21. Timmy is ________ honest boy, he never tells a lie.

A. a

B. an

C. the


22. I’m very happy that my lost pet bird arrived home ________ a snowy morning .

A. to

B. at

C. in

D. on

23. The food smells ________, so do not eat it any more, Jack.

A. terrible

B. terribly

C. awfully

D. well

24. People were running in all directions ________ pieces of glass were falling down.

A. while

B. when

C. as

D. since

25. The old man lives ________ and oft en feels ________. We all have pity on him.

A. alone, alone

B. alone, lonely

C. lonely, alone

D. lonely, lonely

26. The little girl was very ________ at first, but she calmed down later.

A. generous

B. nervous

C. honest

D. humorous

27. —Which rhymes with “snow”? —“________”, of course.

A. grow

B. day

C. kite

D. shower

28. Our teachers often advise us ________ carefully in class.

A. listen

B. listening

C. to listen

D. listened

29. Zhalong ________ food and cover for a lot of wildlife.

A. gives

B. offers

C. protects

D. provides

30. You’d better stop ________ .You look too tired.

A. work

B. working

C. to work

D. worked

31. Binhai RT-Mart Supermarket (大润发超市) has been open ________.

A. a month ago

B. a month later

C. since a month ago

D. in a month

32. We can ________ with each other by e-mail with the help of the Internet nowadays.

A. come up

B. take a walk

C. stay together

D. keep in touch

33. There will be ________ time left. Let’s hurry, or we can’t finish the work.

A. more and more

B. fewer and fewer

C. longer and longer

D. less and less

34. The sentence structure(结构)of “He often makes me happy” is ________.

A. S+V+O



D. S+V+P

35. —We can save our pocket money and donate it to those in need. —________!

A. I agree

B. You are welcome

C. Not at all

D. Never mind


1. — I think English is __________ unimportant subject.

—I don’t think so. It is __________ useful tool when we talk with foreigners.

A. a; an

B. an; a

C. a; a

D. an; an

2. We need __________ at the hotel for __________ because of the heavy snow.

A. stay; short stay

B. staying; a short stay

C. to stay; short stay

D. to stay; a short stay

3. Now a large number of people start __________ the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

A. understand

B. understood

C. understanding

D. to understand

4. The children are making too much __________. How __________ they are playing!

A. noise; noisily

B. noise; noisy

C. noisy; noisy

D. noisy; noisily

5. — __________ does your new friend __________?

— She is tall and slim with long hair and bright eyes.

A. How; like

B. What; look

C. What; look like

D. How; look like

6. —They will need __________ volunteers for 2014 International Horticulture

Exposition (国际园艺博览会) in Qingdao.

—Let’s go and join them.

A. thousand of

B. thousands of

C. three thousand of

D. three thousands

7. — Look! The girl with long hair is making a snowman. Is she Sandy?

— It __________ be her. I’m not sure.

A. mustn’t

B. must

C. can’t

D. may

8. Vivien worked very hard at all her lessons. __________, she became the top student in her


A. In order to

B. As a result

C. As usual

D. For example

9. When I heard some shouts above me, I knew I was still __________ after the terrible


A. living

B. live

C. alive

D. lively

10. Everything begins to grow when spring __________.

A. reaches

B. gets

C. gets to

D. arrives

11. Wild animals have __________ living areas. Instead, the farms are getting _________.

A. less and less; more and more

B. fewer and fewer; more and more

C. less and less; larger and larger

D. fewer and fewer; larger and larger

12. The group of trees __________ some shade __________ us.

A. provided; for

B. provided; with

C. offered; for

D. offered; with

13. — What shall we do now?

— __________ it’s raining hard, let’s stay at home.

A. So

B. Since

C. Though

D. Otherwise

14. —Let me introduce myself. I’m Albert.

— __________.

A. That’s very nice

B. It’s nice of you

C. Nice to meet you

D. How nice


91. In the past, tigers were thought to be dangerous animals. But actually, they are not dangerous to __________(人类)。

92. I put my kite on the balcony last night and the wind _________(吹) it away.

93. Jacky did his homework till twelve last night, so he felt quite ___________(瞌睡) now.

94. The animals’__________ (生存) areas are becoming smaller and smaller.

95. All the buses are running towards the same _____________(方向) on the high way.

96. Without dropping any milk, the little boy put the glass on to the table ___________. (care)

97. Some _________ like to include birds in their poems. (write)

98. Will you please invite him _________ in a writing competition? (join)

99. Too much hard work led to his(ill).

100. Simon is helpful, he often enjoys _____________ me help. (offer).


(A) 根据句意,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. What a ___________ (snow ) day! The ground is covered with deep white snow.

2. It is clear that most of the ___________ ( tour ) visiting the small village are from the


3. After a night’s work without sleep, he looked much ___________ ( sleepy ).

4. If you have a plan, you should put it into ___________ ( act ).

(B) 根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式。

5. The ___________(开始)of the movie is interesting, but the rest is boring.

6. There is fog and haze(霾)here these days. What an ___________(糟糕的,很坏的)


7. Words can’t ___________(描述)her beauty.

8. Dupont felt so ___________ (遗憾的)that he decided not to tell his family back in



1. My mother ____________ ( mop ) the floor when the telephone rang.

2. ___________ ( harvest ) crops, farmers work very hard in the fields every autumn.

3. Almost everyone knows paper ___________ ( catch ) fire easily.

4. Timmy did what he could ____________ ( find ) his way out after the earthquake.

5. The cleaners were busy ____________ ( clear ) the snow from the streets after the heavy snow.

6. I’m surprised to hear that she ___________ ( fall ) off her bike carelessly yesterday.

7. Nobody knows what ____________ ( happen ) to him in a few years.

8. Spring Festival is coming, Li Lei with his parents ____________ ( prepare ) to visit Hainan Island these days.


86. At the ______________(开始), I didn’t like English, but now I am good at it..

87.We can catch ______________(蝴蝶) in the park.

88.Timmy was ______________(困住) in a small wooden house.

89.Unluckily, the old man __________(死) three years ago.

90.My friend often shares his___________(欢乐) with me.

91. Nobody tells me how _________ (read) this word.

92. Beijing is in the __________ (north) part of China.

93. Mum often walks to the park instead of (ride) there at weekends.

94. We’ll have a sports meeting if it ________ ( not rain) tomorrow

95. —How are you feeling today? —Even (bad).

96._________ they ___________(have) a meeting at this time yesterday?

97.I heard your daughter __________ (sing) in the next room at ten last night.

98.They are used to ____________(live) in the countryside.

99. The wetlands can prevent floods ________(wash) away the houses. 100.My parents _____________(not come) back yet.