chapter 5[1].代词习题

Exercises for Pronouns

1. Most of the housework was done by two members of the family, my mother and ____. A. I B. mine C. me D. myself

2. “His grandmother still treats him like a child.”“She can’t imagine _____grown up.” A. he B. him C. his D. he’ll

3. Our home is finer than _____. A. yours or him B. your’s or his C. you or his D. yours or his

4. They talked about the problem among____. A. them B. each other C. themselves D. one another

5. He told me only part of the story and that was____. A. it B. this D. that

6.____Mr.Chen will manage it all right.

A. In this way or the other

B. In one way or another

C. In one way or others

D. In some way or another

7. Barbara tried ____in the door but ____worked.

A. every of her keys/ none

B. all of her keys/ not everyone

C. all of her keys/none

D. her all keys/ not all

8. When drinking from a well, one mustn’t forget____who dug it. A. them B. these C. that D. those

9. He wrote few letters to ____of his family, but he sent a few cards to ____of his friends.

A. any/ some

B. some/any

C. none/every


10. This furniture is different from ____. A. that B. that one C. those D. those ones

11. “How much tea is left in the pot?”“_____.” A. None B. Not some C. Nothing D. No one

12. The scholar standing over there is _____the great mathematician, Chen Jing-run, himself.

A. no other but

B. no other than

C. none other than

D. no one but

13. One common family name is Smith; ____is Brown. A. another B. the other C. other one D. an other

14. Alan sold most of his belongings. He has scarcely ____left in the house.

A. everything

B. nothing

C. something

D. anything

15. I did not choose any of the offerings because I found _____satisfactory.

A. neither of them

B. no one of them

C. either of them

D. none of them

16. The Lunar New Y ear was always a happy time _____.

A. for us Chinese children

B. for Chinese children as us

C. for we Chinese children

D. for we, Chinese children

17. Will you buy me ____stamps when you go out? A. some B. any C. a little D. a few of

18. This bicycle is his, not _____. A. their B. hers C. her D. her’s

19. The couple looked at _____and accepted the salesman’s offer A. one another B. each other C. themselves D. them

20. John behaved so strangely today. I thought he wasn’t acting like _____. A. him B. himself C. he would D. he does

21. I don’t want to use John’s pen. I don’t like_____. A. that pen of his B. his that pen C. that pen of him D. that his pen

22. Larry helped me finish my work_____was very kind of him. A.and that B. and this C. and it D. and which

23. We used to meet _____month. A. every other B. any other C. other D. the other

24. “May I help you with some shoes, sir?”“Y es. I’d like to try on those brown_____.” A. one B. ones C. two D. pair

25. ____told us that he wasn’t there. A. None B. No anyone C. No one D. None of anyone

26. Because they usually receive the same score on standardized examinations, there is often disagreement as to ____is the better student, Bob or Helen. A. which B. who C. what D. whom

27. “Did you see any tigers in the zoo?”“_____.” A. None B. no one C. nothing D. not many ones

28. Those boys helped ____in their studies. A. each other B. one another C. one and another D. each and other

29. He was informed that it was_____who wanted the interview. A. I B. me C. myself D mine

30. A good writer is ____who can express the commonplace in an uncommon way. A. that B. he C. one D. this

31. I have heard both sides of the story and I don’t believe_____. A. either b. neither c. each D. any

32. ____do you think is the best pupil in Class One? A. which B. whom C. Who D. Of whom

33. “It’s not mine.”“____can it be?” A. Whoese else B. Who’s else C. Which else D. Who else

34. The boy took off his gloves. _____hand holes in the fingers. A. Either B. Any C. Every D. Each

35.____the students of the class passed the examination.

A. Almost all of

B. Most all of

C. Most of all

D. Almost the whole of

36. Today’s libraries differ greatly from _____. A. the past B. those of the past C. that of the past D. those past

37. As far as he is concerned, one piece of music is very much like _____. A. another B. the other C. others D. the others

38. “Do you like these cakes? ”“I don’t like ____.” A. all them B. them all C. every D. everyone

39. “Do you like these gloves, madam?”“No, show me_____.” A. another B. some others C. other one D. other ones

40. “What happened yesterday?”“I don’t think ____happened.” A. anything B. everything C. nothing D. something