Part I Vocabulary and Structure(1*40)

Directions:There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence,and then mark

the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1.In order to search for the escaped prisoner,the police decide to question_________comes along this road.

A.who B.whom C.whoever D.whomever

2.Albert Einstein often stressed to interviewers that his accomplishments would certainly have been achieved by others __________lived.

A.he had never B.never had he

C.never he had D.had he never

3.Some companies have introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure __________.

A.and more on efficiency B.and more efficiency

C.than efficiency D.than more on efficiency

4.They are going to have the serviceman____________an air-conditioner in the office next week.

A.install B.to install

C.to be installed D.installed

5.More and more people begin to realize that it is about time the government__________further measures to control pollution.

A.must take B.is taking C.takes D.took

6.While crossing the mountain areas, all the men had guns for protection lest they________by the local bandits.

A.be attacked B.were attacked

C.must be attacked D.would be attacked

7.The manager promised to keep me ________of how our business was going on.

A.to be informed B.on informing

C.informed D.informing

8.________mirror the ideas and opinions of women in the United States in the later part of the 1800s.

A.Whether the novels of Mary Jane Homes

B.The novels by Mary Jane Homes

C.Mary Jane Homes wrote novels

D.Why Mary Jane Homes wrote novels

9.________my father wants to do after he retires is to write a book.

A.Which B.That C.What D.Those

10.The speed________light travels is said to be the maximum in the universe.

A.by which B.from which C.in which D.at which

11.Steven________myletter;otherwise he would have replied before now.

A.has received B.should have received

C.couldn’t have received D.ought to have received

12.Your hair wants ________.You’d better have it done tomorrow.

A.to cut B.cutting C.cut D.being cut

13.Tom can’t speak Chinese,but Peter________.

A.do B.does C.did D.done

14.All those are matters ________attention.

A.is worthy B.worthy

C.worthy of D.which is worthy of

15.But for your help,I________.

A.can have failed again B.may have failed again

C.will be living D.will have been living

16.Mr.Grant________in Hangzhou since 2006.He loves this city.

A.has been living B.lived

C.will be living D.will have been living

17.They were in ________when they left that they forgot the airline tickets.

A.a rush so anxious B.a such anxious rush

C.such an anxious rush D.so an anxious rush

18.Under no circumstances________our car.

A.they are borrow B.are they to borrow

C.they will borrow D.could they be borrowing

19.You’re going to the United States next year.You should now practice________English as much



A.speak B.to speak C.speakingD.spoke

20.All flights________because of the snowstorm, we decided to take the train.

A. were canceled

B. had been canceled

C. having canceled

D. having been canceled

21.Only one little boy________ the accident. Everyone else was killed.

A. survived

B. submitted

C. suffered

D. succeeded

22.I don’t know whether what he said is ture, but I’ll try to ________it.


23.My camera can be ____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.

A. treated

B. adjusted

C. adopted

D. remedied

24.Children who are over protected by their parents may become________.


25.I think the whole paper ha to be rewritten;only the first few paragraphs may be________.





26.The boat ________,throwing the boys into the water.

A.turned on B.turned down C.turned off D.turned over

27.The teacher asked a difficult question,but finally Peter________a good answer.

A.came up to

B.came up for

C.came up with

D.came up against

28.Mr.Wang is getting too old for football.He decides to ________tennis instead.

A.take in


C.take for

D.take over

29.Not long ago,a person who I know very well was ________an accident.

A.related to

B.included in

C.involved in

D.subjected to

30.It is our ________policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means.





31.Many people complain of the rapid________of modern life.





32.We discussed this problem for several days,but couldn’t come to a(n)________.





33.I am ________every day by the slow bus service in this city.





34.No one like him because his action doesn’t________his words.

A.correspond with

B.agree on

http://m.wendangku.net/doc/566ad6ef5ebfc77da26925c52cc58bd6318693fd.htmlmunicate with

D.consist of

35.His knowledge of English literature is ________mine.

A.superior than

B.superior to

C.superior more than

D.superior better to

36.He rarely goes to the cinema as his work ________almost all his time.

A.takes away

B.takes over

C.take up

D.takes in

37.The World-Cup football match will betekevised________to the world.





38.The restaurant is busy on Sundays, so I’ll phone up today and ________a table.





39.Never waste anything.but ________never waste time.

A.after all

B.all in all

C.above all

D.all over

40.Generallyspeaking,a business leter should be written in formal style ________in a personal one.

A.rather than

B.other than

C.less than

D.more than

Part II Cloze(1*20)

Directions:There are 20 blanks in the following passage.For each blank there are 4 choices marked A,B,C andD.You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage and mark the

corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

Americans suffer from an overdose of work. Regardless_41_who they are or what they do, Americans spend_42_time at work than at any time since World War II.

In 1950, the US had fewer working hours_43_any industrialized country. Today, it exceeds every country_44_ Japan, where industrial employees log 2,155 hours a year compared_45_1951 in the US and 1603 in the_46_West Germany.

Between 1969 and 1989, employed Americans_47_an average of 138 hours to their yearly work schedules. The workweek_48_above 40 hours, but people are working more weeks each year.

_49_ , paid time off holidays, vacations, sick leave shrank_50_15 percent in the 1990s.

As corporations have_51_stiffer competition and slower growth in productivity, they have pressed employees to work longer. Cost-cutting lay-offs in the 1990s_52_the professional and managerial runs,_53_fewer people to get the job done. In lower-paid occupations,_54_ wages have been reduced, workers have added hours_55_overtime or extra jobs to_56_their living standard. The Government estimates that more than seven million people hold a second job.


For the first time, large_57_of people say they want to cut_58_on working hours, even if it means earning less money._59_most employers are unwilling to let them do so. The Government, which has stepped back from its traditional_60_as a regulator of work time, should take steps to make shorter hours possible.

41. A. of B. with C. for D. by

42. A. less B. same C. more D. much

43. A. to B. like C. than D. among

44. A. and B. but C. as D. or

45. A. for B. with C. in D. at

46. A. past B. late C. earlier D. former

47. A. added B. increased C. brought D. totaled

48. A. stood B. stopped C. remained D. set

49. A. However B.Nevertheless C.Therefore D. Moreover

50. A. by B. at C. with D. below

51. A. suffered B. experienced C. undertaken D. endured

52. A. shortened B. reduced C. lessened D. relieved

53. A. leaving B. left C. leaveD. to leave

54. A. when B. where C. while D. though

55. A. by B. for C. to D. in

56. A. preserve B. conserve C. improve D. protect

57. A. numbers B. amounts C. figures D. quantities

58. A. off B. out C. in D. back

59. A. For B.Furthermore C.But D. And

60. A. rule B. function C. task D. role

Part IIIReading Comprehension(2*20)

Directions:There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or incomplete sentences. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A,B,CandD.You

should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer


Passage 1

The White House is the most visited residence in the world. Tours may be scheduled through our Washington DC office. Due to security and scheduling procedures, there are a few things you should know before requesting a tour: ?Only groups of 10 or more may request a tour.

?Requests must be submitted with a minimum of one month’s advance notice from the date of the tour. Notice of whether your application is accepted will be given 10 days prior to the date

requested. All tours, even after they have been confirmed, are subject to cancellation due to

security interests.

?Tours are only conducted Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 11:30 am.

To process your request for a tour, please contact our Washington office at (202) 224-5521 and provide the following information:

?Date(s) requesting.

?Security information for each person in your party, including: name as it appears on I.D. (I.D. required for ages 14 and up), date of birth, social security number, country of origin, and citizenship.

?A home address and daytime and evening phone numbers for the designated (指派的) leader of the group.

?A contact number while in DC for the designated leader of the group.

After your request is , our office will contact you with further instructions.

61. This notice is to provide information about ________.

A) scheduling of Washington DC tours

B) the security system of the White House

C) application for a tour of the White House

D) duties of a tour group leader

62. The White House is open to the public ________.

A) on weekdays only

B) five days a week

C) every other day

D) on weekends only

63. Application for a group tour of the White House must be submitted ________.

A) exactly on the date of application

B) at least 30 days in advance

C) any day between Tuesday and Saturday

D) 10 days before the date of the tour

64. After your tour request has been confirmed, ________.

A) it is still possible that your tour may be cancelled

B) you are still allowed to change your visiting date

C) you can surely visit the White House that day


D) it is necessary for you to start your tour immediately

65. It can be inferred from the passage that ________.

A) teenagers under 14 are not allowed to visit the White House

B) foreigners are less likely to be permitted to tour the White House

C) separate tours can also be scheduled for individual visitors

D) security is the chief concern in scheduling White House tours

Passage 2

Terms and Conditions of Employment

These terms and conditions should be read before you sign your contract.

Salary:Your starting salary is:$15,000.This is reviewed annually.

Hours:work are eight hours a day,Monday through Friday. You will start work on Feb.212008.On the first morning,report to your line manager John Knight.

Health and safety:Please read the safety regulations attached. If you have any questions,contact the health and safety officer,whose name is at the top of the regulation sheet. If you have health problems,please inform the Senior Nurse,Chris Thomas. If you cannot work because of illness,please telephone the factory.

Annual leave:During your first year of employment you ale allowed twenty days’leave. This should be arranged with your line manager.

Overtime(加班) :If you work more than forty hours a week,you will be paid at the current overtime rate. Your line manager will keep a record of the overtime you work. If you work on public holidays,you will be paid at the current rates. If you prefer,time can be taken instead of extra pay for public holidays and overtime.

Clothing:The Supplies Department provides overalls(工作服) .Inform Supplies of your size two days before you need them. You can also order any other equipment you need for your job from Supplies.

66. According to the contract,the salary of the employee_________.

A) is paid weekly

B) is adjusted every quarter

C) is re-examined from year to year

D) is fixed for the whole contract period

67. If employees have any health problem,they should_________.

A) telephone the factory

B) inform the Senior Nurse

C) report to t11eir line manager

D) contact the health and safety officer

68. The line manager is responsible for____________.

A) giving a pay raise

B) signing a contract

C) arranging annual leave

D) helping with personal affairs

69. If employees work on public holidays,usually they will get_________.

A) extra days off

B) extra money

C) a pay raise

D) paid holidays

70. When they need overalls for their job,employees should inform the Supplies Department


A) the size

B) the color

C) the style

D) the quantity

Passage 3

Are you worried by the rising crime rate? If you are, you probably know that your house, possessions and person are increasingly in danger of suffering from great rise in the cases of burglary and attack(攻击).

Figures show an ever-increasing crime rate, but it is only too easy to imagine "It will never happen to me". Unfortunately, statistics show that it really can happen to you and, if you live in a large city, you run twice the risk of being a victim.

Fortunately, there is something definite which you can do. Protect Alarms can help to protect your house with a burglar alarm system which is effective, simple to operate and easily affordable.

You must remember that owning a burglar alarm is no indication that your house is packed with valuable possessions. It quite simply indicates to unwelcome visitors that yours is one house they will not break into easily, so they carry on to an unprotected house where their job is made a lot easier.

Send now for our free leaflet telling you how we can Protect Alarm your house quickly, easily


and cheaply. Complete and tear off the slip below and post it to us. Postage is free. Also, telephone us on 327 6721 where we have a round-the-clock answering service. It costs nothing to find out about Protect Alarm.

71.Anyone who takes an interest in the crime rate will, according to the text, be aware that


A.more burglars are being caught than ever before

B.people have more possessions to worry about nowadays

C.burglars are more at risk than they used to be

D.homes are more likely to be broken into than before

72.It seems that people who live in cities are__________.

A.more likely to fall victim to burglary than those living in the country

B.of the opinion that statistics on robbery is wrong

C.twice as well-off as people living in the country

D.conbinced that burglars only rob unprotected houses

73.The writer of this text wants to give the impression that the Protect Alarm system is


A.elementary B.expensive

C.experimental D.economical

74.The article claims that possessing an alarm system will________

A.show burglars that you have something worth stealing

B.warn burglars not to break into your house

C.make the burglars’ undertaking more complicated

D.persuade burglars to try coming another time

75.The purpose of the article is________.

A.to warn people against the danger of the rising crime rate

B.to help people to protect their house

C.to persuade people to buy something

D.to discourage the burglars

Passage 4

College is a new and different experience for me. I'm away from home, so I have many things to adjust to, such as being on my own and meeting many different types of people.

There are a lot of things that I like about college that I would like to describe for you.

First of all, living at college gives me a sense of responsibility and of being on my own.

My parents aren't around to say, "No, you're not going out tonight," or "Did you finish your homework?" Everything I do has to be my decision, and that makes me responsible for my own life. During the second week I was at college, I had to go out and look for a bank where I could open an account. And when I got to the bank, I had to decide whether to have a checking or savings account and whether or not to get a credit card. Decisions! Decisions!

Friendly people is another thing I like about college. On the first day I came to Marymount University here in Virginia from New York, I was a bit confused about where I was going. My mother and I drove in. We did not know the building we were supposed to go to, but the guard was very nice. With a smile, he told us what building we were looking for and where we could park our car. My room was on the first floor of New Gerard, and I knew I had to go through some glass doors, but my mother and I didn't know which ones. Some students saw me and asked, "Are you a new student?" When they found out I was looking for New Gerard, one said, "Oh, just follow us; that's where we're going." Even now I feel comfortable in the dorm because there are friendly people around to talk with.

I do like a lot of things about college, but that doesn't mean I don't think about things at

home. Although I like college, I can still get homesick. New York is a very good place, too! And sometimes I miss it!

76. The text is perhaps written by ________.

A. a new student

B. a new teacher

C. a foreign reporter

D. a foreign visitor

77. What does "gives me a sense of responsibility" in the first sentence of Paragraph 2 mean?

It means it makes me feel ________.

A. responsible for my parents.

B. responsible for my teacher.

C. responsible for the school.

D.responsible for myself.

78. One thing that he liked was ________.

A. the comfortable dorm

B. finding his way around

C. his studies as a first year student

D. the friendly people

79. What is New Gerard?

A. It's a student's name.

B. It's a teacher's name.

C. It's a dorm's name.

D. It's a school's name.

80. Which of the following is NOT true?


A. People in Marymount University are friendly.

B. The writer likes the new experience in the university.

C. The writer drove to Marymount University with his mother.

D. The writer is not homesick-questions

Part IV Translation(2×10)

Directions:There are 10 sentences in this part please translate sentences 81-85 from chinese into English,and translate sentences 86-90 from English into Chinese.Write your

answer on the Answer sheet.

81, 众所周知,肺癌至少部分地是由于吸烟过多而引起的。





86,We have received your letter and would be grateful if you would tell us in detail the way of cooperation.

87,As far as Advertising and Sales Manager is concerned,excellent oral English is also a necessary requirement,

88,Everything taken into consideration,the plan put up by our manager seems to be more workable.

89,When it comes to successful overseas investments than can yield hingprofits,the key is which country you should put your capital in.

90,Thus,if we want to learn to communicate well in a foreign language,we must understand the culture that gives that language meaning.

Part V Error Correction(1×10)

Directions:There are 10 sentences in this part,Each sentence has4 underlined parts marked A,B,C and D.You are required to identify the incorrect part,and then write the

corresponding letter and the correct answer on the Answer Sheet.

91.It would save him much trouble if he has known her telephone number.


92.Amature man is one who is good at turning failure into succeed.


93.Whichreally matters is not what you saidbut what you did.


94.Nowherein the world you can find a manwho is more foolish than John.


95.Whoeverleaves the classroom last should turn up the lights.


96.Considering that she is a merechild,it isnot safe to let her go lonely.


97.They believe businesses in other countries is not as competitive as those in America.


98.It is highly desirable that a new presidentis appointedfor this college.


99.Have no money but not wanting anyone to know,hesimply said he would go Without



100.My wife said in her letter that she would appreciateto hearfrom you



Part VI Writing(1×20)

Directions:For this part,you are supposed to write a composition on the topic Is Frustration a Bad Thing? You should write at least 120 words,and base your composition on the

outline given in Chinese below.