1. Every animal has the potential to become .

A. artificial

B. attractive

C. appropriate

D. aggressive

2. He claimed that his parents had him.

A. abandoned

B. assumed

C. attempted

D. associated

3. They him Minister of Education..

A. appealed

B. appointed

C. appreciated

D. applauded

4. Whichever plan you , you will encounter difficulties.

A. adapt

B. adjust

C. adopt

D. advocate

5. Medicine should not be kept where it is to children.

A. abnormal

B. abrupt

C. acceptable

D. accessible

6.Her son was filled with to become a great inventor.

A. assumption

B. association

C. ambition

D. affection

7. The copy he made of the painting can pass for an one.

A. available

B. automatic

C. authentic

D. apparent

8. More women are positions of power in public life.

A. attaching

B. analysing

C. attaining

D. attempting

9. He is responsible for the of jobs.

A. allowance

B. authority C approval D. assignment

10. Why don't you go for a walk? It'll give you an for your lunch.

A. appetite

B. ambition

C. attraction

D. affection

11. He gave us an answer .

A. admirable

B. ambiguous

C. amateur

D. adequate

12. No man and no force can memory.

A. abolish

B. absorb

C. abuse

D. accelerate

13. Birds concentrate (in places) where food is .

A. accurate

B. abundant

C. absolute

D. admirable

14.Don't panic, though all failed, I have an plan.

A. alternative

B. approximate

C. ambiguous

D. aggressive

15. We mistook that the price would fall.

A. atmosphere

B. assumption

C. assignment

D. applicant

16. He gained into this university.

A. adjustment

B. admission

C. administration

D. achievement

17. All passengers fell into the river.

A. aboard

B. abroad

C. board

D. broad

18. It is to go out in such terrible weather.

A. abstract

B. absurd

C. abrupt

D. absolute

19. If you to someone to do something, you make a serious and urgent request to them.

A. appeal

B. apply

C. appoint

D. approach

20. He devotes his time to the of knowledge

A. assignment

B. acquisition

C. appointment

D. assumption

1. A year is clearly divided into four seasons with feature.

A. beneficial

B. brilliant

C. bureaucratic

D. casual

2. cut backs forced the company to let go of several employees.

A. Balance

B. Boundary

C. Breakthrough

D. Budget


A. bargain

B. barrier

C. basis

D. buffet

4. He spoke on of all the members of the faculty and staff.

A. basis

B. behalf

C. bonus

D. behaviour

5. I tried to avoid her, but it was just my luck to into her.

A. betray

B. bounce

C. bump

D. burst

6.Hello, my name is Susan and I am calling to my reservation.

A. calculate

B. compensate

C. confirm

D. consult

7. The two market reports each other.

A. consume

B. contradict

C. contribute

D. convince

8. I assure you my actions will with my words.

A. correspond

B. criticize

C. contract

D. contradict

9. Kids today lean toward clothes.

A. casual

B. catholic

C. cautious

D. classic

10. Education is for children in most countries.

A. complicated

B. compulsory

C. conscious

D. considerate


matters of the state.

A. concrete

B. confident

C. confidential

D. consistent


American writers, he has held a variety of academic posts.

A. contemporary

B. compulsory

C. contradictory

D. conventional



A. convenient

B. conventional

C. curious

D. critical

14.Economic collapse is a rare .

A. celebration

B. characteristic

C. circumstance

D. civilization


to them.

A. combination


C. comment

D. commitment

16. At a deeper lever, it has a sexist .

A. competence

B. complaint

C. component

D. Conclusion

17. I envy your peace of mind, your clean , your unpolluted memory.

A. conflict

B. conscience

C. consensus



between the two countries.

A. constitution

B. construction

C. cooperation

D. corporation

19. exchange rates are always subject to variation.

A. currency

B. current


D. criticism

20. He made a sum of money in real estate.

A. considerate

B. contradictory

C. curious

D. considerable


1. I must regretfully your kind invitation.

A. declare

B. decline

C. decrease

D. decorate

2. He was for work to provide food for his children.

A. definite

B. delicate

C. desperate

D. dynamic

3. Foreign currency depreciation is a result of economic in the country concerned.

A. defence

B. depression

C. description

D. destination

4. A man' s depends not upon his wealth but upon his character.

A. devotion

B. dignity

C. discrimination

D. discipline

5. By selling alcohol to minors, the shop is flouting the law.

A. deliberately

B. definitely

C. digitally

D. depressedly

6.The bad fish had a smell.

A. disturbing

B. disgusting


D. dynamic

7. Several times she appeared suddenly among them, with her hands full of candy, nuts, and oranges, which she would joyfully to them, and then be gone again.

A. distribute

B. distinguish

C. deposit

D. decorate

8. He is fair to us without .

A. draft

B. discount

C. distinction

D. definition

9. He gave me directions on how to get there.

A. elegant

B. energetic C enthusiastic D. explicit

10. It is that Jenny is happy, for she is smiling.

A. evident

B. extreme

C. extraordinary

D. embarrassing

11. Carbon is an , while carbon dioxide is a compound.

A. edition

B. element

C. emotion

D. extent

12. I like those TV programs which enlighten the viewer as well as him.

A. emphasize

B. embarrass

C. entertain

D. employ

13.In the course of , some birds have lost the power of flight.

A. emergency

B. enterprise

C. evidence

D. evolution

14.I can' t his ability without seeing his work.

A. explode

B. evaluate

C. erupt

D. entitle

15. We are all in favor of an of the next term.

A. dimension

B. extension

C. definition

D. decoration


1. A mother must not show to one child more than another.

A. fantasy

B. favour

C. finance

D. facility

2. It is difficult to make hard-cut military negotiations fit in with diplomacy.

A. fluent

B. fierce

C. flexible

D. fundamental

3. SARS is a reminder of how life can be.

A. fragrant

B. fragile

C. frequent

D. fluent

4.It is better to be content with what one has than to risk losing everything by being too .

A. generous

B. grateful

C. greedy

D. guilty

5. We can not the punctual arrival of trains in foggy weather.

A. guarantee

B. grasp

C. guide

D. guard

6.He encouraged the use of finger-printing in .

A. impact

B. identity

C. identification

D. illustration

7. It' s difficult to assess the of the President' s speech.

A. infection

B. impact

C. inflation

D. indication

8. Microsoft developed an solution to this problem.

A. initial

B. intellectual

C. intelligent

D. internal

9.Can you provide any evidence that he was of the crime ?

A. individual

B. innocent C initial D. illegal

10. They need some , but not very much, and the process has to be rapid and targeted.

A. institute

B. institution

C. instruction

D. instrument

11.If I your letter right, you are ignominiously married.

A. identify

B. indicate

C. interrupt

D. interpret

12. There was an of five years between the two civil wars.

A. intention

B. interval

C. insurance

D. investigation

13.Unemployment is one of the problems of modern times.

A. joint

B. junior

C. major

D. senior

14.Approximately every 11 years the number of visible sunspots reaches a .

A. monitor

B. majority

C. minority

D. maximum

15. Self-actualization is, according to Maslow, the ultimate achievement of human beings.

A. marvelous

B. mature

C. amateur

D. merciful

16. He refused the request on grounds.

A. massive

B. military

C. moral

D. muddy

17. They and pass from generation to generation much like ordinary bacterial genes.

A. mention

B. multiply

C. migrate

D. memorize

18.At the center of the square stands a in black marble.

A. mineral

B. mystery

C. monument

D. memorial

19.Efficient study is inseparable from good .

A. motivation

B. migration

C. mercy

D. mass



1. We've decided to

A. appreciate

B. originate

C. negotiate

D. recreate

2. I must make the decision .

A. furthermore

B. nevertheless

C. accordingly

D. regardless


3. Some countries large sums of foreign exchange from tourism.

A. occupy

B. obtain

C. offend

D. originate


4. Is English an

A. optimistic

B. optional

C. original

D. occasional

5. Please excuse the this time; I will not do it again.

A. occasion

B. occupation

C. offence

D. optimism

6.She has more intelligence than we suspected her to .

A. participate

B. possess

C. postpone

D. perform

7. In1880, Thomas Edison received a for his electric incandescent lamp.

A. parallel

B. patent

C. penalty

D. pension

8. For years, scientists have debated the impact of oil spills.

A. particular

B. paralleled

C. positive

D. potential

9.The most measurements of time are nowadays based on atomic phenomena.

A. personal

B. precious

C. precise

D. previous


10. I want to make it clear that I have no

A. poverty

B. preference

C. prejudice

D. presentation

11. It was a to hear her sing/hearing her sing.

A. priority

B. privilege

C. principle

D. procedure


12. A large

A. profit

B. poverty

C. property

D. proportion


13. The policy will rather than hinder reform.

A. predict

B. present

C. preserve

D. promote

14.He managed to secure a loan to a house.

A. purchase

B. pursue

C. propose

D. proceed

15. There are only a small of flowers left in the garden.

A. qualification

B. quality

C. quantity

D. psychology

16. I am a foreigner here; must I with the police?

A. reflect

B. reform

C. refresh

D. register

17.The terrorists will only their hostages on certain conditions.

A. recommend

B. release

C. resemble

D. resign

18. Japanese leaders set about with characteristic tenacity to Japan's position.

A. reserve

B. respond

C. restore

D. reveal

19. It is to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow.

A. realistic

B. regional

C. religious

D. ridiculous

20. Hello, my name is Susan and I am calling to confirm my .

A. regulation

B. reputation

C. reservation

D. restriction


1.It is difficult to one's way out in a crowded bus.

A. sacrifice

B. scratch

C. sneeze

D. squeeze

2. Confucius did not accept the religious ideas of his times, and was of the supernatural.

A. sceptical

B. sensitive

C. secondary

D. secure

3.For years he lived in the of his famous mother.

A. scenery

B. schedule

C. shade

D. shadow

4. The unique geographical environment of Tibet is of global .

A. schedule

B. significance

C. similarity

D. security

5. It is only people who judge by appearances.

A. shallow

B. specific

C. straightforward

D. stubborn

6. Our object is to further friendly relations between the two countries.

A. spread

B. strengthen

C. stretch

D. sponsor

7. If you to the newspaper, it'll be delivered to your door.

A. submit

B. subscribe

C. survive

D. suspect

8. We must adopt the strategy of development owing to the limited resources.

A. subjective

B. sufficient

C. sustainable

D. systematic

9. In the wild, some animals have developed partnerships to help in the struggle for .

A. summary

B. survey

C. survival

D. suspect

10. Brand consciousness is a of the improvement of the people's living standard.

A. symbol

B. sympathy

C. symptom

D. system

11.This poem is of the Romantic period.

A. technical

B. temporary

C. theoretical

D. typical

12. The incident has further increased the between the two countries.

A. tendency

B. tension

C. terminal

D. territory

13.We can electric energy into light energy ad well as into heat energy.

A. tolerate

B. transfer

C. transform

D. translate

14.No matter what your first language is, you should it all your life.

A. treat

B. threaten

C. treasure

D. twist

15. It is that food and clothing (should) be sent to the sufferers.

A. unconscious

B. unique

C. universal

D. urgent

16. Oversleeping is not a excuse for being late for school.

A. vacant

B. vague

C. valid

D. various

17. The most functions of government are those of regulator, tax collector, and provider. A. vital B. violent C. visual D. visible

18. It is ridiculously to predict that the sun will not rise tomorrow.

A. vital

B. absurd

C. abrupt

D. absolute

19. Courage was the his brother most admired.

A. version

B. victim

C. virtue

D. vehicle

20. We have to with difficulties.

A. wreck

B. withdraw

C. wrestle

D. wrinkle