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A Tradition of Excellence November 18, 2009

Dear Friend of Bryan Station High School,

The BSHS PTSA is announcing its 2nd annual Sponsorship Drive Campaign. Just like last year, this Campaign is composed of several projects that are described in the pages that follow. The Campaign was developed out of respect for the time and resources of our business community and will request support for these projects only one time per year near the start of the school year.

As you may know, a PTSA represents all parents, teachers and students of their respective school. Many parents, teachers and students are involved with fund raising projects to support their class, their club, or their extra curricular activities. The BSHS PTSA Executive Board believes that assisting parents, teachers and students in achieving their fund raising goals is a natural addition to the mission of the PTSA. Furthermore, the Executive Board believes that joint fund raising promotes a spirit of cooperation among the many and varied school groups.

Also like last year, the BSHS PTSA has formed a Fund Raising Committee (the Committee) made up of one or more representatives from several BSHS groups. In alphabetical order, the groups represented on the Committee are: Band, Baseball, Boys Soccer, Chorus, Cross Country, Football, Girls Soccer, Information Technology (IT) Academy, Junior Class, Orchestra, PTSA, Senior Class, Softball, Step Team, Student Council, Swimming, and Volleyball. The Cross Country, Step Team and Student Council are new members for 2009/2010, bringing the number of groups represented to eighteen. The financial needs of each group is briefly explained on the following page. The Committee hopes this coordinated effort continues to be embraced by the community and will become a model for other schools in the district.

The Committee has identified four sponsorship opportunities intended to enable businesses and individuals to support any or all of the groups listed above. Each project will have visibility to the entire school population, and where possible to the local and world wide community. The Committee will continue the four projects started in 2008 and listed below. The details of sponsorship for each these projects is explained on the pages that follow.


○Interior and Exterior Banners


○2010/2011 school year calendar

●Defender Classic 5K Run/Walk

○8th Annual race is scheduled for Saturday, April 10, 2010

●“We Are Bryan Station” web page

○BSHS School Spirit proclaimed on the World Wide Web!

Thank you for your time and attention, and your loyal support of Bryan Station High School.


Skip Rafferty, Chairperson

Bryan Station High School PTSA Fund Raising Committee


cell – 859-489-2211

This document is available online at: /0910/SponsorshipDrive.pdf