Shanghai Oxford English 8A

Test for chapter3

Part One V ocabulary and Grammar (80分)

I.Fill in the banks with the given words in their proper forms .(30分)

1.When I passed by the mall I ,I heard a big _________ ( argue ).

2.Two foreign men _________ died in the accident last week . ( tour )

3.The supermarket is always __________ with people on weekends . ( crowd)

4.The purse was __________ three minutes ago. ( steal )

5.When Tom heard the news , he left __________ ( hurry )

6._______ he saw his class teacher at the corner of the street . ( sudden )

7.Don’t speak to a ________ when you are walking on the street ( strange )

8.“How do you get such good marks in all subjects ?” he asked ___________ ( strange )

9.He always _________ other students with their homework . ( assistant )

10.I want to go and watch the __________ ( act )

11.The old man happened to see a thief in his neighbourhood , he _____110 immediately ( dial)

12.Put the ___________ sentences into English . ( follow )

13.My ambition is to be a _________ in the future ( report )

14.I looked down through the ___________ , It’s the No. 3 ferry. ( rail )

15.There were several bank ________ in the city . ( rob )

16.You mustn’t take away his MP3 without his ____________ ( permit )

17.The man who was in ___________is a prisoner. ( handcuff )

18.Can you give me some more ___________ about robbery ? ( tail )

19.That’s a good __________ , we will take it . ( think )

20.It’s _______ for him to get A in English , because he isn’t good at it. ( usually )

21.Edison was one of the greatest _________ in the world in the 20th century ( science )

22.I heard them talking ____ in the next room . ( noise )

23.My father told us a _______ joke , we all laughed . ( fun )

24.The boy looked at me with great _________ ( interested )

25.He ______ the importance of learning English at last ( real )

26.The trip to Thailand was __________, we enjoyed ourselves. ( please )

27.Don’t walk _______ the road , the red light is on . ( cross )

28.Have you ever been to Disney _______ park ? ( amusing )

29.Miss Wang looks pale today, she is _________ ill. ( definite )

30.The robber told the police the ________ ( true )

II.Rewrite the sentences as required .(20分)

1.What’s happening there ?

What’s ______ ______ ?

2.I noticed Paul correcting his answer.

I noticed Paul ________ ______his answer.

3. We will go across the river by ferry.

We will _____ a ferry to _____ the river .

4 .Mr. Li left in a hurry when he heard the news .

Mr. Li ______ _____ when he heard the news

Mr. li ______ _____ when he heard the news

Mr. Li left ______ _____ the news.

5.The man went onto the ferry hurriedly. The man _____ _____

6.I hope to find the driver as soon as possible . I hope to find the driver as soon as ____ ____

7.My class teacher is of average height. _______ ______ is your class teacher ? III.Choose the best answer.(22分)

1.I _______my homework while my father _________ the newspaper from seven to nine last


A.was doing, read

B. did , was reading

C. was doing, was reading

D. did, read.

2.When I entered the room , I found him ________ in bed .


B. lying

C. lay

D. lain

3.My father moved _______ the crowd and said ______ to a woman .

A.across, quite

B. through , quietly

C.through, quite

D. across, quietly.

4.The big man stole the lady ____ purse just now.

A. from

B. in

C. on

D. of

5. The gate opened and everyone started going _____ the ferry.

A. onto down

B. into down

C. down onto

D. into up

6. The man hurried ______, and the two women went ____ him.

A. to aboard, after

B. aboard, after

C. aboard, for

D. to aboard, on.

7.When I came into classroom, the students _________- English.

A. read

B. is reading

C. was reading

D. have read

8. I borrowed the book from the library _____, He ______ it for three days .

A. three days ago , has had

B. three days before, had

C. three days ago, had had

D. three

days before, has bought

9. He moved _____the crowd to look for his son .

A. across

B. through

C. into

D. to

10. The robber gave the policemen some more information about the robbery ____ detail.

A. at

B. of

C. from

D. in

11. The old man walked ________ the door slowly and wanted to leave the room.

A. to

B. towards

C. at

D. through

12. We learn that computers cannot completely ______ human beings to do all kinds of work .

A. instead of B .instead C. take place D. take the place of

13. Please tell us _____ they will go to France to spend this summer holiday .

A. who

B. that

C. where

D. if

14. When the guest came in , he ______ to welcome them .

A. raised

B. rose

C. stood

D. fell

15. How did you make the baby ____ when her mother was away ?

A. stop crying B to stop crying C. to stop to cry D. stopping to cry

16. The turkey tastes _____ the chicken

A. as better as B much better than C as well as D. the best to

17.What _____ you ______ at six yesterday evening ?

A. did…do

B. were… done

C. was… doing

D. were… doing

18. Who __ you ____ with just now ?A. were…talking B. will…talk C. did…talk D.


19. _____ he _____here three years ago ?

A. Was…living

B. Did …live

C. Has…lived

20. Teleshopping means people _____ out to do the shopping . they can buy things by phone .

A. needn’t go

B. needn’t to go

C. don’t need go .

D. not need to go

21、When I was young I always read books at night, which of the following is correct? what are this word in the sentence?





22.Which of the following online parts is different in pronunciation from others.

A. he acts as a killer in the film. B, when did you arrive at the airport?

C. can you help me fix the chair.

D. what did you think of the final exam.

IV. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each can only be used once(将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每个单词或词组只能填一次):(共8分)


B. Used to.

C. sitting.

D. who

E. reporter

A young woman got on a bus, carrying her three year old Betty ,the conductor have it to give her a warm welcome and day ,kindly asked, the other passengers, to make room for the woman and her child. On seeing this, people began to talk.

"You know ,this conductor____46____be very rude. now suddenly he has changed his bad behavior," said a middle aged man.

"Yes,he should be praised,and we must write a letter, to the company," said a second passage.

"That's right,"another lady said,if a newspaper____47____is here, more people can learn from him.

Just then, a gentleman___48_____looked like a teacher, turned to the conductor and said," excuse me,but can I know your name please,your excellent service should be praised."

Before he could open his mouth, the three year old child____49____on the young woman's lap interrupted," I know his name ,I call him Dad."

A.as usual.

B. Difficult.

C. well.

D. Properly.

E. Out of

I had to make a big decision, five years ago, I was working for small engineering

company ,however, things were not going very well for the company and it was not losing money, one day, the boss told us that the company was___50_____business,we were all unemployed.

That lunch time we went pub____51____,we were all very sad, well, of course we talked about the problem ,then the landlord of the pub heard the news ,he said:"Why, don't to buy the company, at first we all laughed ,but then we started, to discuss it,____52____we knew the problems, the company has lost a lot of customers because it hadn't developed new products,but finally we decided to go for it.So we bought the company ,the first few years were very___53_____but we worked hard, and we had a bit of luck, we began to improve three years ago ,since then, we had done pretty well, last year we took on four new people and so far this year we have taken on another ten.

Part Two Reading and writing (70分)

A. Choose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案) (12分)

What’s My Line (台词)?


“One of my actors is sick! He has just one line and you’re the

only one who fits his clothes!”One afternoon, the school drama

director suddenly shouted to me. She seemed so nervous and

worried that I felt sorry for her and said, “OK”.

“You will be fine. It’s easy!”She said. But it wasn’t easy at all. On the stage, four other actors and actresses spoke their lines, and I opened my mouth. Nothing came out. I couldn’t even breathe. I just wanted to leave. The next thing I knew, I was running off the stage.

As I was running off the stage, I accidentally knocked over a glass of grape juice that was on a table. The purple juice hit the girl next to me—Andrea, the leading actress of the drama. She gave me a nasty look. I thought she was going to kill me!

But then, Andrea quickly said, “Darling, you’re so silly! Let’s toast(干杯) to my darling’s silliness! Cheers!” She grabbed another glass of grape juice and drank it. The other actors quickly followed Andrea’s lead and saved the scene. The audience thought my mistake was part of the play!

I apologized to everyone after the play. To my surprise, they were not angry with me. They told me, “It’s all a part of being on stage.” I could be wrong, but I think I liked being on stage. I think I will try again.

69. Which of the following was a problem in the story?

A) Andrea was the leading actress of the drama. B) Andrea drank the grape juice.

C) The writer had only one line. D) The writer forgot his line.

70. There were ________ actors and actresses on the stage.

A) three B) four C) five D) six

71. Andrea gave the writer a nasty look. At that moment she felt ________.

A) afraid B) sad C) hungry D) angry

72. From the passage, we know that Andrea was a ________ leading actress.

A) silly B) pretty C) quick-minded D) warm-hearted

73. Which of the following is NOT true?

A) The writer made Andrea’s dress dirty.

B) The audience knew something was wrong.

C) The school drama director asked the writer to play a role.

D) The writer said sorry to the drama club.

74. The writer will most probably ________ in the future.

A) join the drama club B) dislike Andrea

C) stay away from the stage D) help Andrea wash her clothes

B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完


My grandfather is 72 and last month my grandmother celebrated her 70th birthday. I first noticed that they were having trouble remembering things when I went to their flat for dinner. My grandmother forgot a fish was in the oven and 75 it. Everyone forgot things sometimes, so I did not think much about it.

Another time we arranged to go out for dinner together. My mother told my grandfather to meet us at the station. My grandparents were not there when we arrived. My mother phoned them and my grandfather said they were at home waiting for us. They knew we were having dinner together but they forgot about the meeting place. It turned out that they 76 forgetting simple things. I then started thinking about how to help my grandparents improve their memory. Even though my memory is good, I make a list of things I need to bring to school the next day before I go to bed. It’s a good 77 to prevent me from forgetting anything. I told my grandparents to write more things down and share information with each other. By doing these things, my grandparents can help each other remember things.

I talked with the school nurse and she said that eating fruit and fish can improve memory. She also said that drinking water helps improve 78 and that can also make it easier to remember things. I wrote these suggestions on a piece of paper and gave it to my grandparents.

I also did some Internet research and found out that staying mentally and physically (身心地)

79 is another good way to improve memory. My grandparents watch lots of television. I gave them my chess set to help exercise their mind. I also found out they used to go dancing. I helped them find a dancing club nearby 80 they could have more physical exercise.

Since following my advice, my grandparents’ memory has really improved.

75. A) made B) cooked C) tasted D) burnt

76. A) kept B) stopped C) began D) tried

77. A) habit B) hobby C) form D) custom

78. A) ambition B) attention C) attraction D) addition

79. A) common B) independent C) active D) safe

80. A) until B) if C) as soon as D) so that

C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的


Charles Babbage: Father of the Computer

Charles Babbage was born too soon. He hoped to invent a calculator. But the technology of his time was too simple. Babbage could not make his dream come true.

All his life, Babbage was interested in n 81 . For example, he would find out how f 82 a pig’s heart beats or make a table to calculate how much wood a man could saw (锯) in 10 hours.

Babbage was also an inventor. Around 1830, he decided to d 83 and build a machine for doing simple mathematical calculations. He called this machine the Difference Engine. Making the Machine


The Difference Engine was very big and difficult to make.

It was made of two tons of steel and gears(齿轮). While he was

building this h 84 machine, he had an idea for a new

machine. This one would do all kinds of calculations. He called it

the Analytical Engine. It was the start of the modern computer. But Babbage used up all his money b 85 he could complete either machine.

Re-inventing the Engine

In 1854, two Swedish inventors built a working mechanical calculator. It was b 86 on the Difference Engine. Their machine was able to print out different kinds of forms and tables. It was very accurate.

Babbage was the first person to come up with the idea of computers. And he is more famous today than he w 87 in his day.

D. Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题) (12分)

The Spirit of Christmas

Many would agree that when we think of Christmas, we probably think of gifts, Christmas trees and Santa Claus. But behind all these things lies the true meaning of Christmas: the importance of sharing and giving love and joy to people around us. The story in A Christmas Carol is perhaps the best example of this.

A Christmas Carol is a famous novel written by Charles Dickens. It is about an old man named Scrooge who never laughs or smiles. He is mean. He only thinks about himself and never treats others nicely. He just cares about whether he can make more money and he hates Christmas. One Christmas Eve, Scrooge sees the ghost(鬼) of Jacob Marley, his dead business partner. Marley used to be just like Scrooge, so he is punished(惩罚) after he dies. He warns Scrooge to change his ways if he doesn’t want to end up like him. He also tells Scrooge to expect three spirits to visit him.

That night, three ghosts visit Scrooge. First, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes him back to his childhood and reminds Scrooge of his happier days as a child. Then the second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, takes him to see how others are spending Christmas this year. Everyone is happy, even poor people. The last one, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, takes him to the future. Scrooge sees that he is dead, but nobody cares. He is so frightened that he wakes up in his bed and finds out it is only the next morning — Christmas Day!

He decides to change his life and promises to be a


better person. He happily celebrates Christmas with his

relatives. He also gives gifts to people in need. He now

treats everyone with kindness and warmth, spreading

love and joy everywhere he goes. And that is the true

spirit of Christmas!

88. Who wrote the famous short novel A Christmas Carol?

89. What is the true meaning of Christmas?

90. Why is Jacob Marley punished after he dies?

91. Which ghost takes him to see the happiness of the poor during Christmas this year?

92. Scrooge has a terrible dream before he wakes up on the morning of Christmas Day, doesn’t


93. What probably makes Scrooge change his life?

Ⅶ. Writing (作文) (共20分)

94. Write an article in at least 60 words according to the topic “I want to invent a/an

____________”( 以“我想发明一项_______________”为题一篇至少60字的文章Suggested questions :

1.What do you want to invent ?

2.Why do you want to invent it ?

3.What should you do to invent it from now