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Lesson 41

Do you call that a hat?

Do you call that a hat, I said to my wife. You needn't be so rude about it,my wife answered as she looked herself in the mirror.I sat down on (无/the) one of those modern~morden chairs with holes~hole in it and waited.We had been in the hat shop for half an hour.And my wife was still in front of the mirror.We mustn't buy things we don't need,I remarked suddenly.I (regretted/regretly) saing it (almost at/all most) once.You needn't have to say that.My wife answered. I needn't remind you *of* that terrible tie you bought yesterday. I find it beautiful,I said.A man can never have too many ties.And a woman can't have too many hats,She answered.Ten minutes~minuts later.We walked out of the shop together.My wife was (wearing a /very on) hat (that/they) looked~look like a lighthouse.


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Lesson 42

Not very musical

As we had had~have a long walk through one of the markets of (Old Delhi/all daily),we stoped at a square to have a rest.After a time,we noticed a snake charmer with two large baskets at the other side of the square.So we went to have a look at him.As soon as he saw us.He picked up a long pipe (which was covered with/with its clour was ) coins~corns .and opened one of the baskests(盖子).When he began to play a tune.We had our~a fist glimpse of the snake.(It rose out/ he langed) of the basket and began to follow~fellow the movements of the pipe.(We were/he was) very much surprised.when the snape charmer suddenly began to play jazz tunes.and popular modern songs.the sneake,however,conituned to dance slowly.It obviously could not tell the difference between Indian~Indean music and Jazz.



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Lesson 43

Over the self pole

In 1929,three years after his flight over the North Pole,The American explorer RE Byrd~bird(人命拼写错误,后不再注明) successfully (flew/through) over the (South/self) pole for the fist time.(Though/No) at first.Bird and his (men/mean)(此错误后不再

注) were able to take (a great/at least) many photographs~photograph (of/that) the mountain (that lay below/lied be while).(They/He) soon ran (into/in to) serious trouble.at one point,it seemed certain that their plain woud crash.It could only get over the mountains.*if*It rose to 10 thousand feet.Bird at once ordered his mean to throw~threw out two heavy food sacks(袋子).The plane was then able to rise and it *cleared*(越过,扫除障碍)the mountains by four hundred~hunder feet.Bird now knew *that*he would be able to reach the South~self pole.which was 300 miles away. For (there were no mountains in sight/the window more) The aircraft was able to fly over the (endless/English) white plains without difficulty.



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Lesson 44

Through the forest

Mrs Ann Staing(Anne Sterling后不注) did not think of the risk she was taking when she ran through a forest after two men.They had (rushed up /lost after) to her while she was having a picnic at the edge of (a/the) forest (with/was) a children and tried~try to steal her handbag.In the (struggle/stcirtle) .the (strap/strught) (broke/bug) and

with the bag *in their* possession .both men (started/thought) running through the trees~tree.Mrs spiling got so angry~agrily that she ran after them.She was soon (out of/got) breath~breathed but she continued to run.When she (caught/called) up with them.She (saw/thought) that they had~have (sat/fighed) down and were going (through/throw) the contents of the bag.So she ran~run straight (at/up) them.The man got *such a* fright~frighted.that they dropped~drop the bag and ran away.The strap (needs mending/mades mendy),said Mrs Spiling later.But they did not steal anything.



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A clear(无罪的,不亏心的)conscience(良心)

The whole village soon learnt that a large (sum/some) of money had~have been lost. (Sam Benton /Fane Banten)(人名错误后不再注明),the local butcher had~have lost his wallet while taking his savings(看单词表才听出来的)to the post office.Fane was~were sure that the wallet must have been found by one of the villagers.But it was not returned to him.Three months passed and then one

morning.Fane found his wallet outside his front door.It had been warpped (up in / out of the newspaper).And it contained~contanted half (无/ of) the money he had lost.together was a note which said.A thief,yes,but only fifty percent a thief.Two months later,(Some / The) more money was sent to Sam with another note.Only 25 percent (a thief / have been) now.In time,all (sam’s / lost ) money (was / have been) paid back in this way.The last note said I am 100 percent honest now.

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Lesson 46

Expensive and uncomfortable

When a plane from London~Londen arrived at Sydney Airport.Workers began~begined to unload a number of wooden boxes which containted clothing.No one could account for the fact that one of the boxes was extremely(生词,注意拼写) heavy.It suddenly (occurred/a cleark) to one of the workers to open up the box.He was astonished at what he found.A man was lying in the box on top of (在……之上)a pile(堆) of woolen goods.He was so

surprised at being discovered that he did not even try to run away.After he was arrested.The man !!!admitted~admited!!! hiding in the box before the plane (left/in) London.He had had a long and uncomfortable trip.For he had been confinded(生词“关在”) to the wooden box for over ten hours.the man was ordered to pay 345 pounds for the (cost/coast) of the trip .The nomal price of (a/the)ticket is 230 pounds



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Lesson 47

A thirsty(贪杯的) ghost.

A public house which was recently bought by (Lan Thompson/Tompson) (人名错误后面不注明) is up for sale.Mr Tompson is going to !!!(sell/sail)!!! it because it is haunted(haunt 生词,v来访,闹鬼).He told me that he could not go to sleep one night.Because he heard(注意拼写) the strange noise coming from the bar.The next morning,He found *that* the doors had been blocked by chairs. and the furniture had been moved .!!!(Though/The)!!! Mr Tompson had turned the (lights off/right sour) before he went to bed.They were on in the morning.He also said that he had found five empty whisky(生词,

威士忌)bottles which the ghost must have (drunk/come) (无/form) the night before.When I suggested (that/to) some villagers must have !!!(come in/coming)!!! for a free drink.Mr Tompson (shook/shoke)(shake生词)his head.The villagers (have/had) told him that they will not accept(开始听成了except,看了生词表后改正)(the pub/ in)??? even if the (gives it /got) away.



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Lesson 48

Did you want to tell me something

Dentists always ask questions when it is impossible for you to answer My dentist had just pulled(生词pull 拔) out one of my teeth and had told me to (rest / last) for a while.I tried to say something.But my mouth was full of cotton (wool/ row) (cotton wool原棉,脱脂棉).He knew I collected bird egg.and asked me !!!(whether / weather)!!!my collection(生词收藏品收集品) was growing.He then asked me how my brother was and (whether / weather) I liked (my / to the) new job in London.In answer to these questions.I (either / even) nodded(生词nod 点头)(无/it) or made strange noises.Meanwhile,My (tongue / tone)(tongue舌头tone 语调) was busy searching out the hole (where the tooth / was two) had

been.I suddenly felt very (worried / wired )but could not say anything.When the dentist at last removed the cotton (wool / raw) from my mouth.I (was / would be) able to tell him that he had pulled out the wrong (tooth/teeth).

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Lesson 49 (录音很不清晰此课生词很多不得已多出复句听写) The end of a dream

(Tired of / Tidy was) sleeping on the floor ,a young man in (Teheran / tired on) saved (up / dollars) for years to buy a real (bed / bird).For the first time in his life ,He became~become the proud owner(注意拼写) of the (bed / bird)which had (spings(生词弹簧)/ sprint ) (and a mattress(床垫) / in the Ma).Because the weather was very hot.He (carried the bed / tried to buy) onto the roof of his house.He (slept / felt) very well for the first two nights.But on the third night. A storm ( blew / growed) up .(A gust of / The dusty) wind swept (生词) the bed (off / after) the roof.and (sent it/ cented) crashing into the countyard(生词院子) (below / alone).The young man did not wake up until the bed had struck~structed(strike 的过去式为stuck) around.Although the bed was smashed(生词揉碎) to(很弱) pieces.The man was miraculously(生词奇迹)

unhurt.When he (woke up / looked out) .He was still on the (mattress/Mcl.) Glancing(生词glance 动词扫视) (at the bits of wood and metal / of the big wording madel )that (lay around him / had lied ). the man sadly picked up the (mattress / M) and (carried it/ Kidded) into his house.After he (put it / putted) on the floor. He promptly(生词迅速地) went (to sleep / sweepting once) again. 12:30


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Lesson 50

Taken for a (ride (旅行)/ alied)

I love traveling in the country.But I don't like (losing / missing(不是很肯定) ) my way.I went on an~a excursion(生词远足) recently.But my trip took me longer than I expected.I'm going to (Woodford Green / wood for dream)(专有名词后面不再注). I said to the conductor as I got on the bus.But I don't know where it is.I will tell you where to get off,answered the conductor.I (sat / said) in the front of the bus to get a good view of the countryside~ contriside.After some time, the bus stopped, Looking round I realized (with a shock / was ashock) that I was the only passengers left on the bus.You *'ll* have to get off here,the conductor said.This is (as far as / the parts) we go.Is this wood for dream.I asked.

Oh,dear.said the conductor suddenly.I forgot to put you off.It doesn't matter,I said.I'll get off here.We are going back now.said the conductor. Well,in that case,I will prefer to stay on the bus,I answered.