1. As long as you’ve paid in advance, we won’t ______ you for delivery.

A. spend

B. take

C. charge

D. cost

2. If this project fails, it will not only ______ our department, but also the whole organization.

A. affect

B. effect

C. affect on

D. influence on

3. You should never ______ anyone about their deal, because they will finally pay for what they have done.

A. argue

B. criticize

C. complain

D. sympathize

4. You can use this ability to make more ______ choices in your life.

A. beneficiary

B. profit

C. benefit

D. beneficial

5. It was a bad year for films, in ______ of both quantity and quality.

A. ways

B. means

C. terms

D. conditions

6. We all know air is ______ of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

A. made

B. included

C. consisted

D. composed

7. Papermaking began in China and from there it ______ to North Africa and Europe.

A. sprang

B. flowed

C. spread

D. carried

8. The little boy escaped by the ______ of his teeth, but his parents died in the fire.

A. peel

B. tail

C. skin

D. head

9. The soup tastes ______.

A. badly

B. good

C. goodly

D. well

10. Now he is earning money, and he feels more ______.

A. independent

B. independently

C. dependent

D. dependently

11. We ______ him to arrive early.

A. suspected

B. hoped

C. explained

D. promised

12. I get up early ______ catch the first bus to work.

A. in order that

B. in order to

C. in order

D. so that

13. ______ means extreme unwillingness to spend money.

A. Opulence

B. Prescription

C. Parsimony

D. Prodigality

14. I am not invited to family reunions any more, as I’m considered ______ because of my political convictions.

A. a black sheep

B. a wild goose

C. a lame duck

D. a dogs body

15. Saying goodbye is as ______ a part of life as saying hello.

A. far

B. so

C. many

D. much



16. The red color is characteristic ______ rust, the combination of iron and oxygen.

A. of

B. by

C. in

D. with

17. I held ______ from telling him what I thought of him.

A. at

B. back

C. on

D. in

18. ______ was not the way the story happened.

A. What reported

B. What reported the internet

C. What the internet reported

D. The internet reported

19. I had eaten all her chocolates ______ she came back from the concert.

A. by the time

B. at the time

C. for the time being

D. after

20. He asked me ______ stay.

A. how long time was I going to

B. how long was I going to

C. how long time I was going to

D. how long I was going to

21. ______ beautiful flowers!

A. What a

B. So

C. What

D. How

22. Scientists have more to do than to allow their imaginations to wander ______ large.

A. in

B. by

C. with

D. at

23. The prisoner ______ by this way, for there his footprints were found.

A. needn’t have esca ped

B. must have escaped

C. should have escaped

D. might have escaped

24. My elder brother asks me to buy ______ newspaper for him.

A. a

B. a piece of

C. an item of

D. some

25. It is no use ______ about your past mistakes.

A. to regret

B. to have regretting

C. to have regretted

D. regretting

26. ______ you come, you will find him busy with his study.

A. However

B. Whenever

C. Wherever

D. Whatever

27. ______ passed than another hit the city.

A. No sooner had one typhoon

B. No sooner one typhoon had

C. Hardly had one typhoon

D. Hardly one typhoon had

28. Marriage is alliance of two people, one ______ never remembers birthday and the other never forgets them.

A. of who

B. of whom

C. of which

D. of them

29. If you ______ hard before, you would be a college student now.

A. study

B. were studying

C. studied

D. had studied

30. The peaceful use of atomic energy will do ______ to human beings.

A. good

B. well

C. nicely

D. better




31. As far as marketing is concerning, I think the best thing to do at present is to have a meeting


with the Sales Manager and his advertising people.


32. The tasks related to reform, development and stability for 2006, the first year in the Eleventh


Five-Years Plan, are huge.


33. It wasn’t my idea to change the brand name in the first place. It was her.


34. After the message is sent, the computer then finds the information about the product and sends


it instant back to the terminal at the checkout counter.


35. After about 30 minutes, the train entered into a dark tunnel under the city streets, and shortly


afterwards it stopped at the railway station.


36. On general, the author says we should try to appear friendly and self-confident, since “People


like people who like themselves.”


37. This is the worst weather which I’ve experienced in Shanghai.


38. He went beside only selling products of poor quality at a high price. He also paid less tax.


39. When we had calculated the cost on the project, it was clear it would not be economic to go


ahead with it.


40. In the past, industrially goods were made to last for ever.




The western world is filled with advertisements. Different 41 are used in advertising. For example, radio commercials get millions of teenagers to 42 for products made exclusively for them. Then, magazine ads showing models 43 in the latest style 44 women and men to buy new clothes in order to remain fashionable. Newspapers, too, are filled with ads 45 the need to buy everything from pills to major household 46 at bargain prices. In addition, TV programs are interrupted 47 five minutes with commercials telling people to try a new detergent(清洁剂)or drink a different kind of beer. Short cinema films are also used for advertising 48 . Finally, advertisements in the form of posters appear almost everywhere, on walls and buildings.

Companies advertise their products to make people buy. 49 , most companies 50 their products as the best you can buy. Of course, advertisers never talk about the 51 of their products.

Although many people and companies can do their own advertising, most 52 advertising is done by agencies. The 53 , usually a company, goes to an advertising agency with a product it wishes to advertise. The company has probably already 54 which medium they want for their advertisement. The job of the agency is to suggest ideas and to produce a finished advertisement from the idea that the client likes 55 .

41. A. media B. relations C. functions D. operations

42. A. lure B. shop C. buy D. sell

43. A. dressing B. wearing C. putting D. dressed

44. A. dissuade B. persuading C. persuade D. dissuading

45. A. paying B. realizing C. ignoring D. stressing

46. A. appliances B. performances C. equipments D. applications

47. A. almost B. every C. nearly D. both

48. A. basis B. habit C. purpose D. technique

49. A. Therefore B. Later C. Although D. However

50. A. maintain B. present C. find D. want

51. A. dislocations B. advantages C. demerits D. merits

52. A. favorite B. public C. non-commercial D. commercial

53. A. client B. owner C. donator D. agent

54. A. worked B. thought C. decided D. explained

55. A. better B. best C. well D. worst



Passage 1

A rapid means of long-distance transportation became a necessity for the United States as settlement spread ever farther westward. The early trains were impractical curiosities, and for a long time the railroad companies met with troublesome mechanical problems. The most serious ones were the construction of rails able to bear the load, and the development of a safe, effective stopping system. Once these were solved, the railroad was established as the best means of land transportation. By 1860 there were thousands of miles of rails crossing the eastern mountains and reaching westward to the Mississippi. There were also regional southern and western lines.

The high point in railroad building came with the construction of the first transcontinental system. In 1862 Congress authorized two railroad companies to build lines from Nebraska westward and from California eastward to a meeting point, so as to complete a transcontinental crossing linking the Atlantic with the Pacific. The Government helped the railroads generously with money and land. Actual work on this project began four years later. The Central Pacific Company, starting from California, used Chinese labor, while the Union Pacific employed crews of Irish labourers. The two groups worked at great speed, each trying to cover a greater distance than the other. In 1869 they met at a place called Promontory in what is now the State of Utah. Many visitors came there for the great occasion. There were joyous celebrations all over the country, with parades and the ringing of church bells to honor the great achievement.

The railroad was very important in encouraging westward movement. It also helped build up industry and farming by moving raw materials and by distributing products rapidly to distant markets. In linking towns and people to one another it helped unify the United States.

56. The major problems with America’s railroad system in the mid-19th century lay in ______.

A. poor quality rails and unreliable stopping systems

B. lack of financial support for development

C. limited railroad lines

D. lack of a transcontinental railroad

57. The building of the first transcontinental system ______.

A. brought about a rapid growth of industry and farming in the west

B. attracted many visitors to the construction sites

C. attracted laborers from Europe

D. encouraged people to travel all over the country

58. The construction of the transcontinental railroad took ______.

A. 9 years

B. 4 years

C. 7 years

D. 3 years

59. What most likely made people think about a transcontinental railroad?

A. The possibility of government support for such a task.

B. The need to explore Utah.

C. The need to connect the east coast with the west.

D. The need to develop the railroad industry in the west.

60. The best title for this passage would be ______.

A. Settlements Spread Westward

B. The Coast-to-Coast Railroad: A Vital Link

C. American Railroad History

D. The Importance of Railroads in the American Economy

Passage 2

Until recently daydreaming was viewed as a waste of time. Or it was considered an unhealthy escape from real life and its duties. But now some people are taking a fresh look at it. And it may be that more people are suffering from a lack of daydreaming than are suffering from too much of it.

It now appears that a person’s self-control and self-direction may suffer if he or she does no daydreaming at all. Such a person may become poor to deal with the pressures of daily life.

Dr. Joan T. Freyberg has concluded that daydreaming contributes to intellectual growth and also improves concentration attention span and the ability to get along with others. Another researcher said that daydreaming seemed to produce improved self-control and creative ability.

But that’s only part of the story. The most remarkable thing about daydreaming may be its usefulness in shaping our future lives as we want them to be. Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser believed that much of his success was due to the positive use of daydreaming. He maintained that “you can imagine your future.” Florence Nightingale dreamed of becoming a nurse. The young Thomas Edison pictured himself as an inventor. For these notable achievers, it appears that their daydreams came


Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick believed that the way we picture ourselves is often the way we turn out. He offered this advice, “Hold a picture of yourself in your mind, and you will be drawn towards it. Picture yourself vividly as defeated, and that alone will make victory impossible. Picture yourself as winning, and that will contribute immeasurably to success. Do not picture yourself as anything, and you will drift.”

61. If one does not daydream at all, he may ______.

A. have no trouble concentrating

B. be better self-controlled

C. improve his creative abilities

D. not be mentally prepared for the strains of daily life

62. The author is more worried about people’s ______.

A. imagined adventures

B. lack of daydreaming

C. having too much of daydreaming

D. imagination of the future

63. What Henry Kaiser knew as the positive use of daydreaming is ______.

A. to imagine yourself to be a nurse or an inventor

B. to shape your future the way you want it to be

C. to do more daydreaming

D. to get along with others

64. According to Harry Emerson, by imagining success we may ______.

A. learn to be happy with failure

B. overcome most health problems

C. achieve success

D. save a lot of work

65. The word “drawn” in the last paragraph means ______.

A. sketched

B. brought

C. carried

D. attracted



66. excess reserves

67. a regular port

68. investment demand

69. cold regions

70. the silk trade


71. 没有出路的工作

72. 激光束

73. 供求机制

74. 标准化集装箱

75. 零售贸易

六、英汉句子互译 (本大题共4小题,共15分)


76. Customers are vulnerable to attractive packages. (4分)

77. Metals consisting of iron combined with some other elements are called ferrous metals, while all the other metals are called non-ferrous metals. (4分)


78. 专业化的代价是相互依存。(3分)

79. 要是没有从无形贸易中挣得的钱,英国将几乎年年出现赤字。 (4分)