1. Do you have any idea where they found the gold mine?

2. Do you know where they found the gold mine?

3. This is the island where they found the gold mine.

4. This island is the one where they found the gold mine.

5. This island is where they found the gold mine.

6. It was on this island that they found the gold mine.

7. Finally on the first day of October they reached an island, where they found a

gold mine.

8. Finally on the first day of October they reached an island, one where they found a gold mine.

9. Finally on the first day of October they arrived where they found the gold mine.

10. Quite unexpectedly, what they found on the island was a gold mine.

11. They could never have imagined that they could find such a big gold mine.

12. It surprised the whole country that they had found a gold mine on that island.

13. Word had it that they had found a gold mine on that island.

14. People flocked to the island after they heard that a gold mine was found there. II.在空格处填上适当的关连词:

1. The question is ___________ the film is worth seeing.

2. Do you doubt ________ I believe you ?

3. This museum is not _______ it was ten years ago.

4. The reason for his success is ________ he work hard.

5. She dresses well, but the trouble is ______ the clothes she is wearing don’t go with each other very well.

6. The suggestion ___ students should learn some practical knowledge is worth considering.

7. It depends on _______ we have enough time.

8. You have no idea _________ anxious I have been for her safety.

9. Now we can see __________ a serious problem the population is.

10. I want to buy some stamps. Can you tell me _______ there’s a post

office near here?

11. There’s some doubt ____she will be able to repay the money on time.

12. M y radio doesn’t work.. I don’t know ________ is the trouble.

13. _______ he doesn’t like them is very clear.

14. I’d appreciate it ______ you carry out the experiment as directed.

15. The fire destroyed ________ was in the building.

16. We know little about the young lady except ______ you told me.

17. I know nothing about her except ________ she is from Canada.

18. ________ there is life on another planet is almost impossible.

19. Please give me the book to _______ wins the first prize.

20. The chance _____ he will attend the meeting is very little.

21. Mark wondered ________ you thought of the new film.

22. The old woman was shocked by ___had happened to her daughter.

23. Lei Fen was always thinking of _______ he could help others.

24. Could you tell me for_________ you have bought this fur coat?

25. ________ he wanted to see was an end to all the armies of the world.

26. When they will start and where they will go _____(have)not been

decided yet.

27. _______ Thomas Edison became a great inventor is known to all.

28. _____ he felt sorry for was _____ he wasn’t in time to prevent the accident.

29. __________ we will go camping depends on the weather.

30. _________ is likely that we can bridge the generation gap.

31. We should help _____ is in need of our help.

32. The reason ________ he was absent was _______ he wasn’t interested

in the meeting.

33. The child is fat. That’s ______ he has a sweet teeth.

34. It’s beyond doubt________ that man will lag behind in the race.

35. _______ the doctor doubt is _______ my mother will recover from the

serious disease soon.

36. Traditional education taught people to believe ______ being intelligent

meant remembering information and writing about it.

37. After three hours’ climbing, they reached _______ they thought was

the place they’d been dreaming of.

38. The media today can draw public attention to ____help is actually needed.

39. We agreed to accept ______ they thought was the best tourist guide.

40. “ Do you think _______ I should attend the lecture?” she asked me .

41. The police promised to do ________ was possible to save the people

trapped in the mountains.

42. Some people are born with the belief _______ they are masters of

their own while others feel _______ they are at the mercy of others. 43. The moment ________ Leo will never forget is ________ Mr. Green

gave him a lot of valuable advice on how to improve his writing.

44. I think this trip was well worth _______ we had paid.

45. The word “ media” basically refers to ________ we commonly call

newspapers, magazines, radios and televisions.

46. Information has come ______ the superstar Zhang Ziyi will play the

leading role in this film.

47. The question occurred to me _____ we were to get the machines needed.

48. _____ we are sure about is the need to prevent children from being


49. _______ matters most in learning English is enough practice.

50. You can only be sure of _____ you have at present; you can not be

sure of something _____ you might get in the future.

51. Choosing the right dictionary depends on _______ you want use it for.

52. Could I speak to _______ is in charge of International Sales, please?

53. ___ team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships.

54. Please remind me ______he said he was going. I may in time to see

him off.

55. It was said ________ that was how the Chinese first raised silkworms.

56. Mary came back with a massage ____ there would be a test soon.

57. Do _______ you think is right ________difficulties you may have.

58. Our principal didn’t feel like making it clear _______ he attend the

meeting the next morning.

59. ____theory must be put into practice is ___we must always keep in mind.

60. Stories spread quickly among his friends________ Tom had lived on a

desert island for over five months after the ship sank.

61. The traditional view is ______ we sleep because our brain is “programme d” to make us do so.

62. It is none of your business ______ other people think about you. Believe


63. Having checked the doors were closed , and _________ all the lights were

off, the boy opened the door to his bedroom.

64.______ parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children.

65. By improving reading skills, you can read faster and understand more of _

_____ you read.

66. The seaside here draws a lot of tourists every summer. Warm sunshine and

soft sands make ______ it is.

67. The lawyer seldom wears anything other than a suit ______ the season is.

68. The companies are working together to create ______they hope will be the

best means of transport in the 21st century.

69. As his best friend, I can make accurate guesses about _____ he will do or


70.Having checked the doors were closed, ____ all the lights were off, the

boy opened the door to his bedroom.


1.That makes the book so extraordinary is the creative imagination of thewrite

2. See to that the child don’t catch a cold.

3. I want to tell you is the deep love and respect I have for my parents.

4. That you have been doing will pay off.

5.There is a virtue that we lend a helping hand to others.

6. It is not clear that it will rain or not.

7. I hate when I am sleepless.

8. As is known to all that without honesty, we can’t get others’ trust and friendship.

9. If you are talented is not important. With more time put in what you are

doing, someday you will make it.

10.Your future depends mainly on if you have a positive attitude.

11.The question that you must answer is if you are determined to seek for your dream.

12. Jack was soon told why he did was not necessary.

13.There is no doubt whether the future belongs to the young.

14.He wonders that he can pass the driving test.

15. His father suggested that he went to Hangzhou to find jobs.

16. Everyone at the meeting was against his plan, but he insisted that he

carried out the plan.

17. News came where he had been admitted to a key university.

18. Everyone in our class should hold the faith whether with our continuous

effort, out future will be bright.

19.I have a dream which one day I can fly in my own sky.

20.Whom is going to do the job will be decided by the Party committee.

21.When we’ll finish translating the book depend on the time.

22.If you come or not is up to you.

23.That is what he likes the place so much.

24.That is that Lu Xun once lived.

25.We thought strange that Tom did not come yesterday.

26.The fact which she had not said anything surprised all of us.

27.Who leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.

28.That he saw there impressed him deeply .

29.Could you tell me where do you live ?

30.The old minister came back with a message which the cloth was really

magnificent .

31.It is unknown if he will come .

32.As is known to all that paper was first made in China .

33.Anyone breaks the law should be punished .

34.How we can get more reading materials have been discussed at the meeting

35. Exactly when the first people arrived in where we now know as California, no

one really knows.

36. In Disneyland, children can do almost everything what they are interested in.

37. This is the best way to stop crying that you cut up onions.

38. She was extremely angry hearing that, which I guess was the reason that she left

the board meeting without saying a word.

39. She was so angry hearing that when she left the board meeting without saying a


40. They were eager to find out which the most famous tourist spot was in that city.

41. Xie Lei’s tutor told her that other people thought was not the most important thing .

42. We must work hard to get prepared because we don’t know that what we will be

faced with in the future.

43. That really matters is that you have the courage to stand up when you’re beaten


44. It is that you have the courage to stand up when you’re beaten down what matters.

45. We are all sure about that you will make a good teacher in the future.

46. We are all sure you will get the problems solved and you will make an excellent

teacher in the future.

47. I’d appreciate if you helped me out of this

48. Try not to start smoking, because that is what 10 million people die every year in

the world.

49. This is the suggestion which we have a trip the day after tomorrow .

50. China is a great socialist country is well known .

51. The trouble is she has lost his telephone number .

52. The fact why Lily got the first prize is well known to us all .

53. Our city is no longer as it used to be .

54. He said what he was pleased to meet all of us again .

55. The reason why he didn't attend the meeting was because he had been ill .