A is to B what C is to D.句型讲解

A is to

B what

C is to D的同义异形表达法

A is to

B what

C is to D中的what用作连接代词。它既是前而is的表语,又是后而is的表语。"A is to B what C is to D”常译为“A之于B犹如C之于D"。现在就归纳一下这种比较意义的各种表达法:

一、A is to B what C is to D.例如:

1. Railway is to transportation what blood is to a man's body.铁路对于交通的重要性,就如同血液对于身体的重要性一样。

2. Air is to us what water is to fish.我们.离不开空气,犹如鱼儿.离不开水一样。

3. Reading is to the mind what food is to the body.读书之于头脑如同食物之于身体。

二、What C is to D,that A is to B.


4. What the gun is to a fighter,that the pen is to a writer.作家的笔犹如战士的枪一样。

5. What food is to man, that manure is to crops.肥料对于农作物犹如食物对于人一样。

6. What lungs are to the body that parks are to the city.公园对于城市犹如肺对于人体一样。

三、What C is to D,A is to B.例如:

7. What sculpture is to a block of marble,education is to the soul.教育之于心灵,犹如雕刻之于大理石。

8. What the blue print is to the builder,the outline is to the writer.写作提纲之于作家,就如蓝图之于建筑师一样。

9. What Newton was to mechanics and Darwin to biology Freud was to psychology.弗洛伊德之


四、A does for B what C does for D.例如:

10. Leaves do for plants what lungs do for animals. 叶子对于植物的作用正如肺对于动物的作用。

11. Letters do in writing what sounds do in speaking.字母在写作中的作用正如声音在说话中的作用一样。

12. The eagle is among birds what the lion is among beasts.鹰在飞禽中,正如狮子在兽类中矫健一样。

五、A is to B as C is to D

这里的as相当于what, as...