How do women and men groom themselves

How do women and men groom themselves?

When you go to a different place, or to meet different people, you may do various preparations. But women and men take care of their appearance in very different ways, which are mainly shown in three areas.

Firstly, the variety of beauty tools and products they use. Women have a large amount of beauty tools, for example, hair divider, mascara cream, eye shadows and eyeliners,lipsticks, puff cake, combs, skincare products etc. However, men don't need to use so many things. They could only use comb their hair. Sometimes they hurry on with their shaving in the morning.

Secondly, the amount of clothes they have. Women usually have many more clothes than men. Women may have different types of clothes at all seasons. And most women than fit clothes are more willing to wear beautiful clothes. However, men prefer to wear fit clothes for them and they don’t buy it.

Finally, the amount of time they spend on grooming themselves. There is no doubt that women spend more time than men. Because women makeup to her face and hair. In contrast, a man may just take several minutes to groom himself.

All in all, women and men behave differently in how they attend to their routine grooming chores.