1. You need to have a lot of ______________ (耐心) when you’re communicating with kids.

2. Adams is very ______________, so he has got a great many ______________ (adventure).

3. With no exact destination, Jack was just w_____________ along the pavement by the river.

4. The company takes environmental issues into a______________wherever possible.

5. Success in life doesn’t happen __________________ (偶然). _________________________(相反), it is the result of devoting your time and energy to what you are determined to do.

6. When I woke up, I found myself ________ (pull) into another room.

7. She moved back home to care ________her elderly parents.

8. Each morning cleaners make sure everything is ________ (spot).

9. The thief was caught by an undercover policeman _________________________________ (当场).

10. Her parents are so strict with her that she isn’t ____________________________ (permit, go out) alone at night.

11. By truly _________________ (关心) her pupils, the new teacher won their respect _______________ (最后).

12. The company came _________ existence 20 years ago.

13. Social attention should be paid to preventing our earth ________________ (pollute).

14. The baby was always crying, and his mother became _______________ (patience).

15. We should not judge a person by his____________ (appear) ?

16. The man who (lay) _______ on the ground (lied) _______ that the duck had (laid) ______ an egg and he had (laid) _________it in a box.(词义)

17. Our new boss is a considerate man who shows __________ (真诚的) concern to those working for him.

18. A quarrel broke ______, which made his heart break ________ and him break away ________ his family.

19. Air ___________ everywhere and its ___________ makes it possible for us to live (exist).

20. For the ______________ problem, the students had _____________ looks on their faces (puzzle).

21. The heavy rain made it impossible for us _____________________ (去野营).

22. Is there any conflict between science and ________________(宗教) ?

23. Water is ______________(基本的) to survival.

24. Everything depends on ______________ we have enough money or not.

25. When you are reading, make a note of _________ you think is of great importance.

26. Therefore, it is advisable _________ you should value and treat them with care.

27. __________ we are invited to the concert is good news to us.

28. Lucy didn’t understand _______ Tom ignored her on purpose.

29. ____________ one breaks the law shall be punished.

30. __________ surprised us most was the beautiful scenes there.

31. ________ we get to the planned destination has not been decided yet.

32. My decision is __________ all of us are to start at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.

33. I have no idea ___________ the meeting will be held.

34. Some s tudents prefer to consider majors first so that they can learn ____________ they are interested in.

35. This is ___________ our problem lies.

36. It really matters _________ he treated the latest failure, for the examination is around the corner.

37. All the students of Grade 3 are studying hard in order to gain admission to

___________ they believe is an ideal university.

38. The bride and groom gave _____________ attended their wedding some gifts to share their happiness.

39. Habits, good or bad, make you _________ you are.

40. It suddenly occurred to him_______ he had lefe his keys in the office.


1. Can a foreign student work in the USA without work permit?

2. When questioned, he was too shocked to give an account for what had happened.

3. Mr. Smith is accounted as a good teacher.

4. I suggest you choose someone whom you think is kind and friendly.

5. Honest speaking, they didn’t do well in helping each other with their studies.

6. What is well known that Mark Twain is a great American writer.

7. In this area, large amounts of money was spent on the construction of the new airport last year.

8. The reason for your mistake is you lack confidence in yourself.

9. My mother told me that the earth traveled around the sun.

10. His suggestion was that we collected all the related information.

11. Which plays an important role in the work is quite clear to us.

12. What we need are enough food.

13. That he says will not make any difference to our arrangements.

14. It is certain she will do well in the exam.

15. If we will go there tomorrow depends on the weather.


One of the easiest things in the world is to become a fault-finder. However, life can be ____1____when you are not busy finding fault with it.

Several years ago I ____2____ a letter from a seventeen-year-old Kerry, who described herself as a world-class fault-finder, almost always ____3____ by things. People were always doing things that annoyed her, and ____4____ was ever good enough. She was highly self-critical and also found fault with her friends. She became a really ____5____ person.

Unfortunately, it took a horrible accident to change her ____6____. Her best friend was seriously hurt in a car crash. What made it almost ____7____ to deal with was that the day before ____8____ , Kerry had visited her friend and had spent the whole time criticizing her ____9____ of boyfriends, the way she was living, the way she related to her mother, and various other things she felt she needed to ____10____ . It wasn’t until her friend was badly hurt that Kerry became ____11____ her habit of finding fault. Very quickly, she learned to appreciate life rather than to ____12____ everything so harshly. She was able to transfer her new wisdom to other parts of her ____13____ as well.

Perhaps most of us aren’t as extreme at fault-finding, ____14____ when we’re honest, we can be sharply ____15____ of the world. I’m not suggesting you ____16____ problems, or that you pretend that things are ____17____ than they are, but simply that you learn to allow things to be as they are—____18____ most of time, and especially when it’s not a really big ____19____.

Train yourself to “ bite your tongue” , and with a little ____20____ , you’ll get really goo d at letting things go. And when you do, you’ll get back your enthusiasm and love for life.

1. A. lonely

2. A. received

3. A. threatened

4. A. anything

5. A. caring

6. A. attidude

7. A. urgent

8. A. occasion

9. A. memory

10. A. hear

11. A. aware of

12. A. discuss

13. A. family

14. A. so

15. A. proud

16. A. face

17. A. rarer

18. A. at least

19. A. task

20. A. practice B. great

B. answered

B. interrupted

B. everything

B. boring

B. plan

B. unnecessary

B. event

B. notice

B. contribute

B. afraid of

B. realize

B. life

B. or

B. sure

B. create

B. better

B. at last

B. deal

B. speech

C. quiet

C. expected

C. bothered

C. something

C. interesting

C. measure

C. certain

C. accident

C. evidence

C. express

C. curious about

C. judge

C. career

C. but

C. hopeful

C. solve

C. stranger

C. by far

C. result

C. rest

D. uneasy

D. rejected

D. spoiled

D. nothing

D. surprising

D. explanation

D. impossible

D. adventure

D. choice

D. admit

D. confused


D. settle

D. education

D. for

D. critical

D. ignore

D. worse

D. so far

D. duty

D. pi ty


Since last winter, smog 1.________ (occur) several times, which has done great harm to us. To solve the problem, the Chinese leaders in Beijing have attached great importance 2. ________ protecting the environment. They are taking big steps to deal with climate change and pollution, 3. ________ some of China’s cities are acting