they?

6. --- How ___________ (many) milk is there in the bottle? --- A lot.

1. --- What _________ you __________ (have) for breakfast?

--- I _____________ (have) some bread.

2. _________ (health) c hildren eat _________ (many) fruit every day. It’s a good habit.

3. --- Shall we ___________ (go) for a picnic?

--- OK. Let’s ____________ (have) a good time today.

4. My favourite subject __________ (be) Art, because I like _________ (paint).

5. --- _________ ________ (there be) any ham in the fridge? --- Yes.

6. These boys eat a lot of _______ (beef). They don’t like _________ (potato).

1. Mr Li’s bicycle is new. But ___________ (mine / my) bicycle is old.

2. Their skirts are blue._______ (Ours/ Our) are pink.

3. Peter and Ben have two robots. The robots can walk and sing. _________ (Theirs/ They) are super.

4. --- What did_______ (yours/ you) have for lunch? --- I had some rice and some chicken.

5. How many notebooks do ___________ (we/ us) have?

6. _________ (I/ My) like cheese, but there isn’t much cheese on this pizza.

1. Mary_________ (brush) her teeth at 6:30 every morning.

2. My teacher wants us _________ (clean) our classroom after school.

3. Let's count the ___________ (cherry), Linda. Ok, One, two, t hree…Oh, twenty.

4. --- Is that _________ (she) pencil case? --- No, __________ (she) is new.

5. How _________ (many) juice is there in the bottle? Only a little.

6. When's Tom's birthday? It's on the __________ (two) of November.

1. --- What _______ this sign _______ (mean)?

--- It __________ (mean) we can’t walk on the grass.

2. Look at the sign. No _______ (swim). We can’t ________ (swim) here.

3. Kitty ________ (watch) TV at 7 in the morning. But now she ________ (do) her homework.

4. --- Would you like ____________ (some) biscuits?

--- No, I don’t want ___________ (some).

5. Mary is riding __________ (she) bicycle. But this bicycle isn’t _______ (she).

6. Give me some ___________ (tomato). I want to eat __________ ( they) now.

1. Look! There is a fork and knife on the sign. It means there is a ___________.

2. Next class is ___________. We’ll chat with our friends on the Internet.

3. We can go out of here. Here’s a sign. It says ‘_______________”

4. We ______________ eat a lot of fruit and vegetable to keep us healthy.

5. I want to see a film with my mother. Can you give two _____________?

6. It was a _____________. Now it becomes a brown cocoon.

1. --- What _________ this sign ________ (mean)? --- It _________ (mean) ‘Don’t eat!’

2. ____________ (not pick) the flowers, Wendy.

3. Helen’s mother ____________ (watch) TV every evening.

4. --- Where _________ (be) the boys?

--- They ____________ (play) football in the playground.

5. --- _______________ (there be) any milk in the bottle? --- Yes.

6. We must __________ (smoke) in the smoking room.

1. If you see a fire. You can call t___________ number 119.

2. I’m very hungry. Where is the r____________?

3. --- What does this sign mean? --- It means we mustn’t s____________.

4. You see it in places. It te lls us what can we do and what can’t we do? It’s a s__________

5. On the way to the forest, Hansel drops the s____________. They are hard.

6. The boy can’t w__________ on the grass.

1. Look! The __________ (snow) is heavy. I like the __________ (snow) days.

2. I want ________ (fly) kites with my friends. I am good at __________ (fly) kites.

3. We’ll have a _________ (strong) wind. The wind will blow ________ (strong).

4. Last Sunday it ______ (be) 20 degrees. But it _______ (be) 30 degrees now.

5. I only __________ (have) some milk for breakfast yesterday morning. An hour later, I ____________ (be) hungry.

6. The signs __________ (mean) we mustn’t eat _________ (some) food here.

1. Look! The __________ (snow) is heavy. I like the __________ (snow) days.

2. I want ________ (fly) kites with my friends. I am good at __________ (fly) kites.

3. We’ll have a _________ (strong) wind. The wind will blow ________ (strong).

4. Last Sunday it ______ (be) 20 degrees. But it _______ (be) 30 degrees now.

5. I only __________ (have) some milk for breakfast yesterday morning. An hour later, I ____________ (be) hungry.

6. The signs __________ (mean) we mustn’t eat _________ (some) food here.

1. This morning I can’t see clearly. It was a ________ day. I drove my car slowly.

2. It’s raining hard. It makes my plants __________.

3. A typhoon comes. We will have a strong __________ and heavy rain.

4. The windmill moves quickly. The wind blows ______________.

5. It was cold outside. But it was warm in the house. The __________ is 160C.

6. I don’t like ____________ weather. It makes my T-shirt wet.

1. There are some tigers, lions and ___________ in the jungle.

2. I watch TV and my sister ____________ her homework every evening.

3. I can walk with my legs and _____________ with my eyes.

4. The old lady is poor, but the young man is ______________.

5. His father is a farmer and his mother is a ______________.

6. The leaves are green in spring, but they’re yellow and _____________in autumn.

Ⅴ. Read and fill in the blanks(用所给单词的适当形式填空,每线词数不限):6%

1. Jimmy, ____________ (not do) your homework now. It’s time for supper.

2. Her cousin____________ (brush) his teeth every day.

3. Those aren’t our biscuits. They’re _____________ (they).

4. His uncle ______________ (eat) some bread for breakfast yesterday.

5. Their classmate______________ (have) a kite. Look! He _____________ (fly) the kite.

6. --- What_____________ Alice_______________ (do) yesterday evening? --- She______________ (cut) some rice on her farm.

1. It was Children’s Day yesterday. It is the _____________ of June today.

2. A butterfly comes out from a ______________.

3. It was hot yesterday afternoon. The temperature was thirty-two _____________.

4. There are seven days in a week. Saturday comes after _____________.

5. Danny has got some new story-books. ___________ the books are on the shelf.

6. The sun rises in the east and goes down in the _____________.

1. Today is Monday. There are four ___________ in the morning. I like Maths and PE.

2. Look at this lady. She is tired. This is her __________ time to visit Shanghai. She likes Shanghai. She likes traveling(旅行). She is a new comer.

3. It is the fourth of a year. It is winter.

4. I like carrots. So carrots are my favourite ___________

5. It is soft and comfortable. You can see it on a chair or a sofa. People like to

put it behind their back. It is a ______ .

6. She is a nice girl. She is the daughter of the emperor. She is ________


Ⅴ. Read and fill in the blanks(用所给单词的适当形式填空,每线词数不限)6%

1. Look, it ___ (rain) outside. He can’t ___ (go) out.

2. Ben, __ (be) quite! The babies ______ (sleep) in the room.

3. Our classroom is on the _ (three) floor. __ (they)

is here.

4. There is a lamp between these ____________ (shelf)

5. The children ________ (be) in the restaurant now. But they _______ (be)

not here at ten.

6. Yesterday, the farmer __________ (sit) and _________ (watch) TV on the sofa.

1. It is the first _______ of a week. It is Sunday.

2. I like English. So English is m favourite _____________.

3. I’ve got a . It’s in my bedroom. I can put the clothes in it. It’s big

and tall.

4. On Hainan Island, the weather is always ____ .

5. If you see a fire, you can call _____________ number 119.

6. We __________ smoke in the library. Smoking is not a good habit.

1. It is an insect. It is small. It can make a little house. It can become a butterfly.

It is a _________.

2. A long time ago, there __________ a big farm.

3. It is a kind of bad weather. You can hear the big wind. You can see the heavy rain and thunders. It is a ___________.

4. It is a building. When you go out to have a travelling(旅游), you can live in

it. But you must pay for(支付)the money. It’s a ___________.

5. Don’t make a ___________. You can’t talk loudly in the library.

6. If you stand in front of it, you can see yourself. It is a __________.

Ⅴ. Read and fill in the blanks(用所给单词的适当形式填空,每线词数不限)6%

1. --- ____________ you watch TV yesterday? --- No, I ____________ (not do).

2. I ____________ (visit) my grandfather last Sunday.

3. --- What did Hong do in autumn? --- He ____________ (cut) the rice.

4. Don’t____________ (chase) the animals. It’s dangerous.

5. He _________ (have) an apple every day. But this morning he ______ (has)

two apples.

6 My pencil ___________ (be) on the desk. But where ____________(be) it now?

(was, were, is, are, am)

1. Sam___________ in the park at 10:30. But now he ____________ in the room.

2. --- Where _____________you yesterday? ---I _____________at school

3. The children ______________ in the zoo yesterday morning.

4. Many years ago, Shanghai _______________a small village.

5. There __________ a lamp on the blue table. Now there ______________ some books on the blue table.

6. I __________Kitty. She ___________ my good friend, Alice.

1. The picture __ (be) on the wall. Where ___ (be) it now?

2. My mother often ___ __ (move) the sofa once two months. Look! She __________ (move) the sofa.

3. --- How many ____ (shelf) are there in the classroom?

--- There is only one ____________ (shelf).

4. There are ________ (3) floors in the building. On _________ (2) floor, there is a toilet.

5. ____ (you) bowl is empty. ______ (I) is full.

6. Ben, ______ (not play) near fires. It’s dangerous to _________ (play).

1. Don’t eat. Please was h your hands ____________. It’s good for your health.

2. Here are some ___________ for him. He is so thirsty.

3. They are vegetables. They are red. Do you want some ___________?

4. I like the soft __________. I like putting them on the sofa and sitting on them.

5. There is a fork and a knife on the sign. Let’s go. There is a __________ over there.

6. We can’t go outside today. It’s a ___________ day. All the people take the umbrella.