1. Little is known of his childhood ?____? at a factory at the early age of ten.?

A. to begin to work

B. beginning to work?

C. save that he began to work

D. about that he worked?

2. There is a general understanding among the members of the Board of Directors that chief attention ?____?to the undertaking that is expected to bring highest profit.?

A. is given

B. gives?

C. should be given

D. must be given?

3. They did not find ?____? to prepare for the worst conditions they might meet.?

A. worth their while

B. it worthwhile?

C. it worth

D. it worthy


4. Quarter horses can start more quickly, turn more sharply, and run faster over short courses ?____? breeds can.

A. than the other

B. other?

C. than other

D. of all other?

5. Most insurance agents would rather you ?____? anything about collecting claims until they investigate the situation.?

A. do

B. didn’t do

C. don’t

D. didn’t?

6. “I’m surely dirty, ?____??”?

A. am I

B. isn’t I

C. aren’t I

D. am not I?

7. ?____? illness, he retired.?

A. Thanks to

B. According to ?

C. Owing to

D. For the sake of?

8. This car has many features including ?____?.?

A. stereo, safety devices, air condition, and it saves gas?

B. good music, safe devices, air conditioning,and gas?

C. stereo, safety devices, air conditioned and good gas?

D. stereo, safety devices, air conditioning, and low gas mileage?

9. Every boy and girl must have ?____? hair neatly combed.?

A. his

B. her

C. its

D. their?

10. I wish you ?____? Jim so much. He is still very depressed.?

A. not to hurt

B. didn’t hurt ?

C. would not

D. had not hurt?

11. Before the school ?____? what students must wear, they wore just about anything.?

A. managed

B. authorized?

C. regulated

D. standardized?

12. While the population of the United States includes a great variety ofracial and ethnic backgrounds, Japan’s population is ?____?.

A. autonomous

B. homogeneous?

C. ambitious


13. The contents of the safety deposit box are ?____?being held by the police until the trial.?

A. theoretically

B. temporarily ?

C. rationally

D. naturally?

14. ?____? of half?starving foxes were roaming the snow?covered mountain areas.?

A. Herds

B. Packs

C. Flocks

D. Crowds?

15. The very idea of her winning the English competition is quite ?______?.?

A. strange

B. absurd

C. unlikely

D. sensible?

16. The earnest student waited with some slight ?____?while the teacher was reading his composition.?

A. despair

B. upset

C. nervousness

D. hatred?

17. The woman in the kitchen ?____? to the doctor that the water was hot.?

A. motioned

B. mentioned

C. meant

D. motivated?

18. Two years later the opportunity came for him to take a ?____?American look at the Old World.?

A. distinctly

B. distinctively

C. distinct

D. distinctive

19. The audience disliked the film thoroughly and were ?____?by whistling and stamping their feet.?

A. protecting

B. protesting

C. projecting

D. proposing?

20. In brief, it should be our goal to ?____? as much of the original beauty of nature as we can.?


B. introduce

C. suit

D. supply?

21. We should ?____? with the difficulties we were confronted with.?

A. accord

B. acquaint

C. brood

D. contend?

22. She is the person who likes to ?____? her knowledge.?

A. show up

B. show in

C. show off

D. show round?

23. The discovery of gold can bring great ?____? to our country.?

A. property

B. rich

C. wealth

D. sum?

24. I am ?____? that many readers are favorably impressed with your writings.?

A. confirmed

B. confident

C. indifferent

D. confused?

25. His ?____? at the meeting yesterday hurt her a lot.?

A. conduct

B. action

C. behavior

D. act?



【句意】人们对他的童年了解得很少,只知道他早在10岁就在工厂里工作。? 【难点】此处save为介词,相当于except,但不太通俗,其后除接名词或代词外,也可接that 引导的从句。?



【难点】understanding 如同suggestion, motion, plan, idea, order等词一样,其后的同位语从句中的谓语动词须用虚拟语气,should加原形动词或直接用原形动词。?



【难点】在find it worthwhile to prepare …中,find之后是一个复合结构,其中it 是形式宾语,真正的宾语是to prepare, worthwhile (值得花时间的)是宾语补足语。?



【难点】than other breeds can 是一个比较状语从句,与前边的more quickly,more sharply,faster 等相呼应。A),D)本身是错的,B)无比较意思。?



【难点】would rather 后跟的从句用动词过去时,表示“宁愿别人…”,而C)和D)无实义动词,故B)是正确的。?



【难点】“I am+表语”这一结构的反意疑问句是一固定结构,即aren’t I。? 7.C)


【难点】owing to意为“由于,因为”;thanks to意为“幸亏”;according to意为“根据”;for the sake of意为“为了…”。?


【句意】这辆小汽车有很多特点,包括音响、安全装置、空调和低耗的油表。? 【难点】此题测试平行结构。所谓平行结构指的是句子的并列成分在结构上应该一致或相同。A)中it saves gas 为句子。B)中尽管各成分在结构上等同,但逻辑意义上不成立,gas指“汽油”,凡汽车皆有,不能构成该车的特点。C)中各成分




【难点】当我们提到两个单数名词,一个是阳性,另一个是阴性,它们由and 相联,并由each 或every所修饰时,其物主代词应为his。



【难点】此题测试wish后虚拟语气表示的不同含义;wish后面可跟复合结构,只有否定形式的过去虚拟语气D)had not hurt 才符合题意。?



【难点】standardize 意为“标准化,使合标准,规格化”;manage意为“使用,运用,操纵”;authorize意为“批准,核定,准许”;regulate意为“控制,制约;为制订规章”。?


【句意】美国的人口有各种各样的种族背景,而日本人口则是同一种族。? 【难点】homogenous 意为“同类的;同性质的;同特征的”;autonomous 意为“自治的”;ambitious 意为“有野心的;有抱负的”;anonymous意为“无特色的,无个性特征的”。?







【难点】pack意为“(野兽,飞禽等)一群”;herd意为“牧群(尤指牛群)”;flock 意为“畜群(尤指羊群)”;crowd主要指“人群”。?



【难点】absurd意为“荒唐的,愚蠢的”;strange意为“古怪的,不可思议的”;unlikely 意为“不大可能的”;sensible意为“合情合理的,切合实际的”。?



【难点】nervousness 意为“紧张,不安”;despair 意为“绝望”;upset意为“心烦意乱,苦恼”;hatred意为“仇恨;敌意;憎恶”。?



【难点】motion意为“做手势,点头示意”,motion to sb to do sth 意为“示意某人做某事”;mention意为“提起,说起,谈到”;mean意为“意味着”;motivate意为“使有动机,使产生动机”。?






【难点】protest 意为“抗议,提出异议;反对”,后接against; protect意为“保护,保卫”;project意为“计划,规划”;propose意为“提议,提出”。










【难点】show off意为“炫耀,卖弄,表现自己”;show up意为“使显而易见,变得突出”;show in 意为“引(客人)入内,邻…入里面”;show round意为“带领…参观某地”。?



【难点】wealth 意为“财富,财产”;property意为“财产,不动产”;rich是形容词,不适合本句;sum意为“金额;一笔钱”。?



【难点】confident意为“确信,对…有信心”,后接that 从句,confirm是动词,不合本句;indifferent 意为“漠不关心的”;confused意为“被搞糊涂的”。? 25.C)


【难点】behavior 意为“行动,表现,举止”;conduct意为“品行(道德方面)行为”;action意为“行动”,侧重动作;act意为“举动,(一次性)行为,举动”。