I.找出A 栏和B 栏中单词或表达相符的答案.(每题0.5分,共10分)


1. Journey a. a person in a position of management

2. executive b. to use the nurnbers on a telephone to make a call

3. overlook c. working well and without waste

4. bilt d. a person employed in a hotel,erc.to receive guests

5. bored e. make knows to people by printing notices in newspapers

6. contact f. ask for discount

7. delicious g. keep or store for a later occasion

8. computer h. a trip from one place to another

9. urgent i. say that sb. is fitted for a post 10. efficient j. a place where arrangements for traveling are made 11. receptionist k. to write down 12. recommend l. a piece of paper which shows how much you have to pay 13. tour guide m. having pleasant smell or taste 14. reserve n. have a view of …from above 15. bargain o. feeling tired and unirterested 16. available p. able to be usod or got. 17. dial q. get in touch with 18. travel agency r. needing to be dealt with at once 19. note s. a person who shows a tourist around 20. advertise t. an electronic.device which stores and produces information II.选择正确的答案完成句子.(每题0.5分,共30分) 1. You can borrow all kinds of books from the____ .


B. classroom



2. You should fill in the form with your name, sex, ____.and address. A. old B. years C. time D. age

3. TO be honest with yourself is to ____ yourself.

A. look

B. do

C. refuse

D. respect 4. People often end their letters with “yours____.

A. truly

B. true

C. very

D. real

5. One of the firefighters(消防队员)won a (n)____for bravery(勇敢). A. success B. award C. dream D. experience

6. Ann speaks ____ Japanese , as, she has lived there for three years. A. accent B. embarrass C. fluent D. real

7. I ’ve learned from my uncle that dogs____ people by their smell. A. improve B. recognize C. expect D. teach

8. You may borrow books with your student _____.

A. book

B. form

C. card

D. magazine

9. Your uncle must have ____ X-ray examination. A. an B. a C. the 10. Here is ____ doctor I told you about.

A. a

B. the

C. one

D. some

11. Generally speaking(一般说来).views on this subject ____ widely. A. manage B. succeed C. graduate D. differ 12. I loved you the ____ I saw you.

A. moment

B. point

C. heart

D. face 13. Some of the .new televisions have very large ____

A. glasses

B. pictures

C. troubles

D. screens 14. Can you com e to the party to ____ Jim ’s graduation? A. involve B. measure C. cheer D. celebrate 15. It ’s a ____ to sing “Jingle Bells ” at Christmas.

A. festival

B. firework

C. tradition

D. decision 16. She doesn ’t have the ____ to move that suitcase alone. A. strong B. strength C. pressure D. attitude 17. This doesn ’t look like ____ dictionary, it must be ____.

A. my; your

B. my; yours

C. mine; your

D. mine; yours 18. He wrote ____ sections of this book.

A. two of

B. the first two

C. two first

D. a first two 19. Several ____ of students will take part in the sports meet. A. hundreds B. of hundreds C. of hundred D. hundred 20. His new book ____ to the top as the bestseller(畅销书).

A. rocketed

B. raised

C. stayed

D. reached 21. After writing the letter, she put it in the ____ and sealed (封)it. A. cover B. envelope C. sheet D. box

22. The president was invited to address at the opening ____ of the Olympic Games. A. ceremony B. speech C. meeting D. celebration

23. The teacher granted her the ____ to be in change of Group one at the ,spring-outing(登游). A. ability B. authority C. certificate D. authorities 24. His ____ expression(表情) shows that he is unhappy about that. A. body B. hand C. facial D. verbal 25. This kind of plant ____ a lot of water at all times.

A. assumes

B. limits

C. produces

D. requires 26. You should read more books to enlarge(扩大) your ____ A. vocabulary B. memory C. brain D. score 27. I sat at ____ desk from the right.

A. five

B. the fifth

C. fifth

D. the five 28. The young lady must be in her ____

A. thirty

B. the thirties

C. thirtieth

D. thirties

29. The good weather could be an important ____ in tomorrow ’s game. A. fact B. factor C. force D. activity 30.Students should be encouraged to be ____ thinkers.

A. independent

B. independence

C. advantage

D. average

线 封 学号 报读学校 专业 姓名

31.He looks young, but ____ he is much the elder of the two.

A. locally

B. even so

C. actually

D. though

32. The guard walked through the train ____ everyone’s ticket.

A. inspected

B. inspecting

C. inspect

D. inspects

33. I’m going to sell the house. together with the ____

A. economy

B. service

C. character

D. furniture

34.It is ____ to spend money on something you don’t use.

A. desire

B. additional

C. foolish

D. interesting

35.You can’t expect your parents to support you ____

A. eventually

B. in the meantime

C. forever

D. there

36.Life is an endless journey(旅程) toward personal ____

A. activity

B. faith

C. sunshine

D. achievement

37.We often ____ the happy time we spent at your home last summer.

A. recall

B. remind

C. present

D. provide

38. She is so strange. She always tries to ____ talking to me.

A. prefer

B. protect

C. avoid

D. assure

39. I’m sorry to ____ you, but my car has broken down and I was wondering if I could use your phone.

A. disturb

B. declare

C. urge

D. give up

40. Just water these plants twice a week, and ____ the ones in the bedroom;

A. likewise

B. right now

C. what’s worse

D. otherwise

41. Eager buyers bought all ____ 50 of the items in one weekend. leaving the family $442 richer.

A. but

B. and

C. only

D. rest

42.____ one long-time weekend bargain hunter, “In the back of your mind you have hope of finding some fabulous painting”.

A. Saying

B. Says

C. To say

D. Sayed

43. The ____ painting is kept securely in the museum, but there are hundreds of copies.

A. extra

B. local

C. original

D. recent

44. Where did you ____ this beautiful old vase?

A. faced with

B. get rid of

C. turned off

D. run across

45. I once got into a dispute ____ an English woman.

A. with

B. to

C. in

D. between

46. He divides up the stack according to what ____ the several senses of the word.

A. is

B. are

C. to be

D. being

47. These cookies are good; I’d like to have ____ pieces’ please.

A. one

B. someone

C. a few

D. either

48. I think that her ____ is based on pure hypothesis.

A. influence

B. usage

C. dispute

D. statement

49. Few Americans really enjoy ____ with these eager, helpful people.

A. visiting

B. to visit

C. to meet

D. to see

50.____ depend entirely on the agent when we buy insurance.

A.Neither we should

B. neither should we

C. Should we neither

D. Should neither we

51. The police work for the ____ of all the people who live in this city. A. safe B. unsafe C. safety D. save

52. The new teaching methods have proved very. simple but ____

A. complex

B. opposite

C. inadequate

D. effective

53. Rude people are those ____ behavior shows little respect for the rules that the majority follow.

A. whose

B. who

C. that

D. which

54. When they lose a few contracts because they talk ____

A. with their mouth is full

B. with their mouth full

C. with their full mouth

D. when their mouth fill

55.____ speaking, I don’t think the plan will work

A. Kindness

B. Polite

C. Frankly

D. Rudely

56. He left his hometown to look for ____ in a bid city.

A. employer

B. employ

C. employee

D. employment

57.____ the amount of time that Children watch TV, it has become one of the most powerful models they want to follow.

A. Given

B. Giving

C. To give

D. Gave

58. Many preschool teachers do not like to have commercially ____ toy weapons ____ into the classroom.

A. made; bring

B. made; brought

C. making ; bringing

D. make; bring

59.Did he mean to ____ the principles ____ software development?

A. put…together

B. distinguish…from

C. apply…to

D. point…out

60. His love of money is the only ____ that drives him to work so hard.

A. violence

B. evidence

C. reality

D. motive

III. 仔细阅读下面的文章然后从四个选项中选出最佳答案. (每题8分,合计40分)

Air travel is an everyday experience these days because it’s so fast. But frequent long-distance flying can be very tiring and the traveler begins to feel his brain is in one country and .his body is in another. In short, he hardly knows where he is.

Tiredness after a long flight becomes stronger when we fly from east to west or vise versa because we cross time zones(时区).

Doctors say that air travelers should go straight to bed on arrival after crossing a number of time zones, They shouldn’t work without rest. However airline pilots can hardly be affected. In fact, they often live by their own watches, paying no attention to local time. They can even have breakfast at midnight if necessary.

Businessmen. however, are not so lucky. After a long journey, they must either go straight to an important meeting or to their boss to give a report. Even so ; there are still a lot of businessmen traveling by air.

1.Why has air travel become a daily experience? Because it is ____

A. very cheap

B. easy to get

C. so fast

D. clean and comfortable

2. “the traveler begins to feel his brain is … his body is in another” means ____

A. the traveler goes mad

B. the traveler becomes foolish

C. the travelers feels uncomfortable

D. the traveler doesn’t know where he is

3. Doctors say that air travelers should ____ after a long journey.

A. go to work without wasting time

B. take exercise to relax

C. stay with their family members

D. go to bed and have a good rest

4. Pilots can hardly be affected by frequent flying because they ____

A. like flying

B. have good training against it

C. are especially strong men

D. live by their own timetable

5. What most likely happens to businessmen after a long journey is the following except ____

A. going to meeting

B. going back home and having a good rest

C. reporting to their boss

D. going to work directly

Mr Knott worked in a big school in London. His home was far from the school. So he was usually very tired. when he got home. One evening he went to bed very early. But after a while, the telephone rang. So he got out ot his bed, picked up the telephone and said, “Hello, Who’s speaking, please?”

“Watt”, a man answered.

“what’s your name. Please?” said Mr Knott.

“Watt’s rny name,” was the answer.

“Yes. I asked you that . What’s your name?” Mr Knott said again.

“I told you Watt’s my name.” said the other man. “Are you jack Smith?”

“ No, I’m not,” answered Mr Knott.

“Will you give me your name, please?” said Mr watt.

“Will Knott,” answered Mr Knot.

Both Mr Watt and Mr Knott put down their telephones angrily and thought, “That was a rude, foolish man!”

1.Mr Knott was a ____.

A. worker

B. farmer

C. teacher

D. student

2. He lived ____ the school.

A. far from

B. near

C. in

D. next to

3. When the telephone rang. he was ____.

A. at school

B. on the way home

C. in bed

D. at work

4. When Mr Knott asken “Who’s speaking, please?” ____

A. The other man toid him his name is Watt.

B. The other man didn’t understand him.

C. The other man asked what’s Mr Knott’s name

D. The other man didn’t answer

5. Both Mr Watt and Mr Knott put their telephone down angrily because ____

A. Mr Watt didn’t understand Mr Will Knott

B. Mr Will didn’t understand Mr Watt

C. neither of them understood each other

D. they didn’t know each other

Long-long ago.there was a poor man. He had in his garden an orange tree. On the tree there were many fine oranges. One day he found one of his oranges was much bigger than the others. It was as big as a football. Nobody had ever seen such a big orange. The poor man took the orange to the king . The king was so pleased that he gave the man a lot of money for it.

When a rich man heard of it . he said to himself, “It’s only an orange, Why has the king given so much money for it? I’ll take my gold cup to the king. I’m sure he’ll give me more money.”

The next day when the king received the gold cup. he said to the rich man. “What a beautiful cup! I’ll show you something wonderful. Please take this great orange.”

1.The poor man was surprised to see that ____

A. an orange on his tree was bigger than a football

B. the biggest orange on his tree was as big as a football

C. all the oranges on his tree were like a football

D. some of the oranges on his tree were like a football

2.The poor man took the biggest orange to the king because ____

A. he wanted to have a talk with the king

B. the king liked to eat big oranges

C. he thought the king had never seen such a big orange

D. he could sell the orange to the king

3.When the king received the poor man’s orange, he felt ____

A. happy

B. frightened

C. angry

D. disappointed

4. Why did the rich man take his gold cup to the king?

A. He thought the king would lend him a lot of money

B. He thought the king would give him a lot of oranges

C. He thought he would get much more money than the poor man

D. He thought the king would give him a better job

5. What did the king give the rich man at last?

A. The poor man’s orange

B. Nothing

C. Many fine oranges

D. A lot of money

There is a street market in the city center. The market is busy and noisy. There is music playing. and people calling to their friends. There are lots of wonderful smells. too… fried onions, coffee and fresh bread

All kinds of things are for sale … food and vegetables. shoes and dresses. cassertes and clocks, and just walking around and looking.

I‘went there with my American friend Bill on a Saturday afternoon. We walked through the market slowly looking at this and that. We turned to a corner …and suddenly the sky was full of colored legs. blue. red and pink legs. yellow. orange and white legs. We didn’t buy anything in the market but I did get something I liked … a photo of a line of colored tights. dancing in the sun.

1.“ored legs”n this passage means ____

A. legs with colors

B. colored socks

C. colorful legs of people

D. colored stockings

2. A street marker is usually ____

A. very busy and quiet

B. full of bad smells

C. very busy and noisy

D. full of colored legs

3. There are lots of people ____ in the street market.

A. singing songs

B. laughing and talking

C. playing music

D. selling ,buying, eating and looking

4. The author and his friend Bill ____

A. bought something they liked

B. took a picture of colored tights

C. bought some colored legs

D. bought nothing but a picture

5. You can buy all kinds of things in the street market except ____

A. food and vegetables

B. shoes and dresses

C. cars and houses

D. cassettes and clocks

A beautiful and very successful actress was the star(明星). of a mew musical show(音乐片). Her home was in the country but she didn’t want to back there every night, so she rented(租用) an expensive flat in the center of the city, bought some beautiful furniture(家具) and hired a man to paint the rooms in new colours.

It was very difficult to get tickets for her show because everybody wanted to see it, so she decided to give the painter two of the best seats. She hoped that this would make him work better and more willingly for her. He took the tickets without saying anything, and she heard no more about them until the end of the month. When she got the painter’s bill. at the bottom of it were the words: “four hours watching Miss Hall sing and dance. $24.” and the other words: “After 5 pm. I get six dollars an hour instead of four dollars”

1. In the article, “Miss Hall” was the name of ____

A. a place where people sand and dance

B. a hali

C. an unmanried woman

D. a street

2.The woman’s flat was situated(位于) ____

A. by the side of the country road

B. near the city

C. in the middle part of the city

D. near her home

3. The actress gave the painter two tickets. hoping he would ____

A. ask less money for his work

B. ask more money for his work

C. say a good word for her musical show

D. be pleased

4. After the painter got the tickets from the actress, he ____

A. went to watch the musical show

B. sold them for $6

C. was very thankful to her

D. paid $4 for them

5. In the story, ____ misunderstood each other

A. both the actress and the painter

B. the painter

C. neither the actress nor the painter

D. the actress

New York, London. Paris and other big cities are exciting places to live in. There are many interesting things to see and to do You can go to different kinds of museums, plays and films. You can also buy things from all over the world.

But there are serious problems in big cities too. It’s expensive to live there and there are too many people in some places in some places of big cities. Every year many people move to the cities to find jobs, to study an good schools and receive good medical care. But sometimes these people cannot find work or good place to live in . also it is hard to keep the cities safe and clean.

Some people enjoy living in big cities. others do not . Before they move to big city. they should think about the problem of living there.

1. In big cities people can ____

A. go to different kinds of museums

B. see all-kinds of plays and films

C. buy things from all over the world

D. A, B and C

2. Which of the following is true? ____

A. Big cities are not clean and safe enough

B. People can easily find good places to live in big cities

C. People can always have many changes to find work to do

D. All people like to live in big cities

3. In this passage the writer thinks it is right for people ____

A. to move to big cities

B. not to move to big cities

C. to move to big cities without thinking of any problems

D. not to move to big cities before they think over the problems of living there

4. This passage doesn’t tell us that ____

A. Paris is an exciting place for people to live in

B. big cities are all very dirty

C. big cities have a lot of serious problems

D. usually people can get very dirty

5. Which is the best title(标题) for this passage?

A. Big Cities

B. Interesting Things in Big Cities

C. Good Schools in Big Cities

D.New York, London and Paris

IV. 英译汉(每题10分,共30分)

1. I was born in England and then my family moved to the United States when I was a little girl. I like Chinese culture so much that my hobbies are Chinese painting and Beijing opera.

2. A passport is a small official book It is formal government document. A citizen of a country can obtain a passport from a special government agency. It provides the personal particulars about the holder.

3.Nowadays fax and E-mail are becoming the symbols of office modernization. As one of the most efficient means of communication, fax is taking the place of the telex and the telegram.