【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]



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【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

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【英语卷·(解析)2015届山东省师大附中高三第一次模拟考试(201409)】B As a kid I loved everything about school. I loved books,41 ,tests and homework.Most of all I longed to someday march down the aisle(通道)to receive my 42 .That seemed more appealing even than getting married.But at 15,I had to 43 because my parents 44 afford tuition. My hope of getting a diploma was dead.

Pretty soon,I married. I had three Children,and I thought:“There 45 my diploma.”

Even so,I wanted my children to be educated.But Linda,our youngest child,had juvenile arthritis(幼年型关节炎)inher 46 and knees,which made it 47 her to function(活动)in a normal classroom.

One day,I saw an ad in the newspaper for evening courses.

“That’s the answer,”I said to myself.Linda always feels 48 in the evening,so I’11just sign her up for night schoo1.

Linda was busy 49 out enrollment(入学)forms when the secretary said:“Mrs Schantz,why don’t you come back to 50 ?”

I 51 :“There’s no way! I’m 55!”

52 he insisted,and before I knew what I had done,I was enrolled for classes in English and crafts.“This is only an experiment,”I 53 him,but he just smiled.To my surprise,both Linda and I thrived(茁壮成长)in evening school. I went back again the next semester,and my grades 54 improved.

It was 55 going to school again,but it was no game.Sitting in a class full of kids was awkward,56 most of them were respectful and encouraging.During the day,I still had loads of housework to do,But when I was down,Linda encouraged me.“Morn,you can’t 57 now!”

And when she was down,I 58 her.Together we saw it through.At last,I got my diploma.59 ,my classmates voted unanimously(一致地)for me to be class speaker,and I got a $3,000 college scholarship.

Yes,Mom,I was late for school,but I got there 60 .

41.A.parents B.teachers C.trees D.flowers

42.A.job B.present C.certification D.diploma

43.A.drop out B.watch out C.keep out D.find out 44.A.wouldn’t B.couldn’t C.shouldn’t D.needn’t

45.A.goes B.comes C.exists D.breaks

46. A .hands B.head C.eyes D.stomach

47.A.1ikely B.frequent C.easy D.impossible 48.A.Worse B.excited C.better D.annoyed

49.A.giving B.taking C.filling D.sending

50.A.work B.school C.home D.office

51.A.1aughed B.told C.argued D.shouted

52.A.And B.But C.Although D.So

53.A.informed B.asked C.warned D.convinced 54.A.regularly B.happily C.steadily D.naturally 55.A.interesting B.disappointing C.concerned D.exciting

56.A.as if B.even if C.in case D.if only 57.A.continue B.rest C.quit D.hesitate

58.A.raised B.discouraged C.cheered D.defeated

59.A.To my surprise B.To my satisfaction C.To my relief D.To my credit 60.A.naturally B.frequently C.constantly D.eventually


【文章综述】文章讲述了Mrs Schantz 小时候很喜欢上学,因为父母负担不起学费而辍学。她55岁时和女儿一起上夜校并获得了大学奖学金,最终实现自己小时候梦想。


41.B 根据第一句I loved everything about school.,作者喜欢的是和学校有关的,选B。

42.D A.job 工作;B.present 礼物;C.certification 证明D.diploma学历。结合下文中My hope of getting a diploma was dead.

43.A A.drop out辍学;B.watch out 当心,小心;C.keep out阻止进入;D.find out找到,发现。下文说我获得学历的梦想破灭了。又提到学费,可推断出父母付不起学费,我辍学了。

44.B 常用语can’t\couldn’t afford 负担不起

45.A A.goes走B.comes 来C.exists 存在D.breaks打碎;作者辍学后,结婚生子,文凭没了。

46.A 根据juvenile arthritis(幼年型关节炎,可知选A。

47.D 根据意思因为琳达有幼年性关节炎,在正常学校的教室里活动是不可能的。

48.C 根据下文so I’11just sign her up for night schoo1.我给她报名上夜校可知,琳达在晚上感觉要好很多。

49.C 固定搭配fill out forms 填写表格

50.B 根据上下文可知,秘书说“你为什么不来学校呢?”

51.A A.1aughed 笑B.told 告诉C.argued 争论D.shouted大喊;结合情景,应该是笑着说。

52.B 从上文我们知道,作者拒绝了夜校秘书的提议;但是他还是坚持,我也报名了。

53.C A.informed 通知B.asked 问C.warned 提醒D.convinced说服;我提醒他我只是尝试一下。

54.C A.regularly 有规律地B.happily 开心地C.steadily稳定地,不断地D.naturally自然地;我的成绩不断地提高。

55.D A.interesting有趣的B.disappointing失望的C.concerned 关心的D.exciting激动的;再次去上学还是激动的事情。

56.B A.as if 似乎,好像B.even if 尽管C.in case 以防D.if only要是……就好了;和一群孩子坐在一起还是挺尴尬的,尽管他们中大多说人都尊重和鼓励我。

57.C A.continue继续B.rest 休息C.quit 放弃D.hesitate犹豫;你不能放弃。

58.C A.raised养育B.discouraged 挫败C.cheered 鼓励D.defeated击败;当她情绪低落时,我鼓励她。

59.A A.To my surprise另我惊讶的是 B.To my satisfaction令我满意C.To my relief 令我松了一口气D.To my credit使某人增光;令我惊讶的是,全班同学一致同意选我作发言人。60.D A.naturally 自然地B.frequently经常地C.constantly 不断地D.eventually最终;妈妈,我上学晚了,但我最终还是到达了。



【英语卷·(解析)2015届山东省师大附中高三第一次模拟考试(201409)】A Xinxin,a 12-year-old student from Beijing,enjoyed his winter vacation with his father in Singapore.During their visit,he even had the chance to 31 some of Singapore’s sights by himself 32 his father was busy with other things.

Xinxin’s first adventure 33 in Singapore was at a water park near their hotel.He enjoyed swimming and 34 into the water by himself and then returned to the hotel before a time in the evening that was 35 by his father.

The boy also made a trip to Universal Studios Singapore 36 a guardian(监护人).He had already been to the park with his father two times during the trip.Xinxin volunteered to make his 37 trip by himself.His father gave him some pocket money to buy lunch,and then Xinxin rode the shuttle from their hotel to the studios.He spent a whole day there and had a 38 time.In an interview with Beijing Evening News,Xinxin’s father said that 39 he was too busy to spend all his time with his son,he decided to give him the opportunity to develop a sense of 40 .Had Xinxin’s mother been there,she would not have let Xinxin out of her sight,the father commented.

31.A.study B.explore C.test D.measure

32.A.while B.until C.before D.unless

33.A.along B.alive C.alone D. lonely

34. A. floating B.surfing C.driving D.diving

35.A.made B.set C.decided D.asked

36.A.under B.behind C.with D.without

37.A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

38.A.terrible B,miserable C.fantastic D.flexible 39.A.though B.since C.if D.when

40. A.independence B.daring C.pride D. diligence




31.B A. study 学习,B. explore探索,C. test考验,D. measure衡量。他甚至有机会自己探索新加坡的风景。选B。

32.A A. while然而,而B. until直到,C. before在…前面,D. unless除非。而他爸爸忙着其他的事情,这里表示对比,选A。

33.C A. along一起,B. alive活着的,C. alone单独的,D. lonely孤单的,从上文的by himself可知他第一个单独冒险是在一个水上公园。选C。

34.D A. floating漂浮,B. surfing搜索,C. driving驾驶,开车,D. diving跳水。他喜欢游泳好一个人跳入水中,选D。

35.B A. made制作,使得,B. set 确定,设置,C. decided决定,D. asked问。然后在爸爸设定的回旅店的时间之前回来了。选B。

36.D A. under在…下面,B. behind 在…后面,C. with和…一起,D. without没有。这个男孩也在没有导游的情况下到新加坡环球影城游玩。选D。

37.C从上文的:He had already been to the park with his father two times during the trip.可知这是第三次去那里,选C。

38.C A.terrible可怕的,B.miserable痛苦的,C. Fantastic美妙的,D. Flexible灵活的。他在那里度过一天,玩得非常愉快,选C。

39.B A. though虽然,B. since因为;由于C. if如果,D. when当…时候。因为他太忙了没有时间陪儿子,所以给他机会培养独立感。选B。

40.A A. independence独立,B. daring勇敢;勇气,C. pride骄傲,D. diligence勤勉,勤奋。从上文介绍xinxin一个人去游玩的经历,所以是培养独立性,选A。


【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

He, in 44 , mentioned that he had tried going there, but there was no such street number and he just couldn't locate his hotel.I 45 it again for him.He thanked me with a big smile, shook my hand, and 46 .I got into my car and he got into his, and we 47 ways.As I drove to the next grocery store and went in, I sensed 48 wrong about the direction s-so I Googled the

address again and 49 that he was looking for the right address but in a city half an hour away!

50 it had been several minutes, the chances of finding him miles awa y-where he was surely still looking around-were 51 .But I thought I'd give it a(an) 52 and set off in that direction.I'd 53 noticed what his car looked like, and was just about to give up.I parked my car as I considered what else I could d o-54 , like magic, he drove right by and pulled over into a nearby parking spot, still 55 about where the hotel was.

When I 56 next to him, he couldn't believe it: " 57 did you find me?!" he asked."I'm not sure, but I 58 that you are in the wrong city!" I showed him the right directions, and after more 59 and a handshake, we 60 .Likely that we'll never meet again, and that makes it much more sweet.

41.A.museum B.parking spot C.hotel D.grocery store 42.A.on B.in C.at D.with 43.A.constantly B.exactly C.absolutely D.completely 44.A.relief B.panic C.delight D.puzzlement 45.A.confirmed B.evaluated C.analyzed D.adjusted 46.A.took off B.took up C.took down D.took over 47.A.lost B.parted C.fought D.pushed 48.A.nothing B.anything C.something D.everything 49.A.realized B.considered C.determined D.stated 50.A.Hopefully B.Unbelievably C.Consequently D.Unfortunately 51.A.big B.vital C.slim D.obvious 52.A.beginning B.end C.change D.try 53.A.hardly B.merely C.regularly D.occasionally 54.A.while B.before C.when D.since 55.A.at a loss B.at a risk C.at ease D.at peace 56.A.put out B.put up C.pulled down D.pulled in 57.A.Where B.Why C.When D.How 58.A.tried out B.figured out C.burst out D.carried out 59.A.luck B.smiles C.greetings D.praise 60.A.left together B.returned home C.waved goodbye D.rushed away 【答案】【知识点】B1记叙文




42.选A,on my phone 固定搭配,在手机上搜索。



45.选A,因为他迷惑,所以作者又为他确认了一次。Confirm 确认。

46.选A,take off表示“离开”,他们握手告别。

47.选B,part ways表示“分道走”固定短语。

48.选C,something wrong,作者感受到有什么不对。








55.选A,at a loss 困惑不解,不知所措

56.选D,pull in 进站,这里指的是进入“停车场”。


58.选B,figure out 想出。这里指的是我现在知道你走错城市了。




阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项A、B、C和D中,选出最佳答案, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Signs can sometimes be seen at the entrance of a house, expressing that a tramp has passed.

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

worn trousers, and a jacket many sizes too big for him. On his head there was a battered old hat and

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

entered the front gate confidently and rang the bell.

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

very short indeed, for no sooner had he spoken a few words than the door closed fiercely in his face.

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

【备战2015高考】全国2015届高中英语试题汇编(10月 上):B单元 完形填空 Word版含解析]

41. A. employed B. made C. taken D. put up

42. A. parents B. classmates C. fellows D. friends

43. A. share B. save C. give D. put

44. A. in a way B. by mistake C. by the way D. by chance

45. A. with B. in C. by D. on

46. A. a fashion B. a design C. pieces D. blocks

47. A. success B. care C. failure D. family

48. A. gave B. got C. set D. made

49. A. drawing B. kissing C. correcting D. studying

50. A. pleased B. strange C. funny D. exciting

51. A. surprise B. satisfaction C. worry D.disappointment

52. A. rise B. put on C. raise D. throw

53.A. conversation B. introduction C. quarrelD. greeting

54. A. happy B. frightened C. worried D. sorry

55. A. cheerfully B. sadly C. bravely D. eagerly

56. A. waved B. swung C. shook D. nodded

57. A. Digging B. Stealing C. Putting D. Looking

58. A. appearing B. moving C. shining D. existing

59. A. belongings B. clothesC. umbrella D. stick

60. A. step B. position C. pace D. situation




41.A考查动词辨析A. employed雇佣;B. made使;C. taken带走;D. put up张贴;这种特殊的符号常被流浪汉用来告知同行是否可以进入该户人家乞讨。put up张贴,据下文,符号是画在墙上,故选A项。

42.C 考查名词辨析A. parents父母;B. classmates同学;C. fellows家伙;D. friends朋友;据上下文是指告知同行。同行不一定都是朋友,故排除D项,所以选C。

43.B 考查动词辨析A. share分享;B. save 挽救;C. give给;D. put放;据上文知,有了这种符号,流浪汉们就可省下做一些不必要的拜访的麻烦,故选B。

44.D考查介词短语辨析A. in a way用这种方式;B. by mistake错误地;C. by the way顺路;

D. by chance偶然地。从后半句came across得知为巧遇by chance,故选D

45.B 考查传记辨析A. with和;B. in在,,里面; C. by在。。旁边;D. on在。上面;in 后面加表示衣服的词语,表示穿着,当主语表示衣服的

46.C 考查名词辨析A. a fashion流行;B. a design设计;C. pieces片段;D. blocks砖块;in pieces 在这里描述流浪汉的衣服破旧的状态,几乎成了碎片,前面的On his head there was a battered old hat and his boots were so old and worn给出了很好的暗示,故选C项。

47.C考查名词辨析A. success成功;B. care关心;C. failure失败;D. family家庭;那个人看起来非常高兴好像不是一个失败的人,故选C。

48. D考查动词辨析A. gave给;B. got得到;C. set制定;D. made制做;make a turn转一圈。他滑稽地转了一个圈”。故选D

49. D考查动词辨析A. drawing画;B. kissing亲吻; C. correcting改正;D. studying学习;据上下文知这里是“研究”,“仔细看”那个符号,想弄清它代表的意思。故选D

50. D考查形容词辨析A. pleased高兴的;B. strange奇怪的;C. funny有趣的;D. exciting令人兴奋的;根据下文for the tramp’s face lit up w ith satisfaction.指符号有帮助的,提供了好消息。故选D。

51.B 考查名词辨析A. surprise吃惊;B. satisfaction满意;C. worry担心;D. disappointment 失望;由下方confidently和后来所发生的事及流浪汉原来的表情对比可以看出,当时他非常的满意,故选B项。

52. C考查动词辨析A. rise上升;B. put on穿上;C. raise提升;D. throw扔;敲门前,流浪汉把帽子抬高了一点,根据上文提到他戴着帽子,故选C项。

53.A考查名词辨析A. conversation对话;B. introduction介绍;C. quarrel争吵;D. greeting问候;流浪汉与主人之间的谈话。故选A。

54.D考查形容词辨析A. happy高兴的;B. frightened害怕的;C. worried担心的;D. sorry抱歉;看到他悲伤地走出来,我为他感到难过,故选D。

55.B 考查副词辨析A. cheerfully 欢呼地;B. sadly悲伤地;C. bravely勇敢地;D. eagerly迫切地;满怀希望地敲开门,却被无情志拒之门外,自然是伤心地离开了,故选B项。

56. C考查动词辨析A. waved挥手;B. swung摇摆;C. shook摇晃;D. nodded点头;根据下方提到as if he had made a bad mistake 可知,这是摇头,故选C项。

57. A考查动词辨析A. Digging挖掘;B. Stealing偷;C. Putting放;D. Looking看;把手插到口袋里去找东西,这里形象地描述了流浪汉把托插入口袋深处,摸出一根粉笔的情景,故选A 项

58. D考查动词辨析A. appearing出现;B. moving 移动;C. shining闪光;D. existing存在;exist 是不及物动词,所以不能用过去分词做定语,要有existing ,意思是存在的,现有的,故选D 项。

59. A考查名词辨析A. belongings所有物;B. clothes衣服;C. umbrella雨伞;D. stick棍;由语境和常识可知,这里指的是流浪汉所有的东西,包括前面提到的a small parcel,所以选A项。

60.C 考查名词辨析A. step步伐;B. position位置;C. pace脚步;D. situation情况;这里指步伐节奏.流浪汉迈着不紧不慢的步伐,吹着口哨继续往下家去乞讨。故选C



When I was 17 years old, I left my comfortable home in a wealthy Midwestern suburb to live as a foreign exchange student in a lower-middle-class neighborhood in a foreign country. I 41 in an apartment with no elevators, no dishwashers and one washer for 300 42 . The tile(瓷砖)floors were always 43 and the rainy winter days there seemed endless. I 44 to wash my clothes by hand in the bathtub and 45 water was so costly, I trained myself to 46 my waist-length hair in less than five minutes.

At that time there were no cell phones and the Internet didn’t exist so far six months I had no 47 at all with my family or friends in the US. I had no relatives there so I 48 to face the fact

that my 49 to adapt and create a life for 50 ,was one hundred percent up to me. At age seventeen my need for friends was 51 and not knowing a soul was, needless to say, a bit stressful.

To 52 to my stress, I didn’t speak the 53 and had no familiarity with the monetary (货币的)system nor the transportation system. One more 54 that created stress was my 55 family. Of all the families in the city I lived, I was 56 with the ones who spoke the least (or worst) English.

Living abroad and developing 57 in a foreign language required persistence and determination. I made many mistakes 58 the way. Now I’ve transformed my 59 memories into my medals of honor (荣誉勋章). They’re the treasured stories that offer wisdom, provide me with insights into friends and family and provide me with the 60 that I can surpass future challenges.

41. A. moved B. lived C. turned D. took

42. A. places B. names C. children D. families

43. A. warm B. empty C. tidy D. cold

44. A. tried B. asked C. learned D. forced

45. A. although B. since C. unless D. once

46. A. wash B. comb C. arrange D. adopt

47. A. contact B. quarrel C. letter D. chance

48. A. turned B. needed C. pretended D. stopped

49. A. imagination B. ability C. question D. career

50. A. myself B. other C. another D. none

51. A. impossible B. hopeless C. beneficial D. strong

52. A. adapt B. apply C. add D. reduce

53. A. truth B. language C. fact D. word

54. A. scene B. shortage C. fault D. challenge

55. A. own B. former C. host D. guest

56. A. occupied B. housed C. compared D. chosen

57. A. fluency B. trouble C. habit D. fame

58. A. over B. along C. in D. during

59. A. harmful B. beautiful C. hopeful D. stressful

60. A. advantage B. confidence C. promise D. future




41. B考查动词辨析A. moved移动;B. lived 住;C. turned 转向;D. took带走;句意:我住在一个没有电梯没有洗碗机没有洗衣机的300家的公寓。根据语境可知是住在这里,故选B 项。

42.D考查名词辨析A. places地点;B. names名字;C. children孩子;D. families家庭;句意:我住在一个没有电梯没有洗碗机没有洗衣机的300家的公寓。

43. D考查形容词辨析A. warm温暖的;B. empty空的;C. tidy整洁的;D. cold冷的;句意:瓷砖的地板是冷的,下雨的冬天,永远不会结束。根据下方提到the rainy winter days there seemed endless可知选D项。

44. C考查动词辨析A. tried尝试;B. asked问;C. learned学习;D. forced强迫;句意:我学会用手洗衣服。根据上文提到没有洗衣机故选C项。

45. B考查连词辨析A. although 虽然;B. since自从,因为;C. unless除非;D. once一旦;句意:因为水比较凉,我训练自己在五分种内洗完头发。根据两个句子是因果关系,故选B项。

46. A考查动词辨析A. wash 洗;B. comb 梳理;C. arrange安排;D. adopt适应;句意:因为水比较凉,我训练自己在五分种内洗完头发。根据语境可知在洗头发,故选A项。

47.A 考查名词辨析A. contact联系;B. quarrel吵架;C. letter信;D. chance机会;句意:我没有任何的与家人联系的方式。根据上文提到At that time there were no cell phones and the Internet didn’t exist so far six months可知没有任何的联系方式,故选A项。

48. B考查动词辨析A. turned转向;B. needed需要;C. pretended假装;D. stopped停止;句意:我没有亲戚因此我需要面对现实,我的适应能力,自己创造生活的能力都得全部靠自己,need to do 需要做某事,故选B项。

49. B考查名词辨析A. imagination想象;B. ability 能力;C. question 问题;D. career事业;句意:我没有亲戚因此我需要面对现实,我的适应能力,自己创造生活的能力都得全部靠自己,根据语境选B项。

50. A考查代词辨析A. myself我自己;B. other其它的;C. another另外一个;D. none没有;


51. D考查形容词辨析A. impossible不可能;B. hopeless没有希望的;C. beneficial有益的;D. strong 强壮的;句意:在十七岁的年季,我对朋友的渴望是强烈的,更不用说,不知道一个人的灵魂是有压力的。根据语境可知选D项。

52. C考查动词辨析A. adapt 采纳;B. apply提供;C. add加;D. reduce减少。句意:为了增加压力,我不会说当地语言,没有熟悉的货币和交通系统。根据上文提到not knowing a soul was, needless to say, a bit stressful.可知选C项。

53. B考查名词辨析A. truth真实;B. language 语言;C. fact事实;D. word单词;句意:为了增加压力,我不会说当地语言,没有熟悉的货币和交通系统。根据语境选B项。

54.D 考查名词辨析A. scene场景;B. shortage 缺乏;C. fault 错误;D. challenge挑战;句意:我在寄宿家不止一种挑战会给我带来压力。根据语境可知作者什么也不会,故是挑战。

55. C考查名词辨析A. own拥有;B. former前者;C. host主人;D. guest客人;句意:我在房东家不止一种挑战会给我带来压力,根据上文提到I didn’t speak the 53 and had no familiarity with the monetary(货币的)system nor the transportation system.可知选C项。

56. B考查动词辨析A. occupied占据;B. housed给房子住;C. compared比较;D. chosen选择;句意:在我居住的这个城市的家庭中,我被安排住在几乎不说英语的家里。根据语境选B项。

57. A考查名词辨析A. fluency流畅;B. trouble困难;C. habit习惯;D. fame名声;句意:住在国外和发展流利的外语要求的是毅力和决心。根据语境选A项。

58. B考查介词辨析A. over超过;B. along沿着;C. in在。。之内;D. during在。。期间;句意:在这条路上我犯了很多的错误。根据语境可知在国外的生活,故选B项。

59. D考查形容词辨析A. harmful有害的;B. beautiful漂亮的;C. hopeful有希望的;D. stressful 有压力的;句意:现在我已经把压力的记忆转换成荣誉。根据上文提到To 52 to my stress,可知选D项。

60. B考查名词辨析A. advantage优势;B. confidence信心;C. promise 承诺;D. future将来;句意:他们都是可以珍藏的故事,可以提供智慧,提供给我内心支持,提供给我度过未来挑战的自信。根据that I can surpass future challenges.选B项。



When I began planning to move to Auckland to study, my mother was worried about

a lack of jo

b and cultural differences. Ignoring the 41 , I got there in July 2010.

42 I arrived, I realized the importance of getting a job 43 my living experience.

Determined to do this 44 , I spent several weeks going door-to-door for a job, but found 45 response(回应).

One afternoon, I walked into a building to ask 46 there were my job opportunities(机会),The people there advised me not to continue my job search in that 47 . As I was about to 48 , a man who bad been listening approached me and asked me to wait outside 49 . Nearly ten minutes later, he 50 . He asked me about my plans and encouraged me to stay 51 . Then he offered me to Royal Oak to 52 a job.

I was a little surprised, but had a 53 feeling about him. Along the way, I realized that I had 54 resumes(简历). Seeing this, the man 45 at his business partner’s office to make me fifteen 56 copies. He also gave me some 57 on dressing and speaking. I handed out my resumes and went home feeling very 58 . The following day I received a 59 from a store in Royal Oak offering me a job.

It seems that the world always 60 to you when you need it. And this time, it was a complete stranger who turned out to be a real blessing.

41. A.


B. doubts

C. instructions

D. reasons

42. A. Even if B. Every time C. Soon after D. Now that

43. A. of B. for C. at D. with

44. A. on my way B. on my own C. by any


D. by the day

45. A. little B. much C. some D. any

46. A. why B. whether C. wherever D. whenever

47. A. director B. attitude C. way D. language

48. A. answer B. leave C. work D. refuse

49. A. for a


B. at any time

C. as usual

D. for ever

50. A.


B. hesitated

C. passed

D. returned

51. A. silent B. busy C. comfortable D. positive

52. A. pick out B. give up C. take on D. search for

53. A. good B. dull C. guilty D. general

54. A. made use of B. run out of C. taken care


D. become

tired of

55. A. glanced B. knocked C. stopped D. appeared

56. A. right B. different C. former D. more

57. A.


B. suggestions

C. impressions

D. agreements

58. A. satisfied B. funny C.


D. lonely

59. A. present B. tip C. call D. report

60. A. turns B. goes over C. looks up D. gives back


【答案】【知识点】B1 记叙文





43.B介词辨析。get a job for 因……而得到工作。




47.C名词辨析。A指导者;B态度;C方法;D语言。in that way用那种方法,故选C。


49.A介词短语辨析A一会;B任何时候;C像平常一样;D永远。根据前文的wait 应选A。








57.B名词辨析。A压力;B建议;C印象;D同意。Give sb suggestions on就某事给某人提出建议。故选B。

58.A 形容词辨析。A感到满意的;B滑稽的;C感到失望的;D寂寞的。根据句意选A。

59.C名词辨析。A礼物;B措施;C呼叫,电话;D报告。根据下文的from和offering 判断选C。


【英语卷(解析)·2015届四川省成都外国语学校高三10月月考(201410)】二. 完形填空(共



I had worried myself sick over Simon’s mother coming to see me. I was a new 11 _, and I gave an honest account of the stu dents’ work. In Simon’s case, the grades were awfully low. He couldn’t read his own handwriting. ___12____he was a bright student. He discussed adult subjects with nearly adult comprehension. His work in no way reflected his ___13_____.

So when Simon’s mot her entered the room, my palms(手掌心) were sweating. I was completely ___14____for her kisses on both my cheeks. “I came to thank you,” she said, surprising me beyond speech. ____15____ me, Simon had become a different person. He talked of how he ____16____ me, he had began to make friends, and for the first time in his twelve years, he had ___17____ spent an afternoon at a friend’s house. She wanted to tell me how grateful she was for the ____18____ I had nurtured(培养) in her son. She kissed me again and left.

I sat, stunned (惊呆), for about half an hour, ___19____what had just happened. How did I make such a life-changing difference to that boy without ____20___ knowing it? What I finally came to ___21____was one day, several months before, when some students were ____22____reports in the front of the class, Jeanne spoke ___23____, and to encourage her to raise her voice, I had said, “Speak up. Simon’s the expert on this. He is the ___24____ one you have to convince, and he can’t hear you in the ____25____of the room.” That was it. From that day on, Simon had sat up straighter, paid more attention, ____26____ more, and became happy. And it was all because he ____27____to be the last kid in the last row. The boy who most needed____28____ was the one who took the last seat that day.

It taught me the most ___29____ lesson over the years of my teaching career, and I’m thankful that it came ____30____ and positively. A small kindness can indeed make a difference.

11. A. cleaner B. reporter C. monitor D. teacher

12. A. Or B. And C. But D. So

13. A. courage B. abilities C. feelings D. dream

14. A. desperate B. responsible C. unprepared D. unsuitable

15. A. Because of B. In spite of C. Apart from D. As for

16. A. loved B. envied C. pleased D. criticized

17. A. gradually B. constantly C. recently D. obviously

18. A. self-respect B. self-doubt C. self-pity D. self-defence

19. A. imagining B. observing C. wondering D. regretting

20. A. also B. even C. always D. still

21. A. expect B. remember C. believe D. accept

22. A. writing B. reviewing C. editing D. giving

23. A. quietly B. repeatedly C. quickly D. firmly

24. A. lucky B. lonely C. only D. likely

25. A. entrance B. middle C. front D. back

26. A. slept B. smiled C. shouted D. quarreled

27. A. intended B. pretended C. refused D. happened

28. A. change B. praise C. thanks D. visits

29. A. difficult B. painful C. valuable D. enjoyable

30. A. early B. slowly C. frequently D. occasionally




11. D A. cleaner清洁工B. reporter 记者C. monitor 班长D. teacher老师;根据下文the students’ work提示,可知是老师。

12. C A. Or 或者B. And 和C. But 但是D. So因此;前一句“he couldn’t read his own handwriting”再前一句得出他的成绩差并且字也不好看,“但是”他是一个“bright”也就是聪明的学生。转折之意。

13.B A. courage 勇气B. abilities 能力C. feelings 感觉D. dream梦想;前文语境可以得出他很聪明,能用成人的理解力去讨论成人的问题,而空格所在的句子是他的作品绝不可能反映出他的能力。

14. C A. desperate 绝望的B. responsible负责人的C. unprepared 没有准备的

D. unsuitable不合适的;前文手心都是汗,以及后文妈妈的吻以及感谢,加上第一段描述孩子成绩差,我又是个新老师,所以完全没有预料到妈妈竟然是这么热情。

15. A A. Because of 因为B. In spite of 虽然C. Apart from 除了…….之外D. As for至于;根据下文simon变得不一样,会交朋友等等,这都是由于我。前后因果关系。

16.A A. loved 爱B. envied 嫉妒C. pleased使愉悦D. criticized批评;从前后文语境来看,得出孩子是喜欢老师。

17. C A. gradually 逐渐地B. constantly不断地C. recently最近D. obviously明显地;从"开始交朋友"到"最近"12年来第一次可以在朋友家待一下午。这知这是最近发生的事情。

18. A A. self-respect自尊B. self-doubt自我怀疑C. self-pity 自怜D. self-defence自我防备;Simon妈妈是想要告诉老师孩子好的改变,应该选褒义词。

19. C A. imagining 想象B. observing 观察C. wondering 想知道D. regretting后悔;根据前面作者的呆坐苦想可知,他想知道刚刚到底发生了什么。

20.B A. also 也B. even 甚至C. always 经常D. still仍然;我是怎样让这个男孩发生这么大的改变,甚至我自己都不知道这一切是怎么发生的。

21.B A. expect 期待B. remember 记得C. believe相信D. accept接受;前文交代作者坐在那儿半小时的时间在想,后文交代是几个月前的某一天,说明作者想起了什么。

22.D A. writing 写B. reviewing 复习C. editing出版D. giving给;根据下文in the front of the class以及后面的spoke,说明是在作报告give reports 作报告

23.A A. quietly安静地B. repeatedly 重复C. quickly迅速D. firmly紧紧地;后文作者鼓励Jeanne 要speak up。说明原来Jeanne声音太轻了,贴近轻的含义的只有A选项。

24.C A. lucky幸运的B. lonely 孤独的C. only仅仅D. likely可能;根据下文的be the last kid in the last row ,可知这里说的是“Simon是唯一一个要说服的。”

25.D A. entrance 入口B. middle 中间C. front 前D. back后;下文有Simon碰巧是最后一排的最后一个孩子。

26.B A. slept 睡B. smiled 笑C. shouted 大喊D. quarreled吵架;根据下文的and became happy.,选B。

27.D A. intended 打算B. pretended假装C. refused 拒绝D. happened发生;happen to do 碰巧。

28.B A. change 改变B. praise 赞扬C. thanks 感谢D. visits参观;老师无意的一句表扬改变了一个孩子。

29.C A. difficult 难的B. painful疼痛的C. valuable 有价值的 D. enjoyable令人愉快的;文章最后一段升华总结,作者认为这一次经历是带给她最有价值的一次课。

30.A A. early早B. slowly 慢C. frequently经常D. occasionally偶然;从positively来看并列褒义词,而且文章开头交代自己是新老师,说明这个事情是她在新老师的时候经历的,说明刚入行,对应早期,故选A。


My daughter is a single parent. She works hard to ___41___ for herself and her three young sons. She budgets carefully and ___42___ to plan for the little luxuries (奢侈品) and treats that others take for granted. When her eldest son, David, wanted a ___43___ so that he could do an after-school newspaper delivery job, she ___44___ and soon, he was the proud ___45___ of a good second-hand bike.

One afternoon, my daughter asked David to go to a local shop. He rode his bicycle, ___46___ foolishly left it outside the shop without ___47___ it up. When David came out of the shop, it was___48___. He walked home in ___49___ and then, together with his frustrated mother, went to the local police station to report the ___50___.

Imagine their ___51___ when they arrived at the station: a car parked out front had David’s bike wedged (挤进) in its boot (汽车后部的行李箱). The ___52___ told them how he’d seen a group of kids ___53___ the bike once my grandson had gone inside the shop.

The driver – in his late teens himself –had called out to them to “leave that bike ___54___!” Despite this, one member of the group ___55___ on the bicycle and rode it away while the others followed. Not to be ___56___, the teen got in his car, drove after them and ___57___ that they give the stolen bike back.

He was happy to be able to ___58___ it to my grandson together with a lecture (echoed by the policeman and his mother) about the silliness of ___59___ to use the bike lock. ___60___, in all the excitement, he slipped away, without even giving them his name or telephone number.

41. A. stand B. provide C. change D. watch

42. A. permits B. refuses C. manages D. decides

43. A. bicycle B. watch C. phone D. backpack

44. A. gave out B. set aside C. saved up D. worked up

45. A. driver B. worker C. seller D. owner

46. A. and B. but C. so D. when

47. A. locking B. picking C. covering D. hiding

48. A. left B. missed C. broken D. gone

49. A. surprise B. trouble C. tears D. peace

50. A. danger B. theft C. accident D. fight

51. A. joy B. regret C. anger D. disappointment

52. A. policeman B. manager C. teacher D. driver

53. A. ride B. fix C. steal D. knock

54. A. out B. off C. away D. alone

55. A. jumped B. touched C. walked D. moved

56. A. annoyed B. angry C. confused D. discouraged

57. A. advised B. demanded C. forced D. promised

58. A. donate B. explain C. return D. pass

59. A. learning B. teaching C. reminding D. failing

60. A. Besides B. Then C. Finally D. Therefore












41. B。根据首句提到的作者女儿是个单亲母亲可推知她必须抚养自己和她的三个孩子,故选B,provide for 抚养;stand for 代表;watch for 守候,注意。

42. C。根据空前面的“She budgets carefully”以及下文她为孩子买自行车的事可知她认真预算,设法买一些其他人想当然就能得到的小奢侈品。manage to do sth 设法做某事;permit to do sth 允许做某事;refuse to do sth 拒绝做某事。

43. A。由下文“he was the proud 5 of a good second-hand bike.”可知她儿子想要得到一辆自行车。

44. C。根据上下文可知这里表示她积攒了钱给孩子买自行车,故选C。set aside表示“留出,留作……之用”,表示留出钱备用必须说set money aside。

45. D。这里对应上文的“When her eldest son, David, wanted a 3 ”,David从期盼拥有自行车到真正拥有自行车,故答案为D。owner 所有者。

46. B。他骑自行车前往商店,但是忘了锁车,前后句之间是转折关系,故选B。

47-48. AD。从下文“He walked home in 9 ”和“a lecture ... about the silliness of 19 to use the bike lock”可知他忘了给自行车上锁,导致自行车被盗。

49. C。上文提到他好不容易得到这辆自行车,却不小心弄丢了,所以他回家当然心情沮丧,只有C项符合语境。In tears 流泪;in trouble 处于困境中;in peace 平静地。

50. B。由上文以及下文的“the teen got in his car, drove after them and 17 that they give the stolen bike back”可知他们母子俩是去警察局报告这次自行车被盗事件,故选B,theft盗窃案。

51. A。由下文“a car parked out front had David’s bike wedged in its boot”可知当他们看到自己丢失的自行车就停在警察局前,自然非常高兴,故选A。

52. D。一辆小车停靠在警察局前,后备箱里还装着David的自行车,上前解释怎么回事的当然是该小车的司机了,故选D。

53. C。由“17 that they give the stolen bike back”可知作者外孙进入商店后,有一群孩子在偷盗他的自行车。

54. D。leave sth alone表示“把……独自留在那儿”。这位司机看到有人偷自行车,所以大喊,“别动那自行车”,D符合语境。

55. A。由下文的“rode it away”可知有一个人跳上(jump)了自行车,把它骑走了。

56. D。由下文可知,眼看着自行车被人偷走了,虽然前面干涉无效,这位司机也不泄气,开车继续追,故选D。

57. B。这名司机开车去追偷自行车的人,并____他们把自行车退回来。Advised 建议;demanded 命令;forced 强迫;promised 允诺,答应。根据语境可知B为最佳选项。Force后通常不接that从句,常见搭配为force sb to do sth。

58. C。根据上下文可知这名司机很高兴能物归原主,故选C。

59. D。上文提到作者的外孙忘记锁自行车才导致自行车被盗,所以这里指没有给自行车上锁,fail在此表示“忘记,疏忽”。

60. B。根据此空前后两句的逻辑关系,可知这里表示时间上的顺承关系,司机说完他觉得该说的,就溜走了,故选B。


Do you like chocolate? If you like it you must know DOVE-the most famous chocolate brand But do you know what the meaning of DOVE is?

Dove chocolate is born because of 41 . One day in 1919. Princess Bazaar of Luxembourg's royal family first met the royal kitchen helper Leon. Many nights. Leon slipped into the kitchen and '42 various ice creams for Bazaar; They soon fell in love. Unfortunately owing to